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Full text of "William Tanner of North Kingstown, Rhode Island, and his descendants"

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Faribault, Minn. 



North Kingstown, Rhode Island 







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Published by the Author 







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To Our Friends and Patrons. 

In 1897 the writer began to trace his own ancestral line 
for the sake of those who should come after him. As he 
proceeded, the circle widened until it included all the de- 
scendants of William Tanner of South Kingstown, R. I., now 
scattered from the Atlantic to the Pacific. This has been a 
labor of love, and has brought him into correspondence with 
a large number of estimable people. These have courteously 
given him the information in their possession, which he grate- 
fully acknowledges. 

While it would be impossible to make mention of all of 
these, the writer desires to express his appreciation of the 
value of the Manuscript Genealogy compiled by George 
Thomas Tanner of his branch of this line, which his widow 
kindly placed at his disposal, and to Dr. Herbert Battles 
Tanner of Kaukauna, Wis., for encouragement and assistance 
in this undertaking, and to Maj. C. D. Parkhurst, U. S. A., 
for his help in sundry ways. The writer has made free use 
of the Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, b}^ John 
Osborne Austin, from which, however, he is obliged to differ 
in some particulars. He also acknowledges his indebtedness 
to the painstaking work of Mr. Arnold, in his Vital Records 
of Rhode Island. The writer has made free use of the His- 
torical Societies of Providence and Newport, and of the Town 
Records of the several towns of Rhode Island, and also of the 
counties of eastern New York, to each of which ho hereby 
expresses his thanks for the courteous assistance afforded by 
those in charge. He is also greatly indebted to Secretary 
Upham and to Assistant Librarian Kingsbury of the Minne- 
sota Historical Society, for their cheerful assistance in placing 
at his disposal the sources of information in that rich histor- 
ical and genealogical collection. 

It would be too much to assume that every source of in- 
formation has been exhausted, or that the conclusions drawn 


are infallible. But the above will serve to show the extent 
of the writer's researches, and the great care he has taken 
to verify his results. Doubtless inaccuracies will be discov- 
ered. But the results are left to a generous public as a con- 
tribution to the genealogical history of one of the early 
Colonial Families of Rhode Island. 


Faribault, Minn. 

The Tanners in America. 


It is said that the Tanner name in England dates from the 
time of William the Conqueror. 

The name appears in history in the time of Edward the 
Third (1312-1377). Their estates lay in the county of Corn- 
wall; and later, the name appears in other parts of England, 
Wales and Ireland. At this date it is difficult, if not impossible, 
to ascertain to what branch of the Tanners in England the 
American Tanners belong. It is the opinion of the writer that 
they are English, and that the Tanners of Ireland and Wales 
are also of English origin. There are many Tanners in 
America from Switzerland. But it may be that these are also 
of English ancestry, having left England, as did many others, 
on account of religious and political troubles. One, at least, 
of the Tanners in the New York regiments in the Revolution 
was of Dutch or German ancestry. Amid this uncertainty, 
the only claim which will be made here is, that the Tanners 
are an old and respectable English family, with here and there 
an honored name, among which is that of Bishop Thomas 
Tanner, of the Diocese of St. David's in Wales, archeologist 
and writer, whose contributions are to be found in the Bod- 
leian library at Oxford, England. 

Among the early emigrants to Virginia, we find Daniel 
Tanner, aged forty, who came over in the ship "Sampson." 
In 1618, Josias Tanner, aged twenty-four, arrived; and in 
1678, EUzabeth, daughter of Mary Tanner, also came to the 

In Deed Book C,2 D, page 78, William and John Tanner, in 
1686, made a conveyance of land in Philadelphia, Pa., to one 
Daniel Clark. William Tanner removed from what was known 
as the " Welsh Tract " in Pennsylvania, and settled in Dutchess 
county, N. Y., where, at one time, his descendants were quite 

In 1725, Benjamin and John Tanner, of London, came over 
and settled at Jamaica, L. I. Some of their descendants are 
now in New York City and Philadelphia. Among these we 
find Benjamin Tanner, engraver, artist, etc., Philadelphia; 
Abraham Tanner, of New York city, shipping merchant; 


Henry Schenck Tanner, geographer; John Tanner, M. D,, 
L.L.D., writer in medicine; and Captain Charles B. Tanner, 
and his brother, Captain John B. Tanner, of Washington, D.C. 
[See "Our Little P'amily Record" by one of the members of 
this line.] 

To the line of Virginia Tanners belongs Governor John R. 
Tanner, of Illinois. This is now an extensive branch of the 
family, and to this southern line we may, in all probability, 
refer John Tanner, whose captivity is related by Edwin James 
in his " Narrative of Tanner's Captivity Among the Ojibways." 
About 1780 or '90 a child was stolen by the Indians from a 
Kentucky family by the name of Tanner, and carried to the 
Hudson Bay country. He grew up there, married, and had 
children. The parents asked the government to make inquiry 
for him, and about 1820 Tanner was induced to come to Mack- 
inaw. Here he was taught English and made use of as an 
interpreter and blacksmith for several years. James' " Narra- 
tive, " it is said, is not always reliable, and when Tanner had 
it read to him he set out to kill Dr. James. But not finding 
him, he killed Henry R.Schoolcraft, and took to the woods in 
the dead of winter. Some bones were afterwards found by 
the side of his gun on a trail in the Saskatchewan valley, and 
it is supposed that he perished. His children lived in the 
woods all their lives, and he himself could never be induced to 
give up his wild life and return to his home in Kentucky. 

The original of the following fac similes is in possession of 
Dr. H. B. Tanner, of Kaukauna, Wis., whose wife's grand- 
father. Col. Geo. Boyd, was United States Indian Agent at 
Mackinaw from 1818 to 1832, and knew Tanner. 

James Tanner, a son of John Tanner, was sent to Boston 
in his boyhood, where he was educated under Unitarian in- 
fluences. Afterwards he returned to Minnesota and came to 
the Chippewa reservation about 1857 or '58. In the Indian 
country he met Bishop Whipple, and connected himself with 
the Episcopal church, and about 1860 resided at St. Cloud, 
and died in Minnesota. 

(See "Narrative of Tanner's Captivity Among the Ojibways," 
New Yorl<. 1830.) 

To the line of William, who emigrated from the "Welsh 
Tract" in Pennsylvania, to Dutchess county, N. Y., belongs 
Col. Adolphus H. Tanner, soldier and congressman, late of 
Washington county, N. Y. 

In 1663, Nicholas Tanner, of Swansea, Wales, settled in 
Swanzy, Mass., in that part now comprised in the town of Re- 
hoboth. Nicholas Tanner was active in the NarragansettWar. 


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For an account of his services the reader is referred to the records 
of the colony of Plymouth, and to the colonial history of Rhode 
Island. In his will, on record in the town of Rehoboth, he 
names no Tanner heirs, and probably left no issue. 

There are many other Tanners residing in the UnitedStates, 
as Dr. Tanner, who fasted for forty days, who have come re- 
cently and are respected citizens in their adopted country. 
None of these branches will be included in this genealogy. 

There is also a genealogy extant, compiled by the Rev. 
Elias F. Tanner, entitled, "The Genealogy of the Descendants 
of Thomas Tanner, Sr., of Cornwall, Connecticut, Etc." This 
Thomas Tanner is said to have emigrated from Rhode Island, 
and his name, with that of his son William, is found on the tax 
roll of the town of Cornwall, Conn., in 1742. While it is the 
opinion of the writer that Thomas Tanner is a son of William 
Tanner who came to Rhode Island about 1682, his descendants 
will not be included in this genealogy. Among these is Rev. 
Edward Allan Tanner, D. D., late President of Illinois College, 
and his son, the Rev. Allan A. Tanner, of the Congregational 
Church. It is to be regretted that this genealogy is not more 
exhaustive. This work will contain only the descendants of 
William Tanner of North Kingstown, R. I., whom we 
assume to be the the oldest son of William Tanner of South 
Kingstown, R. I. The genealogical indications and 

indirect evidence all point to this conclusion. 

William Tanner, of South Kingstown, Rhode Island, 
and his Descendants 

The first mention of William Tanner in Rhode Island 
appears in the Fones Record, Vol. I. p. 70, asa witness to a deed 
of Frances Houlding, of Warwick. "I, Francis Houlding,doe 
consent to ye deed of sale, and forever will quitt clayme, etc. 
Witness my hand and seale ye 12th day of May, 1682. " 



The next mention of William Tanner is on the tax roll of 
the town of Rochester (Kingstown), under Governor Andrus, 
for 1687, where he is taxed for one pole, 1 l-2d. 

In 1693, William Tanner bought a tract of land of one hun- 


dred acres, more or less, of Henry Hall of Westerly, v/eavor, 
the deed bearing date, July 4th, 1693. This deed is on record 
in the town of Westerly and was not recorded in South Kings- 
town until August 1st, 1728. In the deed he is said to be of 
Kingstown, " planter. " This parcel of land lies on the east 
side of the river, about a mile below the village of Usquepaugh, 
and is described as follows: 

"Lying westerly from John Sheldon's dwelling house as foUoweth: 
Beginning at the brook at John Sheldon's bounds and so up his bounds 
six score poles more or less to a white oak tree marked on three sides, 
and so from thence south and by west nearest six score poles to a 
walnut bush and from thence west nearest to the river to an ash tree 
marked on four sides, and so up stream to the furthest that I have 
under the hand and seal of Coiauaquanto as appeareth more largely 
upon the general records of Rhode Island. " 

This "Hall Purchase" contained about two square miles, 
and " The house of John Sheldon appears to have been one of 
the first, if not the very first, built on this purchase, being re- 
ferred to as a well known landmark in the oldest deeds. " 
[Early history of Narragansett, by Judge E. R. Potter, p. 

On this land, near the river, and hard by an inclosed burial 
place, may still be seen the graves of two or three generations, 
including the grave of William Tanner and two of his wives, 
marked as follows: The one at the left, W. T. ; the first on 
the right, M. T. ; the next, E. T. At the foot of these are four 
small graves. No dates or inscriptions are found on the sim- 
ple, rude stones which mark the resting place of the founder 
of this line of Tanners in America. 

In the records of the town of Westerly, R. I., in 
the will of Job Babcock, made March 26th, 1715, and approved 
April 7th, 1718, is the following: 

"Item: I give unto my daughter Mary Tanner's heirs one shilling." 

The occupation of Job Babcock is ''miller. " 
The circumstantial evidence tends to show that this Mary 
Tanner was the wife of William Tanner the ancestor of the 
Rhode Island Tanners, not including the Newport Tanners. 

In the same burial place, near the graves of William and 
his wives, and at the foot of the little graves referred to. above, 
are two graves, the one at the right marked J. T. and the.other 
S. T. These no doubt are the graves of John Tanner, son of 
William, who lived on the opposite side of the river, and Su- 


sannah, his second wife. At the foot of these last are two small 
graves, and at the right of these, a short space away, are two 
other little graves — seventeen altogether, and all unmarked 
with the exception of those named. 

In his will, made November 27th, 1708, and approved July 
13th, 1713, Henry Tibbits gives " to grandson William Tanner 
land purchased of Thomas Stanton of Stonington." There is 
no record of marriage of the daughter of Henry Tibbitts, nor 
does he mention her name in his will. Nor is there any men- 
tion of the father of this " grandson. " The records are silent 
as to any Tanner relationship. The wife of Henry Tibbitts 
was Sarah, daughter of Robert Stanton and Avis his wife, of 
Newport, married December, 1661. Sarah died in 1708 and 
Tibbitts in 1713. In the absence of any records to the con- 
trary and from the fact that Avis is a family name in the family 
of William Tanner of South Kingstown and William Tanner 
of North Kingstown, we shall assume that the latter, the 
"grandson' ' of Henry Tibbitts, was the only son of the former 
by his first wife, who was a daughter of Tibbitts. The genea- 
logical evidence all points in this direction. 

Henry Tibbitts appointed Constable in East Greenwich, 1G78. 
Henry Tibbitts and John Foanes buy land, 1671-1672. 

There would seem to be two lines of Tanners in Rhode 
Island, of common parentage, at one generation remove, viz:— 
William Tanner of South Kingstown, who -would seem to be 
the brother of the father of John and James Tanner of Newport, 
as the former in his will calls Francis Tanner of Hopkinton his 
kinsman, and makes him a bequest, and also Mary, the infant 
daughter of Isaac Tanner. This Vidll was revoked after his 
second marriage. 

A tradition has been preserved in the line of Job Tanner, 
son of John, who settled in Dutchess county, and later in 
Rensselaer county, N. Y., as follows: "Sometime in the 
seventeenth century a boy by the name of William Tanner 
was kidnapped in the streets of London, on his way home from 
school, with a Bible under his arm, and put on board a ship as 
a cabin boy, and taken to America, settling in Rhode Island, 
where he married and died. His first wife's name was Mary, 
and they had three sons, one of them named John. " 

It is pretty certain that William Tanner came to America 
in his youth, and the grain of truth which we find gives color 
to the story. The writer is inclined to connect his coming 
with the visit of Randall Houlding to England about 1678, 


under whose protection the young man may have come to the 
New World. It is now impossible to verify the tradition, or 
to decide from what part of England our ancestors came. 
One thing is certain, the early Tanners were Baptists, and, 
no doubt, came to Rhode Island on account of their religious 

The writer has a boyhood impression of hearing it said that 
our ancestor came over in the time of Cromwell's War. But 
this has no evidence to support it. 

Quite as much to the point is the following, sent me by Mr. 
Charles H. Greene, of Alford, New York— a quotation from 
Ivimey's "History of the English Baptists," p, 526. "In 
1693, there was an assembly at Bristol, on the 19th of the 
second month, called April, of the Elders, messengers and min- 
istering Brethrenjpf divers baptized Churches in England and 
Wales, to talk over the interests of the Baptist Churches in the 
west of England. " The circular letter is signed, ' 'Your breth- 
ren waiting for the consolation of Israel. " " Signed by us in 
the name of the whole, " William Tanner and seventeen others. 
These evidently were the preachers of the denomination then 
present. The churches composing this west riding conference 
were, Sudbury, Plymouth, Love, Southwick, Calne, Haycomb, 
Westbury, Melksham, Bridgewater, Taunton, Bristol, Brad- 
ford, Lanon, besides Baptist churches in six Welsh counties 
whose name or number is not given. To which of these 
churches William Tanner belonged we have no information. 

The writer inclines to the opinion that our ancestor came 
from the west of England, and the above from Ivimey may 
give some future genealogist a clew whereby he may connect 
our ancestor with his English parentage. 

We give below, the names of the children of William 
Tanner, the immigrant, of South Kingstown, gathered from 
old records. The order of birth is not known until we come 
to Francis (6). It seems highly probable that William of 
North Kingstown, R. I., was the first born, and Benjamin the 

1 WILLIAM, who settled in North Kingstown, R. I., on land given 

him by his grandfather, Henry Tibbitts. 

^'2 BENJAMIN, b. December 24th, 1692, in South Kingstown, who 

, f l/j ^ settled about lj>34 or 1^35 in West Greenwich, R. I., where 

/ / J>" <^" some of his descendants are still to be found (1905), others 

/7-J ^ in Pennsylvania, etc. 

THOMAS, assumed to be a son who settled about 1730 in Litch- 
field county, Conn., and about 1740 in Cornwall of that 
county; he had three sons, William, Thomas and John. (For 


Thomas, see Genealogy of Thomas Tanner of Cornwall, 
Conn., by Rev. Elias F. Tanner, A. B., 1893.) 

3 JOHN, who settled in Richmond, R. I., or Charlestown, from wliich 

Richmond was taken. 

4 AVIS, who m. Thomas Barber April 18th, 1723; (See South Kingt;- 

town records.) 

5 MARY, who m. Lawrence Willett of North Kingstown, R. I., 

yeoman. This name appears aslo as Vilet, Violett, Vilate, in 
various records; ch. a son Lawrence, who probably d. young, 
and daus., Mary (unmarried), Grace Brand and Thankful 
Clarke. (See Clarke genealogy). 

6 FRANCIS, b. July 3rd, 1708, who settled in the present town of 

Hopkinton, where he bought 1,200 acres of land. His de- 
scendants are found in Rhode Island, New York and farther 

7 NATHAN, b. February 20th, 1709- 10, who also settled in Hop- 

kinton, R. I. Some of his descendants are to be found in 
Rhode Island and in New York, etc. 

8 ANNA, b. March 15th, 1712; no farther record. 

9 REBECCA, b. July 2nd, 1714; m. Benjamin Brand, Westerly, 

R. I., which then included Hopkinton. 

10 ELIZABETH, b. November 14th, 1717, who m. Benjamin Bur- 


11 ABIGAIL, b. October 17th, 1719; no further record known. 

It appears that William Tanner 1st m., 1st, the dau. of Henry 
Tibbitts; 2nd, Mary Babcock, dau. of Job Babcock of West- 
erly; 3rd, Elizabeth Cottrill. To the 1st we assign WilUam 
of North Kingstown; to the 2nd, Benjamin, Thomas, John, Avis and 
Mary; to the 3rd, the remaining ch. 

The genealogy of William Tanner only, of North Kings- 
town, R. I., will be given in the following pages. 



William Tanner, of North Kingstown 

William, William. 

The following is taken from the records of North Kings- 
town after they had been injured by fire. 

William Tanner, m. , Hannah ; ch. " by Hannah 

his wife." 

9 "WILLIAM TANNER, son, as above said, was born Sept. ye 
22nd, 1712. 

10 BENJAMIN TANNER was born June ye 16th Day, 1714. 

11 PALMOR TANNER was l)orn December ye 15th Day, 1716. 
AH was born October ye 16th Day, 172 — . 

MA TANNER was born January ye 19th Day, 172—. 

of the children of ye said William Tanner by Elizabeth 


- TANNER was l)orn December ye 6th Day 

-ANER was born October ye 1 1th, Day, 

-N1&R was born Sept. ye 5th, — . 

born Sept. ye (6th as appears)." 

William Tanner and Elizabeth Reynolds, both of North 
Kingstown, were married March, 1729. William Tanner was 
admitted freeman North Kingstown 1723-4. • 

The following is an abstract of his will, made June 13th, 
1757: Names, son William; grandson Samuel Tanner, son 
of my son Benjamin Tanner deceased; son Palmer; son Fran- 
cis, not of age; wife Elizabeth; daughter Hannah Cha(dsey) ; 
daughter Mary Reynolds; daughter Deborah Fowler; daugh- 
ter Elizabeth Tanner; son Henry; daughter Avis Tanner. 

It appears from the record that the children of William 
Tanner of North Kingstown were: 




12 HENRY. 



Elizabeth Tanner's will, proved July 11th, 1763. names 
mother Elizabeth; * * * Elizabeth Fowler daughter of my 
sister Deborah; Mary Hunt daughter of my sister Avis; Ehza- 
beth Tanner daughter of my brother F * * (Francis). 

James Tanner, 1 

Susannah Tanner [-Witnesses. 

William Hall J 

March 25, 1765, Elisabeth Tanner's (widow) will: "grand- 
dau. Elisabeth Tanner, dau. of my son * * "• "gr.-dau. Elis- 
abeth Tanner dau. of my son Henry"; "dau. Deborah Fowler." 

Abel Tanner, son to Benjamin Tanner deceased, December 
10th, 1754, appears before the council, Exeter, and chooses his 
grandfather, William Tanner, for guardian. 

1760, Abel Tanner desires letters of administration on the 
estate of Samuel Tanner his brother, he having been absent 
three years and upwards. 

1761, January 13th, Samuel Tanner, late of Exeter, having 
been three years absent and unheard ot, he having left goods, 
etc., in said town, the town council of Exeter appoint Abel 
Tanner administrator on the same. 

Henry TibbittS, wife Sarah, daughter of Robert and Avis 
Stanton: Will made November 27th, 1708, proved July 13th, 
1713, gives "to grandson William Tanner, land purchased of 
Thomas Stanton, of Stonington, etc. " 

The description of the land as deeded by Henry Tibbitts 
to his grandson William Tanner, shows that the land lay in 
North Kingstown, and was the land owned by his descendants 
until within a few years. "One Hundred and Fifty Acres, 
bounded by George Tibbitts, Arthur Aylesworth, John Briggs, 
* * * it being the s * * * given to said Tanner By the last 
Will and estament of me, to have and to hold, &c.,* * *after the 
decease of me the said Henry Tibbitts the deceased ***** 
bbitts, to him the said William Tanner his heirs, And the said 
H * * * with the said William Tanner * * * times forever 
hereafter the Decease of me the said Hen * * * * te of my 
wife Sarah Tibbitts. 

Witness that this is my Deed of Gift, &c. 


The Marke of 

Henry (H) T* * * *" 


The date is only in part legible, January ****** one 
thousand ***** en, which would appear to be some year 
after the will was made and before the death of Tibbitts, end- 
ing in the letters ' 'en. " 

While the writer thus far finds no record of any relation- 
ship between William Tanner of North Kingstown and 
W^illiam Tanner of South Kingstown, yet, after carefully 
weighing the evidence, he is satisfied that William of North 
Kingstown was the oldest son of William of South Kingstown 
by an unnamed daughter of Henry Tibbitts. 

William Tanner of North Kingstown was a member of the 
town council from 1746 to 1752. 

"The place where he settled, still known (1900) as the 
'old Tanner farm,' is about one mile from Potowomut Fac- 
tory, on both sides of the ' Cross River, ' in a southeasterly 
direction, about three miles from East Greenwich and about 
five miles north of the village of Wickford. This land re- 
mained in the Tanner family until a few years ago. " [George 
Thomas Tanner.] 

William Tanner of Exeter sells to Francis Tanner, 1757, 
land, impowered by the will of the late * * * Tanner of North 
Kingstown, bounded, etc. 

***** sells to Palmer Tanner, 1757, 23 acres, etc. 

In the 31st year of His Majesty's reign, William Tanner 
sells to Palmer Tanner land in North Kingstown bounded 
easterly on land lately belonging to John Allen, North on land 
of Palmer Tanner, South in part by land of Palmer Tanner. 
This land belonged to William Tanner, deceased. Deliverance, 
wife of William, of Exeter, gives up her thirds. 

The following signature appears, 

William ***** 

[Signature partly effaced.] Deliv * * * * 

Note. — In "Additions and Corrections," second column, Mr. Austin 
says in his Genealojiical Dictionary, referring to the family of Henry 
Tibbitts; "VITI. Hannah m. William Tanner; ch. I. William, 1712; II. 
Benjamin, etc. " The reader is referred to what has been said in re- 
gard to tlie rehilionship of William Tanner to Henry Tibbitts. Mr. 
Austin has evidently confounded names. This is evident from the 
tenure of tiie inheril;ince. It is more likely that the wife of William 
Tanner of Noi-th Kingstown was Hannah Palmer. There is a pre- 
sumption in ffivor of this from the fact that the name Palmer is a dis- 
tinctive name in this line for several generations. George Palmer, Henry 
Tibbitts and others imite in a petition relating to the title to land pur- 
chased of tlie Indinns. The name shows, at least, some intimate con- 
nections with the Palmer family. 


William Tanner of Exeter, R. I. 

Plan of the original burial ground of the Tanners of North 
Kingstown, on the farm owned (1901) by Robert and Clark 
Arnold, on a slight elevation near a creek, and not far from 
the old sawmill, of which traces of the dam are still visible. 
The head-stones have no inscriptions. It is, no doubt, here 
that William and his family are buried. 










1 1 



*The last person buried is Lucy Tanner Dawley the North 
Eastern grave. 




William, WiUiam, William. 

Son of William (1) and Hannah Tanner, b. Sept. 22, 1712, 
North Kingstown, R.I.; m. 1st Martha (Hill?) about 1733 or 
1734; m. 2d, Ann Sweet; m. 3d, Deliverance (Briggs?). Ad- 
mitted freeman in North Kingstown, 1734; is ensign 
1744 and 1745 in a North Kingstown Company; buys 
land in Exeter, 1747; 1757 is captain in an Exeter Company; 
sells land in Exeter, 1771; removes to Stephentown, N. Y.; 
occupation, blacksmith and farmer; d. June 30th, 1778. De- 
liverance d. Jan. 17th, 1813, Stephentown, N. Y. Will made 
June 27th, 1778. 

The land of William Tanner, in Exeter, lay north of the 
Ten Rod road. 

Children as named in will — 


15 THOMAS, b. about 1740. 



18 ABEL, b. June 22nd, 1762. 

19 NATHAN, b. May 28th, 1763; (but see record of his death). 
HANNAH, b. , m. October 21st, 1758, Richard Broadway 

of Smithfield, R. I. 
AMY, b. ; , m. January 19th, 1758, to Jeremiah Brown of 

South Kingstown, by Caleb Arnold, Justice. 
SUSANNAH, b. , m. December 5th, 1777, William Watson, 

son of Richard Watson of Smithfield, R. I. 

MARTHA, b. . 

AVIS, b. , m. Bennet. 

THANKFUL, b. August 29th, 1757; m. Wyatt Rose, b. October 

29th, 1752. 

MARY, b. , m. Nathaniel Rose. 



Nathaniel Rose was in the Revolution. 

The following is a description of the land of William Tanner 

William Tanner, Jr., yeoman of North Kingstown, buys 
land in Exeter, 183 acres, in 1747, bounded west by William 
Eldred, north by Jos. Rathbun, east by Capt. John Eldred, 
south on the Ten Rod highway, very likely the land, or near the 
land, owned (1905) by Gardner Barber. 


The following appears in the records of the town of Exeter, 
Rhode Island. 

"Birth of the children of Wilham Tanner, Jr., by Susannah, 
his wife: William Tanner was born August 15th, 1752." 

WiUiam Tanner, Jr., admitted freeman, 1756 or 1757, one 
record says April 20th, 1757. 

From the town records it appears that he was a resident 
of Exeter, Feb. 12th, 1765. That the name of his wife at this 
time was Brigit; that he had a son designated as William 
Tanner, 3d, "eldest son of Wilham Tanner, Jr.," a daughter 
Amey. He is named in his father's will, made in 1778. No 
further record appears, and the writer is unable to gather any 
family tradition of him. 

The following is taken from the Exeter town records(R. I.) 
June 11th, 1768. "Whereas William Tanner, husband to one 
of the daughters of the said Marcy Hill, deceased, appeared 
in this same council and desired that he might have a letter 
of administration on the personal estate of the above named 
Marcy Hill, deceased ; it is therefore, 

"Ordered, That the above named William Tanner have a 
letter of administration on all the personal estate of the above 
said Marcy Hill, deceased, he giving such bond, etc. " 

It would seem that William Tanner, Sr., of Exeter, was 
married three times. The following appears in the Exeter 
town records: March 1736-7, "William Tanner, Jr., and 
Martha his wife (North Kingstown) sell to Benjamin Tanner 
of the said town, 20 acres of land, and dwelHng house, bounded 
west by John Briggs and Philip Aylesworth, north by my 
father, etc. " 

1737-8, William Tanner sells land in North Kingstown, 
no signature of wife. 

February 10th, 1742, James Sweet, of North Kingstown, in 
his will names a daughter, "Ann Tanner." 

William Tanner and Deliverance sell land 1757, soon after 
the death of his father, William Tanner, of North Kingstown. 

From the above, and the intimate relation William Tanner 
of Exeter bore to the Sweets, it would appear that the 2d wife 
of William was Ann Sweet. 

1756, William Tanner is one to make an inventory on the 
estate of Henry Sweet, deceased. 

March 24th, 1761, William Tanner, Deliverance Tanner 
and Griffin Sweet witness the will of Samuel Sweet. 

It is further likely that the 3d wife was Deliverance Briggs, 
though the writer has no absolute proof. Probabilities point 
to this. 


A Deliverance Briggs, dau. of John Briggs and Sarah his 
wife, is named in the will of Briggs, made April 21st, 1746, and 
proved February 8th, 1747. Deliverance was probably over 
eighteen, as a legacy is given her outright; but to a niece when 
she comes of eighteen. 

Daniel, brother of John, also names in his will made Sept. 
9th, 1727. proved March 28th, 1730, wife Lydia, ch. Daniel, 
Benjamin, Hannah, Martha, Deliverance, Mercy. 

The former would be the more likely, and the proximity 
of the families leads the writer to think that the 3d wife of 
William Tanner, Sr., of Exeter, was Deliverance Briggs, dau. 
of John Briggs, of North Kingstown. 

Note relative to Henry Tihbitts, grandfather of William Tan- 

Henry Tibbitts, admitted freeman of Acquidnessitt,1668. 

Henry Tibbitts, John Foanes, and others present petition 
relating to lands in the Narragansett country, purchased by 
them in 1671-2, asking for a ratification of said purchase. 
Appointed constable in 1678. 

Henry Tipets, Geo. Palmer, John Shelldin, Arthur Ayles- 
worth, Nicholas Gardner and others petition the King. [For 
further information concerning Henry Tibbitts, see R. I. colo- 
nial records, and early R. I. history.] 

William Tanner's Will 

(Original in possession of Dr. H. B. Tanner, Kaukauna, Wis.) 

"In the name of God, Amen. I, William Tanner, of Stephen- 
town, in the county of Albany, in the state of New York, being 
weak in body but of sound memory, blessed be God, do, this 
twenty-seventh day of June, in the year of our Lord the one 
thousand seven hundred and seventy-eighth, make this my last 
will and testament in manner following: That is to say, first, I 
give to my son William Tanner, two dollars, to be paid two 
years after my decease, he having received his portion before. 
Also I give to my son Thos. Tanner one dollar, to be given two 
years after my decease. Also I give to my sons Palmer Tanner 
and Benjamin Tanner, their heirs and assigns forever, all 
that messuage or tennament situate in Stephentown, wherein 
I now live, together with all my blacksmith tools, equally to 
be divided between them. Also I give to my sons Abel Tanner 
and Nathan Tanner, one hundred and fifty dollars, to be paid 


two years after my decease. Also I give to my daughters 
Hannah Braudway and Amy Brown and Martha Tanner and 
Susannah Watson and Avis Bennet and Thankful Rose and 
Mary Rose, each of them one dollar, to be paid in two years after 
my decease, they having had their portion before. Also I give 
to my daughter Lydia and Deliverance Tanner fifty dollars 
each, to be paid in two years after my decease. Also I give 
to my loving wife Deliverance all of my household goods, to 
remain hers for her use and the use of the family during her 
life or their residence here. I also order my sons Palmer Tan- 
ner and Benjamin Tanner to keep three cows for the use of the 
family. I also give to m}?^ son Benjamin Tanner one mare colt. 
Also all the rest and residue of my goods and chattels and per- 
sonal estate whatsoever, I give to my son Palmer Tanner 
and my said wife. Deliverance Tanner, and I make and ordain 
my son Palmer and my said wife joint executors of this my 
will, and intrust for the intents and purposes—" * * * * 

("The rest is illegible; one witness is Benjamin Shelden; signed 
by William Tanner ' his mark' — owing to weakness of body. He died 
June 30th, following this date." [1778.] 

The writer is indebted to Mrs. Amasa E. Tifft, a descendant 
of Thankful Tanner, daughter of William Tanner of Exeter, 
R. I. and Stephentown, N. Y., (9), for the following 
record of Wyatt and Thankful Tanner Rose. Mrs. Tiflft 
is a descendant of the Rhode Island Tiffts, and resides in 
Ithaca, N. Y., 526 Stewart Avenue. 

Wyatt and Thankful Tanner Rose had (so far as now 
known) three children: 

JOHN, b. December 23rd, 1771. 

Martha m. Capt. John Tifft; Abigail m. Asa Burch. 
These two families removed from Stephentown to Venice, Cayuga 
county, N. Y., where they lived and died. 

MARTHA had three sons and one dau., Wyatt R., John, George, 

ABIGAIL had three sons and three daus., W^illiam T., Carlis, Asa, 

Ophelia, Lucy, Sabrina. 

John Rose, son of Wyatt and Thankful Tanner Rose, m. 
1st, Martha Brown, who d. January 22nd, 1815. He m. 2nd, 
Deidama Tabor, who d. August, 1828. John Rose d. January 
25th, 1838. Deidama Tabor was b. January 1st, 1786. 


Children of first marriage — 
WYATT, b. February 27th, 1799. 
DANIEL B., b. March 21st, 1801. 
MARTHA R., b. February 6th, 1803. 
ERASMUS DARWIN, b. July 12th, 1805. 
LUCY, b. September 4th, 1807. 
LOUISA, b. March 14th, 1810. 

Children of second wift — 
LOREN, b. March 1st, 1817. 
LYDIA, b. July 13th, 1818. 
CHARLES H., b. March 8th, 1821. 
JOHN, b. March 5th, 1823. 
DEIDAMA, b. June 25th, 1820. 

Martha R., 3d ch. of John and Martha Brown Rose, m. 
Ira Hand, of New Lebanon, Columbia county, N. Y. and 
had six sons and one daughter. Dau. born at Lebanon Springs, 
m. 1857 Amasa E. Tifft; removed to Genoa, Cayuga county, 
N. Y.; one son m. who has a dau. Amasa E. Tifft d. 
November 24th, 1894, and was a descendant of the Tiffts of 
Rhode Island. 

Miss E. D. Rose of Pittsfield, Mass., is a dau. of Loren Rose; 
Erasmus Darwin Rose removed to Pittsfield, Pike county, 
111., where he d. 

Benjamin Tanner, of Exeter. 


Benjamin, William, William, son of William (1) and 
Hannah Tanner, b. in North Kingstown, R. I., June 16th, 
1714; m. July 29th, 1734, Abigail Tripp; occupation, tailor. 

Children — 

samue:l — 

ABEL, b. about 1739. 

May 11th, 1743, Benjamin Tanner, tailor, buys in Exeter 70 
acres of land ; admitted freeman June 7th, 1743. January 10th, 
1743-4, Abigail, wife of Benjamin Tanner, appears in council 
and acknowledges the will of her late husband, deceased, made 
December, 1743, in which he names his two sons, Samuel and 
Abel, and wife Abigail ; and in case of the death of his sons, then 
his two sisters, Hannah Tanner and Mary Tanner, are to enjoy 
their bequests, and George Tibbitts and Thomas Hill of North 
Kingstown are executors. December 10th, 1754, Abel Tanner, 
son to Benjamin, deceased, appears before the town council 


of Exeter and chooses his grandfather WilHam, for guardian. 
Abel, therefore, must have been 14 years of age, or past. 

In 1760, Abel appears before the council and desires letters 
of administration on the estate of Samuel Tanner his brother, 
Samuel having been absent three years and upwards. In 
1761, the council appointed Abel administrator. The inven- 
tory, amounting to £629, 13s., was presented by Abel. 

No further account appears of Abel, and very likely he 
removed to the West, or as then called ' 'up country. " 

Palmer Tanner, of North Kingstown. 


Palmer, William, William, son of WilHam (1) and Han- 
nah Tanner of North Kingstown, was b. in North Kingstown 
December 15th, 1716; m. January, 1737-8, Mary Hill; m. by 
George Tibbitts, Justice; admitted freeman in North Kings- 
town 1738; d. about 1767. 

Children — 

21 NATHAN, b. about 1738 or 1739 (?). 

22 PALMER, b. (See Palmer of Scituate). 

MARCY, b. about 1741. 

MARY, b. April 7th, 1743. 

23 BENJAMIN, b. . 

RUTH, b. . 

March 21st, 1768, John Briggs and Mary his wife receipt 
for their portion of their father Palmer Tanner's estate. 

March 20th, 1767, Joshua Gardner and wife Mary receipt 
for their portion of the estate of Palmer Tanner. 

1785, son Benjamin and daughter Ruth receipt for their 
portion of the estate of their father Palmer Tanner of North 

Henry Tanner, of West Greenwich, R. I. 


Henry, William, William, son of William (1) and Eliza- 
beth (Reynolds) Tanner, b. in North Kingstown, R.I., about 
1730; m. August 13th, 1752, Dorcas Gardiner, dau. of Nicholas 
Gardiner of Exeter, R. I.; m. 2nd, Sarah (Rice?). 

Children — 

24 SAMUEL, b. . 

25 THOMAS, b. 1778. 

26 WILLIAM, b. 


MARY, b. , d. unmarried. 

DORCAS, b. , d. unmarried. 


Henry Tanner's will, dated September 27th, 1802, pro- 
bated in West Greenwich, R. I., November 7th, 1808, names 
wife Sarah; son Samuel Tanner's children; son Thomas Tan- 
ner; daughter Elizabeth Matteson; daughter Mary Tanner; 
daughter Dorcas Tanner; son William Tanner, who is ap- 
pointed executor. 

The date of the death of Dorcas, wife of Henry, does not 
appear. She signs away her right of dowry January 25th, 
1794. All the children must have been by first wife. Henry 
Tanner and wife Sarah deed land to son Thomas, July 18th, 
1802. Tradition says that 2nd wife was Sarah Rice. 

The estate of Dorcas Tanner, spinster, of West Greenwich, 
was administered March 27th, 1837; and estate of Mary Tan- 
ner, spinster, West Greenwich, had administrator appointed 
June 8th, 1837. 

Henry Tanner of North Kingstown buys 68 acres of land 
on Mill River, in West Greenwich, February 11th, 1755. 

Francis Tanner, of North Kingstown, R. I., and Otsego 

County, N. Y. 


Francis, William, William, son of William (1) and EUza- 
beth (Reynolds) Tanner, b. in North Kingstown, 173- ; m. 
February 1st, 1761, Rosanna Hunt, of North Kingstown, R. I. 

Children b. in North Kingstown, R. I. 

ELISABETH, b. March 30, 1762. [See will of Elisabeth, sister of 

PHEBE, b. November 10, 1763. 

Phebe, dau. of Francis (13), m. Wilham Aylesworth, b. 
1763, son of Anthony, of John, of Arthur, and dwelt first in 
Adams, Mass., then in Lebanon, N. Y., and later in Ed- 
meston, Otsego county, N. Y., where she d. December 
8th, 1841; 5 ch. [See Aylesworth genealogy.] 

Elizabeth, dau. of Francis (13), m. March 19th, 1780, by 
Elder Phihp Jenkins, to William Davis, b. October 29th 175—, 
son of Benjamin Davis of North Kingstown, R. I. 


PHEBE, b. December 20th, 1780. 
BENJAMIN, b. May 7th, 1783. 
WILLIAM, b. March 17th, 1785. 
ELIZABETH, b. March 28th, 1887. 
SIBEL, b. June 10th, 1791. 
ABIGAIL, b. September 7th, 1793. 
JOSHUA, b. June 23rd, 1796. 


Sarah, dau. of Francis Tanner (13), b. April 12th, 1771; rn. 
1786, Thomas Terry, b. in Connecticut October 6th, 1759; he 
d. in Edmeston, N. Y., February 3rd, 1842; wife d. 1843 
in Cambridge, 111. [See Terry Genealogy.] They had a 
large family, some of whom lived in Otsego county, N. Y. ; 
Allegany county, N. Y. ; IlHnois, etc. A dau. Emily 
Phillips m. 3rd, Royal Anson Tanner, of Cambridge, 111., 
and left a dau. Angeline Lucinda, who m. John Warner. 

In the records of Otsego county, N. Y., it appears that 
William Aylesworth sells land to Francis Tanner in the town 
of Burlington, N. Y., January 30th, 1809; also in 1811 to 
Stephen and Isaac Colgrove. In 1829 one Francis Tanner and 
Lucina his wife, sell land in Burlington, "and in 1845 Francis 
Tanner alone conveys land in Butternuts. 

Probably these conveyances are by the same party, or by 
father and son; but no further record of Francis Tanner of 
North Kingstown appears. 

Deborah, William, William, daughter of William (1) 

and Tanner, m. January 1st, 1752, George Fowler, Jr., 

of North Kingstown. The marriage was solemnized by the 
Rev. James McSparren, D.D., Rector of St. Pauls' Church, 
North Kingstown, at the residence of Christopher Phillips. 

Children — 

ELIZABETH, named in the will of her aunt. 

AVIS, dau. of William (1), m. January, 1761, Charles Hunt. 

HANNAH, dau. of WilUam (I), m. Chadsey. 




Thomas, William, William, William, son of William 
(9),b. in North Kingstown; m. April 15th, 1762, Mary Whitford, 
b. 1735, dau. of John Whitford, Exeter; m. by Benjamin Rey- 
nolds, Justice. 

Buys land in Exeter, April 19th,!^1762; admitted freeman, 
.April 21st, 1762. 

Children — 

28 PERRY, b. December 2nd, 1762. 

29 SMITH, b. September 21st, 1765; according to acre on tombstone. 

30 THOMAS, b. November 16th, 1772. 

November 16th, 1771, Thomas Tanner, St., of Exeter,leases 
land of Mary Searing of Newport for 18 years; he to build a 
house and to set out 100 apple trees; to clear 3 acres each 
year. Land bounded north by the Ten Rod Road; west by 
land of Job Tripp; south in part by Job Rathbun. 

Thomas Tanner was related to the Perrys and Whitfords, 
was a man of property and held office. It is said that he 
favored the cause of England ; but his name appears as a pri- 
vate on the pay roll of the Continental Army, Capt. James 
(Lewis?) Company, Col. Christopher Lippitt's Second Regiment 
of Foot, Rhode Island Brigade, Newport, June 5th, 1776. [See 
receipts His. Soc. Providence, R. I.] The census of 1774, Exe- 
ter, gives his family one male and one female above sixteen, 
and three females (evidently an error for three males) under 
sixteen, and one Indian; total, six. 

He sells land in Exeter, R. I., 1794; removed to Herkimer 
county N. Y., and settled in the town of Norw'ay, where 
he bought 600 acres of land, giving each son a quarter section. 

Pasco Whitford [See Austin's Gen. Dictionary] was among 
the early settlers of Newport, Kingstown and East Greenwich 
and is assumed as the father of Nicholas and Pasco, and the 
ancestor of the Whitfords of Exeter and West Greenwich. 

Nicholas had a quarter of a right of land in tract of 30,000 
acres that afterwards became West Greenwich, R. I. Pasco, 
Jr., had a son John. 

(The Whitford family record, in part, has been compiled bv ])r. 
O. B., Butte, Montana.) 


Palmer, William, William, William, son of William (9), 
b. in Exeter, R. I., ; m. March 12th, 1760 Amy, 


Thomas, dau. of Peleg and Russell (Aylesworth) Thomas, of 
Richmond, R. I.; said to have had eight ch. though only five 
are given in the Aylesworth genealogy; said to have been a 
blacksmith; a soldier in the Revolution; wife thought to have 
d. at Brockport, N. Y. Palmer d. at Stephentown, N. Y. 
his widow and son Rowland petition for an administrator, 
May 28, 1822. 

Children — 

31 WILLIAM, b. June 2nd, 1782, Stephentown, N. Y. 
AMY, , d. single. 


33 PALME J I. 

ROWLAND, unmarried, disappeared in 1860, about 60 years of 

age, supposed murdered for his money. 
RUSSELL, (dau.) 

Mr. 0. M. Tanner of Aurora, 111., to whom the writer 
is indebted for information, says that he had never heard his 
father speak of any of the children of Palmer (16) except Amy 
and Rowland, both of whom were unmarried and lived with 
their mother at Brockport, N. Y. He says he has a dis- 
tinct remembrance of his father and mother making a visit 
to his grandmother, who was very aged, about 1863. 

It is conjectured that the others may have died young, 
as we find no further record and no branches which trace 
their origin to these. 

The name of Palmor Tanner appears in the Revolutionary 
records in the Fourth Albany, Col. William Van Rensselaer. 


Benjamin, William, William, William, son of William 

(9), b. in Exeter, R. I.; m. Thankful Stafford, 

res. Greenfield (Ballston Springs), Saratoga county, N. Y. 
Was in the Regiment under Col. John Harper, in 1780, Drake's 
Company (Revolution), Harper's and Malcom's Levies. 

Children — 


35 ABLE, b. April 15th, 1783. 


37 ROWLAND, b. February 22nd, 1791. 

38 WILLIAM, b. April 30th, 1793. 


Benjamin met death by being thrown from a wagon". Able 
hved at Williamstown, N. Y.; moved from Oswego county to 


Jackson, Mich., where he died. Palmer (36) Uved in Mich- 
igan. Rowland (37) moved to Stafford, N. Y. ; d. in Henri- 
etta, Mich. 


Abel, William, William, William, son of William (9), b. 
June 22nd, 1762, in Exeter, R. I.; m. Lydia Sweet, b. January 
25th, 1764, in Rhode Island, dau. of Amos and Betsey Sweet. 
She d. March 7th, 1842, in Stephentown, N. Y. Abel d. June 
2nd, 1830, in Stephentown; was a farmer, a very large man, 
weighing 300 pounds. The inscription on his tombstone is, 
"A soldier in the war that gave his country liberty; an emi- 
grant from Rhode Island, and a memberof the Baptist Church." 

Children — 

HULDA, b. June 1st, 1783. 

ELIZABETH, b. August 21st, 1785; m. Simon Cranston; ch., 
Maria, Amanda, Lydia, Saphronia, John, Hiram, Henry- 
William, Edwin; d. July 1st, 1859. 

ADAH, b. January 20th, 1788; m. Harvey Boughton; ch. Cuyler 
T. and Abel; she d. March 15th, 1842. 

LYDIA of (18), b. March 29th, 1790; m. Caleb Gardner of 
Stephentown, N. Y.; six ch., Julia Caroline, Eunice, EUza, 
and Lydia and Caleb, twins. JuUa, Eunice and EUza had no ch. 
Carohne m. Nathaniel Wyhe; left a dau. who m. the Rev. 
Daniel Shepardson; res. (1904) in Hancock, Mass. Lydia m. 
Briton Mattison; one son, Louis B., b. March 3rd, 1864, who m. 
Jessie Hull, two ch. Walter and Ohve, res. Berlin Centre, N. Y. 
Caleb T. m. Charlotte Gorton; six ch.: 

Six children — 

JOHN C, b. July 21st, 1859; no ch. 

EUGENE R., b. July 25th, 1862; no ch. 

EULIS M., b. February 3rd, 1865. 

FRED. G., b. July 20th, 1868. 

CARRIE LYDIA, b. October 18th, 1870. 

JESSIE M., b. December 17th, 1873; no ch. 

Of these Eulis has a dau. Clara, b. December 4th, 1893. 
Fred. G., two ch. Helen M., b. April Uth, 1898, and Fred 

Elwood, b. September 5th, 1901. 
Carrie L., m. Dr. Clarence A. Chaloner; two ch. Mary A., b. 
January 10th, 1897, and Reginald Gardner, b. August 
28th, 1899. 

39 CUYLER, b. June 12th, 1792. 

40 AMOS SWEET, b. July 28th, 1794; ch. all b. in Stephentown. 

Note. — Abel (18) was a private in Van Rensselaer's regiment, 
Niles' company, 2nd Rensselaerwick battalion; also in Schermerhorn's 
company. (Roster state troops, N. Y.) See also " Albany County 
Militia" and "The Levies." 


Children and grandchildren, etc., of Huldah Tanner, dau. 
of Abel (18) and Lydia (Sweet) Tanner, b. June 12th, 1783, in 
Stephentown, N. Y.; m. Daniel Brown, b. January 21st, 1780; 
he d. March 15th, 1826; Huldah d. 1853, October 16th. 

Children — 

1 HULDAH T., b. July 25th, 1803. 

2 JOSEPHINE B., b. June 10th, 1805. 

3 MARTHA R., b. September 23rd, 1808. 

4 DANIEL T., b. April 30th, 1811. 

5 CHARLOTTE V., b. March 23rd, 1816. 

6 EDWIN A., b. August 22nd, 1819. 

7 CORYDON C, b. October 18th, 1821. 

8 ELIZABETH C, b. October 30th, 1824. 

Huldah Tanner Brown, Huldah, Abel, Wilham, William' 

William, dau. of Daniel and Huldah (Tanner) Brown (of Abe 

Tanner, 18), b. July 25th, 1803, in Stephentown. N. Y.; m* 

Daniel Heath, b. , d. February 8th, 1877. Huldah d' 

February 28th, 1878. They settled in Quincy, III, in 1831. 

Children — 

JOSEPHINE, m. Arrison and removed to California; several ch. 

MARY ANN, b. November 12th, 1832, d. . 

LUCY, ra. , d. 1876, three ch. 

DANIEL, b. about 1838, and in 1878 res. in Bethany, Mo. 
VICTORIA, b. about 1840, m. and res. in Bancroft, Mo.; she d. 
February 2nd, 1878; parents d. at her home. 

Josephine B. Brown, dau. of Daniel and Huldah (Tanner) 
Brown, dau. of Abel Tanner (18), b. June 10th, 1805, in Stephen- 
town, N. Y.; m. October 5th, 1834, in Quincy, 111. Daniel 
Bradley, b. May 20th, 1811, who with his father's family came 
from East Haven, Conn., in 1831, to Mendon, 111., 
where he d. January 26th, 1867; wife d. April 10th, 1896. 

Children — 

SARAH, b. August 23rd, 1836, m. 1862 William Benton and d. 

August 7th, 1866, leaving no ch. 
SAMUEL H., b. October 11th, 1838; single; res. Mendon, Illinois. 
ELLEN, b. November 14th, 1840; single; res. Mendon, Illinois. 
AUGUSTUS C, b. October 1st, 1842, d. August 24th, 1859. 
AMELIA, b. January 24th, d. September 14th, 1846. 
JOSEPHINE, b. June Uth, 1847; m. December 1st, 1868, Edwin 

S. Kimball, Augusta, Illinois, July 15th, 1840; res. (1902) 

Galesburg, Illinois; in the employ of the C. B. & Q. R. R. 

since about 1862. 

Children — 

Edith Brown, b. March 16th, 1874; m. December 6, 1899, George 

M. Strain, b. March 4th, 1873; res. Omaha, Neb. 
Daniel Bradley, b. December 1st, 1878; res. Council Bluffs, 

Iowa (1902). 
DANIEL A., b. February 26th, 1855; m. Noveml)cr 29th. 1876, 
Laura Young, b. January 14th, 1857; re.s. McPherson, Kan.; 
no ch. living. 


Martha R. Brown, dau. of Daniel and Huldah (Tanner) 
Brown (of Abel 18), b. September 23rd,1808,in Stephentown, 
N. Y. ; m. April 26th, 1832, Ralph Rose, b. February 23rd, 
1809, in Stephentown; she d. February 6th, 1870; he d. March 
31st, 1886. 

Children — • 

THOMAS, b. June 21st, 1834, d. May 5th, 1901; single. 

HENRY, b. November 3rd, 1836; m. March, 1862, Amanda M. 

Sheldon, b. 1837; five ch. Arthur H., Grace E., JuUus T., 

Sheldon and Ralph; all m.; he d. March 1-lth, 1885; res. 

at Stephentown. 
CORYDON, b. July 20th, 1839, m. Mary Lilly; two ch. Martha 

E., who m. Ralph Salsbury, Warren, Pa.; Marshall C, 

m. and res. Greenbush, N. Y.; he d. December 21st, 1881. 
MARTHA M., b. August 23rd, 1841, m. A. Emory Hutchinson; 

no ch. 
M .FRANCES, b. September 23rd, 1843; m. April 8th, 1879, Burton 

W. Holmes, b. August 17th, 1841, who d. Febniary 19th, 

1896; no ch. 

Arthur H. of Henry, m. Esther DaboU; throe ch. Henry, 
Roy and Grace. 

Grace E., of Henry, m. Edwin A. Cranston; five cli. Henry, 
Rose, Julius, Grace, Arthur. 

Julius T., of Henry, m. Bertha Brimmer; one ch. Augusta. 

Sheldon of Henry, m. Maud Stroud; three ch, Viola, Lansing, 
Ralph, m. 

Daniel T. Brown, Huldah, Abel, William, William, William 
son of Daniel and Huldah (Tanner) Brown (of Abel 18), b. 

April 30th, 1811, in Stephentown, N. Y.; m. 1st, — , 2nd, 

Sarah Olmstead; res. Brighton, 111. 

Children — • 

CHARLOTTE, m. , McAllister. 

DANIEL, lost in Civil War. 
KATE, d. 

HULDAH, m. , Hamilton. 

ZELMA, m. Davis. 


Charlotte V. Brown, dau. of Daniel and Huldah (Tanner) 
Brown (of Abel Tanner 18), b. March 23rd, 1816 in Stephen- 
towUj N. Y. ; m. Cromwell Clifford, res., Rome, N. Y. 


ELBRIDGE, b. December 6th, 1836. 

GUILFORD D., , res. Eustis, Florida. 



DANIEL B., , d. 


WATY E., , Vienna, N. Y. 

CLIFTON C, , d. 

PERRY C, , res. Downey, Iowa. 

HULDAH E., , m. Juliua Cleveland, Palmyra, N. Y. 

Elbridge Clifford, Charlotte V. (Brown), Huldah (Tanner) 
Brown, of Abel Tanner (18), b. December 6th, 1836, Rome, 
N. Y.; m. October 18, 1860, Arcthusa Hartsook, b. Jan. 28th, 
1842; res. Iowa City, la. 

Children — 

CHARLOTTE, b. December 29th, 1861; d. 1884. 

BELLE, b. December 19th, 1863; m. March 11th, 1884, Charles 
HoUingsworth of Newberg, N. Y. ; ch. Leonard, b. March 
11th, 1899. 

ONEIDA, b. March 23rd, 1866, m. Arthur Hall of Emporia, Kan- 
sas; ch. Virgil, b. December 2nd, 1889. 

ALICE, b. June 10th, 1868; m. September, 1895, Edward DriscoU, 
Oklahoma; ch. Elbridge, Alice, Temple. 

EDWIN, b. July 26th, 1870; m. December 11th, 1895, Blanche 
Thompson of Iowa City; ch. Lottie, b. October 12th, 1896; 
Edna, b. November 2nd, 1897; Max, b. Jan. 28th, 1899. 

MYRA, b. June 22nd, 1874; m. June 22nd, 1895, Samuel Maxwell; 

ch. Helen, b. November 22nd, 1896; James E., b. June 28th, 1901 

Edwin A. Brown, son of Daniel and Huldah (Tanner) 
Brown (of Abel Tanner 18) ; b. August 22d, 1819, in Stephen- 
town, N. Y.; m. April 20, 1846, Martha McClain. She d. 
January 6th, 1887; he d. November 22d, 1888; res. near Iowa 
City, la. 

Children — 

EDNA, b. February 4th, 1847; m. February 4th, 1868, Thomas 

K. Wilson, b. June 25th, 1836 at Beallsville, Ohio. She d. 

at Iowa City, March 3rd, 1S80; ch. Edwin, b. July 19th, 1873; 

m. September 29th, 1898, Rita E. Stewart, b. May 10th, 1875, 

at Tipton, Iowa; Lawyer, Iowa City. 
JOHN M., b. ; m. August 13th, 1875, NeUie Brown; ch. 

Martha E., b. September 9th, 1878; res. Iowa City. John 

M., d. March 12th, 1899. 
ALONZO, b. ; m. November 14th, 1889, Ethel L.Adams; 

res. near Iowa City; ch. Arlo E.,b. September 16th, 1895, and 

Vernon A., b. Februaiy 12th, 1897. 

Corydon C. Brown, son of Daniel and Huldah (Tanner) 
Brown, dau. Abel Tanner (18), b. October 18th, 1821, in 

Stephentown, N. Y. ; m. Ingaby; 1 ch., Mary, who m. 

Carpp; res. near Fosterburgh, 111. 

Elizabeth C. Brown, dau. of Daniel and Huldah (Tanner) 
Brown, dau. Abel Tanner (18); b. October 30th, 1824, m. 
John Miles. 

[Information of the descendants of Huldah Tanner given 


by Mrs. Josephine B. Kimball, 555 N. Broad St.. Galesburg, 


Nathan, William, William, William, son of William (9), 
b. in Exeter, R. I.. May 28th, 1763; m. 1783, Lucy Lamphear 
of Tonawanda. N. Y.,^b. in R. I.; he d. July 20th, 1852, in 
Ohio, aged 90 v. 5 mo.; res. Henry county; blacksmith; wife 
b. February 1763, d. 1849, aged 86 y. 28 d. ; buried at Ruggles, 

Children — 

NATHAN, , m. Sally Rundle and d. in Henry county, Ohio; 

no ch. 

41 JOHN. 

42 WYATT ROSE, b. November 9th, 1787. 


44 STEPHEN, b. October 24th. 1795. 

45 HIRAM, b. August 17th, 1802, Harris Hill, Erie county, N. Y. 
CHARLOTTE, d. 1853, aged 58. 


Nathan Tanner came to Clarence, Erie county, N. Y., about 
the year 1800, with nine children, as given. All moved west 
except Wyatt. All the sons of Wyatt settled in Illinois except 
Eli, who remained in Erie county, N. Y. 

Nathan was a blacksmith by trade ; he was in the War of 
1812, serving at his trade, while his brothers were in the ranks. 

Record of the daughters of Nathan (19) and Lucy (Lam- 
phear) Tanner, information given by Nehemiah Roberts of 
Kendallville, Ind. 

Charlotte m. Nehemiah Roberts. 

Children — 


PERMELIA, m. a Mr. Davis who d. in the Army of the Rebellion; 

two ch. 
CHARLES, d. 1836, aged about 18. 
LAURA, d. in early womanhood. 
JOHN, d. 1842, aged 19. 
ABI, d. April 10th, 1868. 

ALPHAEUS, d. November 3rd, 1873, aged 46 y., 20 da. 
DARIUS, d. June 25th, 1830, aged 43 y., 9 mo., 13 da. 
HIRAM, d. January 5th, 1891, aged, 72 y., 5 mo., 28 da. 
AMY, d. January 21st, 1898, aged 76 y., 6 mo., 19 da. 

Rebecca, dau. of Nathan (19) and Lucy (Lamphear) Tan- 
ner, m. Ephraim Powers. After his death she m. a Latter Day 
Saints preacher, removed to Nauvoo, 111., where she died. 


Children — 






Amy, dau. of Nathan (19) and Lucy, m. Jacob Powers 
and d. in Chicago. No ch. 


Nathan, Palmer, William, William, son of Pahner (11) 
and Mary (Hill) Tanner, b. about 1738-9 (another tradition 
gives 1750); m. February 28th, 1768, Patience Austin; m. by 
Wm. Hall, Justice. Nathan m. 2nd, Bertheno Briggs, who 
d. in 1800. Nathan was a soldier in the Revolution in Gen. 
Spencer's regiment; d. in 1828; buried near East Greenwich, 
R. I. 

Children as collected from various sources — 

46 WILLIAM, d. .January 15th 1826, aged 45 y. 

47 PALMER, b. June 11th, 1784. at Potowomut, R. I. 



50 DANIEL, b. May 18th. 1793. 


51 JAMES. 

Order of b. not known. 

Mr. Jeremiah Tanner, late of Providence. R. I., grandson 
of Nathan (21) and Bertheno (Briggs) Tanner, gives from 
memory the following account of the children of Nathan (21) 
which differs a little from the record made by George Thomas 
Tanner. After naming William and Palmer, he says: "Patience, 
the oldest m.. Samuel B. Allen; had 2 ch., a son who d. at sea 
and a dau. Martha (49) m. Nathaniel Carpenter. Mary (52) 
m. Benjamin Maker. James went to sea and nothing more 
is known of him. Nathan, Jr., (48) was of a roving disposition ; 
m. Anstis Case, a sister of Unis Case, wife of Palmer (47) ; went 
to sea, was in the navy and the War of 1812; not known when 
or where he d.; left 2 ch., a son, drowned, age of 3, and a dau. 
Harriet, who never m." 


Palmer, Palmer, William, William, son of Palmer (11) 
and Mary (Hill) Tanner, b. about 1740 in North Kingstown, 
R. I.; m. February 22nd, 1761, Phebe Wood, dau. of William 
Wood; res. of Palmer, Scituate, R. I. 


In the absence of written records we have assumed Palmer 
(22) to be the son of Palmer (11). The genealogical indica- 
tions point in this direction. Had the North Kingstown 
records not been injured by fire the connection might have 
been found. There can be no question that Palmer (22) belongs 
to the North Kingstown branch, and we find no other place to 
assign him, as the negative evidence excludes him from every 
other family. 

The census of 1774 shows that he had six children; 3 males 
under 16, and 3 females under 16. It may be that other chil- 
dren were born later. 

Cliildren as gatliered from various records — 

53 ABEL, b . 

54 BENJAMIN S., b. . 

55 WILLIAM, b. September 17tl>, 1761, in Scituate, R. I. 
HANNAH, b. , m. April 19th, 1778, Daniel Hopkins of Scit- 

SARAH, b. , m. September 12th, 1794, by Christopher Wes- 

cott, Justice, to Jabez Bowcn, Jr., of Foster. 
ESTHER, (probably) b. March — , 1767, d.April 19th, 1852, 

in Gloucester, R. I.; unmarried. (See Gloucester town 


Palmer purchased land in Scituate in 1790. Administrator 
appointed on the estate of Palmer Tanner of Scituate, Septem- 
ber 25th, LSI 3. 

Palmer and wife Phebe, Abel and wife Abigail, sell land 
in Scituate, March 25th, 1806. Palmer and Benjamin sell land 
April 29th, 1S06. 

Palmer Tanner was in the French and Indian Colonial War, 

as appears by the following receipts copied from the original in 

the State Capitol, Providence, R. I. 

From an account of Capt. Ebenezer Jencks, Deceased, Wages paid 
to ye 10th day of January, 1759, (No. 16) Palmer Tanner. 

An acc't of cash paid Capt. Ebenezer Jenck's Company, 1757, 
Providence, December 27th, 1757 (No. 62). April 8th, 1758. Pal- 
mer Tanner. 

An acc't of cash paid officers and soldiers belonging to ye 
Capt. Buckitt and Eddey's Company as per their acc't. Dated, 
Providence, December 26th, 1759 (No. 55). Palmer Tanner. 

(From Military Returns.) 

In "Revolutionary defences in Rhode Island" by Edward Field, 
among the list of men in Captain Joseph Knight's company, Scituate, 
April 20th, 1775, tlie d.ay after the battle of Lexington, is one Furmer 
Tanner, (p. 11). No doubt this is an error for Palmer Tanner of Scit- 
uate. (See Beaman's his. of Scituate, p. 43.) Also Military Papers, 
Vol. 4, No. 632, under list of names for Scituate. Knight's His. has the 
name spelled "Palmer." Wemay add that this name is sometimes found 


See 11 

Marcy, Palmer, William, William, dau. of Palmer (11) 
and Mary (Hill) Tanner, m. February 22nd, 1763, Joshua Gard- 
ner (m. by Caleb Hill, Justice, etc.). 

Soon after his marriage Joshua Gardner, with others, re- 
moved from Rhode Island to Stephentown, N. Y., where 
he d. October 5th, 1829, aged 87 y., his wife Marcy having d. 
December 11th, 1804, aged 63. On his tombstone is the in- 
scription: " He emigrated to this town from Connecticut (?) 
in 1764, was one of the first settlers of the soil where he now 
lies; married three wives, and had twelve children, all of whom 
died before him. " 

A Ruth Tanner, probably dau. of Palmer, m. September 
26th, 1770, Christopher Jenkins (m. by Elder James Wight- 

Mary, Palmer, William, William, dau. of Palmer (11) and 
Mary (Hill) Tanner, b. April 7th, 1743; m. September 5th, 
1763, John Briggs, Jr., b. September 10th, 1741, of North 
Kingstown, R. 1. She d. October 17, 1796. 

Children recorded in West Greenwich — 

NANNAH, b. June 12th, 1764. 

COLONEL, b. July 3d, 1766. 

PARLIAMENT, b. May 7th, 1768. 

JOHN, b. April 29th, 1771. 

MARY, b. June 17th, 1773, d. September 16th, 1777. 

REYNOLDS, b. February 19th, 1778. 

MARY (2nd), b. May 20th, 1781. 

WILLIAM, b. April 15th, 1784. 


Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, son of Palmer 

(11) and Mary (Hill) Tanner, b. m. November 2nd, 

1765, in North Kingstown, R. I. 

Sarah Aylesworth, dau. of Arthur Aylesworth of North 
Kingstown, R. I., m. by Caleb Hill, Justice. Will made July 
12th, 1792; proved September 21st, 1792 (d. between these 
dates) ; probably the Benjamin " draughted " private reported 
August 2nd, 1778. 

Children named in will as follows: — 



HENRY, d. at sea, single, about 1796. 











In the birth record in North Kingstown the names of the 
children of Benjamin and Sarah are not legible; but the follow- 
ing dates are distinct, the number of names in the will being 
the same as the number of dates. In one or two cases, as 
Benjamin, the family record is definite. 

HANNAH, b. February 28th, 1766. 

, b. July 3rd, 1767. 

, b. April 9th, 1769. 

, b. May 21st, 1771. 

, b. March 27th, 1773. 

, b. December 25th, 1774. 

, b. June 18th, 1776. 

57 BENJAMIN, b. November 21st, 1778. 

, b. June 13th, 1780. 

, b. March 10th, 1782. 

, b. April 15th, 1784. 

, b. December 5th, 1787. 

The will of Benjamin (23) names wife Sarah, eldest son 
Palmer, youngest son Henry, son Benjamin, daughter Hannah 
Sweet wife of Sylvester Sweet, Jr., daughter May Wightman 
wife of Rhodes Wightman, daughter Susannah Austin wife of 
Henry Austin, daughters Ruth Tanner, Lydia Tanner, Sarah 
Tanner; youngest daughters, Anna, Elizabeth, Lucy. 

A family record gives the following as daughters of Ben- 
jamin: Lydia, Sally, Nancy, Hannah, Susan, Betsey, Polly, 
Avis, Lucy. 

Mary m. Rhodes Wightman and removed to Stephentown, 
N. Y., September 20th, 1792; he receipts for the portion of his 
wife (estate of Benjamin Tanner) and also for Lydia and 
Sarah Tanner. At the same time, Henry Austin and Sylves- 
ter Sweet each receipts for the portion of his wife. 

Susannah m. Henry Austin, a brother of Margaret, wife of 

Lydia m. Levi Johnson, and settled in East Greenwich, 
January 26th, 1794; a daughter m. Place. 

Sarah (Sally) m. Gould Gardner of Exeter. 

Nancy m. William C. Potter of " Little Rest" or Kingston 
Hill, South Kingstown. 

Betsey m. WilHam Pearse (or Pierce), July 3rd, 1803, of 
North Kingstown, R. I. 


Avis(?) m. and went West. 

Lucy m. John Dawley of Quidnesett Neck and had five ch. 
Her second husband was a Mr. Carpenter. 

Ruth m. Ezekiel M. Gardner. 

In 1792, when the will was made, Ruth, Lydia, Sarah, Anna, 
Elizabeth and Lucy are named as unmarried. 

" Benjamin was born on the old farm in a house near ' the 
old saw mill,' and married Sarah Aylesworth, who lived on 
an adjoining farm south. The wife died with the old-fashioned 
leprosy. Benjamin was a Tory, and it is said used to go with 
his son Benjamin down to Allen's Harbor by night to carry 
provisions to the British, who would come ashore at a given 
signal. " 

" One very foggy morning, when they had been belated for 
some reason, they were discovered by some of the neighbors 
on their way home. " 

"On another occasion, he took his son Palmer and went 
down to the shore to deliver products. As they were late in 
returning it was with great difficulty that they reached home 
without being discovered. " ' 

The above seems hardly compatible with the fact that he 
was "draughted" for service at Newport as private and re- 
ported for duty August 2nd, 1778. That he was held in high 
esteem by his fellow-townsmen and was loyal to his country- 
appears in the fact that he was a member of the town council 
from 1788 to 1792, in North Kingstown, and his descendants 
are entitled to this honor of their ancestor. Smth's Civil and 
Military History of Rhode Island gives Benjamin Tanner, Lieu- 
tenant, 1767, in a North Kingstown company. 

George Thomas Tanner, in a family record compiled by 
him, says that " Benjamin Tanner who married Sarah Ann 
Aylesworth, had a brother Nathan, born in North Kingstown 
about 1738 (not known whom he married), had four sons and 
one daughter that we know of, viz: William, Palmer, James, 
Nathan, Jr., and Martha. " [See 21.] " WilHam, born probably 
about 1760 ('80) , had two so-is, Timothy and Henry. Palmer, 
born about 1762, probably settled in Coventry or Warwick; 
was called 'Deacon' Palmer Tanner; had six children, viz: 
Abel, Jeremiah, James, Palmer, Jr., Mary Ann, and John. " 
[See 46 and 47.] 

"Of James, born about 1764, nothing is known. Of 
Nathan, Jr., there is no record; born probably about 1766." 
[21 and remarks.] 

"Martha, born about 1768, married Nathaniel Carpenter 


of North Kingstown about 1786. To them were born five 
sons and three daughters — Daniel E., Samuel, Christopher, 
Nathan Tanner, John, Harriet W., Eliza Ann and Catherine. " 
[Record of Geo. Thomas Tanner.] 

The above record is given here as that of a painstaking 
man who had opportunity of consulting aged people living on 
the grounds. But a hundred years, or nearly, had intervened, 
and he does not seem to have consulted old town records. In 
the light of these and of family records of the related branches, 
we find it necessary to differ from his conclusions, as will 
appear in the case of William, son of Nathan, who died Jan- 
uary 15th, 1826, aged 45, bringing his birth in 1780 or 81, 
instead of 1760. 

The same writer, in an unpublished genealogy of his branch 
of the North Kingstown Tanners, says: "Benjamin Tanner of 
North Kingstown married Sarah Ann Aylesworth, whose 
father lived on an adjoining farm. His family consisted of 
three sons and nine daughters — Benjamin, Palmer, Henry, 
Lydia, Sally, Nancy, Hannah, Susan, Betsey, Polly, Avis, 
Lucy. The names vary somewhat from those in the will of 
Benjamin and Sarah. But the points of agreement show that 
it is the same family. 

The will of Sarah was made November 10th, 1801, and her 
estate settled February 2nd, 1834. She names son Palmer; 

daughter na Austin, wife of Henry Austin; ,wife 

of Silvester Sweet; daughter Ruth, wife of Ezekiel M. Gard- 
ner; daughter Lydia Johnson, wife of Levi Johnson; daughter 

Sarah Gardner, wife of Gould Gardner; two daughters, 

Potter wife of William Potter, and Elizabeth Tanner; daughter 
Lucy Tanner; three said younger daughters, Anna Potter, 
Elizabeth Tanner, and Lucy Tanner; son Benjamin. 

The tradition relating to Nathan, brother of Benjamin (23), 
may be accepted as correct. At least the writer has no data 
contradictory to this theory. The fact that Nathan is not 
mentioned as receipting for a portion of his father's estate 
would not be conclusive against this, as he may have received 
his portion before the death of his father; besides, the records 
of North Kingstown were so injured by fire as to be in many 
parts illegible. 

To Palmer, son of William (2) of North Kingstown, we 
must assign the Palmer of Scituate, whose name places him 
in the North Kingstown branch, the name Palmer at that 
early day being a family name among them. Benjamin (3), 
son of William (2) of North Kingstown, does not name in 


his will, made in 1743, any son Palmer; and Palmer, son of 
William (3) of Exeter, removed to New York just before the 
Revolution. For these reasons, after careful consideration, 
the writer's conviction is, that Palmer Tanner of Scituate was 
the son of Palmer, of William of North Kingstown, All known 
facts are in harmony with this, and there is nothing to con- 
tradict it. Records were imperfect, in some instances all the 
children but one being found on the town records. 


Samuel, Henry, William, William, son of Henry (12) 

and Dorcas Gardner, b. in West Greenwich, R. I., m. 

Mary Gorton, dau. of Benjamin Gorton and Deborah (Weaver) 

Children — 

58 GARDINER, b. August 19th, 1785, d. May 2nd, 1842. 

59 CHRISTOPHER, b. April 27th, 1794, d. November 13th, 1824. 

60 BENJAMIN, b. April 15th, 1787, d. September 11th, 1849, aged 

(on tombstone) 67 y. 

61 ANNA, b. 

HANNAH, b. - 

62 DORCAS, b. - 

63 MARY GORTON, b. . 

SAMUEL, b. March 12th, 1801, d. January 8th, 1874; unmarried. 

Samuel, Jr., is buried in Pocasset cemetery, Cranston. 

In his will made December 17th, 1800, West Greenwich, 
R. I., and probated the last Monday in January 1801, Samuel 
Tanner names Gardner and Christopher, not yet of age; Mary 
his wife; son Benjamin; daughters Anna Johnson, Hannah 
Tanner, Dorcas Tanner, Deborah Tanner, Betsey Tanner, 
Mary Tanner, and makes provision for a child not born. 
(Samuel, w^ho died single.) 

After his death, his widow m. March 17th, 1808, John 
Lewis of Coventry, R. I., and died in 1837. 

Samuel Tanner, Sr.,was corporal in Capt. Gorton's com- 
pany. Col. Lippitt's regiment, September 1st, 1776, to January 
17th, 1777. [See Cowell's "Spirit of '76 in R. I.," p. 56.] 

This regiment served one year and one additional month 
voluntarily; it was taken into Continental pay in May, 1776. 
The regiment was first quartered on the island of Rhode Island, 
marched westward in September, 1776, and joined Washington 
at New York, after the battle of Long Island ; was assembled 
with other troops at Crosswick's, New Jersey, and formed part 


of the brigade under Col. Daniel Hitchcock, and volunteered 
for an additional month to complete the campaign. 

Capt. Thomas Gorton was brother to the father of Mary 
(Gorton) Tanner. 

See will of Benjamin Gorton, in which he speaks of "dau. 
Mar}^ Tanner and son-in-law Samuel Tanner. " 

Samuel Tanner was a farmer and blacksmith, and owned 
a considerable tract of land in West Greenwich. 

The following receipt appears in the U. S. collection, Provi- 
dence Historical Society (No. 22). 

"West Greenwich, April 8th, 1777; received of the late Capt. 
Thomas Gorton, eleven pound, four shilling and four pence lawful 
money in full for my wages in the last years campaine; received per 
me, Samuel Tanner." 

A similar receipt appears given by Gardiner Tanner, son 
of Samuel. Smith's Civil and Military History gives Samuel 
Tanner as captain of the 3rd company in West Greenwich 
in 1788, 1789 and 1790. 

" 1793 Senior Class Regiment, Kent county, 2nd Major, Samuel 
Tanner." "1794, 2nd Regiment, Kent county, Lt. Col. Commandant, 
Samuel Tanner. " (Smith's Civ. and Mil. Hist.) 


Thomas, Henry, William, William, son of Henry (12) 
and Dorcas (Gardner) Tanner, b. 1778, in West Greenwich, 
R. I.; m. 1st, Deborah Weaver of Coventry, R. I.; 2nd, Polly 
Weaver; no ch. by 2nd wife. Deborah d. February 11th, 
1828, in her 49th year. Thomas d. June 27th, 1849, in his 
71st year. Polly d. September 4th, 1870, in her 86th year. 
[Tombstone record, Maple Root cemetery, three miles from 
Washington village, Coventry, R. I.] 

Children — 

64 OLNEY, b. January 10th, 1800, Coventry. 

65 WARREN W., b. March 11th, 1808. 

66 GARDINER W., b. May 4th, 1805. 

CELIA, b. , d. May 25th, 1844, aged 41 y. 

ARAMINTHA, b. , d. April 19th, 1844, aged 27 y. 

MAHALA, b. , m. Job Dupre, d. July 16th, 1834, in her 

24th y. 
ALMIRA, b. July 22nd, 1814, d. January 3rd, 1892. (Last four 

buried Maple Root cemetery.) 


William, Henry, William, William, son of Henry (12) 
and Dorcas (Gardner) Tanner, b. in West Greenwich, R. I.; 
m. Mercy (Mary) Fry of West Greenwich. He d. April 19th, 


1828; wife d. December 1st, 1845, in West Greenwich, aged 
65. [See tombstone record in the Allen graveyard, in the 
northwestern part of West Greenwich, on the Amy Allen 

Children — 

PALMER G., b. , m. February 21st, 1833, Nancy Barber. 

He d. October 14th, 1877, in the 78th year of his age; no ch.; 

■wife d. June 6th, 1881, aged 76 y.; both buried in the "Allen" 

burial ground, about 3 miles south of Greene station. (See 

RUTH, b. , m. March 23rd, 1826, Elder Benedict Johnson, 

Jr., of West Greenwich; ch.a dau. who d. in infancy, and a son, 

William Greene, who d. single, about 1860. 
MALINDA, b. , d. single, August 14th, 1831; aged 22 y. 

7 mo. 4 days. 

67 GILBERT HENRY, b. April 21st, 1814. 

WILLIAM ALBERT, b. , d. October 12th, 1863. aged 44 

y., in the Civil War. He was the owner of large ranches in 
Texas, and was forced into the Confederate Army; is reported 
to have died in a hospital in Arkansas, single. 

68 DORCAS, b. July 1st, 1803. 

May 26th, 1828, Mary Tanner is appointed executor on 
the estate of William Tanner of West Greenwich; May 25th, 
1829, appointed guardian to her children, Mahnda and Gilbert 
H., by their choice, they being over fourteen years of age, and 
of William A., under fourteen. 

Marcy Tanner's will, made November 15th, 1845, probated 
January 31st, 1846, names heirs. Palmer G. Tanner, Wilham 
A. Tanner, Ruth Johnson, grandson George D. Wilcox of 
Providence; son Gilbert H. Tanner, executor. 

[I am indebted for information of above to Mrs. Malinda 




Perry, Thomas, William, William, William, son of 
Thomas (15) and Mary (Whitford) Tanner, b. December 2nd, 
1762, in Exeter, R. I. M. December 28th, 1802, Abigail 
Gallup, b. September 11th, 1778; dau. of Benjamin Gallup of 
Dalton, Mass., a soldier in the Revolution, b. April 21st, 
1739, d. November 1841, a lineal descendant of Capt. John 
Gallup, who was killed in the "swamp fight" in the Narra- 
gansett War, in Rhode Island. [See also the " Gallup Gene- 
alogy. " The Gallup family trace their ancestry to the age of 

Perry Tanner is Justice in Exeter, R. I., 1793 and 1794; d. 
September 9th, 1838, in Trenton, N, Y.; wife d. April 13th, 

Children — 

69 LAVINIA, b. October 13th, 1803. 

70 WILLIAM ANSON, b. November 17th, 1805. 

71 BENJAMIN, b. June 25th, 1808. 

72 JOHN WHITFORD, b. July 30th, 1810. 

73 EMILY M., b. December 13th, 1812; son b. December 30th, 1815, 

d. January 24th, 1816. 

74 PERRY G., b. May 4th, 1816. 

75 LAURA JANE, b. August 3rd, 1818. 

MARIETTA, b. March 5th, 1821, d. September 6th, 1842, single. 

Perry Tanner removed to Fairfield, Herkimer county, 
N. Y., where his children were born. He was a farmer and 
surveyor. Plats made by him may be seen in the town records 
of Exeter, R. I.; and his surveyor's compass, bearing the date 
of 1798, is in the possession of his grandson Fred. P. Tanner, 
Cooperstown, N. Y. 

He studied surveying and navigation with Commodore 
Perry, his cousin. 


Smith, Thomas, William, William, William, son of 
Thomas (15) and Mary (Whitford) Tanner, b. in Exeter, R. I.; 
m. March 4th, 1792 (by Stephen Reynolds Justice), Joanna 
Hammond, of Exeter; he d. May 21st, 1849, age 83 y. 8 mo., 
buried in cemetery between Salsbury Center and Salsbury 
Corners; res. Fairfield, N. Y. ; is ensign 1791 and 1792, in 2nd 
Exeter company, R. 1. He was a tall, well-proportioned man, 
about six feet, weighed 220 pounds; a man of fine intellect. 

Children of Joanna — 

76 ALVAH, b. January 6th, 1798. 


77 MARY, b. December 27th, 1800. 

78 CHARLOTTE, b. December 25th, 1802. 

M. 2d, Dorcas Whitney, who d. December 19, 1848, aged 67. 

Children of 2nd m. — 

SMITH, who m. Mary Hoag, d. ; no ch. 

WELLINGTON, who d. single. 


Thomas, Thomas, William, William, William, son of 
Thomas (15) and Mary (Whitford) Tanner, b. November 16th, 
1774, in Exeter, R. I.; m. September 24th, 1797, Hannah Spen- 
cer, b. October 17th, 1781. He d. June 16th, 1850; wife d. 
June 18th, 1878. 

Children — 

PALMYRA, b. November 1st, 1798, d. April 19th, 1804. 

79 CALVIN, b. April 14th, 1800. 

ALMA, b. February 8th, 1802, d. October 4th, 1804. 

80 LORENZO DOW, b. March 20th, 1805. 

THOMAS, b. August 2.5th, 1807, d. March 5th, 1891, in Trenton, 

N. Y.; single. 
ALMIRA, b. March 7th, 1811, d. December 1st, 1822; single. 

81 CAROLINE, b. July 20th, 1813. 

82 CHARLES WILLIAM, b. April 20th, 1816; removed to Illinois. 
ALFRED SPENCER, b. September 25th, 1819, d. January 5th 

1848, in Illinois; buried in Byron cemetery; single. 
HANNAH M., b. November 17th, 1823, d. March 20th, 1850; 


William, Palmer, William, William, William, son of 
Palmer (16) and Amy (Thomas) Tanner, b. June 2nd, 1782, 
in Stephentown, N. Y. ; m. February 23rd, 1812, Betsey Pad- 
dock, at Frankford, Herkimer county, N. Y. 

He was in the border warfare of northern New York in the 
War of 1812-14, and in the battle of Sackett's Harbor. He 
was in the mercantile business in Watertown, N.Y..afew 
years; then lived in Theresa, N. Y., eighteen years as a farmer; 
later removed to Sugar Grove, Kane county. 111. ; d. at 
Aurora, 111., February 22nd, 1856. Betsey, b. !March 15th, 
1787, at Middletown, Conn.; d. October 17th, 1855, in 
Aurora, 111. 

Children — 

83 EMILY, b. December 28th, 1812, Watertown, N. Y.; m. February 

19th, 1839, A. Fuller, in Sugar Grove, 111.; d. at Welcome, 
Minn., December lOtli, 1897. 

84 WILLIAM AUGUSTUS, b. February 17th, 1815. 

85 ELIZABETH, b. March 31st, 1817. 

86 JANE ANN, b. March 10th, 1819, in Alexandria, N. Y. 


87 MARY, b. June 21st, 1821, Alexandria. 

88 MARIKTTE, b. June 21st, 1821, Alexandria. 

89 SARAH, b. August 11th, 1825, Alexandria. 

90 OSCAR M., b. February 3rd, 1828, Alexandria. 


Abel, Benjamin, William, William, William, son of 
Benjamin (17) and Thankful (Stafford) Tanner, b. April 15th, 
1783, in Saratoga county, N. Y. ; m. April 15th, 1801, Lois 
Judd, of Bennington, Vt., aged 15, dau. of a Revolutionary- 
soldier; moved same year to Oswego county, N. Y. To 
them twelve ch. were b. of whom nine grew to adult years, 
four sons and three daus. Abel d. November 9th, 1849, aged 
66 y.; res. Williamstown, N. Y. 

Children in part as follows: — 

JOHN, b. , lived and d. in Oswego county, N. Y.; un- 

91 IRA N., b. . 

92 BENJAMIN, b. . 

93 HARVEY MORTIMER, b. ^ , 1826. 

OLIVE, b. , 1817. 

SARAH, b. 1825, m. in Rome, N. Y., David Egglestone; he d. 

November 5th, 1883, aged 66 y., leaving one son who d. May 

2nd, 1887, in his 40th y.; res. Whitewater, Wis. 
AMANDA, b. , m. John Bailey. [Information given by 

Mrs. Sarah Eggleston of Whitewater, Wis.] 
Benjamin (69) was a Methodist minister and father of fifteen ch.; 

d. in Oneida county, N. Y. 


Rowland, Benjamin, William, William, William, son of 
Benjamin (17) and Thankful (Stafford) Tanner, b. February 
22nd, 1791, in Saratoga county, N. Y.;m. August 15th, 1812, 
Betsey Wilbur, b. May 10th, 1788; m. in Greenfield, Saratoga 
county, N. Y. He d. October 27th, 1857. Betsey d. April 
30th, 1864. Lived and d. in Henrietta, Jackson county, Mich. 

Children — 

94 BENJAMIN C, b. August 13th. 1813, Greenfield (Ballston 


95 THOMAS, b. September 17th, 1814. 

96 HORACE, b. August 12th, 1816, Stafford, Genesee county, N. Y. 

97 MARTIN, b. February 8th, 1819, Stafford, Genesee county, N. Y. 

98 ROWLAND, b. July 27th, 1821, Stafford, Genesee county, N. Y. 

99 JAMES HARVEY, b. November 19th, 1823, Stafford, Genesee 

county, N. Y. 

100 JANE, b. February 19th, 1826, Stafford, Genesee county, N. Y, 

101 WARREN, b. July 12th, 1828, Stafford, Genesee county, N. Y. 
GATES, b. June 29th, 1831, Stafford, Genesee county, N. Y.; d. 

April 8th, 1862, in Henrietta, Mich., leaving no issue. 




William, Benjamin, William, William, William, son of 
Benjamin (17) and Thankful (Stafford) Tanner, b. April 30th, 
1793, in Ballston Springs, N. Y.; m. November 20th, 1813, 
Hannah Mead, b. May 7th, 1793, Greenfield, N. Y. ; lived and 
d. at Paw Paw, Mich. William d. October 1st, 1839; wife 
d. November loth, 1876, aged 83. at her daughter Hannah 
Rolina's, Mrs. L. A. Fitch, in Antwerp, Van Buren county. Mich. 
She had ten ch.; forty-seven grandch., and thirty-five great- 
grandch. In religious belief she was a spiritualist, "far 
reaching in intellect, pure and noble in life. " 


102 ELIZA ANN. b. March 9th. 1815, in Greenfield (Ballston Springs). 

103 SOPHRONIA, b. April 18th, 1817, in Stafford, Genesse county, 

N. Y. 

104 EMILY, b. June 5th, 1819, Stafford, Genesee county, X. Y. 

105 FANNY FLAVILLA. b. March 25th. 1821. 

106 THANKFUL LORETTA, b. April 25th, 1824. 

107 LAURA MARIA, b. April 18th, 1826. 

108 HANNAH ROLINA. b. May 4th. 1828. 

WILLIAM PALMER, b. May 3rd. 1830, d. October 8th. 1852. 
RACHEL LUCINDA. b. Mav 5th. 1S33, d. April 9th. 1838. 

109 ALBERT WALLACE, b. May 23rd. 1837, in Stafford, N. Y. 

Charlotte, dau. of Benjamin (17) and Thankful (Stafford) 
Tanner, b. in Greenfield, N. Y. (Ballston) ; m. February, 1809, 
William Olney, at Greenfield, N. Y., and removed to Oregon. 

Children as given in the Olnev Genealogy — 









Cuyler, Abel. William. William, William, son of Abel 
(18) and Lydia (Sweet) Tanner, b. June 12th, 1792. in Stephen- 
town, N. Y.: m. June 8th, 1815, Vina Ford. b. October 26th, 
1792; she d. December 12th, 1845. M. 2nd. October 28th, 
1846, Mary Howard, b. April 28th, 1810; she d. August 1st, 
1889. Cuyler was a physician, graduated from the College 
of Physicians and Surgeons of the western district of New 
York, 1813: licensed to practice medicine and surgery by the 
Rensselaer County Medical Society, April 1st. 1814: lived in 
and about Richfield Springs. N. Y.; d. October 7th, 1857. 


Children — 

110 IMMOGENE, b. May 3rd, 1816. 

111 HARRIET FORD, b. July 28th, 1817. 

112 JULIA ANN, b. March 29th, 1819. 

113 MARY JANE, b. February 10th, 1821. 

114 FORD, b. November 19th, 1822. 

GEORGE WHITEFIELD, b. August 3rd, 182.5, d. January 9fch, 

115 EMILY b. November 13th, 1826. 
Dau. b. May 11th, d. May 24th, 1828. 

116 LYDIA REED, b. June 23rd, 1829. 

LUCY, b. March 12th, 1831, d. August 8th, 1831. 

117 LUCY LOVINA, b. December 17th, 1832. 

118 KIRK WHITE, b. April 13th, 1835. 

Children of 2nd m. — 

WILLIAM DUANE, b. August 25th, 1847, d. young. 

119 ABBY HOWARD, b. May 31st, 1850. 


Amos Sweet, Abel, William, William, William, son of 
Abel (18) and Lydia (Sweet) Tanner, b. July 28th, 1794, in 
Stcphentown, N. Y.; m. July 21st, 1816, Sally Boughton, b. 
April 7th, 1797. He d. April 21st, 1849; wife d. May 2?,rd 
1875, in South Wales, N. Y.; farmer. 

Children — 

120 LOUISA, b. September 17th, 1817. 

120^ LAURA v., b. June 29th, 1819, d. July 3rd, 1868. 

121 ALONZO, b. August Sth, 1822. 

122 JOHN, b. August 1st, 1824, d. November 25th, 1872. 

123 HELEN MARIA, b. July 9th, 1826. 

124 SUSAN JANE, b. August 13th, 1828. 

AMOS BOUGHTON, b. October 23rd, 1830, m. May 22nd, 1862, 
Ella McDermot; he d. March or April, 1897; no ch. 

125 HIRAM CRANSTON, b. May 13th, 1833. 

126 SARAH ANN, b. February 16th, 1836, d. December— -, 1890. 

127 VELONIA ELIZABETH, b. February 6th. 1839. 

The seven oldest b. in Stephentown, N. Y. ; the three youngest 
in Wales, Erie county, N. Y. 


John, Nathan, William, William, William, son of 
Nathan (19) and Lucy (Lamphear) Tanner, b. (as said) in 
R. L;m. Abi Hatch, Cayuga county, N. Y. ; moved to Wayne 
county, Ohio, during the War of 18i2-14; Homer, Medina 
county, Ohio, June 12th, 1852, aged 65 y. 7 mo.; wife d. 
October 20th, 1854, aged 68 y. 8 mo. 9 days. 

Children — 

128 LORENZO, b. 1809, Cayuga county, N. Y. d. 1844. 

129 LUCY, b. August 1st, 1811, Cayuga county, N. Y. 

130 ABIGAIL, b. , 1812, Cayuga county, N. Y. 


131 NATHAN SYLVESTER, b. August 24th, 1814, in Wayne county, 


132 DARIUS, b. June 29th, 1816, in Wayne, county, Ohio. 
RELEPHA, b. December 25th, 1818, m. Joseph Giar; one ch. who 

d. aged 6 y. ; she d. November 1st, 1840, Homer, Medina 
county, Ohio. 

133 JOHN WHITFORD, b. February 8th, 1821. 

REBECCA, b. April 17th, 1823, d. September 21st, 1854; single. 

134 SALLY L., b. July 10th, 1825. 

135 DORMAN ORVILLE, b. February 10th, 1828. 


Wyatt Rose, Nathan, William, William, William, son 
of Nathan (19) and Lucy (Lamphear) Tanner, b. November 
9th, 1787 (said in R. I.); m. Betsey Halstead, dau. of Job, b. 
September, 1798, and d. June 28th, 1851, in Wilhelm, N. Y. 
He d. November 7th, 1841. (Nathan, father of Wyatt Rose, 
was b. in Exeter, R. I., and his wife Lucy was probably from 
Exeter, or an adjoining town.) 

Children — 

ELECTA, b. July 25th, 1811, m. Michael Schultz; d. January 22nd, 

1902; he d. 1870; son, Byron M., Buffalo, N. Y. 
TIRZAH, b. July 30th, 1815, m. Joseph. R. Koch; no ch. 

136 ROSE WYATT, b. June 6th, 1817. 

137 VOLNEY, b. December 26tli, 1819, m. Aseneth D. Bagley; d. 

November 7th, 1852, in Clarence, N. Y. 

138 ELI, b. July 6th, 1822. 

139 LYMAN, b. February 27th, 1826. 

140 MINERVA ELLEN, b. November 8th, 1828. m. Jackson C. Wiltse; 

d. January 21st, 1870, Chippewa Falls. 


William, Nathan, William, William, son of Nathan (19) 
and Lucy (Lamphear) Tanner, b. (it is said) in R. L;m. OUve 
Clough; moved from Huron county, Ohio, about 1846, to 
Noble county, Ind.; res. near Kendallville; d. August 5th, 
1865; wife d. May 18th, 1859. Ch. b. in New York and Ohio. 
(Olive was daughter of John Clough, who served through the 

140 DOROTHY, b. November 5th, 1816, in N. Y. 

141 WILLIAM, b. August 7th, 1819, in N. Y. 

142 LUCY, b. August 16th, 1820, in Pa. 

143 ZENAS, b. , 1822, in N. Y. 

HARRIET, b. March 24th. 1824, in N. Y. 

144 JAMES, b. , 1826, in N. Y. 

145 JOHN, b. , 1828, in N. Y. 

ORILLIA, b. , 1830, in N. Y. 

JULIA, b. January 26th, 1832, in N. Y. 

146 THOMAS, b. , 1834, in Ohio. 

MARY JANE, b. January 28th, 1836, in Ohio. 


SARAH, b. July 22nd, 1838, in Ohio. 

147 THADDEUS, b. April 10th, 1840, Ripleyville, Huron county, Ohio. 

148 GEORGE, b. April 2nd, 1843, Ripleyville, Huron county, Ohio. 


Stephen, Nathan, William, William, William, son of 
Nathan (19) and Lucy (Lamphear) Tanner, b. October 24th, 
1795, in R. I.(?); m. March 16th, 1826, Huldah Bushnell, b. 
March 7th, 1808, in Vernon, Trumbull county, Ohio. He d. 
February 5th, 1862; wife d. March 21st, 1894; res. near Big 
Prairie, Wayne county, Ohio. 


149 ROSELLA, b. November 24th, 1826. 

150 LUCETTA, b. September 19th, 1829. 

151 OLIVE, b. February 5th, 1831. 

152 MARTIN DARIUS, b. May 14th, 1834. 

TRUMAN QUINBY, b. June 14th, 1837, d. April 30th, 1839. 
FLORA, b. June 14th, 1S40, d. July 19th, 1840. 
Infant son b. August 12th, d. August 13th, 1841. 

153 MARTHA ELLEN, b. October 24th, 1843. 

154 HARMON WILLIS (or Willis Harmon), b. April 11th, 1849. 


Hiram, Nathan, William, William, William, son of 
Nathan (19) and Lucy (Lamphear) Tanner, b. August 17th, 
1802, at Harris Hill, Erie county, N. Y.; m. December 29th, 
1829, Esther Amanda Dunn, b.'^ July 20th, 1805, in Clarence 
township, Erie county, N. Y. ; d. in Cleveland, Ohio, May 13th, 
1879; wife d. November 25th, 1887, Princeton, Ind. Ch. 
b. in Ruggles, Ashland county, Ohio, except first. 

Children — 

155 MARGARET A., b. January 30th, 1831, in Williamsville, Erie 

county, N. Y. 

156 JANE E., b. May 17th, 1834. 

157 HIRAM ALPHEUS, b. July 28th, 1836. 

158 ABRAM MALCOM, b. March 30th, 1840. 

159 EMMA AMANDA, b. October 9th, 1843. 

Hiram was but a lad in the stirring scenes of the War of 
1812, and in the absence of his father the care of the family 
fell upon his young shoulders. 

He emigrated to Ohio in the winter of 1834-5, on runners 
over the 'ce of Lake Erie, settling on a farm in Ruggles, then 
Huron Co., now a part of Ashland Co., where the last four 
children were born. 

[Information given by Mrs. Emma A. Wood of Topeka, 




William, Nathan, Palmer, William, William, son of 
Nathan (21), b. about 1780, in North Kingstown, R. I.; m. 
July 4th, 1802, Margarette Ingraham, Bristol, R. I.; he d. 
January 15th, 1826, aged 44; wife d. January 25th, 1826, aged 
47. She was dau. of Sarah Ingraham, who d. January 15th, 
1826, Bristol, R. I., aged 84 (of the celebrated Ingraham 
family of Leeds, England) ; husband one of the claimants of 
the Ingraham estate. (Margarette, dau. of Timothy Ingraham, 
b. 1746, of Joshua, b. 1715, of Timothy, b. 1691.) 

Children — 

160 TIMOTHY INGRAHAM, b. March 21st, 1803, Bristol, R. I. 

161 WILLIAM, Jr., b. August 11th, 1804, Providence, R. I. 

162 SARAH INGRAHAM, b. June 21st, 1806, Providence, R. I. 
BENNETT MUNRO, b. June 19th, 1808, d. October 12th, 1818. 
MARGARETTE I., b. May 21st, 1810. 

Infant son b. and d. November 25th, 1812. 

163 HENRY, b. June 9th, 1813, Bristol. 

MARIA, b. November 14th, 1815, Bristol; d. November 3rd, 1849, 
in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Baptismal record of the children of William and Margarette In- 
graham Tanner, Saint Michael's church, Bristol, R. I. 

WILLIAM, Jr., bap. November 5th, 1804. 
SARAH INGRAHAM, bap. November 23rd, 1806. 
BENNETT MUNRO, bap. May 24th, 1816. 
HENRY MUNRO, bap. May 24th, 1816. 
MARGARETTE MUNRO, bap. May 24th. 1816. 


Palmer, Nathan, Palmer, William, William, son of 
Nathan (21) and Bertheno (Briggs) Tanner, b.June 11th, 1784, 
in North Kingstown, R. I. ; m. July 25th, 1804, Mary Unis Case, 
b. August 20th, 1788, and d. December 23rd, 1857. Palmer 
d. in Centerville, R. I., January 2nd, 1860. 

Children — 

164 ABEL, b. August 4th, 1805, on Prudence Lsland. 

165 JEREMIAH, b. March 12th, 1807, on Prudence Island. 

MARY ANN, b. February 5th, 1809, d. December 23rd, 1857; un- 
SOPHIA, b. December 18th, 1811, d. September 4tli. 1813; single. 

166 W^ILLIAM, b. December 12th, 1813, d. March 26th, 1879. 
JAMES R., b. November 22nd, 1816, d. January 13th, 1819. 

167 JAMES READ (2nd), b. June 2nd, 1819, d. March 27th, 1857. 

168 CHRISTOPHER PALMER, b. September 11th, 1821. 
GEORGE WHITEFIELD, b. January 5th, 1824, d. August 20th, 

JOHN R., b. April 22nd. 1826, d. November 7th. 1848; single. 
EMILY AMANDA, b. February 13th, 1829, d. September 22nd, 



Palmer Tanner was known as Deacon Palmer Tanner. 

He removed from Prudence Island to Warwick and Cen- 
terville, where he died. 

In earlier life he went to sea. He and some of his children 
are buried in the Knotty Oak Cemetery, Anthony, where, also, 
the wife of Nathan, Jr., and her daughter Harriet, rest. 


Martha, Nathan, Palmer, William, William, dau. of 
Nathan (21), b. in North Kingstown, R. I.; m. Nathaniel Car- 
penter of North Kingstown. The descendants probably to 
be found in that part of Rhode Island. 

Children as given 





Daniel, Nathan, Palmer, William, William, son of 
Nathan (21) and Bertheno (Briggs) Tanner, b. May 18th, 
1793, in West Kingstown, R. I.; m. 1st, November 18th, 1814, 
Deborah Card, dau. of Peleg and Alcy Card, of North Kings- 
town, R. I., b. February 16th, 1786, who d. January 15th, 
1845; m. 2nd, May 7th, 1846 Abby Pollard; he d. at Center- 
ville in Warwick, R. I.; farmer. 

Children of 1st ra. — 

JOSEPH G., b. August 3rd, 1815, in Griswold, Conn., d. .same y. 
NELSON BRIGGS, b. April 26th, 1817, Griswold, Conn. 
MARY ANN, b. April 6th, 1819, Griswold, Conn. 
CHARLOTTE, b. February 18th, 1821, Warwick, R. I., d. in 

Bristol, R. I. 
SUSAN B., b. July 6th, 1823, Warwick, R. I. 
LUCY, b. April 9th, 1825, d. same y. 
DANIEL b. July 5th, 1827, d. same y. 
HARRIET NEWELL, b. December 26th, 1829, in Warwick, R. I. 

Children of 2nd m. — • 

EZRA PERRY, b. January 27th, 1847; m. Sarah J. .McKenney, 

who d. December, 1903; he d. at Centerville, R. I.; ch. 

Clifford E. 

Descendants of Daniel Tanner (50), son ofjJ^Nathan (21) 
and Bertheno (Briggs) Tanner. 

Nelson Briggs m. September, 1835, Nancy R. Slade, b. Feb- 


ruary 8th, 1812, who d. July 10th, 1883; res. at one time Bris- 
tol, R. I. Nelson d. November 25th, 1887; member of Baptist 
Church in Bristol 1842-1854; physician; d. in North Abington, 
Mass., where he resided from 1854. 

Children — 

ANNA N., b. February 15th, 1837, m. March Ist, 1869, William 

H. Gushing; res. North Abington, Mass. 
MARY E., b. December 7th, 1838, d. May 13th, 1856. 
.NELSON BRIGGS, b. March 16th, 1840. 
FRANCIS W., b. February 6th, 1846. 

FREDERICK M., b. February 9th, 18,50, d. April 2nd, 1853. 
GEORGIANA R,. b. January 4th, 1852. 
HERBERT, b. March 25th, 1855. 

Nelson Briggs, Nelson Briggs, Daniel, Nathan, Palmer, 
WilUam, WilUam, son of Nelson Briggs, of Daniel (50), of 
Nathan (21) and Nancy R. Tanner, b. March 16th, 1840; m. 
November 2nd, 1861, Maria L. Hunt; shed. September, 1865; 
m. 2nd, July 2nd, 1867, Martha A. Stetson; he d. May 10th, 
1880; physician, graduated from Harvard Medical College; d. 
in Holbrook, Mass. 

Children — 

MATTIE LOUISA, b. June 21st, 1870. 

MARY ABBY, b. December 26th, 1873, d. January, 1903. 

Francis W., Nelson Briggs, Daniel, Nathan, Palmer, 
William, WilUam, b. February 6th, 1846, m. March 9th, 1874, 
Emma L. Farrar; she d. April 17th, 1877; res. . 


GRACE G., b. June 14th, 1875, d. August 19th, 1877. 

M. 2nd, April 3rd, 1889, Lydia E. Damon. 


MARION H., b. January 18th, 1893; res. Brockton, Mass., 47 
Chestnut street. 

Georgiana R., of Nelson B., of Daniel (50), m. December 
31st, 1871, Albert Rouillard; res. 2 Dodge street, Maplewood, 


FREDERICK T., b. December 0th, 1872. 

Herbert, Nelson Briggs, Daniel (50) m. May 30th, 1875, 
Sarah E. Whitmarsh. 


CARLTON N., b. November 4th, 1822; res. North Abington, 
Mass.; real estate agent. 

Susan, Daniel, Nathan, Palmer, William, William, dau. of 
Daniel (.50) and Deborah (Card) Tanner, b. July 6th, 1823, 


Warwick, II. I.; m. December 11th, 1843, William R. Gladding 

of Bristol, R. 1.; she d. September 6th, 1867; he d. May 20th, 

1871, aged 53, Bristol, R. I. 

One child — 

SUSAN D., b. August 21st, 1S53; m. March 20th, 1872, Joseph 

W.Greene, of Bristol; res. Providence, 11. 1., 1494 Westminster. 
Children — 

Helen Elizabeth, b. December 16, 1874, Bristol. 
Martha Whipple, b. November 14, 1875, Bristol. 
Susan Williams, b. November 17th, 1877, Bristol; d. May 20th, 

Mary Jo.sephine, b. March 12th, 1885, Manitou, Colo. 
Grace Allen, b. February 20th, 1889, Manitou, d. December 29th, 

Elsie Jeanette, b. June 3rd, 1891. 

Mary Ann, dau. of Daniel Tanner (50), m. 1st, Henry N. 

Greene, who d. February 4th, 1853; m. 2nd, September 4th, 

1856, Albert G. Short of Providence, R. I., b. in Barrington, 

R. I., October 9. 1815. 

Children of 1st m. — 
LUCY N., b. September 27th, 1839. 
WILLIAM H., b. August 5th, 1841. 
SUSAN D., b. January 22nd, 1845. 

William Henry Greene d. in the Civil War, May 22nd, 1862. 

Lucy N. and Susan D., now (1905) deceased; no further 
Children of 2nd m. — 

GEORGE W., b. March 24th, 1858, d. December 4th, 1861. 
DANIEL W., b. Spetember 6th, 1860, d. December 18th, 1861. 
MARY E., b. December 14th, 1866, m. August 28th, 1880, Charles 

E. Cole. 

Children — 

Erven W., b. November 12th, 1881. 

Edith G., b. January 19th, 1881. 
M. 2nd, November 4th, 1898, Hiram Lewis. 

Charlotte, dau. of Daniel Tanner (50), m. John Peck, res. 
Bristol, R. I.; d. in Barrington, R. I., leaving a son, John 

Harriet Newell, dau. of Daniel Tanner (50), m. October 
27th, 1850, Horace Francis Lake, both of Seekonk, Mass.; res. 
East Providence, R. I. 



M. 2nd, John Short, in 1871; no ch. 


Abel, Palmer, Palmer, William, William, son of Palmer 
(22) and Phebe (Wood) Tanner, b. in Scituate, R. I.; m. Abi- 
gail Mayhew; she d. April 19th, 1866, aged 94, and is buried 
in North Scituate, R. I. [See Palmer (22)] 


Children — 

169 BARTON B., b. July 3rd, 1793. 

ARNOLD, b. — — , 1801, d. February 10th, 1887; unmarried. 

Will probated March 12th, 1887. Names as his heirs, brothers 

and sisters: William H, Silas, Barton B., Annis Havens, Sa- 

brina, Phebe Greene, Sarah A. Hopkins; buried in North 

ABEL, Jr., joined the army and was not heard of afterwards. 
PUDINDA, or Prudinda, b. 1801, m. September 3rd, 1846, Duty 

Baker of Smithfield, R. I.; she d. October 5th, 1851, aged 

50 y. 8 mo. 10 days; no ch. 

ANNIS, b. April 16th, 1804, m. — Havens; two ch. 

MARY, b. 1807, d. February 14th, 1844, aged 37 y. 7 mo. 9 days; 

SABRINA, b. May 3rd, 1809, d. May 5th, 1896; single. 

170 WILLIAM HENRY, b. March 17th, 1810, in Coventry, R. I. 

171 SILAS, b. February 16th, 1812, Coventry. 

PHEBE, b. July 31st, 1815, Coventry; m. Benja^nin B. Greene, b. 
June 1st, 1813, d. December IStli, 1876, son of Giles Greene. 
Three ch. Haines E., b. May 19th, 1845; Byron N., b. Jan- 
uary 29th, 1851, d. November 6th, 1873; Ella Adelaide, b. 
September 21st, 1847, m. August 7th 1877, Frank Eugene 

SARAH ANN, dau. of Abel (53) m. August 7th, 1848, Arnold W. 
Sweet of Foster, son of Augustus and Mary Sweet; m. 2nd, 
Matteson Hopkins of South Kill ngly. Conn. 


William, Palmer. Palmer, William, William, son of 
Palmer (22) and Phebe (Wood) Tanner, b. September 17th, 
1761, in Scituate, R. I.; m. October 5th, 1786, Mrs. Sabrina 
Phillips of Plainfield, Conn., b. May 6th, 1767, and d. March 
23rd, 1854. William d. December 9th, 1845, and is buried in 
the old cemetery in the village of Danielson, Conn. He served 
in the War of the Revolution and also as a substitute for his 
son in the War of 1812, who had been drafted, but was unable 
to go; he was a Revolutionary pensioner. 

Children — 

172 PHILLIPS, b. May 6th, 1789. 

PALMER, b. April 15th, 1791, d. June 19th. 1792. 

173 POLLY, b. July 4th, 1795. 

174 PHEBE, b. June 23rd, 1799. 

175 HENRY CLINTON, b. July 23rd, 1810. 


Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, son of 
Benjamin (23) and Sarah (Aylesworth) Tanner, b. in North 
Kingstown, R. I.; m. December 17th, 1789, Margaret Austin, 
dau. of James Austin; he d. January 21st, 1851, in his 82nd 
year; wife d. December 21st, 1830, in her 60th year. 


Children — 

CATHERINE, b. May 11th, 1790, d. December 10th, 1810; single. 

176 JOB, b. December 3rd, 1791. 

177 BENJAMIN, b. June 19th, 1793. 

178 MARY, b. December 3rd, 1795. 

PALMER, b. March 9th, 1796; was never m.; followed the sea, 
fell from the topmast in a tempest and was drowned, May 
12th, 1819, in the 24th year of his age. 

179 JAMES AUSTIN, b. May 8th, 1797. 

HENRY, b. January, 25th, 1798, d. March 21st, in his 17th year. 

180 ABEL, b. August 8th, 1800. 

SARAH ANN, b. April 24th, 1801, d. May 19th, 1801. 

The dates in the North Kingstown records are partially 
defaced by fire. The small figures at the right are supplied 
from family records and are doubtless -correct. In the record 
of the family, Henry appears as Harry Higgins, died in boy- 
hood; shot by accident. 

Palmer was born in " the old sawmill house ' near the Cross 
river, in North Kingstown, and settled on the old homestead, 
where he built him a house about a hundred rods southeast 
from where the old one stood, and it is said he hammered out 
all the nails with his own hands in the old blacksmith-shop, 
which stood near the ' 'sawmill bridge. " 

He was tall and straight, and lived and died in the house 
built mostly with his own hands. In middle life he desired 
to be baptized, but for some reason the Church did not accept 
him. He was buried on the farm where he was born, not in 
the old burial-ground, but a few rods south of the house, where 
his wife and some of his children were already buried. [In 
possession (1901) of Clark and Robert Arnold.] 


Benjamin, Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, son 
of Benjamin (23) and Sarah (Aylesworth) Tanner, b. in North 
Kingstown, R. I.; m. September 25th, 1799, Rebecca Fones, 
b. November 19th, 1781, in North Kingstown, dan. of John 
and Ruth Fones, descended from Capt. John Fones; m. by 
Elder William Northup. Benjamin d. at West Lebanon, N. 
Y., June 13th, 1833; found dead in his orchard; wife d. 
about April 1st, 1849. 

Children — 

181 EMILY, b. February 24th, 1800. 

182 ISAAC, b. .. 

183 JOHN FONES, b. November 1st, 1804. 
JANE, m. John R. Carpenter of Brainard. 

JULIA, m. Sylvester Webb; son Sylvester Webb, Jr., living in 
Michigan; Julia d. August 31st, 1824. 


HARRY, m. Ann Burgess of New Lebanon, N. Y., d. leaving 
no ch. 

184 NELSON, b. September 12th, 1810. 


186 MARLA., b. May 5th, 1812. 
ELEAZUR, d. unmarried. 
LYDIA, b. , m. Silas Owen. 

187 LUCY, b. May 12th, 1825, m. Raymond Hopkins. 

188 BENJAMIN, b. September 19th, 1820, Canaan, N. Y. 

" Benjamin Tanner (57) left Rhode Island and set out for Ohio 
in what would now be called a 'Prairie Schooner.' Stopping on the way to 
rest, he was persuaded to buy a farm in or near Canaan, N. Y. Dur- 
ing the Revolution Rebecca Fones lived with her mother on Hope 
Island. Her father remained at sea until the war was over." 

[Record of Hannah and Lydia, daughters of Benjamin(23 
and Sarah (Aylesworth) Tanner, who removed to New York 
about 1800.] 

2 3 a. 

Hannah, Benjamin, Palmer, William, William; m. May 
30th, 1782, Sylvester Sweet, Jr., b. in North Kingstown, R. I., 
October 19th, 1762; he d. December 14th, 1803; wife d. May 
15th, 1851. 

Children — 

LUTHER, b. April 3rd, 1783, in R. I. 

BENJAMIN, b. April 3rd, 1785. in R. I. 

POLLY, b. October 21st, 1787, in R. I., d. September 27th, 1825. 

WANTON, b. October 6th, 1789. in R. I., d. April 4th, 1830. 

BETSEY, b. August 4th. 1791, in R. I. 

SALLY, b. May 7th, 1793, in R. I. 

PHEBE, b. November 16th, 1795, in R. I., d. July 15th, 1796. 

HARRY, b. November 27th, 1798. in R. I.,d. August 27th, 1804. 

LYDIA, b. July 30th, 1802, in Berhn. N. Y. 

TABITHA, b. , 1797, in R. I., d. November 16th, 1797. 

After the death of Sylvester Sweet, Hannah m. October 
6th, 1805, Asa Smith, who d. October 7th, 1815. 

Children of 2nd m.— 

GARDNER, b. June 3rd, 1806, in Petersburg N. Y. 

RAY G.. b. August 20th, 1808. 

[Information given by Mrs. WilHam Wanton Sweet, Oilman, 

2 3 b. 

Lydia, dau. of Benjamin (23) and Sarah (Aylesworth) 
Tanner, b. in North Kingstown, R. I.; m. January 26th, 1794, 
Levi Johnson, b. July 13th, 1774, son of Benjamin and Mary 
Johnson of West Greenwich, R. I.; m. by Rev. Wm. Northup. 

Children — 

NICHOLS, b. August 24th, 1794. 


ELIZABETH, b. January Ist, 1796. 
ANDRA SPENCER, b. August 29th, 1797. 
HENRY TANNER, b. July 26th, 1799. 
LEVI, b. June 7th, 1801. 
HORACE S,, b. April 1st, 1803. 
GIDEON LYMAN, b. March 30th, 1805. 
BENJAMIN, b. March 10th, 1807. 
WILLIAM AUGUSTUS, b. January 1st, 1810. 
PARDON BOWEN, b. November 13th, 1810. 
ADELINE, b. June 30th, 1813. 


Gardiner, Samuel, Henry, William, William, son of Sam- 
uel (24) and Mary (Gorton) Tanner, b. in West Greenwich, 
R. I.; m. 1806. Susan Lewis, b. February 7th, 1785, in Exeter, 
R. I.; later res. in Rice City, Coventry, R. I.; she d. January, 
1808, leaving one ch. M. 2nd, August 9th. 1810, Mary Bates, 
dau. of Asa Bates, b. September 28th, 1788; she d. November 
22nd, 1825. M. 3rd, September 10th, 1826, Sally Mattison, b. 
January 13th, 1785; she d. June 7th, 1869. Gardiner d. May 
2nd, 1842; removed to Norwich, N. Y., about 1817, where he 
d. He was a private in the Revolution in Capt. Gorton's com- 
pany in 1776. [See receipt, M. S. No. 22, His. Soci., Prov- 
idence, R. I.] 

Children by 1st wife — 
189 ALBERT SPENCER, b. August 7th, 1807. 

Children by 2nd wife — 

THEODORE G., b. July 1st, 1811. 

HORACE F., b. January 24th, 1813, d. October 5th, 1839; single. 

191 STEPHEN A., b. August 21st, 1814. 

ELIZA S., b. January 24th, 1816, m. October 12th, 1856, Rufus 
Wells; d. September 17th, 1879; no ch. 

192 GEORGE, b. November 18th, 1817. 

193 SALLY B., b. September 16th, 1819. 

194 ASA, b. June 18th, 1821, d. in infancy. 

194 MARY A., b. January 8th, 1823. 

195 HENRY G., b. December 10th, 1824. 

(See "Lewis Letters" a paper pubHshed by the "Lewis family,") 

Five of the children were born in Rhode Island, and the rest in 
Norwich, N. Y. 

Receipt of Gardiner Tanner, no date: 

"Eight pound, four shiUing lawful money in full for my wages in 
the last year's campaine, received per me. Gardiner Tanner." (No. 
22. His. Soc. Providence, R. I.) 


Christopher, Samuel, Henry, William, William, son 
of Samuel (24) and Mary (Gorton) Tanner, b. April 27th, 1794, 
in West Greenwich, R. I. ;m. March 19th, 1815, Sarah WilHams, 
b. November 26th, 1795, in Cranston, R. I., dau. of Nathaniel 


Williams, Jr., and wife Cinderilla; descended from Roger 
Williams. She d. October 13th, 1871, and is buried in Po- 
casset cemetery with her husband, who d. November 13th, 

Children — 

ELISABETH WILLIAMS, b. November 25th, 1815, d. August 
31st, 1829. 

196 MARY GORTON, b. September 30th, 1817. 
NATHANIEL, b. April 27th, 1820, d. July 28th, 1822. 
JAMES BURGESS, b. June 10th, 1822, d. June 29th, 1823. 

197 SARAH, b. December 2nd, 1823. 

Note. — Tradition has it that Christopher Tanner served in the 
War of 1812, and one of his descendants. Major C. D. Parkhurst, is a 
life member of the Society of the War of 1812 on his record established 
by tradition and the affidavit of a daughter of Christopher, Mary 
Gorton Dyer of Cranston, R. I. 

Sarah Williams, wife of Christopher Tanner, was a direct descend- 
ant from Roger Williams. She was born in Cranston. She never 
remarried, but died a widow, and is buried in Pocasset cemetery, which 
is on the farm of the " Dyer Nursery. " 

Some of this information was copied by the writer from tomb- 
stone inscriptions; and he is also indebted for much of it to Major C. 
D. Parkhurst, U. S. A. 


BenjamiD., Samuel, Henry, William. William, son of 
Samuel (24) and Mary (Gorton) Tanner, b. April 15th, 1787, 
in West Greenwich, R. I.; m. 1st, Sallv Adams, b. February 
20th, 1787, d. April 5th, 1826; m. 2nd, Mrs. Deborah Williams 
Law, b. March 12th. 1789, d. June 12th 1871. Benjamin d. 
September 11th, 1849, and is buried in the new cemetery near 
Danielson, Conn. 

Children by 1st m. — - 

WILBOUR AMES, b. August 20th, 1804. 

ELEANOR, b. October 4th, 1808, d. December 24th, 1826. 

MARY ANN, b. June 21st, 1811. 

198 WILLARD, b. May 19th, 1814. ' 

CHARLOTTE SAMANTHA, b. September 8th, 1825, d. January 
6th, 1826; tombstone says, d. January 25th, 1826, age 4 mo., 
10 days. 

Children by 2nd m. — 

199 LEONARD ADAMS, b. July 30th, 1827. 

SARAH ELIZABETH, b. November 2nd, 1829, d. July 4th, 1830. 

200 ELIZABETH LAW, b. January 9th, 1833. 

It appears from records of the town of Killingly, that Ben- 
jamin Tanner of Killingly buys one-quarter acre of land in 
Danielson, December 30th, 1829; also buys land April 30th, 
1831; and Benjamin and wife Deborah sell, August 31st, 1835, 
and September 19th. 1840. It is said there were four sets of 


children, each of his wives being widows at the time of his mar- 
riage, witli children, and he having children by each. 

He died in 1849; and it would appear by a deed given, 
that the only surviving Tanner children in 1850 were Willard, 
Leonard Adams and Elizabeth Law Tanner. The male line 
of Benjamin is now extinct. 


Anna, Samuel, Henry, William, William, dau. of Sam- 
uel (24) and Mary (Gorton) Tanner, b. in West Greenwich, 
R. 1.; m. August 18th, 1799, by Elder Thomas Manchester, to 
James Johnson, son of Elisha Johnson of West Greenwich, 
R. I. 

Children — 

BENJAMIN, b. January 25th, 1800. 
MARY, b. July 24th, 1801. 
WATERMAN, b. September 8th, 1803. 
WILLARD, b. August 20th, 1805. 
MERAND, b. June 5th, 1807. 
HORACE, b. April 26th, 1809. 
AVIS, b. April 28th, 1811. 
OBADIAH, b. March 3rd, 1813. 
ABIGAIL, b. January 26th, 1815. 


Dorcas, Samuel, Henry, William, William, dau. of 
Samuel (24) and Mary (Gorton) Tanner,b. in West Greenwich, 
R. L; m. July 6th, 1806, Darius Wilcox, son of George of West 
Greenwich; m. by Elder Thomas Manchester. 


Mary Gorton, Samuel, Henry, William, William, dau. 
of Samuel (24) and Maiy (Gorton) Tanner, b. in West Green- 
wich, R. L; m. Samuel Spencer of Providence; she d. March 
23rd, 1886, aged 86 y. 4 mo.; 7 ch.; 3 d in childhood. 

Children — 

EDWARD HORACE, b. February 7th, 1862 (?) 
JOHN HENRY, m. Catherine Fair; ch. .fohn Henry Jr., b. Jan- 
uary 16th, 1862, m. Ellen I' ranees Collins, December , 

1883. (2) Annie Isadore, b. June 13th, 1864, m. October 
1886, Frank H. Lord.; ch. Edith E., b. June 20th, 1891; Ray- 
mond S., b. October 29th, 1894; Alice, b. September 7th, 

Edward Horace, Mary Gorton, Samuel, Henry, William, 
William, son of Samuel Spencer of Providence and wife Mary 
Gorton (Tanner) Spencer (63); m. 1st, Sarah Rathbun; 2nd, 
Helen Louise Tanner (530). 


Children all by Ist wife — 

EDWARD HORACE Jr., b. February 7th, 1848; m. January 30th 

1873, Abbie Ann Thurston; one ch., Charles Morton, b. August 

3rd, 1840. 
CORDELIA GLINES, m. December 7th, 1871, Robert Willis; 

ch. Robert Rathbun, b. December 19th, 1874; d. soon after. 
SAMUEL LYON; single. 

Charles Morton, Edward Horace, Edward Horace, Mary 
Gorton, Samuel, Henry, William, William, son of Edward 
Horace, Jr., and Abbie Ann (Thurston) Spencer, b. August 
3rd, 1840; m. July 17th, 1862, Martha D.Spencer; he d. April 
24th, 1871. 

Child — 

MABEL FRANCES, b. July 21st, 1863; m. February 10th, 1887, 

Thomas W. Colvin; ch. Howard Morton, b. April 12th, 1890; 

res. Auburn, R. I., 708 Park avenue. 

William Crawford, Mary Gorton, Samuel, Henrj^, William, 
William, son of Samuel Spencer and wife Mary Gorton (63) ; 
m. Clara Cicely Carpenter. 


Olney, Thomas, Henry, William, William, son of Thomas 
(25) and Deborah (Weaver) Tanner, b. January 10th, 1800, in 
Coventry, R. I.; m. Martha Kemp, b. May 19th, 1806, in Brook- 
lyn, Conn.; she d. April 21st, 1881, aged 75 y.; Olney d. Octo- 
ber 10th, 1862. 

Children — 

LAVENDA, b. September 6th, 1836, m. Henry Phillips of Provi- 
dence, R. I., and d. leaving no ch.; he d. 1884. 

ADELIA RUSHBROOK, b. August 2nd, 1848; m. November 
26th, 1884, Thomas Costello, Providence, R. I.; no ch. 

GEORGE, b. March 22nd, 1831, d. , aged 28; single. 

JOHN, b. November 4th, 1834, d. young. 

ELLEN, b. , d. young. 


Warren W., Thomas, Henry, William, William, son of 
Thomas (25) and Deborah (Weaver) Tanner, b. March 11th, 
1808, in Coventry, R. I. M. Almira Jencks, b. April 25th, 1808, 
in Warwick, R. I.; dau. of Joseph Jencks of Smithfield, R. I., 
b. November 22nd, 1776. son of Samuel Jencks a lineal descend- 
ant of Joseph Jencks, Governor of Rhode Island, 1727-1732; 
he d. February 14th, 1883; wife d. August 7th, 1893. 

Children — 

ADALINE F., b. October 2nd, 1830, m. Abel E. Brooks; she d. 
September 2nd, 1895; no ch. 
201 OSCAR FITZALLYN, b. January 10th, 1838, Foster, R. I. 


EUPHEMIA A., b. September 18th, 1839, in Plainfield, Conn., m. 

Horace Kimball, by whom she had one ch. who d. young. 

She m. 2nd, Henry N. Wales and d. August 18th, 1889. 
MORTIMER D., b. November 25th, 1843, d. December 2nd, 1843. 
EDMOND A., b. December 1st, 1846, d. July 14th, 1847, 


Gardiner Weaver, Thomas, Henry, William, William, 
son of Thomas (25) and Deborah (Weaver) Tanner, b. May 
4th, 1805, in West Greenwich, R. I.; m. Betsey EUzabeth 
Marble, b. January 11th, 1804, Natick, R. I.; was an inn- 
keeper in the village of Moosup, Plainfield, Conn. Gardiner 
W. d. October 10th, 1848, aged 43 y. 5 mo. 6 days (tomb- 
stone record), and is buried in the cemetery at Moosup; Betsey 
d. April 5th, 1875, aged 71 y. 2 mo. 

Children — 

202 EDWIN MARBLE, b. April 25th, 4828. 

203 FREDERICK M., b. October 14th, 1829. 

204 JAMES HENRY, b. July 15th, 1832. 

205 AMANDA MALVINA, b. January 6th, 1839. 

206 WILLIAM A., b. March 10th, 1841. 

207 CHARLES EMERSON, b. September 18th, 1843. 
MARY, d. young. 


Gilbert Henry, William, Hkxry, William, William, 
son of William (26) and Mercy (Mary Fry) Tanner, b. April 
21st, 1814, in West Greenwich, R. I.; m. April 24th, 1843, Han- 
nah Corning of Montville, Conn.; ho d. February 14th, 1890; 
wife d. December 11th, 1893; res. Norwich, Conn. 

Children — 

CHARLES GILBERT, b. June 5th, 1856; m. June 15th, 1896, 
Alma Burlingame; no ch. (1900); res. (1903) Westerly, R. I. 
FRANK CORXING, b. May 10th, 1858, d. May 9th, 1884. 

208 MELIXDA, b. April 12th, 1844. 

209 MERCIE ANN, b. November 10th, 1S45. 
HARRIET ELISABETH, b. 1851, d. in infancy. 
MARGARET ADELAIDE, b. 1854, d. in infancy. 


Dorcas, William, Henry, William, William, dau. of 
William (26) and Mercy (Mary Fry) Tanner, b. July 1st, 1803, 
in West Greenwich. R. I., m. John Wilcox. Dorcas d. 1843. 


210 GEORGE DAWLEY WILCOX, b. August 26th, 1825. 




Lavinia, Perry, Thomas, William, William, William, 
dau. of Perry (28) and Abigail (Gallup) Tanner, b. October 
13th, 1803; m. February 19th, 1826, Hiram Johnson, b. April 
25th, 1805, Fairfield, N. Y.. a descendant of Capt. Edward 
Johnson of Heme Hill, England, and Woburn, Mass. Hiram 
d. June 21st, 1882; wife d. August 5th, 1893, at Ilion, N. Y. 

Children — 

213 GEORGE LORENZO, b. June 15th, 1827, at Newport Hill, N. Y. 

214 HARRIET L., b. December 18th, 1830, at White Creek, N. Y. 

215 MARY ELLA, b. January 15th, 1835; has held various positions 

of trust in institutions of charity and reform; res. (1904) Ilion, 
N. Y. 


William Anson, Perry, Thomas, William, William, 
William, son of Perry (28) and Abigail (Gallup) Tanner, b. 
November 17th, 1805, in Trenton, N. Y.; m. 1st, Mary Sterling, 
no ch.; m. 2nd, Maria Fenner. 


216 WILLIAM MYRON, b. March 30th, 1836. 

217 ALMA. 

ELLEN, d. unmarried. 

Male line extinct. 


Benjamin, Perry, Thomas, William, William William, 
son of Perry (28) and Abigail (Gallup) Tanner, b. June 25th, 
1808; m. October 10th, 1829, Mary Catherine SterUng. b. 
October 14th, 1809; he d. January 1st, 1895; wife d. April 
9th, 1893, aged 85; res. Oneida Lake, N. Y. 

Children — 

219 HELEN LOUISA, b. August 28th, 1830. 

220 ALMA JANE, b. May 25th, 1S32. 

221 SARAH CYRENE, b. June 5th, 1837. 

222 MARY CATHERINE, b. December 28th, 1838. 
ESTHER ANN, b. January 25th, 1841, d. youn?. 


BENJAMIN STERLING, b. November 27th, 1845, d. young. 
ANNA STERLING, d. young. 
EMMA POWEL, d. young. 
Male line extinct. 

John Whitford, Perry, Thomas, William, William, 


William, son of l\^rry (28) and Abigail (Gallup) Tanner, b. 
July 30th, 1810, Oneida county, N. Y.; m. P'ebruary 9th, 
1836, Harriet Case, b. July 22nd, 1806; he d. June 3rd, 1863, 
in Trenton, N. Y. ; wife d. August 19th, 1895, at Brighton, 

224 GEORGE CASE, b. November 10th, 1836. 

225 JOHN J., b. September 26th, 1838. 

ROSELLE E., b. September 15th, 1843, d. December 25th, 1862, 
in the second battle of Fredericksburg. 

226 CHARLES FRANCIS, b. August 19th, 1846. 


Emily M., Perry, Thomas, William, William, William, 
dau. of Perry (28) and Abigail (Gallup) Tanner, b. December 
13th, 1812, in Oneida county, N. Y.; m. October 9th, 1834, 
Adrian V. Eggert, Trenton, N. Y.; she d. October 31st, 1865. 

Cliildren — 

227 ADELAIDE GRIDLEY, b. September 6th, 1835, in South Trenton, 

N. Y. 

228 EMILY J., b. February 28th, 1838, in South Trenton, N. Y. 
HANNAH DUFFIELD, b. November 14th, 1840, d. July 15th, 


ELIZABETH SOUTHWELL, b. February 17th, 1842, d. Febru- 
ary 6th, 1843. 

ADRIAN, b. July 24th, 1844, d. September 30th, 1846. 

EDWARD, b. October 5th, 1845, d. June 18th, 1847. 

IDA, b. June 13th, 1852, d. August 8th, 1852. 

7 4 
Perry G., Perry, Thomas, William, William, William, 
son of Perry (28) and Abigail (Gallup) Tanner, b. May 4th, 
1816, in Oneida county, N. Y.; m. September 14th, 1841, Eliza- 
beth C. Marchisi, b. in Utica, N. Y., September 30th, 1821; 
removed to Cooperstown 1843. He d. September 30th, 1898; 
was named Perry Green, which he changed to Perry CJallup; 
goldsmith by trade. Wife d. April 10th, 1903; was dau. of 
Dr. John B. Marchisi. 

Children — 

229 ELISABETH C, b. July 4th, 1842. 

230 ANNA LOUISE, b. February 27th, 1851. 
FRANCES A., b. April 9th, 1853, d. October 27th, 1853. 

231 FREDERICK PERRY, b. August 2nd, 1855. 

Laura Jane, Perry, Thomas, William, William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of Perry (28) and Abigail (Gallup) Tanner, b. 
August 3rd, 1818, in Oneida county, N. Y.; m. March 5th, 
1839, James Filo Wood. He d. May 19th, 1894, aged 76; wife 
d. February 28th, 1895. 


Children — 

ALMA ABIGAIL, b. May 24th, 1841, d. November 25th, 1853. 

232 MARIETTA J., b. January 16th, 1844, d. August 14tli, 1900. 
*FANNY SOPHIA, b. March 2nd, 1847. d. March 13th, 1870. 

JAMES, b. November 16th, 1852, d. September 30th, 1853. 

233 MERRIL EDWIN, b. May 6th, 1857. 


Alvah, Smith, Thomas, William, William, William, 
son of Smith (29) and Joanna (Hammond) Tanner, b. Jan- 
uary 6th, 1798, in Exeter (?), R. I.; m. Elizabeth Gardner, b. 
August 22nd, 1799. dau. of John Gardner. She d. Nov mber 
18th, 1883. at Fairfield, N. Y. Alvah d. March 8th, 1860. 

Children born in Fairfield, N. Y. — 

234 THIRZA ANN, b. December 12th, 1817. 

235 CHARLES HAMILTON, b. May 12th, 1819. 

236 LAUREN GARDNER, b. January 2nd, 1821. 

237 WILLIAM JEROME, b. October 28th, 1824. 

238 RENSSELAER SMITH, b. March 13th, 1830; res. Herkimer, 

N. Y. 

239 SARAH ELIZABETH, b. January 9tli, 1842. 

240 WESTEL RAY, b. June 23rd, 1822. 


Mary, Smith, Thomas, William, William, William, dau. 

of Smith (29) and Joanna (Hammond) Tanner, m. 

Oliver Lawton. 

Children — 
HIRAM. ) rr ■ 

HAMILTON. \ iwms. 
Res. at one time in Troy, N. Y. 


Charlotte, Smith, Thomas, William William, William, 
dau. of Smith (29) and Joanna (Hammond) Tanner, b. Decem- 
ber 25th, 1802; m. September 16th, 1821, Daniel Enos. He 
d. December 15th, 1824; she m. 2nd, March 3rd, 1826, Bar- 
tholomew Sherburne, and d. 1889. He was b. January 4th, 

Children of 1st m — 

MARY E., b. September 19th, 1822. 

JERUSHA M., b. December 28th, 1824. 

*M. January 23rd, 1868, Enoa Boardman; no ch. (1900). 


Children of 2ud m — 

JOHANNA H., 1). xMay 27th, 1827, d. single. 

LOUISE M., b. June 30th, 1829, d. 1899. 

EVELINA A., b. June 17th, 1832, d. single, 1896. 

WALLACE, b. May 1st, 18.39. 

WILLIAM LAFAYETTE, h. June 7th, 1842, d. in the Civil War; 

JOHN and JULIA, b. May oth, 1846. 
Julia d. in childhood; John m. , 4 ch. , res. Ohio, ^ 

Grandchildren of Charlotte Tanner. 

Mary E., m. Uri Hopson; 2 ch., Eugene and Gertrude. 
Gertrude m. Samuel Edmonds and d., no children. Eugene 

m. ; 2 ch., Maude and Edward. Maude m. Henry 

Larchar; 2 ch. Edward, unmarried (1904). 

Jerusha. m. William Colwell; 2 ch., Russell and Seymour. 
Russell m. Anna Skinner; 1 ch., Viola, res., Chenango Lake, 

N. y. 

Louise M., of Charlotte, m. Leroy Hodges; 2 ch Fred who 

d. in infancy, and Linn, who m. Carrie , who soon d. ; no 

ch.; res. New Berhn, N. Y. 

Wallace of Charlotte, m. Anna Andrews, in 1865, b. May 
1st, 1839; 3 ch... Fred, b. 1873; Mabel, b. 1884; Adelaide, 
1887. Fred d. single; res. South New Berlin. 


Calvin, Thomas, Thomas, William, William, William, 
son of Thomas (30) and Hannah (Spencer) Tanner, b. April 
14th, 1800, in. February 12th, 1825, JuUa Barnes; he d. June 
25th, 1850; leaving male line extinct. 

Children of Julia — 

LORENZO EDWIN, b. , d. single, Jackson, Mich. 

DENNIS, d. about 1860, Jackson, Mich. 
MARY ANN, d. young. 

M. 2nd, November 1st, 1839, Mrs. Hannoh McCarty. She 
d. June 10th, 1888, aged 80 y. 10 d.; one child. 

241 MARY ELIZABETH, b. March 10th, 1848. 


Lorenzo Dow, Thomas, Thomas, William, William, 
William, son of Thomas (30) and Hannah (Spencer) Tanner, 
b. March 20th, 1805; m. December 7th, 1834, Mary Holliday, 
b. June 18th, 1807, dau. of WilUam and Maria HolHday of 
Whitesboro, N. Y. She d. April 18th, 1884; he d. October 
25th, 1885, buried near Marathon, N. Y. 


Children — 

242 GEORGE, b. Aiisjust 20th, 1836. 

243 HANNAH MARIA, b. October 5th, 1838, in Camden, Oneida 

county, N. Y. 

244 JANE EX.\LL, b. October 11th, 1840, Trenton, N. Y. 

245 LUCINDA A., b. December 5th, 1842, Freetown, N. Y. 
EDWIN, b. December 14th, 1844, d. December 21st, 1860, Free- 
town, N. Y. 

246 MARY ELIZABETH, b. November 21st, 1846, Freetown, N. Y. 

247 EMMA FRANCES, b. July 25th, 1848, Freetown, N. Y. 

248 JULIA ESTELLE, b. May 14th, 1850, Freetown, N. Y. 

Lorenzo Dow Tanner was a man of deep religious con- 
victions. Early in life he joined the Methodist church, studied 
for the ministry, and after passing his examinations was sent 
out upon the circuit, and preached three sermons a day, each 
weekday and Sabbath. He was considered one of the rising 
young lights of the conference to which he belonged. Ever 
true to his convictions of duty, he denounced slavery from 
pulpit and platform. Bishops and elders tried to convince 
him that he ought to confine himself to what they considered 
the "Gospel," to which he replied, "I have not so learned 
Christ. " 

He finally withdrew from the church, feeling that it was 
wrong to fellowship those who communed with sla^^eholders. 
Many fugitives from bondage found a night's shelter, food and 
clothing, or money, beneath his roof on their way to Canada. 

He was in correspondence with Wendall Phillips and Lloyd 
Garrison. He was always true to his convictions of duty, and 
the soul of honor in his dealings with men. 

[Record furnished by Mrs. J. L. Smith, his daughter, of 
Marathon, N. Y.] 


Caroline, Thomas, Thomas, William, William, William, 
dau. of Thomas (30) and Hannah (Spencer) Tanner, b. July 
20th, 1813; m. July 8th, 1838, WilHam Armstrong; removed 
about 1865 to Belvidere, 111.; she d. May. 1896. 



Charles William, Thomas, Thomas, William, William, 
William, son of Thomas (30) and Hannah (Spencer) Tanner, 
b. April 20th, 1816; m. May 9th, 1851, Lucinda P. Atwell; re- 
moved to Illinois. She d. July 3rd, 1887; Charles William 
res. (1900) Pomona, Cal. 


Children — 

EMMA L., b. September 24th, 1852; m. September 24th, 1873, 

F. C. Woodburn, Elida, 111. 

Children — 

May J., b. July 2nd, 1874. Harry L., b. July 25th, 1878. 
Both single (1901). 


Emily, William, Palmer, William, William, William, 
dau. of William (31) and Betsey (Paddock) Tanner, b. Decem- 
ber 28th, 1812, in Watertown, N. Y.; m. February 19th, 
1839, Almon Fuller, b. September 24th, 1811, in Madison, 
county, N. Y. He d. December 6th, 1889, in Elgin, 111.; 
wife d. December 10th, 1897, at Welcome, Minn. 

Children — 

249 EDWIN I., b. Februaiy 9th, 1840, Elgin, 111. 

250 WILLIAM R., b. November 22nd, 1841, Dundee. 111. 

251 HENRIETTE, ( b. May 13th, 1846, Dundee, 111.; d. December 

J 25th, 1897. 
HENRY, ] b. May 1.3th, 1846, Dundee, lib; d. September 

[ 4th. 1846. 

252 GEORGE W., b. June 14th, 1849, Dundee, 111. 


William Augustus, William, Palmer, William, Wil- 
liam, William, son of William (31) and Betsey (Paddock) 
Tanner, b. February 17th, 1815, at Watertown, N. Y.; m. 
July 9th, 1840, Anna Plum Makepeace, at Pamelia, JefTerson 
county, N. Y., dau. of Thomas and Anna (Plum) Makepeace, b. 
December 2nd, 1810, at Brownsville, N. Y. He d. December 
29th, 1892, at Aurora, 111.; wife d. October 1st, 1900; eh. 
all b. Aurora; occupation, surveyor and merchant. 

Children — 

253 THOMAS EUGENE, b. May 19th, 1841. 

254 HENRY RANDOLPH, b. May 6th, 1842; single. 

255 LUCY ANN, b. October 23rd, 1843, d. July 27th, 1845. 

256 FLORENCE MARIAH, b. March 25th, 1845. 

2.57 AMY, b. November 28th, 1846. 

2.58 IMMOGENE, b. November 24th, 1849; single. 

259 MARION, b. January 26th, 1851. 

260 MARTHA, /, . -loo^ loco 

261 MARY, ^b. April 23rd, 1853. 

262 GEORGE W., b. December 19th, 1854. 

Thomas Makepeace, father of Anna Plum Makepeace, was 
b. November 1st, 1779, in Mass.; Anna Plum, mother of Anna 
Plum Makepeace, was b. August 19th, 1782, in Conn., d. De- 
cember 3rd, 1857 in Jefferson county, N. Y.. aged 75 years. 



Elizabeth, William, Palmer, William, William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of William (31) and Betsey (Paddock) Tanner, b. 
March 31st, 1817, in Alexandria, N. Y.; m. December 14th, 
1839, in Aurora, 111., Hiram S. Gardner; she d. December 
30th, 1862, in Illinois; he d. 1896, Iowa. 

Children — 

263 HELEN A., b. January 6th, 1841, Kane county, 111. 

264 S. JEFFERSON, b. March 1842, Kane county; d. March 1863, in 

war of Rebellion; single. 

265 EMMA, } , ^f i i * io/^ t^ 

266 FMTf Y I March 1st, 1844, Kane county. 

267 HENRY H., b. February, 1846; enlisted in 4th 111. Cavalry; d. 

1864; single. 
RANDOLPH VV., b. August, 1848; res. near Alton; single. 

268 ROSETTE E., b. October 4th, 1850. 

269 EVA M., b. October 29th, 1854. 

270 JULIA, d. in infancy. 


Jane Ann, William, Palmer, William, William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of William (31) and Betsey (Paddock) Tanner, b. 
March 10th, 1819, in Alexandria, N. Y.; m. February 19th, 
1839, Dr. Samuel W. Taylor, in Sugargrove, 111.; she d. 
December 2nd, 1852, Aurora, 111. Dr. Taylor d. July 5th, 
1899, Glasgow, Iowa. 

Children — 

271 FRANCIS ABIAH, b. December 14th, 1839. 

272 ALFRED MILLS, b. October 30th, 1841. 

273 SARAH STURTEVANT, b. October 23rd, 1843. 

274 ELLIOTT PADDOCK, b. December 23rd, 1845. 

275 ADELAIDE ADELL, b. June 7th, 1848. 

276 WILLIAM K., b. November 25th, 1850. 


Mary, William, Palmer, William, William, William, 
dau. of William (31) and Betsey (Paddock) Tanner, b. June 
21st, 1821, in Alexandria, N. Y.; m. November 7th, 1843, in 
Sugargrove, 111., D. C. Connell; she d. at Ross Grove, 
111., May 12th, 1896. 

Children — 

277 IRENE, b. . 

278 LEWIS, b. . 

279 WILLIAM, b. . 

280 ALMIRA, b. . 

281 GEORGE, b. . 

282 MARY, b. . 

283 CHARLES, b. . 

284 FRANK, b. . 



Mariette, William, Palmer, William, William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of William (31) and Betsey (Paddock) Tanner, b. 
June 21st, 1821, in Alexandria, N. Y.; m. March 14th, 1844, 
in Chicago, ill., Alfred Livings; she d. in Chicago, January 
11th, 1892. 

Children — 

285 JENNIE, b. , m. about 1862, William L. White of Nova 

Scotia; he d. about 1867; son, Wm. L. White. 


Sarah, William, Palmer, William, William, William, 
dau. of William (31) and Betsey (Paddock) Tanner, b. August 
11th, 1825, in Alexandria, N. Y.; m. March 1st, 1847, in Sugar- 
grove, 111., Henry Warren Willey, b. January 29th, 1820, 
in Rutland, Jefferson county, N. Y.; he d. January 2nd, 1902, 
in LaSalle county. 111. 

Children — 

286 ESTELLE, b. February 23rd, 1849, Kane county, 111. 

287 MARY ELLA, b. January 1st, 1851, Kane county. 111. 

288 JAY, b. April 17th, 1854, LaSalle county. 111. 

289 NORA, b. July 13th, 1856. LaSalle county. 111. 

290 IRENE, b. April 26th, 1858, LaSalle county, 111. 

291 EMILY, b. January 20th, 1860. 

292 GEORGE, b. March 9th, 1862. 

293 LOUIS, b. May 15th, 1864. 

WARREN, b. January 2nd, 1867, d. October Uth, 1887. 


Oscar M., William, Palmer, William, William, Wil- 
liam, son of WilUam (31) and Betsey (Paddock) Tanner, b. 
February 3rd, 1828, in Alexandria, N. Y. ; m. July 3rd, 1851, 
Sarah J. Spaulding, in Aurora, 111.; res. (1904) Aurora, 111. 

Children — 

295 ROSELLA J., b. April 20th, 1852, Aurora, 111. 

296 OSCAR ROWLAND, b. February, 11th, 1856, Aurora, 111. 

297 RILLA B., b. April 14th, 1858, Aurora, 111. 

EMILY R., b. January 26th, 1863, d. September 5th, 1864, Aurora, 

298 RHODA E., b. March .5tli, 1867, Aurora, 111. 

299 ALICE R., b. November 9th, 1875, Aurora, lU. 


Ira N., Abel, Benjamin, William, William, William, 
son of Abel (35) and Lois (Judd) Tanner, b. in Oswego county, 
N. Y. ; m. Phebe Jones; he d. about 1844 or 1845; wife d. 
December, 1885, in Henrietta, Mich. ; Ira d. in Jackson, Mich., 
aged 55. 


Children, all born in N. Y. but Adaline — 

300 ASKABLE A., b. April 4th, 1831. 

301 BENJAMIN E., b. June nth, 1836. 

302 WILLIAM L., b. February 22nd, 1838, in Oswego county. 
LOIS, d. at the age of 9. 

DELINA, d. at the age of 5. 
ADALIxNE, d. at the age of 3. 


Harvey Mortimer, Able, Benjamin, William, William, 
William, son of Able (35) and Lois (Judd) Tanner, b. 1826, 
In Oswego county, N. Y. ; m. Mrs. Sophia Josephine Bennion; 
he d. March 17th, 1889; wife d. May 17th, 1868. Harvey d. 
in Buffalo, N. Y. 

Children — 

304 CHARLES ROMAINE, b. December 10th, 1846, Rochester, N. Y. 

305 HARVEY MORTIMER, b. March 20th, 1856, in Buffalo, N. Y., 

d. October 25th, 1886. 

306 ANNA JULIA, b. February 8th, 1881; m. October 16th, 1901, 

Clifford Oscar Flewell, Buffalo. 


Benjamin, Rowland, Benjamin, William, William, 
William, son of Rowland (37) and Betsey (Wilbur) Tanner, 
b. August 13th, 1813, in Greenfield (Ballston Springs), N. Y.; 

m. Miss Willard; was in mercantile business in Allegany 

county, N. Y. ; d. January 8th, 1848, on a visit to his father 
in Michigan, leaving a daughter. 


Thomas, Rowland, Benjamin, William, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Rowland (37) and Betsey (Wilbur) Tanner, b. 
September 17th, 1814, in Greenfield (Ballston Springs), N. Y. ; 
m. November 7th, 1833, Emily Harmon, b. October 12th, 1812, 
and d. September 15th, 1875. Thomas d. in Jackson, Mich. 

Children — 

307 JAMES HARVEY, b. May 15th, 1836. 

308 ELIZA A., b. October 8th, 1841. 

309 AMELIA F., b. December 10th, 1843. 

310 ELLEN M., ). a „,:, i gt 1845 

311 ELEANOR, ^ b. April 1st, 1»45. 

Eleanor d. March 22nd, 1898, single. Ellen M. m. November, 
1876, Samuel Chamberlain; d. June 22nd, 1877. 


Horace, Rowland, Benjamin, William, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Rowland (37) and Betsey (Wilbur) Tanner, b. 
August 12th, 1816, in Stafford, Genesee county, N.Y.; m. 1837, 


Mary B. Leonard, b. January 13th, 1817; he d. February 5th, 
1897; wife d. December 10th, 1894. 

Children — 

312 RUFUS A., b. June 18th, 1842. 

313 WILLIAM TOMPKINS, b. June 12th. 1837. 

314 SUMNER WARREN, b. August 12th, 1845, in LeRoy, Genesee 

county, X. Y. 

315 MARTIN, b. September 10th, 1852. 

GERTRUDE, b. May 25t.h, 1857; m. October 11th, 1876, \Villiani 
Wallace Nichol Jr.; ch. Lula Hazel, h. July 20th, 1885; res. 
Roots, Mich. 


Martin, Rowland, Benjamin, William, William. Wil- 
liam, son of Rowland (37) and Betsey (Wilbur) Tanner, b. 
February 8th, 1819, in Stafford, Genesee county, N. Y.; m. 
Sarah Martin in New York. Martin hved in Henrietta, Mich. ; 
d. October 28th, 1846. 


316 ADELAIDE, b. . 

317 BETSEY, b. , d. 1873; m. Charles Preston. 4 ch.— Charles, 

Frank, Stella, Kate. 
Adelaide m. 1st, Albert Clark; 2nd, Cole; 3rd, • Jolly. 


Rowland, Row^land, Benjamin, William, William, 
William, son of Rowland (37) and Betsey (Wilbur) Tanner, 
b. July 27th, 1821,in Stafiord, Genesee county, N. Y.; m. 1st, 
April 10th, 1848, Adelaide D. Gibbons; she d. January 5th, 
1855. Rowland d. March 1st, 1897. M. 2nd, Irena Peck, 
August 24th, 1856. 

Children of 1st wife — 

318 BELLE, b. August 3rd, 1854. 
Children of 2nd wife — 

319 ELLA A., b. June 29th, 1857. 

320 CARRIE MAY, b. April 21st, 1859, d. March 13th, 1893. 

321 EMMA A., b. February 8th, 1862, d. May 13th, 1897. 


James Harvey, Row^^and, Benjamin, William, William, 
William, son of Rowland (37) and Betsey (Wilbur) Tanner, 
b. November 19th, 1823, in Stafford, Genesee county, N. Y.; 
m. June 4th, 1848, Harriet Main; he d. January 2nd, 1900; 
res. Henrietta, Jackson county, Mich. 

Children — 

322 MARTIN WILBUR, b. February 28th, 1849. 

323 HARVEY CLINTON, b. August 25th, 1851. 

324 HATTIE MAY, b. September 25th, 1870. 
All b. in Henrietta. 



Jane, Rowland, Benjamin, William, William, William, 
dau. of Rowland (37) and Betsey (Wilbur) Tanner, b. Febru- 
ary 19th, 1826, in Stafford, Genesee county, N. Y.; m. Samuel 
Western; res. Henrietta, Mich. 

Children — 

325 WILLIAM H., b. June 18th, 1847. 

326 FRANK W., b. February 22nd, 1849; res. Owisso, Mich. 

327 ANNA, b. December 11th, 1850; res. Henrietta, Mich. 

328 GEORGE, b. October 2nd, 1854; res. Henrietta, Mich. 


Warren, Rowland, Benjamin, William, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Rowland (37) and Betsey (Wilbur) Tanner, b. 
July 12th, 1828, in Stafford, Genesee county, N. Y. ; m. May 

4th, 1856, Laura Gibbons, b. ; he d. June 9th, 1893; 

res. Roots, Jackson county, Mich. 


329 ADELBERT, b. .June 23rd, 1864. 

GEORGIA ANN,b. November nth, 1868; d. November 16th, 1868. 

330 JERRY, b. February 13th, 1869. 

Adelbert m. November 18th, 1885, Jennie Reeves; no ch.; res. 

Munith, Mich. 
Jerry m. March 11th, 1889, Hattie Bailey. 2 ch. Hazel B., b. 

March 18th, 1892, d. November 29th, 1895; Ralph, b. April 

7th, 1900. 


Eliza Ann, William, Benjamin, William, William, 

William, dau. of William (38) and Hannah (Mead) Tanner, 

b. March 9th, 1815, in Greenfield (Ballston Springs), N. Y.;m. 

October 20th, 1836, Archibald Stewart, b. October 21st, 1810, 

in Randolph, Pa., d. November 28th, 1884. 

April 24th 

Children — 

331 HELEN MARIA, b. May 29th, 1837, d. February 14th, 1897; m. 

May 25th, 1856, Dr. Henry Martin Marvin; ch. Benna, Anna, 
James, Archie, Albert, Frank, Charles, Helen M., Flora L. 

332 WILLIAM EDWARD, b. April 27th, 1841, d. July 11th, 1899; m. 

November 15th, 1866, Emma A. Clark; ch. Roland, Nellie 
Belle, Edward Zoroaster. 

333 GEORGE FRANKLIN, b. April 25th, 1843; m. April 10th, 1866, 

Henriette L. Byers; ch. Stella, FrankHn A. M., Marvin, 
Grace, Charlens. 

334 ARCHIBALD, Jr., b. December 15th, 1845; single. 

335 ELIZA ANN, b. December 7th, 1847; m. December 13th, 1871, 

Edwin Ruthven Havens; ch. Lucia Celestine, Lida A., Coral 
Ruth, Charles Edwin, Maribel, Edna, Roscoe, Russell. 

336 LUCIA DESDEMONA, b. October 14th, 1855; m. September ISth, 

1879, Charles Truman Merrifield; ch. Charles Gilbert, Archie T. 

337 CHARLES HENRY, b. December 31st, 1853, d. March 23rd, 1875. 



Sophronia, William, Benjamin, William, William, 
William, dau. of William (38) and Hannah (Mead) Tanner, 
b. April 18th, 1817, in Stafford, Genesee county, N. Y.; m. 
September 22nd, 1835, Albert Allen at Stafford, Genesee county, 
N. Y.; he d. 1842-4; removed to Jackson, Mich., in 1837 and 
thence to Ohio in 1840, where Mr. Allen and two ch. d., 1842 
and 1844; returned to Stafford and in 1846 removed with her 
parents to Paw Paw, Mich., where she m. her 2nd husband, 
Newton R. Woodruff, Januarv 13th, 1847. She d. February 
26th, 1885; hus. d. December 24th, 1880, at the age of 72, at 
Bainbridge, Mich. 

Mr. Woodruff was b. in the State of New York ; removed to 
Michigan in 1837; res. at Bainbridge; served one term in the 
Legislature, was an active member of the Republican party, 
and an upright man. Four ch. were b. of the 1st m. of whom 
two lived to manhood. 

338 WALLACE W., b. August 28th, 1836, at Stafford, N. Y.; m. 1860 

Jeannette J. Irving of Waddington, N. Y. ; two ch. Irving W. 
and Bhinch W. He d. at Clearwater, Fla., February 19th, 
1902. "He was a prominent business man in Watervliet; a 
devoted member of the M. E. Church; a Hberal and cheerful 
giver, and died the death of the righteous. " 

339 ADELBERT DELOS, b. , d. January 22nd, 1874, at Coloma. 

Mich., at the age of 33, leaving a wife and dau. of the age of 
6 years; a merchant highly esteemed. 


Emily, W^, Benjamin, Willi.\.m, William, William, 
dau. of WilHam (38) and Hannah (Mead) Tanner, b. June 5th, 
1819, in Stafford, Genesee county, N. Y. ; m. March 1st, 1838, 
Edward Riley Bedell, d. July 10th, 1858; hus. d. 1902, in Mon- 

Children — 

340 FRANK. 

341 EDWARD. 

342 LOIS. 

343 MARIAN. 


Fanny Flavilla, William, Benjamin, William, William, 

William, dau. of William (38) and Hannah (Mead) Tanner, b. 

March 25th, 1821, in Stafford, Genesee countv, N. Y.;m. 

October 3rd, 1839,Montraville Snow; she d. March 25th, 1878; 

he d. April 12th, 1894; res. Paw Paw, Mich. 

Children — 

WILLIAM MORTIMER, b. September 14th, 1840, at Stafford; 
d. December 30th, 1840. 


344 FRANKLIN CLARK, b. October 30th, 1841, m. Martha Bullard 

of Paw Paw, Micli., who d. six months afterwards; m. 2nd, 
Cynthia A. Stevens at Dayton, Ohio; no ch. He d. May 20th, 
1867, just six months after his 2nd m. Served in the Rebell- 

345 WILLIAM DECATUR, b. April 11th, 1844, at Burton, Ohio, d. 

April 20th, 1845, at Cleveland, Ohio. 

346 JAMES EDWARD, b. July 11th, 1847, at Cleveland, Ohio, d. 

August 23rd, 1853, at Paw Paw, Mich. 

347 EDGAR MONTRAVILLE, b. April 15th, 1851, atCleveland, Ohio; 

m. April 19th, 1871, Ida L.A.Coleman; re.«. Paw Paw, Mich. 
Ch. Lona Verne, b. December 13th, 1872; Harry Montraville, 
b. May 21st, 1875; Ernest Edgar, b. March 6th, 1879; Ruth 
Eleanor, b. May 26th, 1892. 

348 WILLIAM MEAD, b. October 27th, 1853, at Paw Paw, Mich.; m. 

October 27th, 1870, Josephine Ella Lindsley; res. Paw Paw. 
Ch. Claude Franklin, b. October 28th, 1871; Floy Gertrude, 
b. November 12th, 1877; William Lindsley, b. September 
28th, 1883; Earle Hubert, b. November 26th. 1886; all b. in 
Paw Paw, Mich. 

Grandchildren of William Mead and Josephine Ella (Linds- 
ley) Snow (318), Paw Paw, Mich.: 

Claude Franklin, m. June 25th, 1895. Edith Fannie Sherod. 

Children — 

FREIDA, b. May 18th, 1897. 

FANNIE M., b. July 8th, 1902, d. January 23rd, 1903. 

MARY MURIEL, b. January 10th, 1904. 

Floy Gertrude m. November 24th, 1898, Herbert E. More. 


VIVIAN J., b. February 11th, 1900, Chicago. 

William Lindsley m. August 5th, 1902, Este Conway. 


RALPH EARL, b. November 5th, 1903. 

All m. in Paw Paw, Mich. 

349 ELLEN FLAVILLA, b. March 4th, 1855, at Paw Paw; d. August 

28th, 1856. 
FRED C, b. May 8th, 1858, Paw Paw; m. December 25th, 1883, 
at Lima, Ohio, Fannie Alice Mumaugh; she d. June 13th, 1903. 

Ellen Flavilla, b. August 6th, 1885; Ethel Gertrude, b. Novem- 
ber 6th, 1887, d. March 18th, 1889; Frank Clinton, b. Febru- 
ary 3rd, 1890, d. July 4th, 1895; Carl Herbert, b. January 9th, 
1893; Fred Clarence, b. November 3rd, 1896; Lenore Irene, 
b. December 24th, 1898; Fannie Alice, b. June 2nd, 1903; 
res. Spencerville, Ohio. 

350 HERBERT EUGENE, b. September 10th, 1861; m. November 

14th, 1883, at Lima, Ohio, June Williams, b. July 24th, 1865, 


Denmark, Morrow county, Ohio; res. Lima, Ohio. Ch. Cry.stal 
Ethel, b. July 7th, 1884; Bertha Agnes, b. February Uth, 
1887; Abigail Irene, b. December 17th, 1888. 


Thankful Loretta, William, Benjamin, William, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of William (38) and Hannah (Mead) Tan- 
ner, b. April 25th, 1824, in Stafford, Genesee county, N. Y.; 
m. January 4th, 1843, Norton Harmon; she d. March 20th, 

Children — 

351 ADELBERTH DELANCY, b. July 11th, 1845. 

352 GEORGE NORTON, b. October 29th, 1847. 

HELEN ALIZA, b. December 18th, 1849, d. December Slst, 1852. 

353 HANNAH AMANDA, b. March 18th, 1852. 

354 EVELYN ROSETTE, b. May 6th, 1854. 

355 CARRIE CORNELIA, b. March 5th, 1856. 

356 ISABEL AUGUSTA, b. September 9th, 1858. 

357 WISTER B., b. February 26th, 1861, d. September 23rd, 1890. 
HYRUM FRANCIS, b. February 25th, 1864, d. April 5th, 1864. 
JOSEPH FRANKLIN, b. February 25th, 1864, d. May 10th, 1877. 

358 CYNTHIA ERMINIE, b. May 19th, 1866. 

359 ISRAEL HEBER, b. June 1st, 1870. 

Children of Thankful Loretta (106)— 

360 HANNAH AMANDA, m. November 18th, 1880, Robert Loney 

Williams; res. Lehi, Maricopa county, Ariz. 

361 EVELYN ROSETTE, m. December 23rd, 1875, Joseph Pugsley, 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

362 CARRIE CORNELIA, m. October 11th, 1883, Franklin B. Piatt, 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 

363 ISABEL AUGUSTA, m. February 17th, 1878, Franklin Perry 


364 CYNTHIA ERMINIE, m. December 25th, 1882, Thomas Lindsy 

Ward Brady, who d. November 6th, 1897, when she m. 2nd, 
Henry Harrop; res. Colonia, Maraleso, Sonora, Mexico. 


Laura Maria, William, Benjamin, William, William, 
William, dau. of William (38) and Hannah (Mead) Tanner, 
b. April 18th, 1826, in Stafford, Genesee county, N. Y. ; m. 
1st, George Voke, June 19th, 1845; he d. 1875, aged 60 y.; m. 
2nd, Lewis S. Burdick, April 15th, 1882; res. Texas, Mich., 
later Schoolcraft. 

Children l)y 1st husband — 

365 CHARLES HENRY, b. April 24th, 1846, in Paw Paw, Mich; res. 

(1902) Chicago, III. 
GEORGE MEAD, b. October 27th, 1848, d. September 8th, 1885. 
WILLIAM EDWARD, b. July 7th, 1855, d. August 24th, 1886. 
BURDETT LYNN, b. June 19th, 1860, d. February Ist. 1900. 


Hannah Rolina, William, Benjamin, William, William, 
William, dau. of William (38) and Hannah (Mead) Tanner, 
b. May 4th, 1828, in Stafford, Genesee county, N. Y. ; m. Octo- 
ber 4th, 1847, James D. Beacom,by whom 2 ch. ; both d. in 
infancy; m. 2nd, Lyman A. Fitch, December 21st, 1852. He 
d. June 17th, 1887; Hannah d. August 8th, 1896; res. Ant- 
werp, Mich. 

Children by 2nd m. — 

ALBERT WILLIS FITCH, b. September 19th, 1854; res. Law- 
ton, Mich. 
GEORGE H. FITCH, b. June 2lRt, 1858, d. September 20th, 1884. 


Albert Wallace, William, Benjamin, William, William, 

William, son of William (38) and Hannah (Mead) Tanner, b. 

May 23rd, 1837, near Le Roy, N. Y. ; m. January 12th, 1859, 

Cynthia Stanley; a successful merchant in earlier life; later 

engaged in mining rare minerals, gems, gold, etc. 


IRVING ALLEN, b. October 4th, 1859, d. March 19t]i, 1864. 

P. O. Address, Norris, Montana (1905). 


Imogene, Cuyler, Abel, William, William, William, 
dau. of Cuyler (39) and Vina (Ford) Tanner, b. May 3rd, 1816, 
in Stephentown, N. Y.; m. October 24th, 1832, Henry Stanton; 
she d. May 12th, 1888, Syracuse, N. Y. ; res. from 1864, Syra- 


HENRY, b. October 11th, 1833, Stephentown; m. November 19th, 
1855, Elizabeth Osgood, Mowhawk, N.Y.; 1 ch. Florence I. 
M. 2nd, Henrietta Tucker, Mowhawk; ch. Viola, Vina, Charles 
H. (d. at age about 20), Lucy (d. young). M. 3rd, Mrs. Annie 
Holmes of Syracuse, N. Y. Viola, m.; 1 ch. 

JULIA IMOGENE, b. April 30th, 1839, Richfield, Otsego county, 
N. Y., m. November 1st, 1856, Darwin Helmes, Mowhawk; he 
d. about 1896, Syracuse, N. Y.; 4 ch. Rolla S., Floyd H., 
Fremond D., Julia V. 

LUCIA VINA, b. April 16th, 1846, Richfield; m. January 25th, 
1871, Syracuse, Theodore F. Stark, M. D., b. January 20th, 
1844, Mowhawk, N. Y. He d. January 30th, 1904, Minneap- 
olis, Minn. Ch. Julia May, b. May 3rd, 1872; Edward G., b. 
.August 12th, 1875, m.; Theodore Fern, b. February 2Sth, 1892. 
Res. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Harriet Ford, Cuyler, Abel, William, William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of Cuyler (39) and Vina (Ford) Tanner, b. July 


28th, 1817 ; m. March 24th, 1841, Cyrus Yeomans,b. May, 1820; 
he d. February 13th, 1894; res. . 

Children — 

HOWARD, b. December 30th, 1843; m. Eliza Heywood, b. July 
1840; cli. Irene, b. August 19th, 1884. Howard d. March 
26th, 1903. 

DeWITT ford, b. February 2nd, 1847. 

REUBEN CLARKSON, b. April 10th, 1849 (?). 

DeWitt Ford, m. Clara Van Kirke, b. December 26th, 1862; res. 
4729 Champlain ave., Chicago, 111. Ch. Forrest, b. October 
3rd, 1873. Ray, b. January 11th, 1876; m. November 15th, 
1903, Rose Shaffer, b. March 26th, 1873. Chester B., b. March 
5th, 1882. Robert D., b. May 3rd and d. July 10th, 1885. 
Ruth M., b. March 4th, 1892. 

Julia Ann, Cuyler, Abel, William, William, William, 
dau. of Cuyler (39) and Vina (Ford) Tanner, b. March 29th, 
1819; m. October 12th, 1842, James Eaton, Jr.; res. . 

Children — 

JOSEPHINE ORINDA, b. October 2nd, 1843, m. April 28th, 

1869, Louis Marquise; no ch.; res. Syracuse, N. Y. 
JAMES EMER, b. April 14th, 1845, m. October 1869 Emma Davis; 

no ch. 
ANNE, b. 1851; single. 
FRED. C, b. 1861, m. Miss Wilson; ch. Emery W., b. July 2nd, 



Mary Jane, Cuyler, Abel, William, William, William, 

dau. of Cuyler (39) and Vina (Ford) Tanner, b. February 10th, 

1821; m. "October 7th, 1847, Hiram Danforth; d. November 

7th, 1900. 

Children — • 

DR. LOOMIS LeGRANDE, b. October 15th, 1849, m. April 22nd, 

1874, Emma H. Hamline; no ch.; in active practice in New 

York City. 
LUCY AMELIA, b. February 7th, 1858, m. 1st, Fred. H. Hopkins; 

he d. 1883; m. 2nd, ; no ch. 

FLOYD LaMOTTE, b. October 30th, 1851, m. August 3rd, 1880, 

Carrie Northrop; no ch. 

Ford, CuYLKR, Abel, William, William, William, son 
of Cuyler (39) and Vina (Ford) Tanner, b. November 19th, 
1822; m. 1st, November 20th, 1849, Lydia A. Huntley; she d. 
August 6th, 1857; m. 2nd, Mary Ann Battles, April 20th, 1858, 
b. July, 1831; res. Appleton, Wis. 

Children of 1st wife — 

366 JAMES CALKINS, b. March 3rd. 1851. 

367 ALONZO, b. June 28th, d. November 11th, 1853. 

368 GEORGE FORD, b. January 4th, 1855, d. August 27th, 1874. 


Children of 2nd wife — 

369 HERBERT BATTLES, b. February 13th, 1859, Whitewater, 


370 WALTER SCOTT, b. May 10th, 1864. 

371 HARRY CUYLER, b. November 24th, 1866. 

STELLA FORD, b. October 23rd, 1869; res. Indianapolis, Ind.; 
single (1903). 


Emily, Cuyler, Abel, William, William, William, dau. 

of Cuyler (39) and Vina (Ford) Tanner, b. November 13th, 

1826; m. February 22nd, 1853, Crayton Belknap; she d. March 

14th, 1873. 

Children (only one lived to grow up) — 
CLARENCE BELKNAP, b. August 28th, 1855. 


LydiaRead, Cuyler, Abel, William, William, William, 

dau. of Cuyler (39) and Vina (Ford) Tanner, b. June 23rd, 

1829; m. February 2nd, 1851, Hiram Salisbury, b. December 

18th, 1827; he d. January 5th, 1888; wife d. December 2nd, 


Children — 

FLORENCE ALIDA, b. July 31st, 1855, m. Gilbert S. Brown, 

September 18th, 1889; res. Chicago; ch. Raymond Hiram, b. 

June 19th, 1890, Harold Salisbury, b. July 28th, 1896. 
EDWARD PHILLIP, b. April 26th, 1857, m. May 1889 Nora 

Holmes; 3 ch. d. in infancy. 
JOSEPH REED, b. August 29th, 1864, m. September 5th, 1889, 

Lydia Bicknell; 4 ch (1904), Stanton, age 13, Hiram, age 11, 

Howard, age 9, Winfield, age 7. 

Lucy Lovina, Cuyler, Abel, William, William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of Cuyler (39) and Vina (Ford) Tanner, b. Decem- 
ber 17th, 1832; m. December 12th. 1856, Cornelius Spencer; 
shed. April 15th, 1889. 



Kirk White, Cuyler, Abel, William, William, William, 

son of Cuyler (39) and Vina (Ford) Tanner, b. April 13th, 1835; 

m. April 6th, 1858, Caroline Burdick; came west 1858; served 

3 years in the Civil War; res. Milton Junction, Wis. 


IDA BELL, b. 1860, m. Ormanzo Cottrell; 2 ch. son and dau. 

Abby Howard, Cuyler, Abel, William, William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of Cuyler (39) and of 2nd m. Mary T. Howard, b. 


May 31st, 1850; m. December 15th, 1868, Martin Van Buren 

Sheldon, b. February 29th, 1840; res. McCook, Neb. 

Children — 

HOWARD MARTIN, b. August 9th, 1869, d. November 26th, 

MARTHA MEDORA, b. July 22nd, 1874, m. December 23rd, 

1897, James Douglas Iden; oh. Carl Stanley, b. November 

nth, 1898, Grace Leona, b. December 19th, 1900; res. Gilbert 

Station, Iowa. 
MARK REUBEN, b. April 9th, 1877, m. April 19th, 1904, Edith 

May Graves; res. Nebraska. 
BURTON WALLACE, b. November 8th, 1880, m. April 6th, 1904, 

Minta May Sly; res. Nebraska. 


Louisa, Amos Sweet, Abel, William, William, William, 
dau. of Amos Sweet (40) and Sally (Boughton) Tanner, b. 
September 17th, 1817, in Stephentown, N. Y. ;m. September 
28th, 1839.. Tared L. Tiffany in Erie county, N. Y., b. July 19th, 
1819 in Athens, Greene county, N. Y. He came to Erie county 
in 1838 and d. in Georgetown, D. C, April 6th, 1864, in the 
hospital, in the Civil War, in which he served from October 
1862; res. Chaffee, N. Y.; Louisa d. November 17th, 1904. 

Children — 

CLARK EUGENE, b. September 20th, 1840. 

ADELINE E., b. November 12th, 1842, d. August 30th, 1844. 

SALLIE S., b. March 26th, 1845. 

ALICE L., b. August 12th, 1847, d. April 16th, 1851. 

CHARLES J., b. June 15th, 1852. 

MARY L., b. September 9th, 1849. 

LONA A., b. October 7th, 1854. 

ORRA M., b. December 22nd, 1859. 

Grandchildren of Louisa Tanner (120) Tiffany, dau. of 
Amos Sweet Tanner (40) : 

Clark Eugene, m. April 22nd, 1863, Amelia Hines; she d. 

February 2nd, 1884; 2 ch. 

JAMES H., b. April 19th, 1871, m. February 22nd, 1894, Emma- 
gene White; 5 ch. 

Son b. to Clark and Amelia, August 2nd, 1868, d. May 22nd, 
CLARK E., m. 2nd, Emma Grundlach, June 2nd, 1890; res. 
^f/,#- Wales, farmer. 

'" Sallie S. dau. of Louisa Tanner Tiffany, m. September 19th, 
1869, James L. Allen of Wales, Erie county, N. Y. ; no ch. ; 
res. South Wales. 

Mary L., dau. of Louisa Tanner Tiffany, m. March 2nd, 
1873, Albert T. Hall of Sardinia, Erie county, N. Y.; 4 ch. 
Children — 

LEWIS E., b. August 1st, 1874, m. April 1897 Grace Swan; res. 
Buffalo; no ch. 


GLENNA L., b. August 2nd, 1879, m. November 23rd, 1897, Willis 

Rice of Sardinia; 2 ch. 
ORRA TIFFANY, b. August 6th, 1881, m. May 4th, 1904, Elbert 

Baker; res. Minneapolis, Minn. 
LAURA M., b. June 16th, 1886. 

Charles J., son of Louisa Tanner Tiffany, m. November, 
1876, Carrie Allen of Millbrook, Montcalm county, Mich; d. 
August 25th, 1900, in Erie county, N. Y.; no ch. 

Lona A., dau. of Louisa Tanner Tiffany, m. November 16th, 
1880, Herbert L. Wagoner, and d. October 19th, 1889, in Buffalo 
leaving a dau. 

Orra Mortimer, son of Louisa Tanner Tiffany, m. June 6th, 
1880, Ahce Davis; she d. July 22nd, 1900; res. Buffalo. 


LEON H., b. December 10th, 1881. 

LOTTIE A., b. March 9th, 1887, d. September 16th, 1887. 

WALLACE R., b. September 13th, 1890. 

DORATHY MARIE, b. April 8th, 1898. 

[Information given by Mrs. Sallie S. Allen, of South Wales, N. Y.] 

12 1-2 
Laura V., Amos Sweet, Abel, William, William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of Amos Sweet (40) and Sally (Boughton) Tanner; 
m. November 16th, 1842, Harrison B. Stevens, b. October 19th, 
1816; she d. July 2nd, 1868; he d. April 1st, 1869, in Wales, 
Erie county, N. Y. 

Children — 
ORISSA, d. young. 

FRED^"^'' I b. November 5th, 1844. 

Fred d. young. 
ORCELIA F., b. September 22nd, 1847. 
GEORGE R., b. February 9th, 1862, Wales. 

Frank A. (of 120^) m. Belle Foote March 13th, 1882. 


BESSIE, b. January 22nd, 1883; res. Lansing, Mich. 

Orcelia F. (of 120^) m. August 23rd, 1868, Edson J. Weed, 
in Java, Wyoming county, N. Y.; res. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Children — 

BERNARD F., b. November 27th, 1869, Sun Prairie, Dane county, 

ROY W., b. February 22nd, 1870, Wales, N. Y. 
JAMES H., b. March 27th, 1875, Cooper, Mich.; d. September 5th, 

EDSON G., b. December 8th, 1879, Cooper, Mich.; m. September 

9th, 1901, Mary Cassidy at Cooper, Mich. Ch. Darrelle, b. 

August 15th, 1903; Elva, b. April 22nd, 1904. 
EUGENE F., b. September 1st, 1881, Mellette, Spink county, 

South Dakota. 
LAURA J., b. May 7th, 1885, Mellette; m. January 10th, 1903, 


Norman Howard, Kalamazoo, Mich; cli. Leota, b. Novem- 
ber 9th, 1903. 
ROBERT A., b. January 6th, 1887, Mellette; d. September 4th 

George R. (of 120^) m. February 22nd, 1887, Kate J. Carlin 
b. March 8th, 1865, in Blackville, Canada; res. Stillwater, Minn. 
Children — 

HOWARD E., b. November 19th, 1887. 
FLOYD F., b. May 5th, 1893. 
GRACE M., b. July 9th, 1895, d. February 13th, 1897. 

Alonzo, Amos Sweet, Abel, William, William, William, 
son of Amos Sweet (40) and Sally (Boughton) Tanner, b. 
August 8th, 1822, in Stephentown, N. Y. ; m. September 1st, 
1844, at Alabama, Genesee county, N. Y., Orelle Ann Brown, 
b. July 4th, 1821. She d. July 15th, 1852. He m. 2nd, Sarah 
Desire Fisher, June 1st, 1853, b. in Wyoming, Wyoming county. 
N. Y., June 16th, 1826. Alonzo d. December 8th, 1889, in 
Buffalo; lawyer. 

Children — 

372 ELLA PORTIA, b. November 25th, 1845, in Springfield, Erie 

county, N. Y. 
IMOGEN ORELLE, b. February 14th, 1847, in Buffalo; m. July 

5th, 1865, William O. Brown; no ch.; res. Stratford, Conn. 
Children by 2nd m. — 

MARY FISHER, b. March 6th, 1855, d. February 4th, 1859. 
WELLS B., b. September 2nd. 1856; m. October 17th, 1878, Annie 

Louise Hodges, Batavia, N. Y.; d. October 15th, 1885; widow 

m. Ovid Musin, the violinist. 
MERLE ALONZO, b. November 27th, 1858; single (1900); res. 

Buffalo; lawyer. 
MORRIS FISHER, b. June 16th, 1863; m. December 6th, 1888, 

Mary A. Taggart of Watertown, N. Y. ; ch. Francis Brown, 

b. November 30th, 1889, and d. August 7th, 1890; res. Syra-, N. Y. 

373 EDWARD EVERETT, b. March 25th, 1865, Buffalo. 
[Record furnished by Mr. Merle A. Tanner of Buffalo.] 


John, Amos Sweet, Abel, William, William, William, 
son of Amos Sweet (40) and Sally (Boughton) Tanner, b. 
August 1st, 1824, Stephentown, N. Y. ; m. December 16th, 
1846, Mariam Challis; he d. November 25th. 1872; wife d. 
May 3rd, 1888. 

Children — 

374 AMELIA J., December 12th, 1847. 

375 CHARLES C, b. June 19th, 1855. 

376 DANA F., b. January 4th, 1861. 


Helen Maria, Amos Sweet, Abel^ William, William 


William, dau. of Amos Sweet (40) and Sally (Boughton) Tan- 
ner, b. July 9th, 1826, in Stephentown, N. Y.; m. October 28th, 
1846, Amos G. White; res. South Wales, N. Y. 

Children — 

MARY S., b. August 27th, 1847. 

HENRY KIRKE, b. December 5th, 1848. 

NORMAN, b. May 29th, 1852, d. February 9th, 1872. 

SARAH I., b. March 16th, 1855. 

HELEN v., b. August 14th, 1858, Wellsville, N. Y. 

WILLIS F., b. August 1st, 1861, d. April 28th, 1862. 

AGNES L., b. February 4th, 1863. 

DANIEL C, b. September 9th, 1866. 

^ GOULD ( ''• -January 23rd, 1870. 

Children all b. in Wales, except Helen V. 

^Children and grandchildren of Helen Maria (123) of Amos 
Sweet (40). 

I. Mary S. m. March 11th, 1869, George Stevens; 3 ch.: 

1. Orelle E., b. September 13th, 1871; m. April, ,1899, Ruther- 
ford Hudson; res. Arcade, N. Y. 

2. Julia A., b. June 18th, 1873; m. April 7th, 1896, Elmer 
Halme; res. So. Wales, N. Y. 

3. Mary Georgie, b. June 19th, 1885. 

II. Henry Kirke, m. Fall of 1872, Lydia River; she d. 
1888; 2 ch.: 

1. Imogene, b. April 23rd, 1875; m. February 22nd, 1893, 
James Tiffany, So. Wales, N. Y. 

2. Alonzo Tanner, b. January 25th, 1883; m. February 26th, 
1904, Nellie Downing; res. East Aurora. N. Y. 

IV. Sarah I., m. February 4th, 1876, Oscar Hubbard; 
res. Fremont Station, Seattle, Wash. ; 7 ch. : 

1. Ray, b. December 14th, 1879; d. April 8th. 1904. 

2. Maud, b. July 21st, 1882. 

3. Helen, b. August 3rd, 1884. 

4. Amos, b. March 4th, 1887. 

5. Grace, b. January 10th, 1891. 

6. Mable, b. April —,1893. 

7. Alta, b. February 13th, 1896. 

V. Helen V., m. May 4th 1881, Christian Weber; res. 
So. Wales; 8 ch. 

1. Agnes L., b. March 24th, 1882; d. November 9th, 1892. 

2. Bertha I., b. December 15th, 1884; d. March 26th, 1885. 

3. WiUis F., b. March 13th, 1886. 

4. Harry O., b. January 6th, 1888. 

5. Edward K., b. July 23rd, 1891. 

6. Charles G., b. October 12th, 1893. 

7. Amos W., b. November 6th, 1897. 

8. Wallace W., b. October 24th, 1899. 

VII. Agnes L., m. December 24th, 1883, Frank Speyer; 
res. Buffalo, N. Y.; 6 ch.: 

1. Elwin G., b. August 8th, 1884. 


2. Winifred A., b. November 27th, 1885. 

3. Lulu I., b. August 5th, 1888. 

4. J.uura E., b. September 18th, 1893. 

5. Francis L., b. October 12th, 1900. 

6. Helen E., b. August 18th, 1902. 

VIII. Daniel C, m. December 29th, 1886, Mary Fuling- 
ton; res. So. Wales; 8 ch. : 

1. Jeanctte, b. November 23rd, 1887. 

2. Norman, b. March 17th, 1890. 

3. George, b. August 1st, 1891. 

4. Edna, b. February 11th, 1893. 

5. Walter, b. April 1st, 1895. 

0. Ford F., b. .January 22nd, 1897. 

7. Agnes J., 1). .\pril 14th, 1900. 

8. xMarrian E., b. March 18th, 1902. 

IX. H. Ford, m. June 8th, 1898, Marie Emery; 2 ch.: 

res. E. Aurora, N. Y. 

Katheiine, b. June 27th, 1900. 
Florence, b. July 10th, 1903. 
X. A. Gould, m. January 2nd, 1895, Margaret Meikle; Ich.; 
b. May 11th, 1900; res. Youngstown, O. 

Susan Jane, Amos Sweet, Abel, William, William, 
William, dau. of Amos Sweet (40) and Sally (Boughton) Tan- 
ner, b. August 13th, 1828, in Stephentown,N. Y.;m. June 11th, 
1854, James Chalmers, b. May 22nd, 1830, in Ottawa, Canada; 
res. South Wales, Erie county, N. Y.; farmer. 
Children — 

AGNES L., b. July 26th, 1855, d. February 13th, 1863. 
ORELLE T., b. February 20th, 1857, d. May 13th, 1857. 

377 WILLIAM H., b. October 14th, 1858. 

CLARA M., b. February 11th, 1861, d. February 7th, 1863. 
CARRIE, b. March 29th, 1864; m. December 25th, 1884, Frank 

Colby and d. March 4th, 1885. 
ALONZO T., b. August 4th, 1868, d. February 16th, 1871. 


Hiram Cranston, Amos Sweet, Abel, William, William, 
William, son of Amos Sweet (40) and Sally (Boughton) Tan- 
ner, b. May loth, 1833, in Wales, Erie county, N. Y.; m. Jan- 
uary 1st, 1861, Mary A. Orr, in Sardinia, Erie county, N. Y., b. 
August 8th, 1838, in Holland, Erie county, N. Y. She d. March 
21st, 1877, Sardinia. Res. Warsaw, N. Y. 

Children — 

378 WELLMAR BOUGHTON, b. September 8th, 1863, in Holland; 

m. June 3rd, 1886, Emma Melvina Olds. Ch. Fred. W.,b. Feb- 
ruary 15th, 1888; Mary A., b. July 31st, 1889. 

Sarah Ann, Amos Sweet, Abel, William, William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of Amos Sweet (40) and Sally (Boughton) Tanner; 


m. November 13th, 1857, Dr. Hugh T. Hubbard; he d. Novem- 
ber 28th, 1889; wife d. December 21st, 1890; res. . 

Children — 

379 GEORGE, b. , d. July 31st, 1890. 

WELLS B., b. ; res. East Aurora, N. Y. 

George, m. Cora Maynard; ch. Grace. 

Wells Boughton, m. Harriet Payne; no ch.; res. East Aurora, 
New York. 


Velonia Elizabeth, Amos Sweet, Abel, William, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of Amos Sweet (40) and Sally (Boughton) 
Tanner, b. February 6th, 1839, in Wales, Erie county, N. Y.; 
m. April 5th, 1865, Joseph Sanders. 

Children — • 

ELLEN MYRTLE, b. October 29th, 1866. 

LAURA VELONIA, b. September 5th, 1868, entered into rest 

July 18th, 1901. 
[Information of the descendants of Amos Sweet Tanner given by 
Mrs. Velonia E. Sanders, 340 Vermont street, Buffalo, N. Y.] 

Lorenzo, John, Nathan, William, William, William, 
son of John (41) and Abi (Hatch) Tanner, b. 1809, in Cayuga 
county, N.Y. ; m. Alvira Strang; said to have had 4 ch., all d. 


Lucy, John, Nathan William, William, William, dau. 
of John (41) and Abi (Hatch) Tanner, b. August 1st, 1811, in 
Cayuga county, N. Y. ; m. January 28th, 1828, Asa H. Baird, 
b. January 25th, 1804, in Milton, Vt. ; Lucy d. August 1st, 
1902, in Olney, 111.; he d. June 24th, 1852, in Olney, 111. 

Children — 

380 ABIGAIL, 1). September 3rd, 1830, Wayne county, Ohio; d. July 

1st, 1895. 

381 CORYDON, 1). February 10th, 1834, Wayne county, Ohio; d. Jan- 

uary 18th, 1857. 

382 DARIUS, b. August 18th, 1837, Wayne county, Ohio. 

383 SARAH, b. March 24th, 1840, in Lawrence county, 111. 

384 CALVIN F., b. May 1st, 1842. 

385 JOHN TANNER, b. Novembe- 14th, 1844, Olney, 111. 

386 EMMA ABI, b. January S^d, 1849. Olney, 111. 

387 LOUISA, b. December 2.5th, 1851, Olney, 111. 

Lucy m. 2d David Gaddy; he d. 1856 or 1857. 


388 LUCY, b. August 1st, 1854. 


Abigail, John, Nathan, William, William, William, 
dau. of John (41) and Abi (Hatch) Tanner, b. 1812, in Cayuga 


county, N. Y.; m. in Wayne county, Ohio, Samuel Shearer, b. 
1813, in Chambersburg, Pa.; d. April 5th, 1856; he d. 
August 29th, 1854, Kendallville, Ind.; farmer. 


ELIZABETH CATHERINE, b. November 14th, 1834. 

AHI LEONTIUM, b. January 25th, 1836. 

LUCY RELEPHA, b. April 1st, 1838. 

THEON MARCUS, b. March 2nd, 1840, d. September 2nd, 1902, 

in Bisbee, Ariz.; single. 
MARY JANE, b. November 5th, 1844. 
ABIGAIL ALMEDA, b. October 5th, 1848. 
ARTHUR ELGIN, b. March 28th, 1852. 

Grandchildren of Abigail (130) of John (41): 

Elizabeth Catherine m. November 6th, 1855, Cyrus Pinneo; 

he d. February 23rd, 1874, in San Joaquin county, Calif.; wife 

d. July 15th, 1866. 

Children — 

OSCAR E. , b. October 24th, 1 856, near Kendallville, Ind. ; m. August 
16th, 1882,Lillias A. Hoskins, near Modesto, Calif; she d. Jan- 
uary 21st, 1892, in Tulare, Calif; m. 2nd, September 5th, 1894, 
Mrs. Emma Wheeler, Tulare; no ch.; res. Placerville, Calif. 

AUSTIN WHITFORD, b. August 26th, 1858, in Noble county, 
Ind.; m. March 17th, 1886, Colusa, Calif., Mary E. Batman. 
Ch. Austin Webster, b. December 23rd, 1886, at Madeline, 
Calif.; Elgine Clare, b. January 29th, 1888, Madeline; Mary 
Ellen, b. March 30th, 1890; Cyrus Clark, b. November 10th, 
1891; Oscar Ellwood, b. March 24tli, 1893; Helen Claris, b. 
February 15th, 1895; all b. at Madeline, Calif. 

ABI, b. September 23rd, 1861, in Noble county, Ind.; d. August 
9th, 1862. 

ALAMEDA, b.Mayllth, 1863, in Noble county, Ind. ; m. April 30th, 
1887, Alpheus Sherman Orcutt. Ch. Myron Alpheus, b. January 
22nd, 1888; Harriet EUzabeth, b. November 30th, 1890; 
Edwin Pinneo, b. December 28th, 1892; Walter Elgin, b. 
January 9th, 1896; all b. in Jacksonville, Calif. ; res. 
1131 East Lafayette street, Stockton, Calif. 

Huldah, granddau. of Abigail, b. March 15th, 1860, in 

Lisbon, Noble county, Ind. ; m. July 29th, 1877, Pulaski Brown, 

b. May 11th, 1855, in Amador county, Calif.; res. Chico, Butte 

county, Calif. 


MAUD FRANCES, b. July 16th, 1878, in Berneville, Stani.slaus 

county, Calif.; m. September 1st. 1901, II. T. Riddle. 
HENRIETTA MABLE, b. August 24th, 1879, in Burwood, San 

Joaquin county, Calif.; m. December 22nd, 1902, Geo. J. Moak. 
LYMAN LOGAN, b. August 29th, 1881, in Algerine, Tuolumne 

county, Calif. 
JESSIE MAY, b. May 7th, 1883, in Burwood, San Joaquin county, 

Calif.; m. November 15th, 1903, Frank W. Horning. 
PULASKI, b. March 26th, 1885, in Modoc county, Calif. 
OKA JAMES, b. April 23rd, 1887, in Llikely, Modoc county, Calif 


GEORGE MILLIS, b. September 16th, 1889, in Algerine, Tuo- 
lumne county, Calif. 

GOLDIE MINOGENE, b. March 25th, 1892, in Jacksonville, Calif. 

PEARL LILLIAS, b. February 23rd, 1895, in Jackson, Amador 
county, Cahf.; d. March 17th, 1902. 

CLIFFORD OSCAR, b. September 26th, 1898, in Jacksonville, 

WILLIAM, b. July 13th, 1902, in Chico, Butte county, Calif. 

Theon Marcus died September 2nd. 1902, at Bisbee, Ariz., 

Mary Jane m. Charles Colbeth; ch. Iva, Cora, Archey, Roy, 
Winnie, Estella, Anda; res. Roberts, Wisconsin. 

Abigail Almeda, m. May 2nd, 1869, Ezra Osborne Long- 
fellow; res. Kansas City, Mo., 1913 E. 10th street. 

ARTHUR ELGIN, m. ; ch. Marcus, John, Frederick, Al- 
meda; res. Shell Lake, Wis. 

Lucy Relepha, b. April 1st, 1838, m. June 14th, 1858, Wil- 
liam R. Shuman; d. February 20th, 1891. 


CLARINDA, b. August 27th, 1860; m. John D. Rumfield, March 

12th, 1879; res. Sebewa, Mich. 
WILLIAM OTTO, b. June 6th, 1870; d. May 1st, 1877. 

Abi Leontium, m. Nathaniel Warner; d. in Michigan, 1865; 
no ch. 


,Nathan Sylvester, John, Nathan, William, William, 
William, son of John (41) and Abi (Hatch) Tanner, b. August 
24th, 1814, in Wayne county, Ohio; m. October 23rd, 1839, 
Maria Reynolds, b. October 13th, 1820, in Cuyahoga county, 
Ohio; only two ch. grew to maturity; he d. April 10th, 1891, 
Mitchelville, Iowa; wife d. July 21st, 1897. 

391 NATHAN HENRY, b. August 30th, 1848, Medina county, Ohio. 

392 HIRAM MELVIN, b. March 27tii, 1860, in Medina county, Ohio. 

Darius, John, Nathan, William, William, William, son 
of John (41) and Abi (Hatch) Tanner, b. June 29th, 1816, in 
Wayne county, Ohio; m. March 31st, 1834, Jane McColHster, 
in Homer, Medina county, Ohio; he d. March 13th, 1858, in 
Troy, Ashland county, Ohio; wife d. June 5th, 1853 at. Homer, 


Children — 

393 MARANDA, b. July 19th, 1839. 

MANERVA R., b. April 24th, 1842, d. November 17th, 1858. 

394 LUCY J., b. September 8th, 1844. 

395 ABI E., b. March 22nd, 1847. 


396 EARNEST M., b. September 17th, 1849. 

397 NANCY J., b. April 14th, 1853. 

M. 2nd, April 8th, 1854, Mary M. Sadler, b. April 8th, 
1830, in Clarence, Erie County, N. Y. 


398 CHARLES J., b. December 7th, 1856, Sullivan county, Ohio. 


John Whitford, John, Nathan, William, William, Wil- 
liam, son of John (41) and Abi (Hatch) Tanner, b. February 
8th, 1821, in Homer, Medina county, Ohio; m. January 28th, 
1844, Luana Chamberlain, b. August 26th, 1822, in Ashland 
county, Ohio; he d. November 27th, 1902; res. Hastings, 

Children — 

399 SAMANTHA ELINDA, b. July 9th, 1847, in Medina county, Ohio. 

400 JOHN WHITNEY, b. November 26th, 1852, in Ingham county, 


401 WILLIAM O., b. February 11th, 1860, d. September 4th, 1864. 

402 IDA I., b. June 12th, 1862. 


Sally Luretta, John, Nathan, William, William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of John (41) and Abi (Hatch) Tanner, b. July 10th, 
1825, in Homer, Ohio; m. July 3rd, 1845, in Homer, Medina 
county, Ohio, Daniel O. Beeman, b. September 6th, 1824, at 
Warren, Litchfield county, Conn.; Bourbon, Ind., Decem- 
ber 9th, 1895; he d. July 20th, 1891; res. Bourbon, Ind. 

Children — , 

403 CELESTIA EDITH A, b. January 22nd, 1851, in Bourbon. 

404 ANTHA SOLA, b. July 26th, 1862. 

405 ELLA, b. March 2nd, 1860; res. Bourbon, Marshall county, Ind. 

Children and grandchildren of Sally L. (134) of John (41): 

Celestia, m. December 27th, 1877, Howard Franklin of 
Frankfort, Ind.; res. (1903) Chicago, 953 W. Superior street. 

Antha Sola, m. August 31st, 1882, John Ecker; res. (1903) 
Livermore, Ky. 


Donnan Orville, John, Nathan, William, William, 
William, son of John (41) and Abi (Hatch) Tanner, b. Feb- 
ruary 10th, 1828, in Homer, Ohio; m. Clarissa Curtice, b. April 
1st, 1827; he d. October 31st, 1891; wife d. November 28th 
1899; res. Horton, Mich.; farmer. 

Children — 

HIRAM O., b. August 16th, 1848, Medina county, Ohio; d. June 
16th, 1850. 

406 HARLOW MILFORD, b. October 25th, 1850, Medina county, 




WILLIAM D., b. May 17th, 1853, d. November 1st, 1853. 

407 EMMA VIOLA, b. January 21st, 1855, Ingham county, Mich. 
ALBERT E., b. June 17th, 1857, Ingham county, Mich.; d. June 

17th, 1877. 

408 JOEL NATHANIEL, b. December 17th, 1859, Ingham county, 


409 WILLIS OSCAR, b. February 17th, 1867, Jackson county, Mich.; 

res. Chicago, 111. 

Rose Wyatt, Wyatt Rose, Nathan, William, William, 
William, son of Wyatt Rose (42) and Betsey (Halstead) Tan- 
ner, b. June 6th, 1817; m. December 24th, 1838, Ohve M. Sea- 
mans, b. September 17th, 1822; he d. December 7th, 1872. 

Children — 

410 DREW E., b. October 22nd, 1848, in Leyden, 111. 

PERRY, b. September 6th, 1840; d. February 11th, 1871; single. 

411 LODORE, b. March 3rd, 1846. 

412 AREA B., b. June 13th, 1844. 

413 IDA E., b. November 3rd, 1851, Leyden, 111. 

414 TIRZA S., b. August 31st, 1853, Leyden; single (1900). 

Volney, Wyatt Rose, Nathan, William, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Wyatt Rose (42) and Betsey (Halstead) Tanner, 

b. December 26th, 1819, in ; m. Aseneth D. Bagley; he 

d. November 7th, 1852; 2 sons who d. in the army. 

Eli, Wyatt Rose, Nathan, William, William, William, 
son of Wyatt Rose (42) and Betsey (Halstead) Tanner, b. July 

6th, 1822; m. , Lucy A. Seamans, Wilhelm, Erie 

county, N. Y.; ch. b. in Wilhelm; he d. January 4th, 1902. 

Children — 

415 OREN ELI, b. June 12th, 1845. 

416 JANE L., b. June 25th, 1847; m. February 1st, 1871; d. January 

20th, 1873; no ch. 

417 GEORGE W., b. May 19th, 1854. 
MILLARD F., b. August 18th, 1856; single. 
MARION, b. May 2nd, 1858; single. 

NATHAN LYMAN, b. September 28th, 1859; single; Lancaster, 
N. Y. 

418 ELMA L., b. July 8th, 1862; m. 1872 John Foote; res. Amherst, 

N. Y. 

" Eli Tanner was one of the pioneer settlers of Lancaster, Erie 
county. Born in Rhode Island, he drove to this state (N. Y.) behind 
a team of oxen. He bought a farm and built a house a few miles north- 
east of Bowmansville, when Indians roved about the country trading, 
and he often housed them over night as self-invited guests. 

"Mr. Tanner was of an inventive turn of mind, and devised several 
useful farming and household implements, including one of the earliest 
types of washing-machines. He also introduced the sugar-cane plant 


into Erie county, growing it on his own farm. In his declining yearn 
he divided his time between reading and target practice, both of which 
were favorite pastimes of his." [From Buffalo Express.] 


Lyman, Wyatt Rose, Nathan, William, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Wyatt Rose (42) and Betsey (Halstead) Tanner, 
b. February 27th, 1826; m. Ursula Halstead, and removed to 
Leyden, Cook county, III., about 1844; d. December 22nd, 1852. 

Children — 

MELISSA, b. October 18th, 1847, d, . 

419 LEE S., b. May 25th, 1849. 

MARY, b. January 12th, 1851, d. . 

Lee S., of Lyman (109) m. January 1st, 1877, Mary Elizabeth Lang 
of Aurora, 111.; res. Aurora; no eh. 

Dorothy, William, Nathan, William, William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of William (43) and Olive (Clough) Tanner, b. 
November 5th, 1816, , N. Y.; m. 1st, Charles Seward. 

Children — 

EDGAR, b. February 28th, 1843. 

M. 2nd William Archer. 

Children — 

WILLIAM, d. 1880, age 21; single. 

DOROTHY, d. 1885. 


William William, Nathan, William, William, William, 
son of William (43) and Olive (Clough) Tanner, b. August 7th, 
1819 in N. Y., m. Margaret Stots, in Huron countv, Ohio, b. 
1816; he d. January 22nd, 1896; wife d. December 25th, 1887. 

Children of 1st wife — 

420 ABRAM FRANKLIN, b. December 1st, 1842, in Huron county, 


421 BENJAMIN M., b. April 11th, 1841, in Delphi, Huron county, 


422 MARTHA E., b. February 14th, 1845, near Kondallville, Ind. 

423 MARY A., b. December 25th, 1847, near Kendallville, Ind. 

M. 2nd, Ellen F. ; she d. May 2nd, 1902; no ch. 

William Tanner went to California in 1850, and subsequently to 
Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Omaha, Nebraska, where, with others, he 
platted and laid out Omaha City. In 1854, he pre-empted 160 acres 
near Leavenworth, Kansas, which was afterwards incorporated with 
the city, where he passed the remainder of his days. 

" He was president and father of the first pomological society 
organized west of the Mississippi river, and the growth and well being 
of the State Horticultural Society owes much of its early success to 
his indomitable industry and study of tlie habits of trees in our then 
discouraging climate." [Leavenworth Times.] 



Lucy, William, Nathan, William, William, William, 
dau. of William (43) and Olive (Clough) Tanner, b. August 
16th, 1820, in Pennsylvania ; m. June 2nd, 1842, Thomas Derry, 
b. in England; m. 2nd, Mr. Bowman; Lucy d. July 31st, 1897. 

Children — 

425 ELIZABETH, b. October 9th, 1843, in Milan, Ohio. 

426 LUCY, b. January 19th, 1848, York, Ohio; d. in infancy. 

427 ADALAIDE, b. August 14th, 1849, Lisbon, Ind. 

428 EMMA, b. April 13th, 1853, Lisbon, Ind. 


Zenas, William, Nathan, William, William, William, 
son of William (43) and Olive (Clough) Tanner, b. 1822, N. Y.; 
m. twice, d. 1879 leaving no ch. ; m. 1st, Olive Bush of Detroit, 
Mich; was a skilled machinist; d. in Vincennes, Ind. 

Harriet, William, Nathan, William, William, William, dau. 
of Wilham (43) and OHve (Clough) Tanner, b. March 24th, 
1824; m. February 3rd, 1842, Abel R. Goodenough; he d. 
November 13th, 1892; res. Goshen, Ind.; m. 2nd, Jacob Fli- 
gart; no ch. by 2nd m. 

Children of 1st m. — 

CHARLES NAMAN, b. February 16th, 1843; d. May 16th, 1858. 

ROSELLIA, b. September 27th, 1844; m. 1861 Jefferson Orr; he 

d. 1895; res. Corunna, Ind. 3 ch. Lyman W., b. 1863, d. 

1893; Cary R., b. 1872, m. 1892, res. Berlin, Germany,2 ch.; 

Clarence L., b. 1874. 
CHLOE, b. September 3rd, 1846; m. 1868 John White; res. Toledo, 

Ohio. Ch. Maurice, b. 1869, m. 1891, 2 ch.; res. Racine, Wis. 
AMANDA, b. May 30th, 1852; m. Marion Bachelor, October 3rd, 

1869; res. Goshen, Ind. Ch. Frank Frederick, b. October 15th, 

1871 ;m. February 8th, 1896, Florence A. WiUiams; ch. Du- 

wayne, b. March 1898. Frank F. is a machinist. Marion 

Bachelor is a retired farmer. 
EVA LOVINA, b. May 29th, 18.55, d. July 7th, 1857. 


James, William, Nathan. William, William, William, 

son of William (43) and Olive (Clough) Tanner, b. 1826, in 

N. Y. ; m. Armidia Russell of Auburn, DeKalb county, Ind. ; he 

d. November 17th, 1891; wife d. about 1896. 

Children born in Auburn except Mary — 

MILTON, m. , 4 ch. 

WILLIAM, single. 
JANE ( m. late. ) 

] [• twins. 
JOHN, ( d. in infancy. ) 
THOMAS, d. single. 
MARY, b. , in Kansas; ra. . 


Thomas was a corporal, Company D, First Washington Volunteers, 
in the Pliilippinos; promoted for bravery; res. Seattle, Wash., 322 
Battery street. 

John, William, Nathan, William, William, William, 
son of William (43) and Olive (Clough) Tanner, b. 1828, near 
Rochester, N. Y.; m. 1853, Betsey M. Richardson; he d. Sep- 
tember 10th, 1896; occupation, farmer. 

Cliildren — - 

OLIVE ROSETTA,b. April 11th, 1854; m. Albert Arehart; no eh.; 

res. Elkhart, Ind. 
SARAH JANE, b. October 5th, 1856, d. October 24th, 1857. 

Orrillia, William, Nathan. William, William, William, dau. 

of William (43) and OHve (Clough) Tanner, b. 1830, in N. Y.; 

m. 1st, George Selover. 

Children — 

MILTON, d. age 17. 

EDWIN, d. age 17, murdered by a Missouri ruffian. 

M. 2nd, Franklin Lilly. 

Children — 

WILLIAM, m. , d. leaving wife and 4 ch. 

BENJAMIN, d. age 4 years. 
FRED, I rr ■ 
HARRY, \ Twins. 

Orillia m. 3rd, Mr. Marshall; no ch. ; res. Winchester, Kan. 

Julia, William, Nathan, William, William, William, dau. 
of William (43) and Olive (Clough) Tanner, b. January 26th, 
1832. N. Y.; m. June 6th, 1852, Rev. Robert I. Rawson, b. 
July 12th, 1829, in Ohio; he d. February 2nd, 1901; no ch.; 
res. Olympia, Wash., 1023 Adams street. 

Mr. Rawson was a minister in the Christian (sometimes known as 
the Campbellite) Church. 


Thomas, William, Nathan, William, William, William, son 
of William (43) and Ohve (Clough) Tanner, b. 1834, near Ken- 
dallville, Ind.; m. 1st, ; ch. Frank, d. in youth; m. 2nd, 

Children — 

429 BLANCHE, b. September .3rd, 1869, m. Cornelius Vis; res. Fair 

Plains, Mich. 

430 MINNIE, b. September 30th, 1870, m. Edward Ochampaugh; res. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

431 EDGAR, b. June 8th, 1875, res. Grand Rapids, Mich.; single 


432 FRED C, b. September 1st, 1879; m. November- 26t}i, 1896, Leona 

Cooper, b. December 12th, 1876; no ch. (1903); res. Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 


Mary Jane, William, Nathan, William, William, William, 

dau. of William (43) and Olive (Clough) Tanner, b. January 

28th, 1836, in Wooster, Ohio; m. November 26th, 1854, near 

Kendallville, Ind., O'Dillon Barret Whitford, M. D.; she d. 

July 4th, 1870,in Deer Lodge City, Mont.; res. of Dr. W. (1904) 

Butte, Mont. 

Children — 

CHARLES SUMNER, b. September 1st, 1855, m. ; 1 ch.; 

physician; res. Clarkston, Wash. 
ROSAMOND ESTELLA, b. December 25th, 1858; m. 1st, 1878, 

John G. Keith; son . M. 2nd, about 1887, Harvey H. 

Cullum; no ch. of 2nd m.; res. 410 Bannack street, Boise, 

HENRIETTA, b. November 30th, 1868, m. Thomas McCrimon; 

ch. Charles Hughes; res. 815 Pike street, Seattle, Wash. 

Sarah, Wilham, Nathan, William, William, William, dau. 
of William (43) and OHve (Clough) Tanner, b.July 22nd, 1839, 
in Huron county, Ohio; m. 1st, Benjamin F. Osborne, Novem- 
ber 24th, 1859, in Noble county, Ind. 

Children — 

ERNEST B., b. April 30th, 1863, St. Louis, Mo. 

NELLIE MAUDE, b. August 21st, 1875, d. September 29th, 1878. 

M. 2nd, PhilUp Hiltz, b. May 29th, 1835, in Germany; no 

ch. by 2nd m.; res. Olympia, Wash., 14th and Main street. 

ERNEST B., m. 1st, July 1st, 1881, Jennie Smith; she d. 1901 i 
ch. Harry S., b. September 2nd, 1882; res. Seattle, Wash; m- 
2nd, Mrs. Elsie Chilson, no ch. 

Thaddeus, William, Nathan, William, William, Wil- 
liam, son of William (43) and OHve (Clough) Tanner, b. April 
10th, 1840, in Ripley ville, Huron county.Ohio; m. August 11th, 
1862, Aseneth Murphy of Stark county, Ohio in De Kalb county 
Ind.; res. near Lodi, Mich. 

Children — 

ARTEMISIA, d. in infancy. 




THADDEUS, d. in infancy. 

George, William, Nathan, William, William, William, 
son of William (43) and Olive (Clough) Tanner, b. April 2nd, 
1843, m. Almira Abbott; no ch.; res. Edmore, Mich. (1905). 

Rosella M., Stephen, Nathan, William, William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of Stephen (44) and Huldah (Bushnell) Tanner, b. 


November 24th, 1826, in Wayne county, Ohio; m. April 22nd, 
1845, Washington D. Stewart; she d. March 27th, 1888; he 
d. February 26th, 1899; res. Custer Park, 111. 

Children — 

ELLA M., b. May 15th, 1859; m. December 25th, 1878, Joseph W. 

Myers; no ch.; res. Custer Park, 111. 
SHERM.\N, b. February I5th, 1862, d. April 5th, 1885. 

mTrYBELL, i b. July 24th. 1864. 

John d. July 28th, 1870. 

Mary d. October 31st, 1864. 
EMMA L., b. January 15th, 1867, d. May 10th, 1892. 
HULDA MINA, 1). January 22nd, 1869, d. October Slst, 1870. 


Lucetta, Stephen, Nathan, William, William, William, 
dau. of Stephen (44) and Huldah (Bushnell) Tanner, b. Sep- 
tember 19th, 1829, in Wayne county, Ohio; m. October 27th, 
1847,Abner K. Eddy; res. Shreve, Wayne county, Ohio; far- 
mer; he d. May 13th, 1891, aged 66 y. 3 mo. 13 days. 

Children — 

ALICE HULDAH, b. June 11th, 1851; d. May 14th, 1891, .single. 

439 IDA E., b. March 8th, 1857. 

440 ELLA, b. June 29th, 1858. 

Ida E., m. May 23rd, 1877,Helon S. Leyda; cli. Huldah June, 

b. September 21st, 1891 ; Relda Marie, b. December 26th. 

1894. M. 2nd, Lester E. Cady, March 14th, 1900, b. 

Danville, Iowa, November 26th, 1864. 
Ella, m. March 11th, 1880, James Madison Parr, b. December 

17th, 1852, at Perrysville, Ohio, where he resides. 


Olive, Stephen, N.vthan, William, William, William, 
dau. of Stephen (44) and Huldah (Bushnell) Tanner, b. Feb- 
ruary 5th, 1831, in Wayne county, Ohio; m. October 2nd, 1856, 
Michael S. Steward; re-s"! Custer Park, 111. ; he d. June 12th, 1903, 
aged 74 y. 10 mo. 11 days. 

Children — 

EMMA, b. December 9tli, 1858, d. August 31st, 1859. 

CLARA, b. June 27th, 1859. 

SHELDON, b. October 11th, 1861. 

SEYMOUR, b. February 4t]i, 1863. 

EARNEST M., b. May 14th, 1S66, d. October 26th, 1867. 

WILLARD L., b. May 3rd, 1870. 

CHARLES, b. August 23rd, 1873. 


Grandchildren of Olive (151) of Stephen Tanner (44). 
Clara Steward, m. August 26th, 1877, James Evans; res. 
Rushville, Neb.; Clara d. November 7th, 1891. 


Children — 

Sheldon Steward, m. December 16th, 1895, Lettie Evans; 
res. Custer Park, III. 

Children — 

WILBUR LEROY, b. July 27th, 1886. 

AURIE OLIVE, b. October 6th, 1888. 

Seymour Steward, m. Mary G. McGinness, ; res. 

Oklahoma City, Okla.; he d. December 7th, 1899. 

Children — 

WILLIAM M., d. young. 


JOHN, d. young. 

Willard L. Steward, m. July 3rd. 1895, Mary Brooks; res. 
Custer Park, 111. 

Charles Steward, m. August 14th, 1900, Carrie Eastman; 
res. Cripple Creek, Colo. 


Martin Darius, Stephen, Nathan, William, William, 
William, son of Stephen (44) and Huldah (Bushnell) Tanner, 
b. May 14th, 1834, in Wayne county, Ohio; m. October 1st, 
1856, Laura Lovina Ritchie, in Wayne county, Ohio; res. 
Custer Park, 111. 

Children — - 

441 COLLINS BUSHNELL, b. August 12th, 1857, d. May 25th, 1861. 
Infant son b. March 1st and d. April 1st, 1859. 

442 EMILY ALICE, b. May 10th, 1860. 

ALTHEA, b. July 29th, 1862, d. April 22nd, 1864. 

443 SHERIDAN C, b. February 20th, 1865. 
BURTIS, b. May 30th, 1867, d. August 12th, 1881. 


Martha Ellen, Stephen, Nathan. William, William, 
William, dau. of Stephen (44) and Huldah (Bushnell) Tanner, 
b. October 24th, 1843, in Wayne county, Ohio; m. March 12th, 
1861, George Riffle; res. Lake Fork, Ohio. 

Children — 

444 CLARA THERESA, b. December 13th, 1861, m. Alfred Sprang 

of Lake Fork, Ohio. Ch. Birdie, b. November 27th, 1900. 

445 STELLA MAY, b. May 2nd, 1864; m. November 30th, 1882, David 

Eley; ch. Pearl, b. September 21st, 1883, m. October 8th, 
1901, T. B.Garn and d. July 30th, 1902. .losephine, b. Decem- 
:>e" 8th, 18S7. 

446 HAR.MON WILLIS, b. April 23rd, 1869, d. May 5th, 1891. 

Harmon Willis, Stephen, Nathan, William, William, 


William, son of Stephen (44) and Huldah (Bushnell) Tanner, 
b. April 11th, 1849, in Wayne county, Ohio; m. December 1st, 
1872, Edith J. Quackingbush; res. Custer Park, 111. 

Children — 

CHARLES ABNER, b. April 10th, 1874, m. November 25th, 1902, 
Gertrude Burks. 

GEORGE LEROY, b. September 14th, 1S76, d. at the age of 2 
or 3. 

HULDAH MAY, b. May 23rd, 1878, d. February 5th, 1882. 

FLORENCE, b. December 7th, 1882. 

JESSIE, b. March 8th, 1886. 


Margaret A., Hiram, Nathan, William, William. Wil- 
liam, dau. of Hiram (45) and Esther Amanda (Dunn) Tanner, 
b. January 30th, 1831, in Clarence, Erie county, N. Y.; m. May 
1st, 1849, Watson C. Conant ; she d. May 9th, 1890, at Pierceton, 

Children — 

447 FRANK A., b. January 15th, 1850,at Rochester, Ohio; m. October 

10th, 1873, Ella Olney; res. Walnut Ridge, Kan.; no ch. 
FRED A., b. July 29th, 1856, Rochester, Ohio; d. October 10th, 
1873, Big Rapids, Mich. 

448 MAGGIE M., b. July 26th, 1868, at Pierceton, Ind. 

449 BERTHA A., b. September 21st, 1872. 

Jane Elizabeth, Hiram, Nathan, William, William, 
William, dau. of Hiram (45) and Esther Amanda (Dunn) 
Tanner, b. May 17th, 1834; m. October 4th, 1858, Walter Blair 
Foote; he d. July 2nd, 1904, aged 70 y. 6 mo.; res. Cleveland, 
Ohio, Glenville Station, 437 Doan street. 

Children — 

452 MARY E., b. August 14th, 1859. 

453 CLAYTON HUNTER, b. August 2nd, 1863, in Rochester, Loraine 

county, Ohio. 

454 LILLIAN, b. March 28th, 1868, in Cleveland, Ohio. 

455 ALYS MEDORA, b. January 23rd, 1873; single (1904). 


Alpheus Hiram, Hiram, Nathan, William, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Hiram (45) and Esther Amanda (Dunn) Tanner, 
b. July 28th, 183G,in Ruggles, Ashland county, Ohio; m. June 
10th, 1859, Clarissa M. Wilson, in Linn county, Kan.; who 
d. May 1st, 1871; m. 2nd, Alice Mary Lowe, February, 1873, 
b. December 15th, 1850; res. Mapleton, Kan. (Name also 
written Hiram Alpheus.) 
Children of 1st m.— 

456 DONNA ANN, b. May 20th, 1860. 

CHARLES WATSON, b. June 17th, 1869, d. April 4th, 1888. 


Children of 2nd m. — 

457 LEONARD W., b. May 17th, 1875; m. October 29th, 1900, Etta 

Mercer of Mapleton, Kan.; son b. July 16th, 1904. 

458 HARRY HIRAM, b. November 20th, 1885. 


Abram Malcom, Hiram, Nathan, William, William, 
William, son of Hiram (45) and Esther Amanda (Dunn) Tan- 
ner, b. March 30th, 1840, in (now) Ashland county, Ohio; m. 
January 18th, 1865, Ehza J. Marshall, a relative of Chief Justice 
Marshall; he d. November 17th, 1878, in Cleveland, Ohio; 
address, Rochester, Ohio. 

Children — 

FRED MARSHALL, b. January 9th, 1868; d. April 7th, 1868, in 
Rochester, Ohio. 

463 HIRAM HUBERT, b. December 28th, 1869, in Avon, Ohio; d. 

August 21st, 1903, Fort Collins, Colo.; student; a noble 
Christian character. 


Emma Amanda, Hiram, Nathan, William, William, 
William, dau, of Hiram (45) and Esther Amanda (Dunn) 

Tanner, b. October 9th, 1843, — ; m. May 4th, 1868, 

Joshua Gibson Wood; res. Topeka, Kan. 

Children — 

MABEL G., b. April 29th, 1870, Topeka; d. October 8th, 1870. 

464 HOWARD KENASTON, b. May 25th, 1873, Topeka. 

465 THOMAS CARLYLE, b. March 17th, 1882, Topeka. 


Timothy Ingraham, William, Nathan, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, William, son of William (46) and Margarette (Ingra- 
ham) Tanner, b. March 21st, 1803, in Bristol, R. I.; m. August 
25th, 1822, Mary A. Bowers of Bristol, R. I.; he d. December 
26th, 1886, in Grand Rapids, Mich., aged 84; wife d. in Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 

Children — 

466 WILLIAM HENRY, b. June 29th, 1823. 

467 MARY ANN, b. September 15th, 1824. 

468 BENNETT MUNRO, b. November 29th. 1826. 

469 TIMOTHY INGRAHAM, b. November 4th, 1828. 
CHARLES HENRY, b. September 5th, 1830; d. August 5th, 

1832, Bristol. 

470 JOHN BRISTED, b. February 12th, 1833. 

471 BENJAMIN BOSWORTH, b. April 3rd, 1836, d. sini?le. 

472 CORNELIUS BOWERS, b. October 29th, 1839. 

EDWARD PAYSON, b. August 7th, 1842, d. November 5th, 

Baptismal record of the children of Timothy Ingraham 
and Mary Ann (Bowers) Tanner, St. Michael's church, Bris- 
tol, R. I. 


illiam Henry, baptized June 15th, 1827. 

jnnett Munro, baptized June 15th, 1827. 

ary Ann, baptized June 15th, 1827. 

ary Ann, wile of Timothy I., baptized February 28th, 1830. 

)hn Bristed, baptized July 6th, 1833. 





Joh ^ , ~-^ ._., — , _- 

Diana Ingraham, baptized July Gt.h, 1833. 

Rev. John Bristed was Rector of St. Michael's, Bristol. 

Confirmed in St. Michael's Church, Bristol, R. I. 

Mary Ann (wife of Timothv), March Gth, 1834. 

Margaret, March 6th, 183^4. 

Bennett, February 15th, 1842. 

Timothy, June 13th, 1842. 

William, William, Nathan, Palmer, William, William, 
son of William (46) and Margarette (Ingraham) Tanner, b. 
August 11th, 1804, in Providence, R. I.; m. October 18th, 1824, 
Lydia Sisson of New Bedford, Mass.; he d. August 11th, 1865, 
in Providence; wife d. January 16th, 1876, in Chicago, 111., 
aged 72 y. 

Infant d. at birth. May 1825, N. Bedford. 
MARGARETTE, b. March 28th, 1826, N. Bedford. 

473 SARAH MARIA, b. May 18th, 1827, Albany, N. Y. 

474 AGNES KEMPTON, b. July 15th, 1829, N. Bedford. 

475 WILLIAM AUGUSTUS, b. August 22nd, 1833, Pawtucket, R. I. 

476 MARGARETTE INGRAHAM, b. August 23rd, 1836, Pawtucket, 

R. I. 

477 GEORGE HENRY, b. September 16th, 1840, Alton, 111. 

478 FRANK GARLAND, b. April 23rd, 1843, Buffalo, N. Y. 
FREDERICK, b. September 10th, 1844, Attica, N. Y.; killed at 

Petersburg, Va. in the Army, June 22nd, 1863. 
CHARLES, b. April 7th, 1846, Buffalo, N. Y.; d. September 23rd, 
1857, Oskhosh, Wis. 

Sarah Ingraham, William, Nathan, Palmer, William, 
William, dau. of William (46) and Margarette (Ingraham) 
Tanner, b. June 21st, 1806; m. July 22nd, 1828, Samuel Wilk- 
inson, Bristol, R. I., who d. in Pawtucket, killed by cars; 
wife (1. August 16th, 1861, Providence, R. I. 

Children — 

EDWARD, b. November 29th, 1829, d. April Uth, 1894. 

MARGARET, b. April 17th, 1833; m. November 6th, 1851, Stephen 
C. Miller. 1 ch. Annie Wilkinson, b. August 1st, 1852; un- 

JAMES HENRY, b. July 12th, 1846; m. July 10th, 1869, Dora 
Pedrick; he d. August 16th, 1872. 2 ch. Samuel, b. Septem- 
ber 19th, 1870, d. September 23rd, 1870; Helen Ingraham, b. 
January 2nd, 1872, d. January 15th, 1877. 

16 2 1-2 
Margaret Ingraham, William, Nathan, Palmer, Wil- 

■truU C/^i-^ 

[ (j/'ff^y>^1^^>^ 


LiAM, William, dau. of William (46) and Margarette (Ingra- 
ham) Tanner of Bristol, R. I., b. May 21st, 1810; m. October 
29th, 1837, Col. Jonathan Knowles, Seekonk, Mass. (town 
record gives October 26th.); she d. December 6th, 1876. 

MARGARET V., b. September 13th, 1838; m. June 2nd, 1864, 
Joseph A. Shattuck; she d. March 6th, 1888 3 ch.: 
Clarence Edward, b. June 17th, 1865; m. May 10th, 1887, 
Annie La Rose. 3 ch. Ethel May, b. May 14th, 1888; 
Margaret Josephine, b. December 19th, 1889; Sarah 
Frances, b. May 13th, 1891. 
Frank Henry, b. September 19th, 1867. 

Joseph Lindsley, b. January 24th, 1871; m. December 30th, 
1902, Mary E. Jenkins. 
ANNIE M. (Knowles), b. January 8th, 1841; m. March 18th, 1869, 

Leander G. Sherman; no ch. 
VIRGINIA S. (Knowles), b. September 10th, 1843; m. November 
30th, 1875, Joseph C. Lindsley; shed: October 6th, 1877; no ch. 
JOSEPHINE J. (Knowles), b. August 30th, 1845; m. December 

5th, 1865, William H. Sanford; no ch. 
FRANK A. (Knowles), b. June 5th, 1847, d. April 26th, 1852. 
[Information of Margaret and Sarah I. by Mrs. Annie M. (Knowles) 
Sherman, Edgewood, Providence, R. I.] 


Henry, William, Nathan, Palmer, William, William, 
son of William (46) and Margarette (Ingraham) Tanner, b. 
June 9th, 181.3, in Bristol, R. L; m. December 5th, 1837, at 
Alton, 111., Ehzabeth Clark Norton; she d. March 12th, 
1856, in Buffalo, N. Y.; m. 2nd, June 30th, 1857, Martha Shel- 
don Wheeler, in Cleveland, Ohio; he d. in Buffalo, N. Y., Jan- 
uary 31st, 1895. 

Children of 1st wife — 

HENRY NORTON, b. July 30th, 1839, Alton; d. July 3rd, 1862; 

482 SAMUEL WILKINSON, b. July 19th, 1841, Buffalo, N. Y. 
WILLIAM INGRAHAM, b. June 26th, 1843, d. January 24th, 

EDWARD BOSWORTH, b. June 25th, 1846, d. January 28th, 

483 WILLIAM EDWIN, b. March 24th, 1848. 

EDWIN LEWIS, b. September 30th, 1850, d. March 27th, 1851. 

Infant son who did not survive. 

MARIA ELIZABETH, b. November 11th, 1854, d. February 3rd, 

BENNET MUNROE, b. March 1st, 1856, d. July 30th, 1856. 
ELIZABETH CLARK NORTON, wife of Henry, d. March 12th, 


Children by 2nd wife — 
Daughter that did not live. 

484 HARRIET ISABELLA, b. November 14th, 1859. 

485 FRANKLIN WHEELER, b. February 23rd, 1861. 


CHARLES HENRY, b. September 5th, 1863, d. September 18th, 

CHARLES FINNEY MANSFIELD, b. September 2nd, 1865, d. 
March 7th, 1870. 

MARIA HENRIETTA, b. September 13th, 1867; m. October 2nd, 
1895, Henry Ernest Montgomery; ch. Nelson Tanner, b. De- 
cember 26th, 1898; res. Buffalo, N. Y. (1903) 

JULIA WHEELER, b. January 18th, 1870; single (1903). 

MARTHA SHELDON, b. April 20th, 1871, d. July 13th, 1872. 

Henry Tanner (163) is the author of a book called "The Alton 
Trials," being a "History of the Rise and' Progress of the Alton Riots, 
Culminating in the Death of Rev. Elijah P. Lovejoy, November 7th, 
1837." Printed at Buffalo, N. Y., by James D. Warren, 1878. Written 
for the Buffalo Historical Society. 

Henry Tanner with others was indicted for riot committed on the 
night of November 7th, 1837, while engaged in defending a printing- 
press from an attack made on it by a mob, resulting in the murder by 
this mob, of Rev. Mr. Lovejoy — the owner of the printing-press and an 
advocate of anti-slavery. 

P'or a full account, see the pamphlet referred to, deposited in the 
Buffalo Historical Society; also other works. The event created a 
profound sensation at the time, and Mr. Lovejoy was named "The 


Abel, Palmer, Nathan, Palmer, William, William, son 
of Palmer (47) and Mary Unis (Case) Tanner, b. August 4th, 
1805, on Prudence Island; m. 1st, November 13th, 182S, Helen 
Maria Holden, b. March 1st, 1810, dau. of William and Phebe 
(Nichols) Holden, a direct descendant of Randall Holden of 
old Warwick (see Colonial His. of R. I.) ; she d. May 4th, 1840; 
Abel d. March 21st, 1899, Mystic, Conn. 

Children of 1st m. — 

486 GEORGE WHITEFIELD, b September 14th, 1829. Centreville, 

R. I. 

487 FREELOVE HELEN, b. July, 1833. 

488 ANNIE MARIA, 1). 1835. 
ORANGE SCOTT, b. 1837, d. young. 
JEREMIAH, b. 1S39, d. young. 

M. 2nd, Clara Watrous. 
490 ABEL PALMER, b. July 7th. 1850. 

M. 3rd, September 24th, 1856, Mrs. Cordelia Heath Wat- 
rous, b. 1814. 


WENDALL PHILLIPS, b. December, 1860, d. , 1880; 


"Abel Tanner of Mystic, father of Abel Palmer Tannc, Esq., of 
New London, Connecticut, died at Mystic, March 21st, 1899, in his 
95th year. He was widely known in that part of the country whe e 
he had lived so many years. He was a man of strong convictions, and 


Mystic, Conn. 



during the Civil War and prior to the conflict he was a very pronounced 
anti-slavery man. He possessed a natural talent for speaking, and 
during tliose stirring days made many telling addresses. Later he 
became interested in the universal peace movement and his voice was 
frequently heard at the annual meetings at the grove in Mystic. 

"In former years he had been in the employ of the Standard 
Machine Company, until by reason of age he was unable to attend to 
business. Notwithstanding he had long survived the allotted span 
of human life, he remained cheerful and always had a kind word for 
those with whom he came in contact." [Norwich Courier.] 


Jeremiah, Palmer, Nathan, Palmer, William, William, 
son of Palmer (47) and Mary Unis (Case) Tanner, b. March 
12th, 1807, on Prudence Island; m. May 14th, 1829, Martha 
Mathewson, b. November 15th, 1811, Coventry, R. I.; she d. 
May 20th, 1884, in Warren, R. I.; res. (1904) Providence; he 
d. September 25th, 1904. 
Children — 

491 SARAH ANN, b. August 25th, 1829. 

492 HARRIET AMANDA, b. April 4th, 1831. 

493 MARTHA JANE, b. November 14th, 1842. 

Jeremiah Tanner was born on Prudence Island, and is a descend- 
ant by his mother's line from William Unis, one of the Waldenses who 
emigrated from Guernsey, in France, early in the 18th century. 

In his earlier life he was the valued friend of Mr. Samuel Foster. 
From 1837 to 1841 he held a responsible position with the Lonsdale 
Company at Lonsdale, and afterwards with the Warren Manufactur- 
ing Company at Warren. During the later years of his life he resided 
in Providence with his granddaughter, Mrs. Horton. He was well 
known in the city, and his habit was to sit on the steps of the Arcade, 
where he could be seen any pleasant day of summer. He was strictly 
temperate and regular in his habits, was never sick, and at the last 
passed away as the candle dies in its socket, and "he was not." 

His brother Abel was a pronounced abolitionist prior to the Civil 
War, and was frequently associated with Wendell Phillips in that cause. 


William, Palmer, Nathan, Palmer, William. William, 
son of Palmer (47) and Mary tJnis (Case) Tanner, b. Decem- 
ber 12th, 1813, Prudence Island; m. April 26th, 1835, Ehza 
Shaw Tillinghast, dau. of Job and Sally Davis Tillinghast of 
East Greenwich, R. I. ; he d. March 26th, 1879; wife d. Novem- 
ber 4th, 1880, Cenierville, R. I. 
Children — - 

GEORGE THOMPSON, b. May 1st, 1836, Centerville; m. Novem- 
ber 25th, 1858, Celia Ann Bowen, b. November 4th, 1835; she 
d. August 11th, 1901, Centerville; no ch. grew to maturity. 
MERCY ELIZA, b. October 23rd, 1837; m. January, 1864, Samuel 

K. Thompson; d. Apiil 30th, 1864. 
MARGARET AMANDA, b. January 23rd, 1841, d. October 24th, 

1861; single. 
EMILY SHAW, b. July 25th, 1845, d. October 5th, 1869; single. 



James Read, Palmer, Nathan, Palmer, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Palmer (47) and Mary Unis (Case) Tanner, b.June 
2nd, 1819, Prudence Island; m. November 25th, 1847, Mary 
Ann Arnold of Plainfield, Conn., 


JOHN READ, b. , d. April, 1857, Centerville. 


Christopher Palmer, Palmer (47), m. September 22nd, 
1846, Sophia (i. Wing, both of Warwick, R. I., and d. May 26th, 
1856, leaving no ch. 


Barton B., Abel, Palmer, Palmer, William, William, 
son of Abel (53) and Abigail May hew Tanner, b. July 3rd, 

1793, in Scituate, R. I.; m. Patience C. , b. 1801; she 

d. February 10th, 1887; appointed administrator on estate of 
wife July 12th, 1887; Barton d. July 2nd, 1891. 

Children — 

494 EDWARD, who m. February 17th, 1S4S, Lydia B., dau. of Samuel 

and Freelove Ashton of Scituate, d. April 20th, 1900, Arctic, 
R. I., aged 71. 
HANNAH, m. twice — no record. 


William Henry, Aiii:[>, Palmer, Palmer, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Abel (53) and Abigail (Mayhew) Tanner, b. March 
17th, 1810, in Coventry. R. I.; m. September 11th, 1831, Lydia 
Walker, b. June 1st, 1817, in Scituate, R. I.; she d. October, 
1837; he d. September 21st, 1895; res. Webster, Mass., from 

Children — 

495 MARY M., b. September 15th, 1833, in Scituate; m. Robert White 

of Providence; dau. Ella. 

496 HENRY A., b. October 27th, 1835. 
WILLIAM A., b. October 12th, 1837, d. 1850. 

M. 2nd, April 11th, 1839, Hannah Slater of Webster, 
Mass., b. in Kngland, March 12th, 1816, and d. in Webster, 
October 19th, 1883. 

Children of 2nd wife — 

497 GEORGE A., b. February 15th. 1840. 

498 EDWIN H., b. May 16th, 1841. 

499 ELIZABETH H., b. June 10th, 1843. 
.500 HAHIMET S., b. February 18tii, 1848. 

Silas, Abel, Palmer, Palmer, William, William, son of 
Abel (53) and Abigail (Mayhew) Tanner, b. February 16th, 
1812,in Coventry, R. I. ; m. September 9th, 1831, Anne F.Pierce, 


b. January 31st, 1812, in Rehoboth, Mass.; she d. November 
21st, 1882; dau. of Isaac and Penelope (Horton) Pierce of 
Rehoboth, Mass. 

Children — 

JOSEPH, b. March 3rd, 1833, d. March 5th, 1833. 

ABBY ANN, b. May 13th, 1834, d. July 12th, 1835. 

501 HIRAM ALPHEUS, b. May 16th, 1836. 

502 ISAAC SANFORD, b. May 3rd, 1839. 

503 ABBY JANE, b. June 30th, 1845. 

GEORGE A., b. September 22nd, 1853, d. July 30th, 1855. 
Abby Jane m. April 22nd, 1869, D. A. Needham, and d. 1876; 
no ch. 


Phillips, William, Palmer, Palmer, William, William, 
son of William (55) and Sabrina (Phillips) Tanner, b. May 6th, 
1789; m. March 18th, 1821. Sally Bassett, b. September 2nd, 
1798, in South Killingly,Conn. ; d. January 4th, 1874, in Daniel- 
son, Conn.; wife d. December 4th, 1882. 

Children — 

504 ELIZA M., b. November 12th, 1821, in Brooklyn, Conn. 
HIRAM, b. March 10th, 1824; res. (1901) Danielson, Conn; single. 
CHARLES, b. October 31st, 1825, d. December 19th, 1831. 
CHARLOTTE, b. October 27th, 1828; unmarried; res. (1901) 

Danielson, Conn. 


Polly, William, Palmer, Palmer, William, William, 

dau. of William (55) and Sabrina (Phillips) Tanner, b. July 

4th, 1795; m. June 14th, 1818, Daniel Arnold. 

Children — 

MARYETTA, b. November 1st, 1819, d. in childhood. 

505 SABRINA A., b. April 27th, 1829. 

506 EMERENCE E., b. September 13th, 1831. 


Phebe, William, Palmer, Palmer, William, William, 
dau. of William (55) and Sabrina (Phillips) Tanner, b. June 
23rd, 1799; m. February 11th, 1821, Jonathan Clough; she d. 
May 19th, 1876, Danielson, Conn. 
Children — 

507 GEORGE, b. January 10th, 1822. 
PHEBE ANN, b. March 27th, 1824. d. youn?. 

508 HARRIET ELEANOR, b. November 12th, 1827. 

509 MARY ELIZABETH, b. February 26th, 1831. 

Henry Clinton, William, Palmer, Palmer, William, 
William, son of William (55) and Sabrina (Phillips) Tanner, 
b. July 23rd, 1810; m. November 27th, 1833, Sarepta Law; he 
d. September 8th, 1852, in Worcester, Mass.; wife d. February 
12th, 1882. 


Children — 

ELLEN, b. September 24th, 1835; single (1901). 

510 ANNIE MARIA, b. November 2nd, 1842. 

Job, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, William, William 
son of Palmer (56) and Margaret (Austin) Tanner, b. Decem- 
ber 3rd, 1791, in North Kingstown, R. I.; m. Betsey Champlin 
of Exeter; res. in East Greenwich, R. I.; no ch. known. He 
was a sailor, left home and little was heard of him afterwards ; 
supposed that he d. in 1834, and wife in 1848. 


Benjamin, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Palmer (56) and Margaret (Austin) Tanner, b. 
June 19th, 1793, in North Kingstown, R. I.; m. April 16th, 
1815. Lucy Hunt,dau. of William and Prudence Hunt; m. by 
Elder Thomas Manchester, North Kingstown. 

Childien of 1st wife — 

511 HENRY, b. October 19th, 1815, Potowomut in Warwick, R. I. 

512 WILLIAM PALMER, b. September 24th, 1818, in Noith Kings- 

town, R. I. 

513 BENJAMIN, b. February 22nd, 1821. 

THOMAS, b. May 25th, 1823, d. November 6th, 1830. 
GARDINER CHAMPLIN, b. May 9th, 1825; never m.; d. at 
the old home, February 17th, 1846; a beautiful Christian 

f* M Jl T*J-1 C*^ f*T* 

514 JAMES W^OOb, b. November 3rd, 1827. 

515 CHARLES ELDRIDGE, b. November 3rd, 1830, in North Kings- 

town, R. I. 
Infant, b. August 30th, 1832, buried with the mother, who d. at 
the same date. 

M. 2nd, November 25th, 1832, Mrs. Diana Nichols Bick- 

Children by this m. — - 

516 LUCY ANN, b. November 19th, 1833, in North Kingstown, R. I. 
HARRIET MARANDA, b. January 31st, 1836; unmarried; res. 

Hope Valley, R. I. 

" Benjamin was a wheelwright and farmer; an honest, upright 
man, and a member, about 1844, of the Six Principle Baptist Church. 

"His homestead was a part of the original farm given by Henry 
Tibbitts to his 'grandson, William Tanner, 'on which he was buried. 
Inl877 his remains, together with those of other members of his family, 
were removed to the cemetery in East Greenwich." 

Mary, Palmer, Ben.jamin, Palmer, William, William, 
dau. of Palmer (56) and Margaret (Austin) Tanner, b. Decem- 
ber 3rd, 1795, in North Kingstown; m. May 25th, 1817 
Nicholas Spencer Dawley, son of Daniel and Elizabeth 
Dawley, and brother of John who m. Lucy Tanner, b. 


June 20th, 1793. Lucy d. November 8th, 1861; husband d. 
September 18th, 1863; occupation, carpenter; no ch., but 
they reared Margaret, dau. of her brother Abel. 

James Austin, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, William, 
William, son of Palmer (56) and Margaret (Austin) Tanner, 
b. May 8th, 1797, in North Kingstown, R. I.; m. 1st, Eliza 
Nason of Newport, b. June 7th, 1799, dau. of David and Abby 
Nason, October 14th, 1816; she d. October 27th, 1845; m. 
2nd, February 10th, 1846, Mrs. Mary Stoddard Walker, widow 
of Rev. Calvin Walker, b. August 5th, 1802. James d. Novem- 
ber 15th, 1869; wife d. January, 1885. 

Children all by 1st wife — 

517 CATHERINE, b. February 12th, 1818, North Kingstown, d. May 

7th, 1865. 

518 PALMER, b. May 5th, 1820, North Kingstown. 

519 NICHOLAS DAWLEY, b. February 16th, 1822. 

520 ELIZABETH, b. July 2nd, 1824. 

521 JAMES, b. February 24th, 1826. 

522 GEORGE AUSTIN, b. February 16th, 1828. 

DAVID BOWEN, b. October 22nd, 1829, d. May 12th, 1830. 

523 SILAS ARNOLD, b. March 13th, 1831, East Greenwich, R. I. 

524 DAVID BOWEN, b. April 29th, 1833, Pontiac. 

ALBERT, b. November 29th, 1835, Pontiac, d. October 31st, 

525 JOHN HENRY, b. October 7th, 1837, Pontiac. 

526 ABBY AMANDA, b. December 12th, 1840, Pontiac. 

527 EMELINE FRANCES, b. December 5th, 1843. 

528 THOMAS DORR, b. March 23rd, 1845. 

In his earlier years James Austin Tanner was a sailor. Later he 
was a machinist and farmer. He was a member of the Quidnesett 
Baptist Church. He was the last member of the family to own the 
old homestead, and was buried on the old farm. He espoused the 
cause of Governor Dorr; had five sons in the Union Army, '61 to '65. 


Abel, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, 
son of Palmer (56) and Margaret (Austin) Tanner, b. August 
8th, 1800,in North Kingstown; m. March, 1823, Betsey Wilcox, 
dau. of James and Lucy Wilcox, Coventry, R. I. 

Abel was a natural athlete, performing extraordinary feats of 
agility. He died December 25th, 1859, at Natick, R. I., and is buried 
on the old farm, as is also his son, William Albert; wife died October 
2nd, 1889. 

Children — 

529 JOB, b. February 23rd, 1824, at Quidnick, R. I. 

530 MARGARET CAROLINE, b. January 17th, 1826, North Kings- 

town, R. I. 

531 MARY DAWLEY, b. March 2nd, 1828, North King.stown, R. I. 

532 JAMES, b. July 7th, 1830, North Kingstown, R. I. 


533 BETSEY ELIZABETH, b. December 15th, 1833. North Kings- 

town, R. I. 

534 RUTH, b. September 19th, 1834, at Potowomut, in Warwick. 

535 ABEL, Jr., b. June 26th, 1836, at Potowomut, in Warwick. 
WILLIAM ALBERT, b. October 19th, 1838, at Potowotmut, 

in Warwick; d. November 1st, 1846. 

536 EDWIN, b. December 26th, 1840, Pontiac. 

537 LUCY, b. March 21st, 1842, Compton, in Warwick. 

538 AMANDA MALVINA, b. February 23rd, 1844, Pontiac. 

539 ALMA, b. September 24th, 1846, Pontiac. 


Emily, Benjamin, Benjamin, Palmer, William, Wil- 
Li.\M, dau. of Benjamin (57) and Rebecca (Fones) Tanner, 
b. February 24th, 1800, in North Kingstown, R. I.; m. June 
2nd, 1819, WiUiam Haight; she d. March 19th, 1884, West 
Lebanon, N. Y. 

Children — 

BENJAMIN TANNER, b. — , d. 1892; unmarried. 

ABRAM MOSHER, b. March 19th, 1822; m. October 13th, 1843, 
Sarah E. Sackett; he d. March 13th, 1893. Ch. William, b. 
August 19th, 1848; Esther, b. May 13th, 1861. d. February 
9th, 1879. 

EMILY' JANE, b. February 14th, 1838; m. February 26th. 1856, 
Silas B. Hamilton; she d. March, 1893. Ch. Carrie, b. Decem- 
ber 13th, 1856, d. December 29th, 1877; Charles A., b. March 
24th, 1859; William J., b. June 27th, 1861; Emma H., b. 
November 1st, 1866; Anna H., b. 1863, d. April 19th, 1889; 
Grace B., b. February 5th, 1871; Hattie B., b. December 
22nd, 1874. 

Children of Emily Jane, dau. of Emily (Tanner) Haight 

(181) and Silas B. Hamilton. 

Charles A., m. May 19th, 1880, Carrie Preston. 

Children — 

William J., m. May 10th, 1898. Nettie Gardner. 
Emma H., m. December, 31st, 1891, Douglas Curtis. 
Hattie B., m. January 7th, 1898, Garry Rennerfelt. 


Isaac, son of Benjamin (57) and Rebecca (Fones) Tanner, 
m. Catherine Blunt. 


JAMES, d. about 17 years of age. 

MARY' ANN, also d. leaving the family extinct. 

John Fones, Benjamin, Benjamin, Palmer, William, 
William, son of Benjamin (57) and Rebecca (Fones) Tanner 
of North Kingstown, R. I.; m. May 13th, 1830, Maria Wick- 


ham; he d. September 26th, 1879; wife d. December 20th, 
1896, Canaan Four Corners, N. Y. 

Cliildren — 

540 MATTHEW W., b. March 20th, 1831. 

ELMA JANE, b. February 6th, 1833, d. November 18th, 1834. 
ALBERT G., b. August 19th, 1834, d. December 19th, 1855, at 

Canaan Four Corners; single. 
JOHN FONES, Jr., b. March 30th, 1836, d. March 11th, 1846, 

Canaan Four Corners. 
ELEAZER ROOT, b. December 31st, 1837, d. December 15th, 


541 HARRIET MARIA, b. April 7th, 1839. 

542 CYRUS HUDSON, b. February 11th, 1841. 

543 HENRIETTA CLARISSA, b. November 30th, 1842. 
FRANCES CAROLINE, b. March 30th, 1845, d. January 4th, 

MARIETTA, b. October 7th, 1846, d. November 30th, 1865. 
AUGUSTA CORNELIA, b. July 23rd, 1848, d. September 10th, 

ORCELIA VICTORIA, b. February 22nd, 1850, d. November 

16th, 1865. 
LEROY, b. December 12th, 1851, d. December 26th, 1852. 
OSSIAN E., b. May 29th, 1853, d. December 10th, 1865. 

Nelson, Benjamin, Benjamin, Palmer, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Benjamin (57) and Rebecca (Fones) Tanner, b. 
September 12th, 1810; m. 1st, in 1830, Prudence Burgess. M. 
2nd, January 31st, 1837, Prudence Lovejov, b. June 16th, 
1809; he d. January 24th, 1890; wife d. November 28th, 1894. 

Children of Lst wife — 

544 PRUDENCE ANN, b. April 6th, 1835. 
Children of 2nd wife — 

545 EUDORA C. b. June 10th, 1838. 

546 ELAM TILDEN, b. November 28th, 1839. 

547 HENRY DWIGHT, b. August 3rd, 1841. 
LOUISA J., b. October 11th, 1844, d. 1848. 
LUCY ELLEN, b. July 4th, 1846, d. 1848. 

548 EGBERT S., b. November 23rd, 1848. 

Sarah, Benjamin, Benjamin. Palmer, William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of Benjamin (57) and Rebecca (Fones) Tanner, b. 

, m. Silvester Green Ellsworth, January 8th, 1833. [See 

Ay] es worth Genealogy.] 

Maria, Benjamin, Benjamin Palmer, William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of Benjamin (57) and Rebecca (Fones) Tanner, b. 
May 5th, 1812; m. January 5th, 1830. Amos Haight, b. July 
7th, 1807; he d. February 13th, 1861; wife d. March 14th, 


Children — 

GEORGE E., b. January 19th, 1831, d. August 24th, 1836. 

550 ISAAC T., b. October 23rd, 1832. 

551 CHARLES H., b. August 13th, 1834. 

552 JOSEPH F., b. April 18th, 1842. 

553 GEORGE D., b. September 24th. 1844. 

554 WILLIAM E., b. July 21st, 1847. 

555 AMOS, b. March 14th, 1857. 

Lucy Hall, Benjamin, Benjamin, Palmer, William, 
William, dau. of Benjamin (57) and Rebecca (Fones) Tan- 
ner. b. May 12th, 1825, in Columbia county, N. Y. ; m. Septem- 
ber 1842 Raymond Hopkins; he d. March 1877. 

Children — 

556 HENRY TANNER, b. September 17th. 1843, d. May 29th, 1886. 
SILAS OWEN, b. January 24th, 1848, d. November 29th, 1867; 


557 NOEL SISSON, b. September 14th, 1849. 

Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, Palmer, William, 
William, son of Benjamin (57) and Rebecca (Fones) Tanner, 
b. September 19th, 1820, in Columbia county, N. Y. ; m. Ann 
E. Magill, November 13th, 1856, b. March 7th, 1829, in Buck- 
land, Conn. Benjamin was of New Lebanon, Columbia county, 
N. Y.; he d. October 15th, 1900, in Hartford, Conn.; wife d. 
August 15th, 1895. 

Children — 

IDA L., b. August 28th, 1857, in New Lebanon; single. 

ALBERT C, b. December 27th, 1859, West Lebanon, N. Y.; 
single (1901); 177 Broadway, New York City. 

WALTER J., b. September 25th, 1861; m. 1886 Jennie E. Thomp- 
son of Winsted, Conn.; he d. December 27th, 1888. 

JENNIE A., b. August 19th, 1866; d. unmarried, Hartford, Conn., 
May 9th, 1887. 


Albert Spencer, Gardner, Samuel, Henry, William, 
William son of Gardner (58) and vSusan (Lewis) Tanner, b. 
August 7th. 1807, in Coventry, R. 1. ; m. November 2nd, 1832, 
Sarah Allen, b. March 2nd, ^1812, in Milbury, Mass.; he. d. 
January 12th, 1890, in Norwich, N. Y.; wife d. February 
26th, 1904. 

Children — ■ 

558 ALBERT FRANCIS, b. April 4th, 1834, Milbury, Mass. 

559 SARAH GEORGIANA, b. February 25th, 1836, Milbury, Mass. 

560 HELEN LOUISA, b. March 5th, 1838, Milbury, Mass. 

561 ADELAIDE LUTHERA, b. March 12th, 1840, Norwich, N. Y. 

562 HORACE GARDNER, b. July 11th, 1842, Norwich, N. Y. 

563 EMMER JOSEPHINE, b. August 31st, 1844, Norwich, N. Y. 


564 SAMUEL AUGUSTUS, b. August 10th, 1846, Eaton, N. Y. 

565 JULIA VERNETTE, b. March 25th, 1849, Eaton, N. Y. 
"Albert S. Tanner removed to Norwich, N. Y., in 1840. He was 

then a builder, and formed a partnership with Abraham Thomas. The 
firm constructed the old Norwich Academy, and many other buildings. 
In 1846 he removed to a farm in Morrisville, Madison county, where 
he acquired a competence, and later returned to Norwich, where he 
spent the remainder of his days. 

"Mr. Tanner had many of the attributes of the gentleman of the 
old school. He was courteous, affable, a good talker and an agreeable 
companion to young and old. Strictly honest and honorable in all his 
transactions, his character was above reproach. His rel'gious life 
was even and consistent. He was one of the oldest members of the 
Norwich Baptist Church in length of service and years. He was a 
good citizen and took an active interest in the welfare of the nation." 
[Local paper.] 

Theodore G., Gardner, Samuel, Henry, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Gardner (58) and Mary (Bates) Tanner, b. July 
1st, 1811, in Coventry. R. 1.: m. January 1st, 1835, Susan Snow; 
he d. March 10th, 1863. 
Children — 

MARY A., b. October 4th, 1839; m. November 12th, 1861, Norton 
S. Hull, b. April 13th, 1836; he. d. April 2nd, 1900; wife d. 
October 28th, 1897; no ch. 
666 BRADFORD B., b. November 29th, 1844, d. May 3rd, 1900. 


Stephen A., Gardner, Samuel, Henry, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Gardner (58) and Mary (Bates) Tanner, b. August 
21st, 1814, in Coventry, R. I.; m. June 19th, 1842, Mary Ehza- 
beth Rice, b. December 18th, 1822; she d. March 16th, 1885; 
m. 2nd, February 15th, 1888, Mrs. Phebe A. Aylesworth, nee 
Davis, b. December 10th, 1839; res. Norwich, N. Y. 


LEWIS B., b. November 17th, 1843, d. March 14th, 1844. 

Infant b. and d. April 23rd, 1846. 

SARAH M., b. May 12th, 1847, m. November 11th, 1874, Charle-s 
H. Dickenson; she d. January 30th, 1880; dau. 

Infant b. September 14th, d. November 4th, 1850. 

AMELIA B., b. April 13th, 1854, d. November 10th, 1859. 

SAMUEL, b. March 2nd, d. September 2nd, 1856. 

HILUS, b. November 23rd, 1858, d. September 7th, 1859. 


George, Gardner, Samuel, Henry, William, William, 
son of Gardner (58) and Mary (Bates) Tanner, b. November 
18th, 1S17; m. EUza Smith, b. November Sth. 1817; m. 2nd, 
August 27th, 1847, xMartha Hunt; he d. June 15th, 1856. 

Children of 1st m. — 
567 AMY M., b. October 23rd, 1840. 

LODISCA, b. November 14th, 1844, d. April 10th, 1856. 


Children of 2nd m.- 

NANCY L., b. August 15th, 1848, d. July 16th, 1851. 

568 WILLIAM, b. February 23rd, 1853. 

JAMES K., b. March 31st, 1855, d. September 13th, 1862. 
DORA, b. Mav 3rd. 1865, d. May 3rd, 1885. 

569 GARDNER, b. February 3rd, 1857. 

570 MARTHA, b. October 13th, 1859, d. December 8th, 1893. 


Sally B., Gardner, Samuel, Henry, William. William, 
dau. of Gardner (58) and Mary (Bates) Tanner, b. September 
16th, 1819; m. March 5th, 1839, Albert Tiffany, Norwich, 
N. Y.; she d. March 28th, 1884, Norwich. 


571 ADELINE L., b. February 10th, 1842. 

572 AMELIA C, b. February 20th, 1844. 
MARY E., b. March 9th, 1849; single (1901). 


Mary A., Gardner, Samuel, Henry. William, William, 

dau. of Gardner (58) and Mary (Bates) Tanner, b. January 

8th, 1823; m. January 1st, 1845, Squire Guile; he d. — ; 

she d. October 9th, 1893; res. Ovid, Mich. 


FRANK, b. , m. ; 2 eh. 


Henry 6., Gardner, Samuel. Henry, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Gardner (58) and Mary (Bates) Tanner, b. Decem- 
ber 10th, 1824; m. September 13th, 1846, Lucy A. Bowers; he 
d. July 5th, 1893. 


HERMAN, b. July 18th, 1852, d. December 10th, 1882; unmarried. 


Mary Gorton, Christopher, Samuel, Henry^ William, 
William, dau. of Christopher (59) and Sarah (Williams) Tan- 
ner, b. September 30th, 1817, Cranston, R. I.; m. May 1st, 
1836, William H. Dyer, son of Daniel P. Dyer, Cranston, R. I., 
b. August 12th, 1817, Cranston; he d. February 3rd, 1899, 
Cranston; buried in Pocasset cemetery. 

Children — 

573 WILLIAM SMITH, b. October 28th, 1837. 

574 MARIA ELIZABETH, b. September 19th, 1841. 

575 DANIEL PIERCE, b. xMarch 1st, 1844. 

576 EDWARD TANNER, b. June 16th, 1850, d. May 19th, 1882. 

573 William S. m. Jennie M. Paine; no eh. 

574 Maria E. m. October 17th, 1870, Albert Davis; ch. Sadie. 

575 Daniel P. m. 1st, Jennie Edwards; 2 ch., Walter and Abbie. 

M. 2nd, A. Miranda Wilbur; "no ch. 

576 Edward T. m. Ella Rounds; ch. Clara. 


Sarah, Christopher, Samuel, Henry, William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of Christopher (59) and Sarah (WilHams) Tanner, 
b. December 2nd, 1823; m. April 2nd, 1845, WilHani H. Park- 
hurst of Plainfield, Conn. ; he d. September 8th, 1887, in Provi- 
dence, R. I. Sarah d. August 11th, 1896, in Providence; bur. 
Pocasset cemetery, Cranston. 


WILLIAM TAXXER, b. March 17th, 1846. d. July 25th, 1869; 

577 HEXRY WILLIAMS, b. June 25th, 1847. 

578 CHARLES DYER, b. June 29th, 1849. 

579 CHRISTOPHER FRAXCIS, b. September 17th, 1854. 

Willard, Benjamin, Samuel, Henry, William, William, 
son of Benjamin (60) and Sally (Adams) Tanner, b. May 19th, 
1814; m. twice; 1 ch. deceased; all buried in the Grove street 
cemetery, Putnam, Conn.; family extinct. 

Leonard Adams, Benjamin, Samuel, Henry, William, 
William, son of Benjamin (60) and Deborah Williams (Law) 
Tanner, b. July 30th, 1827; m. March 22nd, 1859, Narcissa C. 
Smith of East Troy, Wis.; res. at one time in White- 
water, Wis., was interested in manufacturing; d. July 
7th, 1900, San Diego, Calif.; res. (1901) Los Angeles, Cahf., 
1016 W. 24th street. 

Children — 

HATTIE L., b. August 16th, 1872, in Whitewater Wis.; m. Jan- 
uary 15th, 1896, in San Diego, Calif., Matthew Locke Wright 
of Pomona. Ch. Xarcissa C, b. May 3rd, 1897, in Redlands, 
Calif.; Dorothy Tanner, b. May 26th, 1898. 


Elizabeth Law, Benjamin, Samuel, Henry, William, 

William, dau. of Benjamin (60) and Deborah Williams (Law) 

Tanner, b, January 9th, 1833; m. October 13th, 1855, Nelson 

E. Williams at Danielson, or East Killingly, Conn.; she d. 

March 1st, 1886. 

Children — 

JOHX R , b. August 9th, 1858, d. August 25th, 1859. 

580 EDWARD LEONARD, b. September 12th, 1866. 
MARY T., b. August 31st, 1869, d. August 23rd, 1870. 


Oscar Fitzallyn, Warren W., Thomas, Henry, William, 
William, son of Warren W. (65) and Almira (Jencks) Tan- 
ner, b. January 10th, 1833, in Foster, R. L; m. October 2nd, 


1857, Nancy Catherine Gavitt of Willimantic, b. October 4th, 



OSCAR OLNEY, b. April 4th, 1858; single (1900). 

Hon. Oscar O. Tanner has served as Mayor of Willimantic, being 
elected by a large majority. His administration was one of marked 
ability and eminent financial success. 


Edwin Marble, Gardiner Weaver, Thomas, Henry, 
William, William, son of Gardiner W^eaver (66) and Betsey 
Ehzabeth (Marble) Tanner, b. April 25th, 1828; m. July 1st, 
1849, Harriet Cordelia Fuller of Hampton, Conn.,b. July 9th, 
1829; he d. October 30th, 1862, buried at Moosup, Conn. 

Children — 

WORTHINGTON ANGELL, b. April 18th, 1850; m. November 
8th, 1873, Sarah A. Fuller of Norwich, Conn; he d. July 9th, 

Children — 

Edwin Gardner, b. March 9th, 1875; m. March 6th, 1897, Min- 
nie Aureilla Gaucher of Norwich. 3 ch. William Harry, b. 
December 27th, 1897; Gertrude Theodora, 1). January 
27th, 1900; Helen Annabell, b. February 14th, 1901; 
res. Sunnyside avenue. 
William Wallace, b. December 17th, 1879; m. October 20th, 
1904, Kathrine Anna Liepold of Norwich. 
ADDIE MARIA (of 202), b. December 30th, 1851; single; res. 
Norwich, Conn., R. F. D. 7. 


Frederick M., Gardiner Weaver, Thomas, Henry, Wil- 
liam, William, son of Gardiner W. (66) and Bestey Elizabeth 
(Marble) Tanner, b. October 14th, 1829, Moosup, Conn., m. 1st 
Mary Baker. M. 2nd December 13th, 1866, Matilda Boodin. 
M. 3rd, . 

Children of 1st m. — 

SARAH G., b. December 21st, 1855, m., no ch. 

FREDERICK G., b. January 5th, 1857, m., no ch.; d. in Chicago 

CHARLES E., b. December 11th, 1859; m. December 25th, 1879, 
Susan Moffitt; res. Central Village; no ch. 


James H., Gardiner, Tho.mas, Henry, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Gardiner (66) and Elizabeth (Marble) Tanner, b. 
July 15th, 1832, Moosup. Conn., m. Louisa Marble; she d. 
April 13th, 1878, aged 47 y. 5 mo. He d. August 7th, 1900; 
wife buried at Moosup (tombstone record) ; no ch. 

Amanda M., Gardiner, Thomas, Henry, William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of (jardiner (66) and Betsey Elizabeth (Marble) 


Tanner, b. January 6th, 1839, in Moosup, Conn.; m. October 
29th, 1860, David J. Babcock of Moosup, Conn.; she d. Jan- 
uary 6th, 1888. 


EMMA E., b. February 13th, 1865, Moosup; m. October ISth, 1888, 
Henry E. EUiott; ch. Edith May, b. April 4th, 1891. 

William A., Gardiner Weaver, Thomas, Henry, Wil- 
liam, William, son of Gardiner W. (66) and Betsey Elizabeth 
(Marble) Tanner, b. March 10th, 1841, Moosup, Conn.; m. 
; res. Sidney, Maine; 3 ch. 


Charles Emerson, Gardiner, Thomas, Henry, William, 
William, son of Gardiner (66) and Elizabeth (Marble) Tanner, 
b. September 18th, 1843, at Moosup, Conn. ; m. December 12th, 
1870, Mary Ann Wyatt, dau. of Thomas and Mary Jackson 
Wyatt, b. June 23rd, 1845, at Sheet Harbor, Nova Scotia; re- 
moved with parents to Rockland, Maine, in 1852; res. Natick. 

Children — 

BESSIE FRANCES, b. June 1st, 1877; m. May 31st, 1897, George 
Chester Blair of Petersham, Mass. 3 ch. Lawrence Chester, 
b. January 17th, 1900; George Sherman, b. June 18th, 1902; 
Madeline Frances, b. December 30th, 1903; res. Natick. 

JAMES SHERMAN, b. April 8th, 1880, d. August 19th, 1880. 

THOMAS RAY, b. March 31st, 1886. 

Melinda, Gilbert Henry, William, Henry, William, 
William, dau. of Gilbert Henry (67) and Hannah (Corning) 
Tanner, b. April 12th, 1844, in Norwich, Conn.; m. March 17th, 
1869, Thomas F. Bunce; res. Colchester, Conn. 


581 FREDERIC TANNER, b. April 3rd, 1882. 


Mercie Ann, Gilbert Henry, William, Henry, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of Gilbert Henry (67) and Hannah (Cor- 
ning) Tanner, b. November 10th, 1845; m. December 26th, 
1868, Dwight Harvey Rogers; res. (1900) Westerly, R. I. 

Children — 

582 JABEZ HUNTINGTON, b. November 23rd, 1871. 

583 NORMAN TANNER, b. March 23rd, 1873. 

HARVEY MINER, b. May 7th, 1878, d. February 2nd, 1881. 

584 DWIGHT HAROLD, b. August 2nd, 1885. 

HELEN LOUISE, b. July 10th, 1890, d. December 23rd, 1890. 
None m. (1900). 



George Dawley Wilcox, M. D., son of John Wilcox of 

West Greenwich and his wife Dorcas Tanner (68), dau. of 

William (26) and Mercy (Mary Fry) Tanner of Henry, WiUiam, 

William, b. August 26th, 1825, in West Greenwich, R. I.; m. 

1st, Mary Fry of West Greenwich, October 18th, 1853, by whom 

he had one son. 

585 FRANK HOWARD, b. September 17th, 1857, hi Dighton, Mass. 

Mary Fry Wilcox, wife of Dr. Wilcox, d. September 20th, 

1857. Dr. Wilcox m. 2nd, October 8th, 1862, Mary C. Leach, 

dau. of Rev. Daniel Leach, D.D., LL.D., of Roxbury, Mass. 

Children — 

MARY LAWTON, b. August 26th, 1863. 

CHARLOTTE MARIA, b. March .30th, 1866, d. March 8th, 1871. 

EDITH HALL, b. November 17th, 1870, d. March 18th, 1871. 

ALICE P.; res. Providence, R. I. 

George Dawley Wilcox, M. D., was born in West Greenwich, R. I.; 
was of Revolutionary ancestry on both sides; a graduate of the Medical 
School of tlie University of New York; pursued his studies in Vienna, 
Prague and Leipsic; went to London, was appointed Medical Interne 
to the London Homeopathic Hospital; returned to Providence in 1860, 
where he resumed practice. He was a surgeon of the Tenth Regiment, 
R. I. Volunteers, and served in the field. He held several positions of 
honor in his profession, and died lamented and beloved, July 22nd, 




George Lorenzo, Lavinia, Perry, Thomas, William, 
William, William, son of Hiram Johnson and Lavinia (Tan- 
ner 69) Johnson, b. June 15th, 1827, at Newport Hill, N. Y.; 
m. September 20th, 1850, Cynthia Maria Buell, b. February 
27th, 1825, and d. December 22nd, 1872. 

Children of 1st wife — 

FANNY MATILDA, b. January 24th, 1854, d. the same year 
February 17th. 

586 ELLA HARRIET, b. April 27th, 1856, at Middleville, N. Y. 

587 HERBERT BUELL, b. April 30th, 1858, at Old City, Fairfield, N. Y. 
ANNA LAVINIA, b. June 14th, 1861; m. June 9th, 1886, Alfred 

Leavitt Hines of Norway, N. Y.; dau. Frances Ella, b. June 
28th, 1895. 

George Lorenzo m. 2nd Mrs. Mary Jane Moore. 

Children of 2nd wife — 

FRED ARTHUR, b. December 3rd, 1875, at Ilion, N. Y. He en- 
listed in the Spanish American War, and for bravery was pro- 
moted to rank of Colonel. 


Harriet L., 2nd ch. of Hiram and Lavinia (Tanner 69) 
Johnson, b. December 18th, 1830, at White Creek, N. Y., of 
Perry Thomas, William, William, William, m. Henry Hitch- 
cock of Michigan, who soon d. leaving a dau. Rosa, who m. Mare- 
mus Pearce of Willowvale, N. Y. ; res. Washington Mills, N. Y. 

Herbert Buel (183 IIL) Johnson, m. 1st, Emma Jane 

Leach, ; d. . 2nd, Clara Elvira Richardson. 

Children — 

HOWARD HADDOCK, b. at Luzern, Fa., October 11th, 1884. 
HERBERT BUELL, Jr., b. April 22nd, 1886, at Plains, Pa. 
MILTON RICHARDSON,b.January 19,1889, at Nagasaki, Japan^ 
WILLARD EDWARD, b. September 29th, 1890, d. January 16th, 

1891, at Nagasaki. 
CLARENCE LANCELOT, ) , ^_ . g, . ,qoo + m i- 

ROBERT ARTHUR S 18th, 1892, at Nagasaki. 

The Rev. Herbert Buell Johnson has been a missionary of the 
Methodist Church in Japan, and has held several positions of honor 
in the educational work of his church in Japan. 

[For further information of the descendants of Lavinia Tanner 
Johnson, see family record by the Rev. Herbert Buell Johnson.] 


William Myron, William Anson. Perry, Thomas, Wil- 
liam, William, William, son of William Anson (70) and 
Maria (Fenner) Tanner, b. March 30th, 1836; ra. December 
16th, 1857,Ehzabeth L. Colvin; res. (1905) New Haven, Conn.; 
occupation, carriage manufacturer. 


Children — 

FLORA LYDIA, b. June 30th, 1859; m. October 3rd, 1877, Francis 
Elias Spinner Harvey of Buffalo, N. Y. 

ESTELLA LEE, b. July 13th, 1862; m. March 6th, 1884, Bela 
Colgrove Jewett of Buffalo, N. Y.; m. 2nd, Charles Rensse- 
laer Quintard of Stamford, Conn.; ch. of 1st m. Mary Rosa- 
mond Spinner, b. March 28tli, 1885, and Frances Elizabeth, b. 
May 7th, 1887, deceased. 


Alma, William Anson, Perry, Thomas, William, Wil- 
liam, William, daii. of William Anson (70) and Maria (Fen- 
ner) Tanner, m. George Hammersly; she d. at Middleville, 
Herkimer county, N. Y., leaving a dau. 


Helen L., Benjamin, Perry, Thomas, William, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of Benjamin (71) and Mary Catherine 

(Sterling) Tanner, b. August 28th, 1830. m. , Leander 

Phillips; she d. January 2nd, 1897, at Colorado Springs, Colo.; 
res. Aspen, Colo. 

Children — 

ANNA, b. 

ALMA, b. 



Alma Jane, Benjamin, Perry, Thomas, William, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of Benjamin (71) and Mary Catherine 
(Sterling) Tanner, b. May 25th, 1832; m.October 30th. 1851, 
Seth J. Hubbard; res. Wampsville, N.Y.; he d. July 18th, 
1888; wife d. August 14th, 1904. 

I CLARA JOSEPHINE, b. September 24th, 1852. 
II MARY ELLA, b. July 26th, 1855. 

III HORACE STERLING, b. July 26th, 1855. 

IV EDWARD GURNEY, b. January 16th, 1858. 


Clara Josephine (I), dau. of Seth J. Hubbard and wife 

Alma Jane (Tanner 220), m. February 7th, 1872, Charles A. 

Allen of Wampsville, N. Y. 

Children — 

HARRIET ALMA, b. October 21st, 1873; ra. May 22nd, 1901, Clar- 
ence Leroy Williams; ch. Emma Marion, b. March 3rd, 1903. 
CORA ALICE, b. May 7th, 1876. 
CHARLES ALFRED, b. November 16th, 1877. 
MARION ESTELLE, b. July 31st, 1883. 



Sarah C, Benjamin, Perry, Thomas, William, William, 
William, dau. of Benjamin (71) and Mary Catherine (Sterling) 
Tanner, b. June 5th, 1837; m. April 9th, 1861, Daniel D. Hart 
of Canastota, N. Y. 

Children — 

ROSCOE CONKLIN, b. June 21st, 1863. 

FREDRIC' ( Ij-l^ecember 14th, 1866. 
Fredric d. January 3rd, 1878. 


Mary Catherine, Benjamin, Perry, Thomas, William, 
William, William, dau. of Benjamin (71) and Mary Cather- 
ine (Sterling) Tanner, b. December 28th, 1838, m. August , 

1860, Charles Norihrup; res. Oneida Lake, N. Y. 

Child; en — 
ALBERT, b. 1861. 
ELLEN, b. 1865. 
FREDERIC, b. 1869. 
13ENJAMIN, b. 1875. 


Henriette E., Benjamin, Perry, Thomas, William, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of Benjamin (71) and Mary Catherine 
(Sterhng) Tanner, b. February 18th, 1840, m. Chester Whipple; 
he d. January 11th, 1899; no ch.; res. Canastota, N. Y. 


George Case, John Whitford, Perry, Thomas, Wil- 
liam, William, William, son of John Whitford (72) and 
Harriet (Case) Tanner, b. November 10th, 1836; m. 1st, Feb- 
ruary 21st, 1861, Harriet R. Case; 2nd, June 14th, 1865, Clara 
Hause; res. Detroit, Mich. 

4 Children — 

LEWIS 11., b. 1866. 

, b. . 

, b. : 

F. EDNA, b. February 25th, 1887. 


John J., son of (72) as above, b. September 26th, 1838; m. 
April 14th, 1872, Emily J. Elton; res. Brighton, Mich.; no ch. 


Charles Francis, John W., Perry, Thomas, William, 
William, William, son of John Whitford (72) and Harriet 
(Case) Tanner, m. February 7th, 1867, Amelia V. Campbell; 

she d. March , 1885; he m. 2nd Belle J. Pinney, August 

16th, 1887; res. Chicago. 


Children of 1st m. — 

MAMIE, b. August 20th, 186S, d. November — , 1880. 

FRANKLIN, b. July , 1880, d. October , 1884. 


Adelaide Gridley, of Adrian M. Eggert, Emily M. (73), 

Perry, m. December 21st, 1854, at Cumminsville, Ohio, Hiland 

Higgins Ormsbee, b. December 30th, 1833; he d. January 7th, 

1869, Eagle River, Mich. 

Childien — 

ADRIAN BENJAMIN, b. February 3rd, 1856. Allegheny City, 

Pa.; d. November 20th, 1886, Chicago. 
ELLEN EGGERT, b. July 17th, 1858, d. April 20th, 1884. 
WESLEY HEBER, b. December 13th, 1861, d. August 7th, 1871. 
JOSEPH CREIGHTON, b. July 17th, 1865. 

Adrian B. m. May 18th, 1886, Mary Taylor, who d. September 9th, 
1891. Joseph C. m. February 11th, 1901, Anna Munson, 


Emily J., of Emily M. (Tanner) Eggert (73), m. December 

9th, 1857, Henry ViUiars Morris, Cincinnati, Ohio; he d. May 

17th, 1898, St. Louis, Mo. (1920 Dodier street.) 

Children — 

Two sons d. in infancy. 

HARVEY H., b. February 2nd, 1860, Cincinnati; m. August 27th, 

1884, Lizzie Walbrick, St. Louis; dau. Florence, b. May, 1885. 
NELLIE MARIA, b. June 10th, 1862, at Beaver Dam, Wis.; m. 

June 10th, 1886, Harry L. Worthen, St. Louis; 3 sons. 
EMILY DUFFIELD, b. July 17th, 1864, d. single. 
CHARLES ALDEN, b. October 14th, 1871, at Lexington, Mo. 


Elisabeth Catherine, Perry G., Perry, Thomas, Wil- 
liam, William, William, dau. of Perry G. (74) and Elizabeth 
C. (Marchisi) Tanner, b. July 4th, 1842, in Utica, N. Y. ; m. 
November 7th, 1861, Manly F. Tooker Hardy; he d. in New- 
port, Ky., November 25th, 1871; res. Brooklyn, N. Y.(1904). 
Manly b. in Brockport, N. Y., September 9th, 1835. 


588 MARCHISI TANNER, b. February 17th, 1863, in Cooperstown, 

N. Y. 

589 FREDERICK C, b. June 2nd, 1865, in Rochester, N. Y. 
ORLANDO PERRY, b. September 26th, 1867, in Cooperstown; 

d. July 4th, 1871. 

590 ANNA LOUISE, b. October 4th, 1870, Newport, Ky.; m. March 

2nd, 1889, John S. Strouse; one ch. Marjorie, b. April 21st, 
1890; m. 2nd, June 20th, 1901, Willard P'ox Clark; res. Buffalo, 
N. Y. (1903). Marjorie legally adopted by her stepfather, 
W. F. Clark. 


Anna Louise, Perry G., Perry, Thomas, William, Wil- 


LiAM, William, dau. of Perry G. (74) and Elizabeth C. (Mar- 
chisi) Tanner, b. February 27th, 1851, in Cooperstown, N. Y.; 
m. September 17th, 1878, WilUam J.Chrisler; res. Cooperstown, 
N. Y. 

Children — 

FLORENCE LOUISE, b. June 3rd, 1879; m. December 29th, 1903, 

Clifford Richard Morris; res. Oneonta, N. Y. 
CAROLINE ELIZABETH, b. June 29th, 1880. 
LUCY HARRIS, b. August 25th, 1882. 
WILLIAM PERRY, b. April 14th, 1884. 
FREDERICK HAROLD, b. April 11th, 1888. 
ANNIE ISABEL, b. August 28th, 1894. 


Frederick Perry, Perry G., Perry, Thomas, William, 
William, William, son of Perry G. (74) and Elizabeth C. 
(Marchisi) Tanner, b. August 2nd, 1855, in Cooperstown; m. 
November 16th, 1898, Helena Buchanan Ritchie; res. Coopers- 
town; occupation, goldsmith. 

Children — 

MURRAY SILL, ) , T.,^.99r,^ lonn 
MOIR BURTON, 5 b. June 22nd, 1900. 


Marietta J., Laura Jane, Perry, Thomas, William, 
William, William, dau. of James Filo and Laura Jane (Tan- 
ner) Wood (75), m. June 27th, 1866, Perry Welsher; res. West 
Webster, N. Y.; farmer; she d. August 2nd, 1900. 

Children — 

MERRIL ARCHIE, ) b. August 24th, 1877; res. West Web- 
MILTON ARTHUR, \ ster, N. Y. 

LULA MAE, b. December 2nd, 1872, d. February 19th, 1898; 


Thirza Ann, Alvah, Smith, Thomas, William, William, 
William, dau. of Alvah (76) and Elizabeth (Gardner) Tanner, 
b. in Fairfield, N. Y., December 12th, 1817; m. December 20th, 
1838, Morgan Payne Jackson of Boonville, N. Y., b. February 
17th, 1817, in Fairfield ; she d. December 20th, 1885. Morgan 
Payne was son of Sally Payne, b. in Cranston, R. L, April 9th, 
1795, and WilHam Jackson. 

Children — 

591 ROSELLE A., b. June 18th, 1841, in Boonville, N. Y. 

592 ORLIN E., b. October 29th, 1843, in Boonville, N. Y. 

593 ROMEYN G., b. January 11th, 1847. 

CLARA A., b. November 17th, 1850, d. March 14th, 1854. 

594 ALDO W., b. July 6th, 1855. 
ELLA M., b. October 20th, 1859. 
All b. in Boonville. 



Charles Hamilton, Alvah. Smith, Thomas, William, 

William, William, son of Alvah (76) and Elizabeth (Gardner) 

Tanner, b. May 12th, 1819; m. September 4th, 1845, Sophia 

Sponenburgh; he d. November 9th, 1873, at Canton, N. Y.; 

wife d. October 17th, 1889. 


CHARLES SPONENBURGH, b. December 14th, 1851; m. April 

IQth, 1878, Emma A. Sackett, b. August 27th, 1857; he d. 

January 8th, 1900; res. West Potsdam, N. Y.; farmer. Ch. 

Robert Sherman, b. January 13th, 1879; Charles Floyd, b. 

August 16th, 1894. 


Lauren Gardner, Alvah, Smith, Thomas, William, Wil- 
liam, William, son of Alvah (76) and Elizabeth (Gardner) 
Tanner, b. Januarv 2nd, 1821, in Fairfield, N. Y.;m. January 
10th, 1853, Elizabeth J. Cole of Fairfield, N. Y. He d. Septem- 
ber 20th, 1896, in Dolgeville, N. Y. ; occupation, teacher. 

Children — 

JESSIE, b. April 29th, 1857, at Utica, N. Y.; m. December 12th, 
1877, at Centreville, N. Y., Nathan A. Snell, b. February 3rd, 
1854, Inghams Mills, N. Y. Ch. Louis James, b. December 
Lst, 1878, at New Hartford, N. Y.; Bessie Maud, b. August 
22nd, 1893, at Dolgeville, N. Y. 

William Jerome, Alvah, Smith, Thomas, William, Wil- 
liam, William, ,«on of Alvah (76) and Elizabeth (Gardner) 
Tanner, b. October 28th, 1824, in Fairfield, N. Y. ; ra. January 
3rd, 1855, Harriet M. Rix; he d. October 29th, 1869. 

Children — 

FRANK L., b. November 24th, 1859; m. September 15th, 1879, 

Lizzie Moore; she d. November 1st, 1899; no ch. 
CLARENCE HUGH, b. November 9th, 1864; m. June 23rd, 1895, 

Emily Habgood; no ch. (1901). 
[Information given by Harriet M. (Rix Tanner) Lee, Belvidere, 

Rensselaer Smith, Alvah, Smith, Thomas, William, 
William, William, son of Alvah (76) and Elizabeth (Gard- 
ner) Tanner, b. March 13th, 1830, in Fairfield, N. Y. ; m. Jan- 
uary 25th, 1858, Elizabeth Hilts, b. November 9th, 1836; she 
d. May 12th, 1892; res. Herkimer, N. Y. 

Children — 

595 AGNES GERTRUDE, b. November 4th, 1868. 

ELBERT RAY, b. September 21st, 1871; m. September 14th, 
1892, Nettie Christman; he d. March 9th, 1895; no ch. 

596 HERBERT RENSSELAER, b. June 5th 1874. 


Sarah Elizabeth, Alvah, Smith, Thomas, William, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of Alvah (76) and Elizabeth (Gardner) 
Tanner, b. January 9th, 1842, Fairfield, N. Y.; m. November 
21st, 1861, Harvey M. Bank^, who d. October 25th, 1888; she 
d. April 20th, 1904; res. Pike, Wyoming county, N. Y. 

Children — 

CLAYTON TANNER, b. August 11th, 1863; m. September 5th, 
1888,Allie Mervilie. Ch. Charles H., b. May 30th, 1889; Eliza 
beth E., b. August 25th, 1892; Gertrude M., b. November 4th, 
1893; Mary E., b. February 11 th, 1899. 

Westel Ray, Alvah, Smith, Thomas, William, William, 
William, son of Alvah (76) and Elizabeth (Gardner) Tanner, 
b. June 23rd, 1822, Fairfield, N. Y.; m. January 14th, 1851, 
Mary B. Richards; res. Boonville, N. Y. 
Children — 

SADIE R., b. November 24th, 1854, d. August 31st, 1863. 
HARRIET CORNELIA, b. December 2nd, 1858; m. September 
9th, 1886, August .1. Scliweinsberg. ; ch. Ray Tanner, b. March 
19th, 1888, Boonville. N. Y. 


Mary Elizabeth, Calvin, Thomas, Thomas, William, 
William, William, dau. of Calvin (79) and JuHa (Barnes) 
Tanner, b. March 10th, 1848; m. October 10th, 1866, Hiram 
J. DeWolf; res. Hamburg, Mich. 

Children — 

CHARLES W., b. August 27th, 1867, d. April 15th, 1870. 

597 ALBERT DeWOLF, b. January 2nd, 1869; m. December 17th, 

1896, Frances Lumbard. 

598 GEORGE H., b. August 10th, 1870; m. June 29th, 1892, Mary J. 


599 LULU E., b. Marcii 18th, 1873; m. February 9th, 1890, Grant T. 

MURRAY, b. October 20th, 1877, d. January 31st, 1879. 
FRANK H., b. October 23rd, 1879. 
JAMES ARTHUR, b. November 19th, 1881. 
CARRIE LOUISE, b. August 19th, 1885. 


George, Lorenzo Dow, Thomas, Thomas, William, Wil- 
liam, William, son of Lorenzo Dow (80) and Mary (Holliday) 
Tanner, b. May 20th, 1836, in Camden, N. Y.;m. January 1st, 
1863 Dimmes Carter; res. Albion, Erie county, Pa. 

Children — 

CARRIE E., b. October 28th, 1863; m. October 28th, 1885, George 

Wells Youngs. Cii. Ross Tanner, b. November 5th, 1888, d. 

December lOtli, 1891; Julia Irene, b. March 23rd, 1898. Res. 

Albion, Pa. 


JUNIA S., b. May 5th, 1867; m. February 26th, 1890, William 

Sylvester Hubbard, who d. June 18th, 1902; res. Soneboro, 

Pa. 2 ch. Mary Pearne, b. May 12th, 1892; George Earl, b. 

January 9th, 1897. 
L. D., b. January 4th, 1869; m. January 20th, 1894, Lydia Reed, 

who d. December, 1900; res. (1904) Evanston, Wyo. 2 ch. 

Ursula Dimmes, b. February 27th, 1897; Lydia, b. November 

10th, 1900. 
GEORGE EARL, b. February 13th, 1874, m. Maggie Helwig. Res. 

Lockport, N. Y. 
LULU A., b. April 20th, 1876; res. Lockport, N. Y. 
ARBEY C, b. July 25th, 1878; res. Atlanta, Ga. 
ARTHUR M., b. August 31st, 1880, Albion, Pa. 
CARL A., b. May 13th, 1883. 


Hannah Maria, Lorenzo Dow, Thomas, Thomas, Wil- 
liam, William, William, dau. of Lorenzo Dow (80) and Mary 
(Holliday) Tanner, b. October 5th, 1838, in Camden, N. Y.; m. 
February 18th, 1857, John L. Smith of Pitcher, Oswego 
county, N. Y., in Freetown, N. Y. ; farmer; res. Marathon, 
N. Y. 

Children — 

RALPH LORENZO, b. November 30th, 1857, d. February 9th, 

THOMAS TANNER, b. June 20th, 1859, d. February 24th, 1864. 

600 CHARLES FREMONT, b. July 29th, 1862. 

601 LAWSON JOHN, b. December 23rd, 1865. 

MANSON LINCOLN, b. March 18th, 1868; res. (1904) Brooklyn, 

N. Y. 
JESSIE and JENNIE, b. and d. January 2nd, 1875. 


Jane Exall, Lorenzo Dow, Thomas, Thomas, William, 

William, William, dau. of Lorenzo Dow (80) and Mary (HolH- 

day) Tanner, b. October 11th, 1840; m. October 11th, 1859, 

John B. Richardson of Freetown, N. Y. 

Children — 

EVA, b. July 9th, 1860; m. September 20th, 1882, Herbert Wood 

of Cortland, N. Y.; d. October 18th, 1883; no ch. 
ELLA EDITH, b. November 11th, 1862; m. December 9th, 1885 

Frank Eaton of Freetown; ch. Harry Richardson, b. October 

26th, 1893; she d. 1901, Marathon. 
ROBERT BROWN, b. May 28th, 1872, m. December 25th, 1895 

Adela Thomas; no ch.; res. Elwood City, Pa. 
JOHN WENDALL, b. July 8th, 1875. 


Lucinda A., Lorenzo Dow, Thomas, Thomas, William, 
William, William, dau. of Lorenzo Dow (80) and Mary (Hol- 
liday) Tanner, b. December 5th, 1842; m. September 14th, 


1862, Ezra C. Carter of Freetown, N. Y.; she d. November 

22nd, 1898, leaving no ch. 

Ezra C. Carter was Color Corporal of the 185th Regiment, N. Y. 
Volunteers, and was killed in the battle of Gravelly Run, March 29th, 
1865, age 23. 


Mary Elizabeth, Lorenzo Dow, Thomas, Thomas, Wil- 
liam, William, William, dau. of Lorenzo Dow (80) and Mary 
(Holliday) Tanner, b. November 21st, 1846; m.May 1st, 1867, 
Charles Freeman Eldredge, b. August 18th, 1844; res. Fre- 
donia, N. Y.; she d. April 2nd. 1899. 

Children — 

CLAYTON WESLEY, b. April 7th, 1869; m. EUzabeth Florence 
Chamberlain of East Palestine, Ohio, pastor of a Presbyter- 
ian church, in Cincinnati, Ohio (1902). 

MARY GRACE, b. January 4th, 1875; res. Fredonia; single 

CHLOE and FREDERICK d. in infancy. 


Emma Frances, Lorenzo Dow, Thomas, Thomas, Wil- 
liam, William, William, dau. Lorenzo Dow (80) and Mary 
(Holhday) Tanner, b. July 25th, 1848; m. June 4th, 1872, 
Edgar W. Gibbs, of Groton, N. Y.; res. Marathon, N. Y. 

Children — 

ANNA BELL, b. April 24th, 1873; m. November 2nd, 1898, Charles 
Henry Dye, b. March 21st, Richford, Tioga county, N. Y.; 
ch. Eldon, b. at Marathon, N. Y., October 29th, 1901. 

HOWARD BROWN, b. November 26th, 1875; class of 1902, Am- 
herst; teacher in Worcester Academy, 1903-4. 

MARY EDNA, b. November 26th, 1888. 


Julia Estelle, Lorenzo Dow, Thomas, Thomas, William, 
William, William, dau. of Lorenzo Dow (80) and Mary (Holli- 
day) Tanner, b. May 14th, 1850; m. September 2nd, 1881, Rev. 
John Andrew of Penzance, England. 

Children — 

lONE, b. May 27th, 1885; res. Trenton, Oneida coimty, N. Y. 

Mr. Andrew is a Unitarian minister, and a writer of local history. 


Edwin I., Emily, William, Palmer, William, William, 
William, son of Almon Fuller and Emily (Tanner 83) Fuller, 
b. February 9th, 1840; m. December 23rd, 1867, Esther J. Sher- 
man, b. March 18th, 1836, in Liberty, Steuben county, N. Y.; 
res. Elgin, 111. ; no ch. 


William R., Emily, William, Palmer, William, Wil- 


LiAM, William, son of Almon Fuller and Emily Tanner (83) 

his wife, b. November 22nd, 1841. in Dundee; m. March 16th, 

1879 Elizabeth Taswell, b. 1862; res. Elgin, 111. 


WILLIE, b. May 28th, 1903, Elgin. 


Henriette, Emily, William, Palmer, William, William, 
William, dau. of Almon Fuller and wife Emilv Tanner (83), 
b. May 13th, 1846, Dundee; m. February 26th, 1871 John Pear- 
son; m. 2nd February 28th, 1878, C. A. Mann; Henriette d. 
December 25th, 1897. at Welcome, Minn. 


WILLIE, b. November 7th, 1872, Elgin; d. August 17th, 1900, 
Welcome, Minn. 


George W., Emily, William, Palmer, William, Wil- 
liam, William, son of Almon Fuller and wife Emily Tanner 
(83), b. June 14th, 1849, at Dundee; m. December 31st, 1877 
Kate L. Kavanaugh, b. May 10th, 1855, in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Children — 

GURTIE, b. March 16th, 1879. 

LEON, b. June 2nd, 1886. 


Thomas Eugene, William Augustus, William, Palmer, 
William, William, William, son of William Augustus (84) 
and Anna P. (Makepeace) Tanner, b. May 19th, 1841, in 
Aurora, 111.; m. February 5th, 1867, Hanna Elisabeth Still- 
well, b. January 29th, 1843, Ellisberg, N. Y. ; res. Aurora, 111.; 
ch. b. in Aurora. 

Children — 

ANNA MAKEPEACE, b. February 14th, 1871; single (1904). 

CLARENCE GLENN, b. September 15th, 1872; m. February 4th, 

1897, Harriet Blanch Wilson, b. February 7th, 1872; res. 

Ratavia, 111. 
FLORENCE EDNA, b. October 21st, 1876, d. August 31st, 1894. 

Florence Maria, William Augustus, William, Palmer, 
William, William, William, dau. of William Augustus (84) 
and Anna Plum (Makepeace) Tanner, b. March 25th, 1845, in 
Aurora, 111.; m. June 25th, 1868, James L. Pattison, b. 
1843, Salisbury, Conn.; res. Chicago, 498 Jackson Boulevard. 

Children — 

WILLIAM LAWRENCE, b. May 10th, 1869. 
BLANCHE MAKEPEACE, b. July 31st, 1870. 
FLORENCE HELEN, b. May 11th, 1885. 


Blanche M., m. April, 1893, George Eddy Newcomb, Chicago. 
Ch. Genevieve, b. 1894, d. 1895; Florence, b. November 27th, 
1898; Virginia, b. March 13th, 1903. 


Amy, William Augustus, William, Palmer, William, 

William, William, dau. of William Augustus (84) and Anna 

Plum (Makepeace) Tanner, b. November 28th, 1846, at Aurora, 

111.; m. March 3rd, 1870, at Aurora, John Johnson, b. April 

5th, 1840, at St. Johns, England. Res. Naperville, 111. (R. F.) 

Children — 

FRANK PADDOCK, b. June 25th, 1872, in Naperville, III.: m. 
June 25th, 1902, Amy Laura Penrose; res. St. Joseph, Mich. 
CHARLES JEROME, b. July 27th, 1875, in Naperville, 111. 
MARY, b. August 7th, 1877, in Naperville, 111. 


Marion, William Augustus, William, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, William, William, dau. of William Augustus (84) and 
Anna Plum (Makepeace) Tanner, b. January 26th, 1851; m. 
February 24th, 1876, F. M. Simpson; res. Aurora, 111. 

Children — 

GEORGE A., b. April 12th, 1877; res. N. Lake street, Aurora, 

EARL W., b. October 10th, 1878, d. July 25th, 1879. 
JESSE M., b. August 25th, 1880; res. Millbrook, 111. 
FANNIE I., b. November 2nd, 1883; res. Aurora, 111. 
MARION F., b. March 4th. 1886; res. Aurora, 111. 


Martha, William Augustus, William, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, William, William, dau. of William Augustus (84) and 
Anna Plum (Makepeace) Tanner, b. April 23rd, 1853, in Aurora, 
111.; m. Charles W. Thornton; res. West Chicago. 

Children — 




Mary, William Augustus, William, Palmer, William, 

William, William, dau. of William Augustus (84) and Anna 

(Makepeace) Tanner, b. April 23rd, 1853, in Aurora, 111.; 

m. October 24th, 1872, Clark Hopkins at Aurora, 111.; res. 

(1904) Kansas City, Mo. 

Children — 

THEODORE, b. January 17th, 1875, in Orleans, Ionia county, 

Mich.; m. April 19th, 1898, Pauline Matfeldt in Kansas 

City, Kan.; res. (1904) Elgin, Comanche county. Okla.; 

no ch. (1904). 
GRACE M., b. October 27th, 1877, in Orleans, Mich.; m. May 

28th, 1903, Philip Gary, Kansas City, Mo.; no ch. (1904). 



George W., William Augustus, William, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, William, William, son of William Augustus (84) and 
Anna Plum (Makepeace) Tanner, b. December 19th, 1854, in 
Aurora, 111. ; m. December 25th, 1877, Mary F. McClain at 
Aurora, 111., b. in Oswego, 111. ; occupation, farmer. 

Children — 

IRA RALPH, b. September 28th, 1880, Aurora, 111. 

FLORENCE MAY, b. October 19th, 1883. Aurora, 111. 

HARRY W., b. June 1st, 1886. Aurora, 111. 

CLARENCE, b. July 5th, 1888. 

CLARA, b. December 1st, 1890. 


Helen A., of (85); m. March 25th, 1861, in Ottawa, 111., 

Oilman W. RolUns; he. d. February, 1902; res. DeKalb, 111. 

Children — 

ELLA M., b. January 13th, 1862; m. September, 1882, Charles W. 

Mosher; ch. Edna, Lee, Ethel, Ray, Clarence, Elsie; res. Elva, 

FRED H., b. May 29th, 1863, m. 1884 Nelhe Kingsley; 6 ch. 

Walter, Lynn, Claud, Clyde, Doris, Henry; res. Kane county, 

FRANK, b. September 15th, 1867; m. November, 1902, Harriett 

Potter; no ch.; res. DeKalb, 111. 
MAY R., b. May 13th, 1873; m. 1897, Lee R.Cass; 2 ch. Rollin, 

Robert; res. Roswell, N. M. 


Emma, of (85); m. March, 1866, George Shattuck; res. 

Rhodes, Iowa; he d. 1897. 

Children — - 

HENRY, b. February 23rd, 1867. 

HARRY, b. March 5th, 1869. 

LOWELLA, b. December 16th, 1872, m. William Nelson; 2 ch. 

GEORGE, b. October, 1888. 


Emily, of (85); m. January, 1870, Abram Sherlock; he d. 

in 1875; she m. 2nd, C. Bennett; res. Barlow, N. Dak. 

Child of 1st m.— 


No ch. by 2nd m. 


Rosette E., of (85), b. October, 1850; m. February, 1876. 
George Negus; res. Hopkins, Nodaway county. Mo. 


Eva M., of (85), b. October 29th, 1854, at Sugar Grove, 
Kane county, 111.; m. May 22nd, 1874, Frank H. Bundy, b. 


December 15th, 1853, in East Paw Paw, DeKalb county, III.; 
res. Bethalto, 111.; address (1905) Wanda, 111. 

Children — 

IVA^' [ Twins, b. April 23rd, 1877, Laclair, 111. 

Iva m. May 14th, 1896, at Byron, Osage county. Mo., Fred W. 
Olinger, b. October 6th, 1878, in Maxwell, Jasper county, lo. 
4 ch. Willard R., b. February 9th, 1897, at Poag, 111.; For- 
est W., b. February 4th, 1900, in Boon county, lo; Opal May, 
b. September 10th, 1902, Shipman, 111.; Arthur E., b. 
February 6th, 1904, at Bethalto, 111. 

Inez m. July 27th, 1901, in Alton, 111., Thomas Harrison 
Woods, b. 1879, in Bethalto, 111.; 2 ch. May, 1). July 23rd, 
1902, in East Alton, 111., d, August 14th, 1903; Alice E., 
b. February 1st, 1904, in Bethalto, 111. 

LEROY, b. August 21st, 1880, in Rhodes, Marshall county, Iowa; 
m. August 14th, 1902, Eva E. Flaharty, b. March 28th, 1879, 
in Miles Station, Macoupin county. 111.; ch. Harold A. b. 
July 2nd, 1903, Miles Station, 111. 

LEILA, b. October 22nd, 1886, in Laclair, Lee county, 111. 

WINFORD, b. January 27th, 1889, Laclair, Lee county. 111. 

RUTH H., b. January 28th, 1891, Laclair, Lee county. 111. 


Frances Abiah, Jane Ann, William, Palmer, William, 

William, William, dau. of Dr. Samuel W. Taylor and wife 

Jane Ann Tanner (86), b. December 14th, 1839; m. September 

10th, 1862. at Freedom, Portage county, Ohio, Volney F. Stur- 

devant, b. in Freedom, Portage county, Ohio, March 25th, 


Children — 

JANE ADELAIDE, b. June 24th, 1863, d. September 11th, 1865, 

Freedom, Ohio. 
CLIFTON VOLNEY, b. September 10th, 1872, Freedom, Ohio; 

res. Eric Ps^. ' m, ■ 1 ch. 
LENORA IRENE, b! 'January 19th, 1877; m. Dr. M. B. McCaus- 

land. Covert, Michigan; 1 ch. 


Alfred Mills, Jane Ann, William, Palmer, William, 
William, William, son of Dr. Samuel W. Taylor and wife 
Jane Ann Tanner (86), b. October 30th, 1841, in Aurora, 111.; 
m. April 29th, 1866, Sabrina Nancy Bowen; he d. January 26th, 
1888; res. of widow, Alton, 111., 511 Belle street. 

Children — 

MARY FRANCES, b. February 9th, 1867, Wilmington, 111. 

HENRY HARRISON, b. April 11th, 1870, Paola, Kan.; m. 
December 4th, 1896, Martha Howard. 3 ch. Herold McKinley, 
b. September 23rd, 1897; Clyde Howard, b. October 18th, 
1898; Ethal B., b. June 30th, 1900; res. Paola, Kan. 

ANNA ELLA, b. October 24th, 1871; m. January 11th, 1893, 


Albert R. Patten. 2 ch. Arthur Ray, b. October 11th, 1894; 

Herold Cliford, b. June Sth, 1896; res. Laharp, Kan. 
NETTIE ADELL, b. April 4th, 1876, Paola, Kan.; m. August 

22nd, 1894, Wilber C. Dodd; cli. Clement Leroy, b. July 14th. 

1897; res. Beagle, Kan. 
ALFRED LEE, b. September 4th, 1877, Paola, Kan.; m. Oct. 

10th, 1900, Effie B. Frasier. 2 ch. Beaulah M., b. September 

8th, 1901; Harry F., b. February 6th, 1904; res. Alton, 111. 
FLORENCE M., b. February 5th, 1882, Paola; m. November 6th, 

1898, Clyde L. Burns. 2 ch. Eldra Leroy, b. February 3rd, 

1900; Hazel Adell. b. April 13th, 1903; res. Alton, 111. 
FRED L., b. January 18th, 1885. 
ADDIE E.. b. January 11th. 1887, d. July 19th, 1887. 


Sarah Sturdevant, Jane Ann, William, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, William, William, dau. of Dr. Samuel W.Taylor and 
wife Jane Artn Tanner (86), b. October 23rd, 1843, in Aurora, 
111.; m. October 11th, 1866, William Jasper McCuUough; 
res. Belleville, Kan. 


MINNIE MAY, b. August 18th, 1867; m. December 26th, 1891, 

Fred B. Perry; res. Spearfish, S. Dak. 2 ch. Clara Lucile, b. 

June 26th, 1894; Verna Annetta, b. July 29th, 1896. 
ERNST PILGER, b. July 21st, 1870, d. October 4th, 1872. 
MAURICE MILTON, b. November 22nd, 1873, d. December 13th, 

NELLIE KATE, b. November 11th, 1875, d. July 8th, 1878. 
JOHN WILLIAM, b. October 17th, 1880. d. April 8th, 1903. 


Elliott Paddock, Jane Ann, William, Palmer, William, 
William, William, son of Dr. Samuel W. Taylor and wife 
Jane Ann Tanner (86), b. December 23rd, 1845, in Aurora, 111.; 
m. November 6th, 1867, Clara E. Strong; res. Glasgow, 

Children — 

JENNIE VIOLA, b. October 5th, 1868; m. March 6th, 1889, James 

E. Grant; res. Fairfield, Iowa. 
HATTIE MAUD, b. January 15th, d. January 25th, 1871. 
JULIA G., b. April 27th, 1873; m. March 19th, 1893, Charles D. 

McClain; res. Fairfield, Iowa. 
JESSIE M., b. March 24th, 1875, d. September 22nd, 1889. 
BERNICE A., b. November 4th, 1883. 
CLIFFORD E., b. December 27th. 1888. , 


Adelaide Adell, Jane Ann, William, Palmer, William, 

William, William, dau. of Dr. Samuel W. Taylor and wife 

Jane Ann Tanner (86), b. June 7th, 1848, in Aurora, 111.; 

m. July 29th, 1866, to Hiram W. Brewer; res. Louisburg, Kan. 


Children — 

FRANKIE ADELIA, b. April 1st, 1867. 

WALLACE, b. November 1st, 1868. 

EDWARD, b. August 20th, 1871, d. January 14th, 1904. 

THEUDAS, b. September 15th, 1873; m. September 4th, 1901, 

Carrie Wright, b. March 14th, 1885; ch. Edward, b. April 

nth, 1903. 


William K., Jane Ann, William, Palmer, William, 

William, William, son of Dr. Samuel W. Ta34or and wife 

Jane Ann Tanner (86), b. November 25th, 1850, in Aurora, 111.; 

m. December 25th, 1871, Emma Knepp; res. Holden, Mo. 

Children — 


Estelle, Sarah, William, Palmer, William, William, 
William, dau. of Henry Warren Willey and wife Sarah Tan- 
ner (89), b. February 23rd, 1849, in Kane county. 111.; m. 
November 5th, 1870, George Corey in LaSalle county. 111.; res. 
Paton, Iowa. 


LESTER, b. June 11th, 1872, Freedom, LaSalle county. 111. 

ALMA C, b. November 10th, 1873, Freedom, LaSalle county, 

Lester Corey m. May 29th, 1900, Ida Wright; he d. at Churdon, 

Iowa, September 1.5th, 1903, leaving a son Curtis, 3 years of 

Alma C. Corey m. December 31st, 1891, Harry Halloway. 


Mary Ella, Sarah, William, Palmer, William, William, 
William, dau. of Henry Warren Willey and wife Sarah Tan- 
ner (89), b. January 1st, 1851, in Kane county, 111.; m. 
February 23rd, 1873, Frederic Weaver in La Salle county; res. 
Schuyler, Neb. 

Children — 

MABEL M., b. October 17th, 1875, Prairie Center, 111.; m. 

December 31st, 1895, Dorsy Conrad; ch. Ina, b. October, 

EDITH, b. January Ist, 1881. 

Jay, Sarah, William, Palmer, William, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Henry Warren Willey and wife Sarah Tanner 
(89), b. April 17th, 1854, LaSalle county. 111.; m. December 
31st. 1885, Ehzabeth Gilchrist; res. Mead, Neb. 


Children — 

MAUD, b. October 12th, 1886. 

MERLE OLIVE, b. February 8th, 1889. 

HAROLD EUGENE, b. September 27th. 1890. 


Nora, dau. of Henry Warren Willey and wife Sarah Tan- 
ner (89); m. December 21st, 1880, Charles Webster; res. Fort 
Dodge, Iowa. 

Children — ' 

JESSIE, b. September 24th, 1885. 

LEON, b. April 11th, 1892. 


Irene, dau. of Henry Warren Willey and wife Sarah Tan- 
ner (89); m. June 1st, 1895, Theron Adair; res. Ophir, 111. 
P. 0. Mendota, R. F. D. 


Emily, dau. of Sarah Tanner Willey (89); m. November 
30th, 1879. Wilham Weaver; res. Mead," Neb. 


GEORGIA, b. July 5th, 1889. 


George, son of Sarah Tanner Willey (89) ; m. March 6th, 
1889, Emma Cameron; res. Mead, Neb. 
Children — 

ROY, b. January 5th, 1890. 
FLORENCE, b. February 13th. 1892. 
ROSS, b. October 11th, 1893. 
MABEL, b. February 24th, 1895. 
HAZEL MAY, b. February 26th, 1899. 


Louis, son of Sarah Tanner Willey (89) ; m. February 4th, 
1891, Julia Mooney who d. August 6th, 1896; res. Troy (jrove, 


WARREN, b. August 20th, 1892. 

Louis m. 2nd, December 6th, 1899, Sadie Kellogg. 

[Information given by Mrs. Sarah (Tanner) Willey, Mead, Neb.] 


Rosella J., Oscar M., William, Palmer, William, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of Oscar M. (90) and Sarah J. (Spaulding) 
Tanner, b. in Aurora, 111., April 20th, 1852; m. April 20th, 
1871, Cyrus T. Slater; res. Aurora, 111. 

Children — 

CHARLES H., b. June 25th, 1872, m. and res. St. Louis, Mo. 

IDA v., b. May 8th, 1875, m. and res. Chicago, 111. 

SARAH R., b. June 14th, 1879, m. res. Hinckley, 111. 

FRANK C, b. August 31st, 1884, res. Hinckley, 111. 



Oscar Rowland, Oscar M., William, Palmer, William, 

William, William, son of Oscar M. (90) and Sarah J. (Spauld- 

ing) Tanner, b. February 11th, 1856, in Aurora, 111.; m. 

September 5th, 1877, Dillie Reed in Hinckley, 111.; res. 

(1904) Hagerman, N. M.; real estate and life insurance. 

Children — 

CHARLES, b. January 5th, 1886. 

ETHEL, b. April 17th, 1887. 


Rilla B., Oscar M., William, Palmer, William, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of Oscar M. (90) and Sarah J. (Spaulding) 
Tanner, b. April 14th, 1858, in Aurora, 111.; m. October 17th, 
1877, John H. Eastabrook, Aurora, 111. 


ALBERT R.. b. July 11th, 1880, res. Hinckley, III. 


Rhoda E., dau. of Oscar M. (90) and Sarah J. (Spaulding) 
Tanner, b. March 5th, 1867, in Aurora, 111.; m. October 3rd, 
1894, Will F. Wanless; res. Roswell, N. M. 


HAROLD, b. December 5th. 1898. 


Alice R., dau. of Oscar M. (90) and Sarah J. (Spaulding) 
Tanner, b. November 9th, 1875, in Aurora, 111.; m. Septem- 
ber 12th, 1900, G. B. Denney; res. (1904) Aurora, 111. 

Ashable A., Ira N., Able, Benjamin, William, William, 
William, son of Ira N. (91) and Phebe (Jones) Tanner, b. 
April 4th, 1831, m. Sarah Sackett; res. Roots, Jackson county, 
Mich. , 

Children — 

LORILLA, b. February 1st, 1856; m. August 31st, 1872, Walton 
Rockwell. Ch. Hermon, b. November 23rd, 1875, d. July 
16th, 1890; Harriet, b. December 28th, 1879, d. June 26th. 
1881; Ella and Luella, twins, b. February Uth, 1881; (Ella d. 
January 6th, 1887); Robert, b. April 17th, 1896. 

EDWIN, b. . 

LUCY, b. . 


Benjamin E., Ira N., Able, Benjamin, William, Wil- 
liam, William, son of Ira N. (91) and Phebe (Jones) Tanner, 
b. June 11th, 1836, in Oswego county, N. Y. ; m. April 19th, 
1866. Elnora Parsons, niece of Governor Parsons of Michigan; 
res. Redstone, Mich. 


Children — 

PUULETTA, b. September 9th, 1S67; m. 1888, George H. Whit- 
ney; ch. Earl B., h. May 22nd, 1890; res. Redstone, Mich. 
MURTIE, b. February 9th, 1870; m. June 30th, 1886, Homer Ellis; 

res. Roots, Mich.; Ch. Rov, b. April 1st, 1888; Ethel, b. 

September 15th, 1890. 
JAMES I.,b. November 12th, 1871 ; m. September30th, 1894, Jennie 

Hanna. CHi. Grant, b. June 11th, 189G; Vaughn, b. December 

9th, 1903; res. Redstone, Mich. 
BENJAMIN L., b. June 4th, 1878; m. January 22nd, 1902, Laura 

Chambers of Hope, Midland county, Mich.; res. Redstone, 



WillaimL., Ira N., Able, Benjamin, William, William, 

William, son of Ira N. (91) and Phebe (Jones) Tanner, b. 

February 22nd, 1838, in Oswego county, N. Y.; m. August 

18th, 1861. Phebe Bacon; res. Munith, Jackson county, Mich. 

Children — 

NETTIE, b. April 10th, 1865, m. George H. Bacon; d. November 

18tli, 1889; 1 ch. that d. in infancy. 
IRA, b. February 8th, and d. February 23rd, 1868. 
ELVIE, b. February 28th, 1872, unmarried (1902). 
SADIE, b. October 31st, 1874, unmarried (1902). 
ALTAH, b. March ISth, 1878, m. J. L. Irwin. Ch. Daryl, b. October 
24tli, 1898; Vesyl, b. December 9th, 1900.' Res. River 
Junction, Michigan. 


Charles Romaine, Harvey Mortimer, Able, Benjamin, 
William, William, William, son of Harvey Mortimer (98) 
and Sophia Josephine (Bennion) Tanner, b. December 10th, 
1846, in Rochester, N. Y.; m. June 23rd, 1868, Jeanette Litz; 
he d. September 23rd, 1894, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Children — 

HATTIE JOSEPHINE, b. June 14th. 1870. 

JEANETTE, b. September 18th, 1872; m. September 23rd, 1899, 
Robert Alexander McCubbin. 
602 MORTIMER CHARLES, b. April 23rd, 1875. 


Harvey Mortimer, Harvey Mortimer, Able, Benjamin, 
William, William, William, son of Harvey Mortimer (93) 
and Sophia Josephine (Bennion) Tanner, b. March 20th, 1856, 
Buffalo; m. November 25th, 1875, Ida May Storms, in Roch- 
ester, N. Y., b. November 4th, 1857, in Buffalo. 

Children — 

MABEL, b. November 26th, 1876, d. August 23rd, 1877. 

GRACE, b. December 28th, 1879. 

CLARA, b. February 24th, 1883. 

James Harvey, Thomas, Rowland, Benjamin, William, 


William, William, son of Thomas (95) and Emily (Harmon) 
Tanner, b. May 15th, 1836; m. June 15th, 1858, Adelaide Mar- 
garet Stuart, b. September 3rd, 1839, at Bergen, N. Y.; he 
d. September 25th, 1901, Big Rapids, Mich.; minister of the 
M. E. Church. 
Children — 
BERTHA GERTRUDE, b. September 4th, 1865, d. July 29th, 

BELLE M., b. June 4tli, 1868. 

MARY, b. March 1,5th, 1871; m. June 18th, 1897, Loren Curtiss; 
res. Paw Paw, Mich. 

Belle M., m. February 1st, 1894, Charles E. Dibble, Battle 
Creek, Mich.; res. 45 Newark avenue. Ch. Earl 
Nelson, b. October 31st, 1894. 

The Rev. James Harvey Tanner was converted in 1857, and soon 
entered upon active Christian work. His ministry was first with the 
Protestant Methodist Church; but in 1862, he came from Genesee 
county, N. Y.,to Michigan and joined the Michigan Conference, of which 
he was a devoted and useful member. 

During the last eight years of his life he lived in Big Rapids, and 
though in failing health preached as opportunity offered. His preach- 
ing was of the evangelistic kind, and many were converted under his 
ministry. He possessed much enthusiasm in his work, and served 
many churches acceptably. The source of most of his success was 
the excellencies of his manhood, integrity and uprightness, and he died 
respected by all who knew him. He was buried at Paw Paw, Mich. 


Eliza A., Thomas, Rowland, Benjamin, William, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of Thomas (95) and Emily (Harmon) 
Tanner, b. October 8th, 1841; m. September 10th. 1861, Dr. 
James E. Selfe; hed. January 19th, 1873; res. Jackson, Mich., 
239 Wesley street. 
Children — 

FRANCIS L., b. August 11th. 1863, d. January 30th, 1870. 
CLARA M., b. July 18th, 1867. 

FLORA A., b. August 29th, 1869; m. June 30th, 1897, Heman 
Hoffman. Ch. Luther T., b. July 23rd, 1898; Carroll J., b. 
August 28th, 1899; Cecil E., b. July 9th, 1901. 
JAMES E., b. June 22nd, 1873; m. September 19th, 1900, Carrie 
Jewell; ch. Maurice E., b. August 2nd, 1901. 


Amelia F., Thomas, Rowland, Benjamin, William, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of Thomas (95) and Emily (Harmon) 
Tanner, b. December 10th, 1843; m. August 6th, 'l 872, Henry 
A. Bonner; shed. March 27th, 1890; res. Vanderbilt, Mich. 
Children — 

FRED L., b. January 16th, 1876; m. November 7tli, 1899, Clara 
Coppernoll. Ch. Vernie G., b. August 7th, 1900; IlLrry L., 
b. June 2nd, 1904. 
MYRTIE, b. July 10th, 1877; m. October 27th, 1897, Henry E. 


Wertman. Ch. Helen M., b. July 20th, 1900; Dorothy G., b. 
September 3rd, 1902. 
FRANK E., b. November 27th, 1878; single (1904). 


Rufus A., Horace, Rowland, Benjamin, William, Wil- 
liam, William, son of Horace (96) and Mary B. (Leonard) 
Tanner, b. June 18th, 1842, in Pavilion, Genesee county, N. Y. ; 
m. March 7th, 1864, Mariette Husted.; res. LeRoy, Genesee 
county, N. Y. 


GELANA BELL, b. June 23rd, 1865, in Pavilion; res. Linwood, 

Livingston county, N. Y. 
EDNA BLANCHE b. September 29th, 1869. 
GRACE ADELL b. March 22nd, 1873, in Pavilion. 

Gelana Bell m. January 2nd, 1895, Walter S. Russell. 

Edna Blanche m. December 23rd, 1901, Henry Hill Thomas. 

Grace Adell m. November 6th, 1895, William C. Barlow. 


William Tompkins, Horace, Rowland, Benjamin, Wil- 
liam, William, William, son of Horace (96) and Mary B. 
(Leonard) Tanner, b. June 12th, 1837, in Genesee county, 
N. Y. ; m. January 23rd, 1861, MeHssa Smith; res. Webber- 
ville, Ingham county, Mich. 

Children — 

603 CORA ELIZA, b. January 28th, 1863. 

604 FLORENCE ADEL, b. May 13th, 1865. 

605 MARY B., b. July 25th, 1867. 

606 MINNIE F., b. October r2th, 1869. 

JOHN WESLEY, b. July 4th, 1880, d. January 20th, 1886. 


Sumner Warren, Horace, Rowland, Benjamin, Wil- 
liam, William, William, son of Horace (96) and Mary B. 
(Leonard) Tanner, b. August 12th, 1845, in LeRoy, Genesee 
county, N. Y. ; m. July 8th, 1872, Ella French; res. Ashland, 

Children — 

NETTIE GERTRUDE, b. October 17th, 1875. 
JESSIE BELLE, b. March 8th, 1877. 
FLORENCE LI LI A, b. May 27th, 1880. 
EVA RUTH, b. March 23rd. 1884. 
• FRANK SUMNER, b. April 5tli, 1885. 

All h. in Ashland, Wis. 

Nettie Gertrude m. Samuel Mathson of Sioux City, Iowa. 

Jessie Belle m. DeForest Lytle; 2 ch. Allen and Dorothy. 

Martin, Horace, Rowland, Benjamin, William Wil- 
liam, William, son of Horace (96) and Mary B. (Leonard) 


Tanner, b. September 10th, 1852, in LeRoy, N. Y. ; m. Decem- 
ber 25th, 1873, Jessie White; res. Jackson, Mich., 411 S. 

Blackstone street. 
Children — 
RUFUS, b. September 10th, 1876; res. Henrietta, Mich.; m. 

September 29th, 1897, Tillie Bushnell; Ch. Leila, b. November 

7th, 1899, Jackson, Mich., R. F. 1). 3. 

Belle, dau. of Rowland (98) and Adelaide D. (Gibbins) 
Tanner, b. August 3rd, 1854; m. December 25th, 1872, Henry 

BERTHA, b. .January 8th, 1874; res. Roots, Jackson county, 


Ella A., dau. of Rowland (98) and Irena (Peak) Tanner, 

b. June 29th, 1857; m. June 27th, 1877, Thomas J. Spears. 

Children — 

HART T., b. August 8th, 1878. 
FLOYD D., b. January 16th, 1886. 
Address Munith, Mich., R. F. D. 3. 


Carrie May, dau. of Rowland (98) and Irena (Peak) Tan- 
ner, b. April 21st, 1859; m. April 13th, 1881, John J. Cheney; 
she d. March 13th, 1893. 


IRENA BELLE, b. March 6th, 1886; res. Roots, Jackson county, 


Martin Wilbur, James Harvey, Rowland, Benjamin, 

William, William, William, son of James Harvey (99) and 

Harriet (Main) Tanner, b. February 28th, 1849; m. October 

22nd, 1873, Helen Eveline Anderson; res. Saginaw, Mich. 

Children — 

FLORENCE HOPE, b. September 22nd, 1877. 

HARRIET MAINE, b. October 12th, 1903. 

Martin Wilbur Tanner is a dry goods merchant in Saginaw, Mich. 


Harvey Clinton, James Harvey, Rowland, Benjamin, 
William, William, William, son of James Harvey (99) and 
Harriet (Main) Tanner, b. August 25th, 1851; m. December 
25th, 1873, Alice Russell. Res. Henrietta, Jackson county, 
Mich; P. O. Roots. 

Children — 

DAISY GRACE, b. December 27th, 1874; m. April 15th, 1896, 
James A. Dean; res. Roots, Jackson county, Mich. 

RUSSELL VAUGHN, b. July 6th, 1886. 



Hattie May, James Harvey, Rowland, Benjamin, Wil- 
liam, William, William, dau. of James Harvey (99) and 
Harriet (Main) Tanner, b. September 25th, 1870; m. Septem- 
ber 4th, 1893, Francis W. Urch, b. in Kingswood. Eng., 

March 16th, 1869; res. Henrietta, Jackson county, Mich. 
Children — 
GRACE WELLINGTON, b. February 18tli, 1S<J5. 

HARRIET LUCRETTA, b. September , 1896. 

WELLINGTON TANNER, b. March 25th, 1899. 
CATHERINE ELIZABETH, b. May 20t}i, 1901. 


James Calkins, Ford, Cuyler, Abel, William, William, 
William, son of Ford (114) and Lydia A. (Huntly) Tanner, b. 
March 3rd, 1851; m. November 27th, 1884, Nora E. Corey, b. 
June 28th, 1859, in San Rafael, Cahf.; m. in Bloomfield, Sonoma 
county, Cahf.; res. Morro, San Louis Obispo county, Cahf.; 
occupation, owner of a ranch. 

[See also lor wife, "The Rockwell and Keeler Genealogy, No. 

Children — 

ISABEL JOSIE, b. October 1st, 1885. 

ELLA LYDIA, b. June 4th, 1887. 

GEORGE FORD, b. November 14th, 1890. 

CLIFFORD GILBERT, b. July 25th, 1894. 

JAMES RUDOLPH, b. August 'l 1th, 1895. 

CHARLES COREY, b. January 16th, 1898. 

ERVINE HUNTLEY, b. July 7th, 1902. 


Herbert Battles, Ford, Cuyler, Abel, William, Wil- 
liam, William, son of Ford (114) and Mary A. (Battles) Tan- 
ner, b. February 13th 1859; m. September 1st, 1881, Mary G. 
M. Boyd; res. Kaukauna, Wis. Miss Boyd was a grand- 
dau. of Coh Geo. Boyd, U. S. Indian Agent at Mackinaw, 1818- 

(Tiildren — 

KENNETH BOYD, b. July 20th, 1883. 

BLANCHE LAWE, b. January 25th, 1885. 

HAROLD FORI), b. November 24th, 1887. 

HERBERT JOHNSON, b. March 17th, 1894. 

Kenneth Boyd, A. B., University of Wisconsin; student of med- 
icine (1904). 

Blanche Lowe, Downer College, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Dr. Herbert Battles Tanner, physician and druggist at Kaukauna, 
Wis., is a w^ell known citizen in political circles in Wisconsin; an 
active man in business life and enterprising in all that concerns the 
welfare of his native city. 

He is also interested actively, and is secretary of the " Tamasopo 
Sugar Company," " Agua Buena" Sugar Hacienda, at Tamasopo, 



Walter Scott, Ford, Cuyler, Abel, William, William, 
Wlilam, son of Ford (114) and Mary A. (Battles) Tanner, b. 
May 10th, 1864; m. September 15th, 1886, at Lawrence, Kan., 
Clara Maria Fillmore, b. November 13th, 1860. 

Children — 

STELLA FILLMORE, b. June 22nd, 1887. 

ETHEL LEONA, b. May 24th, 1889, at Lawrence, Kan,; res. 
(1903) New York City. 


Harry Cuyler, Ford, Cuyler, Abel, William, William, 

William, son of Ford (114) and Mary A. (Battles) Tanner, b. 

November 24th, 1866; m. July 9th, 1890, Ida May Hoswell, b. 

June 12th, 1868; res. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Children — 

WILLIAM RAYMOND, b. April 27th, 1892. 

MARJORIA AILEEN, b. May 30th, 1897. 


Ella Portia, Amos Sweet, Abel, William, William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of Alonzo (121) and Orelle Ann (Brown) Tanner, 
b. November 25th, 1845, in Springfield, Erie county, N.Y.; m. 
April 21st, 1864. Thomas J. Hines of Buffalo, N. Y., who d. Jan- 
uary 1881 ; res. Stratford, Conn. 

Children — 

CHARLES HENRY, b. March 6th, 1865, Buffalo, N. Y. 
THOMAS ALONZO, b. June 1877, d. August 1877. 
IMOGENE ORELLE, b. July 1878, d. May 1879. 

Charles H. Hines m. September 5th, 1885, Josephine Marie 
Antoinette Armand, b. January 29th, 1867, at Puy de Dome, 
France, family of Jean Armand Duplessis, Cardinal Richelieu.. 
Ch. Jo.seph Armand, b. August 9th. 1886; Charles H. Jr., b. 
June 6th, 1888, d. September 22nd. 1889; Eleanor Camille 
Eudsia, b. June 14th, 1889; Juanita Imogene Orelle, b. July 
18th, 1892; Theodore Roosevelt, b. May 18th, 1898. 
Charles H. Hines is an electrical engineer, superintendent of Butha 
and Mayunta mines in Barranquilla, Colombia, South America; A. I. 
E. E. 

For a biographical account see "Electrical World and Engineer" 
for 1905. 


Edward Everett, Alonzo, Amos Swket, Abel, William, 
William, William, son of Alonzo (121) and Sarah Desire 
(Fisher) Tanner, b. March 25th,1865,in Buffalo; m. May 20th, 
1890, Mary W.Williams, a descendant of Major David Williams 
and her maternal ancestor. Col. Samuel Hamilton ; res. Buffalo, 
N. Y. ; lawver. 


Children — 

Amelia J., John, Amos Sweet, Abel, William, William 
William, dau. of John (122) and Mariam Challis, b. December 
12th, 1847; m. June 9th, 1866, Vohiey Orr; res! Holland, N. Y. 

Children — 

MARIOxX, b. September 20th, 1868. 

LEON, b. October 2nd, 1870. 

LILLIAN, b. June 24th, 1872. 

JESSIE, b. July 17th, 1874, d. August 18th, 1900. 

Grandchildren of Amelia J. (Tanner) Orr (374) : 
Marion m. July 4th, 1889, Phihp Van Dixon. 

Children — 

JOSEPHINE, b. February 23rd, 1890. 
GERALD, b. January 23rd, 1892. 
MERLE, b. March 4th, 1894. 
MILDRED, b. February 17th, 1896. 
VOLNEY, b. August 16th, 1898. 

Leon m. March 14th, 1899, Jennie S. Cooper. 

Lillian m. December 16th, 1899, Lawrence P. Button. 

Children — 

HUBERT P., b. October 24th, 1900. 
FLORENCE JESSIE, b. October 27tl>, 1903. 


Charles C, John, Amos Sweet, Abel, William, William, 
William, son of John (122) and Mariam (Challis) Tanner, 
b. June 19th, 1855; m. November 18th, 1885, Belle F. DuBois. 

Children — 

CARRIE GRACE, b. January 16th, 1887, d. February 17th, 1887. 

Infant, b. January 17th, d. January 20th, 1888. 

JOHN A., b. April 27th, 1890, d. December 16th, 1893. 

EDDIE C, b. January 25th, 1893. 

WILLIE C, b. January 14th, 1895. 

Dana F., son of John (122); m. November 23rd, 1887, 
Bertha B. Cooper. 

NELON F., b. May 9th, 1889. 
CLAIR D., b. May 1st, 1897. 

William H., Susan Jane, .\mos Sweet, Abel, William, 
William, William, son of James Chalmers and wife Susan 


Jane Tanner(124),b. October 14th, 1858, in South Wales, N.Y. ; 

m. September 20th, 1878, Antoinette Holmes; res. Stillwater, 


Children — 

MILLARD F., b. November 9th, 1879. in Wales, Erie county, N.Y. 

JAMES W., b. March 4th, 1885, in Wales, Erie county, N. Y. 

BESSIE, b. April 7th, 1887, Stillwater, Minn. 

CHARLES, b. May 1890, d. January 27th, 1895, Stillwater, Minn. 

HELEN, b. February 11th, 1895, Stillwater, Minn. 


Darius, Lucy, John, Nathan, William, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Asa H. Baird and wife Lucy Tanner (129), b. 
August 18th, 1837, in Wayne county, Ohio; m. May 31st, 1862, 
Rose Ann McWilliams of Noble county, Ind.; she d. May 
11th, 1904; res. Olney, 111. 


NORA, b. July 15th, and d. August 10th, 1863. 

CORRY STANLEY, b. March 10th, 1865, m. Jessie Patton of 

Hannibal, Mo.; ch. Mary Jane. 
GENEVA, b. November 7th, 1869, d. July 12th, 1870. 

Sarah, Lucy, John, Nathan, William, William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of Asa H. Baird and wife Lucy Tanner (129), b. 
March 24th, 1840, in Olney, 111.; m. May 24th, 1859, Kin- 
neth D. Horrall, b. June 9th, 1838, in Davis county, Ind. 

Children — 

ADELBERT, b. July 27th. 1860; m. April 18th, 188.3, Clara C. 

Beck; res. Olney. 3 ch. Helen C, b. Decmber 22nd, 1884; 

Adelbert, b. January 14th, 1887; Brice Beck, b. April 17th, 

GEORGE L., b. November 24th, 1862; m. May 25th, 1887, Ina C. 

Philips; res. Richland county, 111.; 2 ch. Mary Ellen, b. 

October 30th, 1891; Edna Edith, b. August 2nd, 1894. 
CARRIE LOUISE, b. January 22nd, 1865; m. September 16th. 

1885, Dr. E. J. Conyngton; res. Decatur, 111.; ch. Frances R., 

b. October 15th, 1887. 
CHARLES ASA, b. January 4th, 1868; m. October 17th, 1894, 

Jessie Sturdivant of Casey, 111.; res. Olney, 111.; no ch. 
EDWARD EUGENE, b. January 22nd, 1871; single (1904). 
WALTER L., b. March 24th, 1875; m. March 24th, 1896, Mittie 

Chauncy; res. Olney, 111.; 2 ch. Kinneth D., b. April 1.5th, 

1897; Sarah Elizabeth, b. July 20th, 1899. 
HARRY CLIFFE, b. September 28tli, 1878; m. April 27th, 1904, 

Mabel Tippet of Olney. 

CalvinF., Lucy, John, Nathan. William, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Asa H. Baird and Lucy Tanner his wife (129) ; m. 
December 14th, 1865, Mary Emily Bunn; res. Olney, 111. 


Children — 

LORA, b. October 2nd, 1866; m. July 4th, 1903, Percy E. Land- 

greaver; res. Chicago, 7201 St. Lawrence avenue. 
JEAN A., b. December 22nd, 1867; res. Vandercook, 111. 
WILLIAM, b. October 7th, 1871; res. Seymour, Ind. 


Nathan Henry, Nathan Sylvester, John, Nathan, Wil- 
liam, William, William, son of Nathan Sylvester (131) and 
Maria (Reynolds) Tanner, b. August 30th, 1848, in Medina 
county, Ohio; m. January 20th, 1877, Angelina Anderson, b. 
January 9th, 1859. in Argyle. Washington county, N. Y. ; res. 
Mitchellville, Iowa. 

Children — 

LEORA. b. January 10th, 1878. 

HELEN MARIE, b. June 9th. 1883. 

FLORENCE MAY, b. September 27th. 1884. 

All b. in Mitchellville, Iowa. ** 


Hiram Melvin, Nathan Sylvester, John, Nathan, Wil- 
liam, William, William, son of Nathan Sylvester (131) and 
Maria (Reynolds) Tanner, b. March 27th, 1860, in Medina 
county, Ohio; m. January 29th, 1902, Love S. Dailey, b. Octo- 
ber 15th, 1864; res. Orient, Iowa. 

Maranda, Darius, John, Nathan, William, William, 
William, dau. of Darius (132) and Jane (McCoUister) Tan- 
ner, b. July 19th, 1839, in Ashland county. Ohio; m. October 
9th, 1856, Robert Lee of Ashland county. Ohio; res. West Salem. 
Wayne county, Ohio. 
Children — 
SARAH J., b. October 4th, 1857. Homer. Ohio; m. December 6t,h, 

1877, Aaron Swarts; res. Homerville, Ohio. 
ROSA M., b. April 19th, 1859, d. February 26th, 1862. 
CORA B.b.June 15th, 1865; m.July 22nd, 1883, Ervine C. Barone; 

res. Toledo, Ohio. 
LILLIAN GERTRUDE, b. January 26th, 1877; m. May 21, st, 1896, 
Charles M. Inman of Spencer, Medina county, Ohio; res. 
Toledo, Ohio. 


Lucy J., Darius, John, Nathan, William, William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of Darius (132) and Jane (McCollister) Tanner, b. 
September 8th, 1844, in Ashland county, Ohio; m. October 
3rd, 1860, Frank West; res. Sullivan, Ashland county, Ohio. 
Lucy J. West m. 2nd, May 16th, 1895, Henry E. Spring; 
res. Paulding, Ohio. 

Children — 
659 NELLIE D., b. July 26th, 1861; m. September 22nd, 1880, Frank 
K. Rugg; res. Huntington, Ohio. 


FRED H., b. September 29th, 1866; m. May 8th, 1896, Ida Giar; 

res. Huntington, Ohio. 
GRACE H., b. November 28th, 1869; m. March 14th, 1890, WiU 

Loveland; res. Wellington, Ohio. 

AbiE., Darius, John, N.\than, William. William, Wil- 
liam, dau. of Darius (132) and Jane (McCollister) Tanner, b. 
March 22nd, 1847, in Ashland county, Ohio ; m. November 22nd, 
1865, Joseph Phelon; res. Huntington, Loraine county, Ohio. 

ARTHUR D., b. March 18th, 1867, d. October 9th, 1871. 
DAISY L., b. July 10th, 1873; m. April 19th, 1894, Charles E. Dir- 
1am; res. Wellington, Ohio; no ch. Dealer in farm machin- 
LITTA VELMA, b. December 12th, 1882; m. November 2l3t, 
1903, Warren W. McMeekin of Mansfield, Ohio; res. (1904) 
Charon Centre, Ohio. 


Earnest M., Darius, John, Nathan, William. William, 
William, son of Darius (132) and Jane (McCollister) Tanner, 
b. September 17th, 1849, in Ashland county, Ohio; m. January 

2nd, 1877, Dora Routson of Spencer, Ohio; b. . Res. 

Orrville, Wayne county, Ohio. 

Children — 

HARRY R., b. February 7th, 1878, Rochester, Ohio. 

GRACE A., b. October 27th, 1879, Rochester, Ohio. 


Nancy J., Darius, John, Nathan, William, William, 
William^ dau. of Darius (132) and Jane (McCollister) Tanner, 
b. April 14th, 1853, Ashland county, Ohio; m. December 
26th, 1872, Melvin Hubler of Sullivan^ Ohio; he d. December 
3rd, 1901; res. New London Huron county Ohio. 

Children — 

CLARENCE, b. February 27th, 1874. Sullivan, Ohio; m. April 
1st, 1894, Lottie Reid; res. New London, Ohio. 

ERNEST, b. December 23rd, 1875. 

CHARLES, b. February 4th, 1881, d. Mav 30th. 1881. 

FRED NILES, b. June 23rd. 1882. d. December, 1886. 

MARY ETHEL, b. October 2nd, 1887. 

[Information of the family of Darius given by E. M. Tanner of 
Orrville, Ohio, and Rev. Charles J. Tanner of Minneapolis, Minn.] 


Charles J., Darius, John, Nathan William, William, 
William, son of Darius (132) and Mary M. (Saddler) Tanner, 
b. December 7th, 1856. in Sullivan countv. Ohio; m. l^ecember 
25th, 1877, Nettie H. Drake; res. (1903y Minneapolis, Minn.; 
Pastor of the "Church of Christ," Portland avenue. 


EARLE E., b. August 28th, 1878. 


CELIA M., b. June 21st, 1885. 
VIRGINIA H., b. May 20th. 1890. 


Samantha E., John Whitford, John, Nathan, William 
William, William, dau. of John Whitford (133) and Luana 
(Chamberlain) Tanner, b. July 9th, 1847, in Medina county 
Ohio; m. April 2nd, 1863, Nicholas Brow, b. in Germany 
March 29th, 1837; he d. May 1st, 1902; res. Mancelona, An- 
trim county, Mich. 

Children — 

ESTIN MONROE, b. May 1st, 1867. 

WALTER GRANT, b. March 6th, 1869. 

OLENA MAY, b. October 21st, 1871. 

WILLIAM ORTHELLO, b. May 1st, 1873. 

FRANK WESLEY, b. February 20th, 1876, d. March 24th, 1880. 

CLYDE NICHOLAS, b. August 10th, 1879. 

John Whitney, John Whitford, John, Nathan, Wil- 
liam, William, William, son of John Whitford (133) and 
Luana (Chamberlain) Tanner, b. November 26th, 1852, in 
Ingham county, Mich.; m. February 20th, 1879, Frances 
E. Knight, who d. October 11th, 1884, leaving one ch. 

NELLIE JUNE, b. June 29th, 1880; m. January 1st, 1902, Albert 
L. Merrifield; res. Hastings, Mich.; ch. Vera May, b. 
January 23rd, 1903. 


Ida I., John Whitford, John, Nathan, William, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of John Whitford (133) and Luana (Cham- 
berlain) Tanner, b. June 12th, 1862, in Ingham county, Mich.; 
m. December 23rd, 1887, Frank James Johnson, b. Jan- 
uary 10th, 1863, in Whitehall, Muskegon county, Mich. ; res. 
Bradley, Mich. 


WILLIAM WHITNEY, b. October 8th, 1888, Big Rapids, Mich. 

FRED EARL, b. September 1st, 1890, Wayland, Mich. 

OLO VERNE, b. July 17th, 1893, Hastings, Mich. 

CORA BELLE, b. September 11th, 1895, Hope, Mich. 

EDSELL FLOYD, b. September 13th, 1897, d. August 22nd, 

ELTON FOREST, b. August 10th, 1901, in Middleville, Mich. 

Harlow Milford, Dorman O., John, Nathan, William, 
William, William, son of Dorman O. (135) and Clarissa 
(Curtice) Tanner, b. October 25th, 1850, in Medina county, 
Ohio; m. December 25th, 1876, Ettie B. Hunt, b. April 6th, 
1860. Virginia; res. Mitchellville, Iowa. 



EDNA v., b. March 24th, 1878, d. September 10th, 1897. 

Emma Viola, Dorman Orville, John, Nathan. Wil- 
liam, William, William, dau. of Dorman Orville (135) and 
Clarissa (Curtice) Tanner, b. January 21st, 1855, in Ingham 
county, Mich.; m. December 25th, 1874, Lucius W. Mead. 

EMMA VIOLA, b. April 26th. 1877; m. July 17th, 1900, .L W. 
Thoina.s; ch. Irene Lavina, b. July 19th, 1902. 


Joel Nathaniel, Dorman Orville, John, Nathan, Wil- 
liam, William, William, son of Dorman Orville (135) and 
Clarissa (Curtice) Tanner, b. December 17th, 1859, in Ingham 
county, Mich.; m. September 28th, 1880, Dora L. Howe; 
res. Horton, Mich. 

Children — 

EDGAR RAY, b. September 18th, 1882. 

ORVILLE PERRY, b. May 3Lst, 1884. 

ARTHUR EUGENE, b. October 10th, 1890. 

CLARISSA ELIZABETH, b. July 2nd, 1892. 

Ch. b. in Spring Arbor, Jackson county, Mich. 


Willis Oscar, Dorman Orville, John, Nathan, William, 
William, William, son of Dorman Orville (135) and Clarissa 
(Curtice) Tanner, b. February 17th, 1867, in Jackson county, 
Mich.; m. 1885, Harriet French; res. Chicago, 111. 

Children — 

RUBY, b. . 

GENA, b. . 

LILA, b. . 

HELEN, b. . 


Drew E., Rose Wyatt, Wyatt Rose, Nathan, Wil- 
liam, William, William, son of Rose Wyatt (136) and Olive 
M. (Seamans) Tanner, b. October 22nd, 1848, in Leyden, 111.; 
m. December 21st, 1870, Louisa Cook, b. in Cheltenham, 
England, September 27th, 1849; res. Chicago. 

Children — 

ALICE L., b. November 8th, 1873. d. July 7th, 1888. 

JAMES F., b. January 11th, 1877. 

ARTHUR E., b. December 6th, 1878. 

Arba B., Rose Wyatt, Wyatt Rose, Nathan, William,. 
William, William, son of Rose Wyatt (136) and Olive M. 
Seamans, b. June 13th, 1844, in Erie county, N. Y.;m. Septem- 
ber 27th, 1872, Mary Lowe, b. in Ontario, Canada, September 
7th, 1840; res. New Salem, Kan. 


Children — 

ONNA OLIVE, b. August 23rd, 1874, in Tisdale, Kan.; m. July 

3rd, 1900, Vergil Homer Wyckoff.b. March 21st, 1873, in Knox 

county. 111. 
NATHAN A., b. April 1st, 1877, in Cowley county, Kan.; m. 

Anna Baker, b. December 6th, 1876, in Cowley county. 2 ch. 

Pansy Mary, b. October 14th, 1900; Charles, b. October 2nd, 



Ida E., Rose Wyatt, Wyatt Rose, Nathan, William. 
William, William, dau. of Rose Wyatt (136) and Olive M. 
(Seamans) Tanner, b. November 3rd, 1851, in Leyden, III.; 
m. March 11th 1876, Thomas Preston, b. September 19th. 
1852; he d. October 12th, 1898; res. Chicago. 

Children — 

HERBERT D., b. December 27th, 1877. 

ELMER D., b. December 10th, 1878. 

Oren Eli, Eli, Wyatt Rose, Nathan, William, Wil- 
liam, William, son of EU (138) and Lucy A. (Seamans) Tan- 
ner, b. June 12th, 1845, in Wilhelm, Erie county, N. Y.; m. 
December 17th 1867, Sarah A. McArthur. Lancaster, N. Y. 
Children — 
ALVIN B., b. February 10th, 1869, Lancaster; m.June 12th, 1900, 

Mary Barztold, Lancaster. 
TROY T., b. January 2nd, 1872; m. February 15th, 1894, Annie 

E. Davidson, Portage, N. Y. 
WILLIAM O., b. December 27th, 1873; m. September 4th, 1900, 

Emily Claxton of Buffalo; ch. Milo, b. July , 1901. 

ELMER B., b. February 25th, 1878. 

ARTHUR G., b. July 26th, 1879. 

JENNIE A., b. April 25th, 1881, Appleton, Wis. 


Abram Franklin, Willl\m. William, Nathan, William, 
William, William, son of William (141) and Margaret (Stots) 
Tanner, b. December 1st, 1842, in Huron county, Ohio; m. 
October 10th, 1867, Mary Caroline Everhart of Philadelphia, 
Pa.; res. Chicago, 2273 Gladys avenue. 


LOLA MAUD, b. January 25th, 1875. 


Benjamin M., William William, Nathan, William, 

William, William, son of William (141) and Margaret (Stots) 

Tanner, b. April 11th. 1844, in Delphi, Huron county, Ohio; 

m. November 1st 1877, at Leavenworth, Kan., Emma M. 


Children — 

EVELYN D., b. October 16th, 1878. 

LOUISE MARIE, b. March 9th, 1880. 


WILLIAM B., b December 1st, 188L 
CHARLES B., b. March 17tli, 1883. 
ADA PEARL, b. May 25th, 1884. 

GERTRUDE IRENE, b. September 6th, 1886, d. March 28th, 

Martha E., William, William, Nathan, William, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of Wiiliam (141) and Margaret (Stots) 
Tanner, b. February 14th, 1845, near Kendallville, Ind. ; m. 
March 23rd, 1865, Charles Franke, in Leavenworth, Kan.; 
res. Leavenworth. 

Children — 

IDA MAY, b. December 28th, 1866. 

EMMA FLORINE, b. September 15th, 1868. 

MARY CHARLINE. b. May 23rd, 1871. 

CHARLES B., b. July 9th, 1876, d. December 26th, 1878. 

MARGARET E., b. September 26th, 1878, d. March 6th, 1879. 

" Mrs. Martha E. Franke is a devoted worker in the cause of charity 
in Leavenworth, and a prominent leader. She came to Leavenworth 
with her parents in 1854, and passed through the terrible scenes of the 
war, and, gun in hand, stood on guard many a time in the Kansas 

" Mr. Franke was among the first to offer his services when Sump- 
ter was fired on, and, possibly, the first man sworn into the U.S. service 
in Kansas, and did guard duty at the arsenal. Fort Leavenworth. He 
afterwards enlisted, May 27th, 1861, in Co. I. 1st Kansas Infantry; 
served three years and ' honorably distinguished himself. ' He was one 
of six who captured the first rebel flag in Missouri, at latan. He is 
President of the First Kansas Association, and a Past Commander of 
Custer Post." 

Mary A., William, William, Nathan, William, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of Wilham (141) and Margaret (Stots) 
Tanner, b. December 25th, 1847, near Kendallville, Ind.; m. 
, Scott Anshultz. 


ARTHUR SCOTT, b. August 18th, 1866, m. April 10th, 1886; he 
d. .July 19th, 1901. 

Mary m. 2nd. Albert Dickenson. 
ALBERT, b. ; m. ; 2 ch. 

Elizabeth (425) of (142) m. September 28th, 1864, Edgar 

Seward; res. (1902) Cleveland, Ohio, 192 Scoville avenue. 


IVY, b. October 21st, 1868; m. August 3rd, 1892, Robert M. Allen. 

Ch. Dorothy Charlotte, b. July 21st, 1893; Grace Maria, b. 

January 6th, 1895; Herbert Seward, b. March 21st, 1897; 

William Clark, b. November 6th, 1900. Res. 56 Putman 

street, Cleveland, Ohio. 



Adalaide, Lucy, William, Nathan, William, William, 
William, dau. of Thomas Derry and wife Lucy Tanner (142), 
b. August 14th, 1849, in Lisbon, Ind. ; m. Charles Bridge; 
she d. February 2nd, 1890. 

Children — 

CHARLES D., b. April 22nd, 187S. 

WALTER T., b. September 20th, L8SI; res. 100 Addison street. 

FRED, b. April 19th, 1884. 

FORREST, b. October 26th, 1887. 

Res. Cor. James and Addison, Elkhart, Ind. 

Emma, dau. of Lucy (Tanner) Derry (142), m. May 2nd, 
1876, Samuel Hosier; res. Kendallville, Ind. 
FLOYD, b. February 27th, 1877; single. 


Emily Alice, Martin Darius, Stephen, Nathan, Wil- 

i>iam, William, William, dau. of ]\Iartin Darius (152) and 

Laura Lovina Ritchie, b. May 10th, 1860, Custer Park, 111. ; m. 

June 22nd, 1881, William Scott Taylor; res. Kankakee, 111., 

563 Harrison avenue. 


LORA ETHEL, b. June 26th, 1883. 
AURIE NAOMI, b. January 7th, 1886. 
SYLVIA EDITH, b. October 8th, 1887. 
MARY GERTRUDE, b. August 10th, 1890. 
BLANCH ALICE, b. May 26th, 1895. 
WILLIAM EVERETT, b. August 9th, 1902. 


Sheridan C, Martin Darius, STf:PHEN, Nathan, Wil- 
liam, William, William, son of Martin Darius (152) and 
Laura Lovina Ritchie, b. February 20th, 1865, Custer Park, 
111.; m. June 30th, 1896, Flora Bell Myers of Newville, Pa. ; 
she d. September 9th, 1903; res. Custer'Park, 111. 


FRANCES AILENE, b. January 12th, 1898. 

WILLIAM BURTIS, b. December 21st, 1899. 

FLORA WILHEMENIA, b. August 30th, 1903. 


Maggie M., Margaret Augusta, Hiram, Nathan, Wil- 
liam, William, William, dau. of Watson C. Conant and wife 
Margaret Augusta Tanner (155), b. July 26th, 1868, at Pierce- 
ton, Ind.; m. October 23rd, 1886, Frank Eggleston; res. 
(1904) Laramie, Wvo. 


EMMA, b. November 7th, 1887. 


Bertha A., dau. of 155, m. February, 1891, George Sher 


DONNA, b. May 25th, 1892. 

FRANK, b. December 15th, 1895. 

HOWARD, , 1897. 

Parents and babe killed in railway wreck, August 27th, 1898. 


Mary E., Jane Elizabeth, Hiram, Nathan, William, 
William, William, dau. of Jane Elizabeth (156) and Walter 
Blair Foote, b. August 14th, 1859, Cleveland, Ohio; m. June 
28th, 1891, FrankUn Sanborn Atwater; he. d. August 8th, 



EDGAR FOOT, b. .June 19th, 1893, Cleveland, Ohio. 
WALTER SANBORN, b. March 8th, 1897, Cleveland, Ohio. 
EMMA E. b. September 16th, 1898. 


Clayton Hunter, Jane Elizabeth, Hiram, Nathan, Wil- 
liam, William, William, son of Walter Blair Foote and Jane 
Elizabeth Tanner (156) his wife, b. August 2nd, 1863, in Roch- 
ester, Lorain county, Ohio; m. December 18th, 1889, Maud 
Wentworth in Cleveland, Ohio, b. in Canfield, Ohio, March 
21st, 1868; m. 2nd, August 24th, 1904, Anna Elizabeth Miller, 

Cleveland, b. 1874. 
Children — 

FLORENCE MEDORA, b. April 21st, 1891, Cleveland, Ohio. 
MARJORIE GRACE, b. August 24th, 1893, Cleveland, Ohio. 
MABEL WENTWORTH, b. December 30th, 1895. 


Lillian, Jane Elizabeth, Hiram, Nathan, William, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of Walter Blair Foote and wife Jane Eliza- 
beth Tanner (156). b. March 28th, 1868, in Cleveland, Ohio; m. 
June 12th, 1889, Edmund Howard Jones, Cleveland, Ohio, b. 
June 30th, 1865, in Allegheny, Pa. 

Children — 

CLAYTON ERNEST, b. July 13th. 1890, in Lakeside, Oliio. 

PAUL VINCENT, b. December 6th, 1S94, in Lowell, Mass. 


Donna Ann, Alpheus Hiram, Hiram, Nathan, William, 
William, William, dau. of Alpheus Hiram (157), b. May 20th, 
1860; m. February 14th, 1878, Allen George Smith, b. November 
9th, 1853; m. at Martin, Mich., by Rev. John Anderson; res. 
Kalamazoo, Mich.; farmer. 


GUY WARRAL, b. May 30th, 1882; student Agricultural College, 
class of '0.5. 


The grandfather of Mr. Smith was the first white settler this side 
of Kazoo river, one tent and one log cabin being all of Kalamazoo at 
that time. 

William Henry, Timothy Ingraham, William, Nathan, 
Palmer William. William, son of Timothy Ingraham (160) 
and Mary A. (Bowers) Tanner, b. June 29th, 1823, in Bristol, 
R. I.; m. May 14th, 1845, JuHa Ann Wheeler, Albany, N. Y.; 
she d. April 11th, 1878. 

Children — 

SARAH BOSWORTH, b. June 4th, 1846, in Paris township, Kent 
county, Mich.; d. December 18th, 18S7; sinsjle. 

JULIA CATHERINE, b. May 6th, 1847, Grand" Rapids, Mich., 
m. October 1st, 1873, William Henry Raiguel of Philadelphia, 
Pa.; d. July 7th, 1890. Ch. Julia Elizabeth, William Ed- 
ward, Sarah Darling, Ralph Wheeler, Philip Smith. 

ANNA ELIZABETH, b. August 12th, 1848, Grand Rapids, Mich.; 
m. April 18th, 1882, J. F. Morin of Kenosha, Wis.; he 
d. November 3rd, 1888. M. 2nd, May 26th, 1892, Rev. James 
M. Smith of Santa Maria, Calif. Ch. of 1st m., James; ch. 
of 2nd m., Esther Maize. 

MARY ELIZA, b. September 15th, 1849, in Paris township, Kent 
county, Mich; single (1902). 

Mary Ann, Timothy Ingraham, William, Nathan. Pal- 
mer, William, William, dau. of Timothy Ingraham (160) 
and Mary Ann (Bowers) Tanner, b. September 15th, 1824, 
Bristol, R. I.; m. September 27th, 1846, John Luther, b. May 
5th, 1823, Bristol; m. by the Rev. F. H. Cumming, Grand 
Rapids, Mich.; he d. February 15th, 1901. 

Children — 

CHARLES HENRY, b. July 20th, 1847. 

FRANK REVERE, b. December 2nd, 1849, d. August 10th, 1863. 

EDWARD PA YSON, ^ , n k oo ^ icr;, 

MARIA TANNER, f b. December 22nd, 1851. 

Edward Payson d. March 3rd, 1869. 
ELIZABETH CHURCH, b. March 1st, 1853. 
NETTIE, b. April 1st, 1863, d. April 28th, 1863. 

Maria Tanner of Mary Ann (467), m. January 30th, 1872, 

Edgar Phillips Mills of Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Children — 

MAY, m. Thomas Caroline. 

ADA LINE, m. Norbert Deutsch. 

EDWARD PAYSON, m. Pearl Murphy. 

Bennett Munro, Timothy Incjraham, William, Nathan, 
I'almiok, William, William, son of Timothy Ingraham (160) 


and Mary Ann (Bowers) Tanner, b. November 29th, 1826, 
Bristol; m. April 25th, 1847, Aurelia Frances Leach, in Grand 
Rapids, Mich.; he d. June 2nd, 1851. 


FRANCES BENNETT, b. December 11th, 1848, at Aurora, N. Y. 

Frances Bennett Tanner, dau. of (468), ra. October 27th, 
1868, at Grand Rapids, Mich., Herbert Emerson Dewey, b. 
September 18th, 1843, in Kendall county, 111. ; son of Rich- 
ard Dewey; res. (1903) Lead, rf. Dak. [See Dewey Genealogy.] 

Children — 

EDWIN HERBERT, b. December 7th, 1869. 

SAIDEE MARGARET, b. April 2nd, 1871; m. August 18th, 1896, 
William R. Warren. 

GRACE AURELIA, b. February 24th, 1872. 

HARRIET FRANCES, b. March 8th, 1879. 

LAWRENCE HASTINGS, b. February 20th, 1883. 

BENNETT BRISTED, b. January 12th, 1886. 

Timothy Ingraham, Timothy Ingraham, William, 
Nathan, Palmer, William, William, son of Timothy 
Ingraham (160) and Mary Ann (Bowers) Tanner, b. Novem- 
ber 4th, 1828, in Bristol, R. I.; m. October 21st, 1855, Mary 
E. Groger, in Grand Rapids, b. May 31st, 1832; res. Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 
Children — 

FLORENCE IMOGENE, b. September 26th, 1858, in Paris town- 
ship, Kent county, Mich., d. April 1st, 1865. 
BENNETT CORNELIUS, b. August 31st, 1863, in Paxton, 111., d. 
November 29th, 1867. 


John Bristed, Timothy Ingraham, William, Nathan, 
Palmer, William, William, son of Timothy Ingraham (160) 
and Mary Ann (Bowers) Tanner, b. February 12th, 1833, in 
Bristol, R. I.; m. May 27th, 1856, in Grand Rapids, Mich., 
Aurelia Frances Leach Tanner, widow of Bennett Munro Tan- 

Children — 

HARRIET BRISTED. b. August 24th, 1865,in Grand Rapids; m. 
April 12th, 1893, William Spencer Raymond of Grand Rapids; 
ch. Charlotte Aurelia, b. November 20th, 1894, at Rochester, 
N. Y. 

Cornelius Bowers, of Timothy I. (160), m. Lora Bowen; 
res. Grand Rapids; no ch. 

Sarah Maria, William, William, Nathan, Palmer, 
William, William, dau. of William (161) and Lydia (Sisson) 


Tanner, b. May 18th, 1827, Albany, N. Y.; m. by the Rev. 

William Schuyler, in St. John's eiiurch, Buffalo, N. Y., Richard 
r. lOi-^hmeof bshkosh, Wis.; she d. May 18th, 1877, Oshkosh. 


Agnes Eempton, William, William, Nathan, Palmer, 
William. William, dau. of William (161) and Lydia (Sisson) 
Tanner, b. July 15th, 1829, New Bedford, Mass.; rn. Septem- 
ber 12th, 1854, in the Church of the Evangelist, Oswego, N. Y., 
by the Rev. Mason Gallagher, Josiah Belknap Powers. 

Children — 

NELLIE ELIZA, b. June 17th, 1860. 

MARY AGNES, b. November 28th, 1869. 


William Augustus, William, William, Nathan, Palmer, 
William, William, son of William (161) and Lydia (Sisson) 
Tanner, b. August 22nd, 1833, in Pawtucket, R. I.; m. July 
10th, 1872, Helene Buerr,b. July 1st, 1847, of Swiss parentage; 
no ch.; res. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Colonel W. A. Tanner, at the outbreak of the Civil War, enlisted 
in the Thiity-second Wisconsin Regiment. He served through the 
entire war and when his regiment was mustered out at Memphis he 
had attained the rank of lieutenant. He remained in Memphis for 
several years and engaged in business. Later he removed to Minne- 
apolis, wliere he became a prominent figure and a heavy property 
owner. He had the reputation of being a " square' ' man in his business 
and private dealings. 

Col. Tanner was a member of Plummer Post, G. A. R. His death 
occurred unexpectedly, on April 27th, 1902, at his home in Minneapolis. 

Margaret Ingraham, William, William, Nathan, Pal- 
mer, William, William, dau. of William (161) and Lydia 
(Sisson) Tanner, b. August 23rd, 1836, Pawtucket, R. I.; m. 
April 30th, 1856, Phineas N. Colver, Oswego, N. Y.; m. by 
Rev. Mason Gallagher; res. in Chicago; d. Berlin, Wis., April 
14th, 1869. 

George Henry, William, William, Nathan, Palmer, 
William, William, son of William (161) and Lydia (Sisson) 
Tanner, b. September 16th, 1840, Alton, 111.; m. December 
13th, 1868, Minnie Getz, in St. James' church, Chicago; she 
d. October 15th, 1900, aged 40; res. Chicago; occupation, 
grain business. 


BLANCHE, b. October 6th, 1870. 

LYDIA, b. , d. December 2nd, 1876. 

AMELIA, b. February 2lst, 1878; m. Harvey Cornelius Humph- 
reys, March 15th, 1899. 


WILLIAM AUGUSTUS, b. January 18th, 1880. 

CHARLES FREDERICK, b. November Uth, 1881; m. April 
30th, 1903, Josephine DeAncy Hinton; res. Chicago. 

GEORGE HENRY, b. July 24th, 1885. 

CAROLINE SISSON, b. February 27th, 1887. 

MARGARET, b. October 31st, 1888, d. July 24th, 1903. 

W. A. Tanner in postal telegraph service, Atlanta Ga., Chief 
Clerk; Charles F., telegraph operator, Chrystoval, Ariz.; George 
H. Jr., . 


Frank Garland, William William, Nathan, Palmer, 
William, William, son of William (161) and Lydia (Sisson) 
Tanner, b. April 23rd. 1843, Buffalo, N. Y.; m. , d. 

Children — 






Samuel Wilkinson, Henry, William, Nathan, Palmer, 
William, William, son of Henry (163) and Elizabeth 
Clark Norton, b. July 19th, 1841, Buffalo; ra. November 19th 
1868, Esther M. Squires. 
Children — 

HENRY INGRAHAM, b. March 25th, 1871; m. 1894, Elizabeth 
Moffett; ch Elizabeth. 


William Edwin, Henry, William, Nathan, Palmer, 
William, William, son of Henry (163) and Elizabeth Clark 
(Norton) Tanner, b. March 24th, 1848; m. June 16th, 1873, 
Cora S. Flint; res. Cleveland, Ohio; wife d. . 


HARRIET, deceased. 


Harriet Isabella, Henry, William, Nathan, Palmer, 
William, William, dan. of Henry (163) and Martha Sheldon 
(Wheeler) Tanner, b. November 14th, 1859; m. June 14th, 
1881, John R. Hague; res. Boston, Mass. (1904). 

Children — 

HELEN, b. April 3rd, 1882. 

ISABEL, b. February 8th, 1884, d. December 24th, 1894. 

DOROTHY, b. October 11th, 1890. 

WILLIAM WILBERFORCE, b. September 20th, 1895. 

CHARLES PRATT, b. March .5th, 1897. 

Franklin Wheeler, Henry, William, Nathan, Palmer, 
William, William, son of Henry (163) and Martha Sheldon 
(Wheeler) Tanner, b. February 23rd, 1861, in Buffalo; m. March 


17th, 1881; Ella L. Go wey, Buffalo; he d. July 27th, 1902, in 


Children — 

FRANKLIN, d. young. 
WHEELPJR, d. young. 

LYNN DeLANCEY, b. June 11th, 1885, in Fargo, N. Dak.; res. 
Buffalo, N. Y. 


George Whitfield, Abel, Palmer, Nathan, Palmer 
William, William, son of Abel (164) and Helen Maria (Hol- 
den) Tanner, b. September 14th, 1829, Centreville, R. 1.; m. 
April 8th, 1851, Tamsin C. Hutchins, dau. of George and Eve- 
line T. Hutchins; he d. December 14th, 1897; wife d. June 
20th, 1898. 

Children — 

718 CHARLES S., b. January 9th. 1852. 

719 GEORGE BEECHER, b. June 17th, 1854, East Greenwich, R. I. 
CHRISTOPHER PALMER, b. December 31st, 1857. 
NELLIE H., b. January 29th, 1868. 


Freelove Helen, Abel, Palmer, Nathan, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of Abel (164) and Helen Maria (Holden) 
Tanner, b. July 1833, m. Amos Watrous. 

Children — 

HERBERT, d. in infancy. 

ARTHUR HERMAN, m. Harriet Newell Crandall. 2 ch. Clara 
Helen, who d. in childhood; Arthur L., who d. at six months 
of age. Arthur Herman d. at the age of 30 years, 6 mo.; med- 
ical student. 

FLETCHER HOLDEN, b. March, 1862, d. March 29th, 1895; m. 
Clara W. Pieffer. 2 ch. Clarence Fletcher, d. in infancy; 
Fletcher Holden Jr., b. January 14th, 1893, the only survivor 
of Amos and Helen M. Tanner Watrous. 

GEORGE HERBERT, the 4th and last ch. of Amos and Helen 
Maria (Holden) Watrous, b. September 17th, 1869, d. April 
27th, 1897; single. 


Anna Maria, Abel, Palmer, Nathan, Palmer, William, 
William, dau. of Abel (164) and Helen Maria (Holden) Tan- 
ner, b. 1835, m. George Edward Lamphere. 

3 children. 


Abel Palmer, Abel, Palmer, Nathan, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, William, son of Abel (164) and Clara (Watrous) Tan- 
ner,b. July 7th, 1850; m. June 18th, 1874, Emma Bertha Whit- 


New Loiulon, Conn. 


ford; res. New London, Conn.; no ch. A well known attor- 
ney in New London. 

Sarah Ann, Jeremiah, Palmer Nathan, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, William, davi. of Jeremiah (165) and Martha (Mathew- 
son) Tanner, b. August 25th, 1829 ; m. May 16th, 1853, Wilham 
Henry Mason; res. Providence, R. L 

Children — 
720 FLETCHER STONE, b. March 20th, 1855. 

CHARLES IRVING, b. February 28th, 1857, d. August 14th, 1865. 

Harriet Amanda, Jeremiah, Palmer, Nathan, Palmer, 
William, William, dau. of Jeremiah (165) and Martha (Math- 
ewson) Tanner, b. April 4th, 1831; m. August 10th, 1849, 
Daniel Horton; she d. February 3rd, 1877; res. Providence, 
R. I. 


ISABEL EMMA, b. April 29th, 1852; m. December 7th, 1887, Moses 
W. Horton; dau. Florence Amanda, b. March 3rd, 1891; res. 
Providence, America street (1904). 

Martha Jane, Jeremiah, Palmer, Nathan, Palmer, 
William, William, dau. of Jeremiah (165) and Martha (Math- 
ewson) Tanner, b. November 14th, 1842, Warren, R. I.; m. 
October 10th, 1868, James L. Ellery; res. Detroit, Mich. ; no 
ch. Mrs. Ellery is a well known pianist and organist in 

Henry A., William Henry, Abel, Palmer, Palmer, 
William, William, son of William Henry (170) and Lydia 
(Walker) Tanner, b. in 8cituate, R. 1.; m. "October 4th, 1859, 
Lucinda H. Warren, b. in Lowell, Oxford county, Maine; m. 
in Providence, R. L; she d. October 26th, 1903; res. Fondis, 

Children — 

CHARLES W., b. June 24th, 1860, N. Scituate; d. December 26th, 

WILLIAM H., b. March 8th, 1865, Providence; d. September 6th, 

1865 Osceola Pa. 
AGNES, b. August r0th,1867; m. June 6th, 1889, Patrick OMara; 

res. Denver, Colo. 
GRACE G., b. November 11th, 1871; m. May 15th, 1895, Frank F. 

Miller; res. Denver, Colo. 
EDWARD A., b. September 29th, 1874, d. December 15th, 1878. 

George A., William Henry, Abel, Palmer, Palmer, 


William, William, son of William Henry (170) and Lydia 
(Walker) Tanner, b. February 15th, 1840, in Webster, Mass.; 
m. January 30th, 1861, Emma Green of Webster, 


HATTIE C, b. October 7th, 1864; m. L. A. Davis; I ch. a dau. 
b. May 3rd, 1896. 

Elizabeth H., William Henry, Abel, Palmer, Palmer, 
William, William, dau. of William Henry (170) and Hannah 
(Slater) Tanner, b. June 10th, 1843, in Webster, Mass.; m. Jan- 
uary 25th, 1864, Frederic Gallup of Groton, Conn.; she d. 
September 9th, 1875. 

ANNIE, who m. Charles W. Bickford; b. October 10th, 1845, d. 
November 10th, 1900. 


Harriet S., dau. of William Henry (170), m. September 
9th, 1868, E. M. Potter. 


WILLIAM H., b. .January 12th, 1874. m. , 1893. Ch. Ruth, 

b. August 16th, 1895; William, b. May 26th, 1902. 
ELIZABETH T., b. December 3rd, 1876, in Webster, Mass.; m. 

December 21st, 1897, F. D. Ward. 


Hiram A., Silas, Abel, Palmer, Palmer, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Silas (171) and Anne F. (Pierce) Tanner, b. May 
16th, 1836, in Scituate,. R. I.; m. October 23rd, 1857, Maria 

Children — 

721 HERBERT SANFORD, 1). .lune 22nd. 1858. 

722 HIRAM EUGENE, b. June 14th, 1860. 


Isaac S., Silas, Abel, Palmer, Palmer, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Silas (171) and Anne F. (Pierce) Tanner, b. May 
3rd, 1839; m. October 23rd, 1866, Mary J. Knight; res. E. 
Blackstone, Mass. 
Children — 

ANNE FRANCES, b. October 19th, 1870; m. February 29th, 1892, 
Herbert P. Kelley; ch. Madeline Paine and Frances Knight, 
twin.s, b. .July lOtii, 1895. 


Sabrina A., Polly, William, Palmer, Palmer, William, 
William, dau. of Polly (173) and Daniel Arnold, b. April 27th, 
1829; m. January 6th, 1850, Nelson A. Mathews; he d. January 
7th, 1883, aged 67; wife d. December 3rd, 1873. 

Children — 

FRANK, b. , d. February Uth, 1857, aged 4 years. 

ORION, b. , d. October Uth, 1888, aged 33 years. 


EMMA f.l., b. February 16th, 1851 ; m. December 14th, 1872, Frank 
Jacques. Ch. P^ds;ar, b. December 26th, 1873; Emma, b. June 
22nd, 1875, d. May, 1877, Attleboro, Mass. 
CORA, b. January 26th, 1862; m. September, 1882, Horace Shaw; 

no ch. (1902); res. Attleboro, Mass. 
Charles, Sabrina A., Polly (173), b. November 12th, 1864, 
m. July 1885; son Nelson, res. Harmonv, R. I. 
IRENE E., b. ; m. Eugene Colvin, Harmony, R. I. 


Emerence E., Polly, William, Palmer, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of Daniel Arnold and Polly Tanner (173) 
his wife, b. September 13th, 1831; m. July 25th, 1850, Amasa 
Houghton, res. Webster, Mass, 115 School street. 


723 CHARLES, b. December 3rd, 1851. 

724 ELLA J., b. May 19th, 1853. 

Harriet Eleanor, Phebe, William, Palmer, Palmer, 
William, William, dau. of Daniel and Phebe (Tanner) Arnold 
(174), b. November 12th, 1827, m. Rev. Artemas Clinton Field; 
res. Rutland, Vt. 

Children — 

CORA GEORGIA BELLE, b. October 20th, 1856. 

MINNIE CAPATOLA, b. May 16th, 1859. 

CLINTON AUGUSTUS, b. August 9th, 1861. 

WILLIAM ELTON, b. April 7th, 1863. 

BERTRAND LINCOLN, b. July 31st, 1861. 

Minnie C. m. October 8th, 1884, Arthur Robert Slader, optician; 

res. Rutland, Vt. Ch. Forrest Arthur, b. October 8th, 

1885; Ethel Field, b. December 12th, 1889; Marjorie Faith, 

b. January 4th, 1894. 
Clinton A. m. July 15th, 1891, Florence Warner. Ch. Vernon 

Clinton, b. December 4th, 1894; Paul, b. February 25th, 1899. 
WiUiam Elton m. September 5th, 1895, Nina M. Hull. Ch. Eleanor, 

b. February 26th, 1897. 

Annie Maria, Henry Clinton, William, Palmer, Pal- 
mer, William, William, dau. of Henry Clinton (175) and 
Sarepta (Law) Tanner, b. November 2nd, 1842; m. October 
27th, 1861, George Hervey Wilson, who d. April 5th, 1897, 
Worcester, Mass.; res. 135 Chandler street. 
Children — 

FRANK CLINTON, b. November 8th, 1865; m. April 26th, 1900, 
Margaret Estelle Babbitt; son Chester Hervey, b. May 25th, 
1901, Worcester, Mass. 
LENA MAY, b. November 30th, 1869; m. August 7th. 1895, Charle-s 

Amsden Randall; res. North Dana, Mass. 
GERTRUDE MAUDE, b. March 7th, 1868, (1901) res. Worcester, 
m. June 2l3t, 1904, Samuel Edwin Bacon. 



Henry, Benjamin, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, WiLLiAiM, son of Benjamin (177) and Lucy (Hunt) Tan- 
ner, b. October 19th, 1815, Warwick, 11. I.; m. September 6th, 
1835, Marv Bennett, dau. of John H. and Hannah Bennett; 
he d. IS'jd; wife d. November 5th, 1877, at Olneyville, R. I. 

Henry Tanner was a member of the First Regiment of Rhode 
Island Light Artillery; served under General Burnside in the War of 
the Rebellion; was in several important engagements — -Roanoke 
Lsland, Richmond, Little Washington, etc. 

Children — 
660 WILLIAM HENRY, b. June 26th. 1836, Providence, R. I. 
601 MARY ANN, b. December 6th, 1837, Warwick, R. I. 

662 LUCY HUNT, b. April 30th, 1841, Providence, R. I. 

663 HANNAH SOPHIA, b. December 6th, 1843, Providence, R. I. 
MOSES EDWIN, b. October 1st, 1846, Providence, R. I.; d. 

October 3rd, 1848. 

664 ANDREW JAMES, b. November 29th, 1849, Providence, R. I. 

665 CHARLES EDWIN, b. April 25th, 1852, Providence, R. I. 
WALTER ANDERSON, b. September 16th, 1857, Providence, 

R. I.; d. February 18th, 1858. 
Infant, b. 1866, d. unnamed. 


"William Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, 
William, William, son of Benjamin (177) and Lucy (Hunt) 
Tanner, b. September 14th, 1818, in North Kingstown; ra. 1st, 
May 24th, 1841, Sarah Potter Dawley, dau. of Benjamin and 
Rebecca Potter Dawley; she d. June 3rd 1846. 

Child by 1st m.— 

666 GEORGE THOMAS, b. May 9th, 1844, Providence, R. I. 

M. 2nd. August 15th, 1848, Eliza Niles Hicks, dau. of Capt. 
Nathan and Sarah Hicks of Rehoboth, Mass.; he d. December 
22nd, 1849. His mortal remains rest in Grace Church ceme- 
tery. Providence. 

He was a contractor and builder, a man of sterling integrity and 
exemplary Christian character. 


Benjamin, I^enjamin, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, William, son of Benjamin (177) and Lucy (Hunt) Tan- 
ner, b. February 22nd, 1821, in North Kingstown; m. 1st, April 
6th, 1845, Lydia Glazier Dawley, dau. of William and Louisa 
Tallman Dawley, b. May 25th, 1824, in Providence; she d. 
January 22nd, 1887, at her home on Pearl street, Providence, 
i^enjamin m. 2nd, January 5th, 1888, Mrs. Helen Augusta 
Fish; he d. November 27th, 1889. 

Children, all by Ist m. — 

667 WILLIAM FRANKLIN, b. June 25th, 1847. Providence. R. I. 


668 EMMA LOUISA, b. February 14th, 1849. 

ABBIE FRANCES DAWLEY, b. September 1st, 1856; d. Febru- 
ary 24th, 1865, of St. Anna's Dance; a bright and beautiful 

669 GEORGE HENRY, b. January 10th, 1863. 

James Wood, Benjamin, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, 
William, William, son of Benjamin (177) and Lucy (Hunt) 
Tanner, b. November 3rd, 1827, North Kingstown; m. Decem- 
ber 5th, 1852, Mercy Ann Richardson of Lonsdale, R. I.; he d. 
August 5th, 1886, in North Kingstown, buried East Greenwich, 
R. I.; wife d. March 1st, 1904, at Potowomut, her home. 

Children — 

LORANA JEANETTE, b. November 7th, 1854; d. September 

19th, 1857, North Kina;stown, R. I. 
Lucy ANN, b. November 1st, 1856. 
HATTIE MAY. b. December 22nd, 1859, d. September 6th, 1875. 

670 FRANCIS ELMER, b. February 27th, 1863. 

James Wood Tanner was a carpenter and farmer, a member of 
the Quidnesett Baptist Church and a highly respected citizen. 


Charles Eldredge, Benjamin, Palmer, Benjamin, Pal- 
mer, William, William, son of Benjamin (177) and Lucy 
(Hunt) Tanner, b. November 3rd, 1830, in North Kingstown; 
m. May 28th, 1855, CaroHne Frances Nason, dau.of Bradfield 
and Ruth Hendrick Nason, at Phenix, Warwick, b. Septem- 
ber 22nd, 1829, North Kingstown. 

Children, all born in North Kingstown — 

671 CHARLES ELDREDGE, b. March 4th, 1859. 

BENJAMIN BRADFIELD ADELBERT, b. January 19th, 1862; 

single (1903). 
NORA BELLE, b. February 14th, 1865; single. 

672 LINCOLN BURNSIDE, b. February 18th, 1868. 


Lucy Ann, Benjamin, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of Benjamin (177) and Diana Nichols 
(Bicknell) Tanner, b. November 19th, 1 833, in North Kingstown ; 
m. November 30th, 1831, Thomas Henry Greene, Brand's Iron 
Works, R. L, b. January 1st, 1827, son of John and Asia Greene 
of Coventry, R. I.; she d. January 1st, 1901; he d. December 
14th, 1900. 
Children — 

ANNIE ETHELYN, b. June 30th, 1870, at Locustville; m. July 
3rd, 1892, George E. Allen, res. Hope Valley, R. I. Ch. Ruth 
Ethelyn, b. July 26th. 1893; Lucy Greene, b. June 5th. 1897. 
Res. (1901), Natick. 
NETTIE DIANA, b. July 9th, 1872; m. June 2nd. 1898. John C. 
Stanton; ch. Diana 



Catherine, James Austin, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, 
William, William, dau. of James Austin (179) and Eliza 
(Nason) Tanner, b. February 12th, 1818, in North Kingstown; 
m. November 12th, 1837, William Vickery, Pontiac, Warwick, 
b. in Coventry, October 11th, 1817; she d. May 7th, 1865. 

Children — 

673 WILLIAM HENRY, b. May Ist, 1839, Pontiac. 

674 GEORGE WASHINGTON, I). .July 12th, 1842, Pontiac. 

Palmer, James Austin, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, 
William, William, son of James Austin (179) and Eliza 
(Nason) Tanner, b. May 5th, 1820, in North Kingstown; m. 
December 6th, 1841, Mary Williams, b. January 15th, 1822, 
dau. of Stephen and Phebe Williams of Cranston, R. I.; he 
d. in Providence, April 10th, 1876; Mary d. AprU 15th, 1903. 
Ch. b. in Providence. 
Children — 
ALBERT FRANCIS, b. January 1.5th, 1843, Providence; d. 

September, 1844. 
PHEBE ANN, b. November 3rd, 1844, Providence; m. Frank 
Anthony; 1 ch. Frank Anthony, b. January, 1872, in Provi- 

675 CHARLES HENRY, b. June 18th, 1846. 

GEORGE HERBERT, b. September 14th, 1848. d. November, 

676 ALBERT FRANKLIN, b. December 22nd, 1850. 

677 EDWIN FORREST, b. April 17th, 1853. 

678 EUGENE, b. August 3rd, 1855. 

679 MARY EVA, b. June 15th, 1862. 


Nicholas Dawley, James Austin, Palmer, Benjamin, 
Palmer, William, William, son of James Austin (179) and 
Eliza (Nason) Tanner, b. February 16th, 1822, in North Kings- 
town; m. January 26th, 1840, Catherine Amelia Eddy of Crans- 
ton, b. November 8th, 1823; a descendant of Roger Williams. 
Nicholas Dawley Tanner was a machinist by trade. 

Children, all born in Providence — - 

680 RICHARD DEXTER, b. January 2.5th, 1841. 

681 MARION MELISSA, b. December 1st, 1844. 

682 NICHOLAS DAWLEY, b. May 17th, 1846. 

683 WALTER WASHINGTON, b. January 10th, 1849. 

684 ELIZA AUBURN, b. Noveml^er 30th, 18.50. 

EMMA CLARKE, b. March 28tli, 1852, d. October 2nd, 1853. 

685 EMELINE ALICE, b. .lanuary 1st, 1855. 

686 JP:SSIE FREMONT, b. August 24th, 18.56. 

687 ANDREW JACKSON, b. October 26th, 1858. 

688 ELLEN WILLIAMS, b. August 2.5th, 1860. 

GRACIE FLORENCE, b. April 27th, 1864, d. January 10th. 1873. 


DANIEL ADDISOxN, b. February 2nd, 1866, d. December 28th, 


Elizabeth, James Austin, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, 
William, William, dau. of James Austin (179) and Eliza 
(Nason) Tanner, b. July 2nd, 1824, in North Kingstown; m. 
1st, June 1st, 1840, Nehemiah Stone of North Kingstown; she 
d. August 18th, 1882. 

Children by 1st m. 

689 SUSAN PRATT, b. November 13th, 1840, Warwick. 

690 HARRIET NEWELL, b. April 4th, 1842, Warwick. 

LOUISA WHIPPLE, b. September 9th, 1844, d. November 24th, 

691 ANN MARIA, b. January 1st, 1846, Warwick. 

692 GEORGE ALBERT, b. July 19th, 1847. 

693 ELIZA TANNER, b. May 3rd, 1849. 

694 JULIANA JENCKS, b. March 30th, 1851. 

JESSE EDGAR, b. September 9th, 1852, d. August, 1853. 

695 IDA MAY, b. August 23rd, 1855, Providence. 

M. 2nd, February 5th, 1860, James Fisher, Providence. 
Children of 2nd m.— 

696 CLARA REBECCA, b. April 5th, 1861. 

697 FRANK HERBERT, b. April 27th, 1863. 


James, James Austin, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, 
William, William, son of James Austin (179) and Eliza 
(Nason) Tanner, b. February 24th, 1826, in North Kingstown; 
m. October 11th, 1847, in Stonington, Conn., Ruth Brown, 
b. Wickford, R. I.. November 2nd, 1812, dau. of Jesse and 
Freelove Dawley Brown; he d. in Providence, October 12th, 
1870; no ch. 


George Austin, James Austin, Palmer, Benjamin, Pal- 
mer William, William, son of James Austin (179) and Eliza 
(Nason) Tanner, b. February 16th, 1828, in North Kingstown; 
m. 1st, June 11th, 1848, Alice Aldrich Eddy, b. February 22nd, 
1828, dau. of William and EHza Eddy of Cranston; res. (1903) 

Howard, R. I. 

Children all of 1st m. — 

698 ELLA ROGENA, b. May 17th, 1849, Cranston. 

699 EDNA BELVIDERE, b. December 21st, 1851, Providence. 

700 GEORGE BYRON, b. August 24th, 1855, Providence. 

701 CATHERINE VICKERY, b. September 24th, 1S59, Cranston. 

702 ALICE MAY, b. May 6th, 1861. Cranston. 

703 ANNIE BELLE, h. August 21 si, 1864, Cranston. 
ARTIMAS WINFRED, b. April 12th, 1867, Cranston. 

M. 2nd, Mrs. Elizabeth C. Parmenter, nee Seamons; no ch. 
George Austin Tanner was a member of the Eleventh Regiment 
Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War. 


Silas Arnold, James Austin, Palmer, Benjamin, Pal- 
mer, William, William, son of James Austin (179) and Eliza 
(Nason) Tanner, b. March 13th, 1831, East Greenwich; m. 
March 4th, 1849, Hannah Ehzabeth Dawley. dau. of PhUlip 
Dawley ; he d. August 8th, 1877 ; wife d. July 8th, 1878. Both 
are buried in the cemetery between East Greenwich and 


He was a member of the Third Regiment Rhode Island Volunteers. 


David Bowen, James Austin, Palmer, Benjamin, Pal- 
mer, William, William, son of James Austin (179) and Eliza 
(Nason) Tanner, b. April 29th, 1833, Pontiac; m. 1st, 1847, 
Mary Jane Bates, Pontiac; m. 2nd, 1859, Eliza B. Champlin, 
dau. of William and Waite ChampUn of E. Greenwich; m. 3rd, 
March 7th, 1864, Mrs. Caroline W.Penno, res. Providence, R. I., 
24 Hylestead street. He d. May 26th, 1877, and is buried 
in Elmwood cemetery. Providence; no ch. by each m. 

He was a member of the Fifth Rhode Island Battery, First Regi- 
ment Liglit Artillery, and lost a leg in the service. 


John Henry, James Austin, Palmer, Benjamin, Pal- 
mer, William, W^illiam, son of James Austin (179) and Eliza 
(Nason) Tanner, b. October 7th, 1837, Pontiac; m. April 16th, 
1858, Lydia Jane Belding, b. April 17th, 1841, at Three Rivers, 
Conn., dau. of Aaron and Thankful Belding of Providence; 
she d. July 2nd, 1899, at Pawcatuck, Conn. (Westerly); m. 
2nd, Mrs. Hannah F. Earnshaw of Kenyon, R. I. 

Children by 1st m. — 

704 EMMA LOUISE, b. April 15th, 1859, Providence. 

705 JOHN HENRY, b. July 17tli, 1861, Cranston. 

John Henry Tanner, Sen., enlisted in 1861 in Company G, Third 
Rhode Island Regiment Volunteer Artillerj\ 

Abbie Amanda, James Austin, Palmer, Benjamin, Pal- 
mer, William, William, dau. of James Austin (179) and Eliza 
(Nason) Tanner, b. December 12th, 1840, Pontiac; m. October 
8th, 1857, John Chace Kerr, Providence; no ch. M. 2nd, 
March 3rd, 1902, George Chatterton; res. Providence; no ch. 

Emeline Frances, James Austin, Palmer, Benjamin, 
Palmer, William, William, dau. of James Austin (179) and 
Eliza (Nason) Tanner, b. December 5th, 1843, Pontiac; m. 
May 12th, 1870, James Henry Dawley, son of William and 
Louisa Dawley, b. in Providence, November 17th, 1845, where 


he d. October 6th, 1880; wife d. January 16th, 1879, Cranston. 
Childern — 

LOUISA EMELINE, b. October 10th, 1871. Cranston; single 

706 LILLIAN FRANCES, b. April 27th, 1873, Providence. 
PRESTON JAMES, b. December 16th, 1874, d. August 3rd, 1879. 
HOWARD HENRY, b. May 9th, 1876; single (1903). 

707 Lillian Frances m. June 3rd, 1901, Herbert Nichols Cole, 



Thomas Dorr, James Austin, Palmer, Benjamin, Pal- 
mer, William, William, son of James Austin (179) and EUza 
(Nason) Tanner, b. March 23rd, 1845; m. March 22nd, 1864 
Mary R. Daily, dau. of Thomas Daily, Esq., of Easton, Pa.; 
res. Easton. 

Children — 

WILLIAM HOWELL, b. June 9th, 1869, Easton; d. January 23rd, 
1900, Hampton, Va.; single. 

EMMA FRANCES, b. January 23rd, 1873, Easton. 

708 FANNIE WOOD, b. February 18th, 1874. 
HANNAH DORR, b. July 26th, 1876. 
WALTER THOMAS, b. September 1st, 1877. 

JULIA BRYANT, b. March 13th, 1882, Phillipsburg, N. J.; d. 

January 15th, 1905. 
Thomas Doit Tanner enlisted in the Company C, Fourth Regiment 
Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry, in the Civil War. 

Job, Abel, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Abel (180) and Betsey (Wilcox) Tanner, b. Feb- 
ruary 23rd, 1824, at Quidneck, R. I.; m. March 17th, 1848, 
Lydia Wilcox Hunt, b. June 11th, 1825. 

Lydia Wilcox Tanner m. 2nd, September 11th, 1867, 
Henry Sampson; she d. July 20th, 1895. 
Children — 

709 WILLIAM, b. December 18th, 1848, Pontiac. 

710 HERBERT MOSES, b. May 21st, 1851. 

711 KATIE, b. November 14th, 1854. 

MARY HANNAH, b. October 11th, 1858; m. March 13th, 1878, 
Norman Carr; she d. May 6th, 1879. 

Job enlisted in the Civil War in the Third Rhode Island Regi- 
ment, but was afterwards enrolled in Company K, Second Regiment 
Rhode Island Volunteers, and d. May 6th, 1864, of a wound, in the 
hospital at Wasliington. 


Margaret Caroline, Abel, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, 
William, William, dau. of Abel (180) and Betsey (Wilcox) 
Tanner, b. January 17th, LS26, North Kingstown; m. March 
25th, 1849, Edmond Arnold Brown, son of Daniel and Dorcas 
Brown of Exeter; res. 1887 Hope, Scituate. 


Infiint d. . 



Mary Dawley, Abel, Palmer. Benjamin, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of Abel (180) and Betsey (Wilcox) Tan- 
ner, b. March 2nd, 1828, North Kingstown; m. November 6th, 
1849, John Casey Shippee, son of Thomas and Martha Shippee, 
b. in Sterling, Conn.; res. (1903) Natick. 

Children — 

MARTHA MELISSA, b. December 15th, 1852, d. February 20th, 

MARY ELIZABETH, b. August 30th, 1859, d. February 18th, 


James, Abel, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, William, 
William, son of Abel (180) and Betsey (Wilcox) Tanner, b. 
July 7th, 1830, North Kingstown; m. 1st, Rebecca King, no 
eh.; 2nd, Betsey Tabor, September, 1859, dau. of Varnum 
and Lydia Tabor. 



M. 3rd, December 11th, 1870, Esther Haddock, b. May 

18th, 1849. 
Children — 

712 JOSEPH, b. December 4th, 1871. 

713 JAMES, b. November 10t>i, 1873, m. February 26th, 1900, Nettie 

Emma Hanny; he d. October 6th, 1901; no ch. 
ARTHUR, b. June 27th. 1876, d. October 2nd, 1877. 
RICHARD, b. July 30th, 1878, d. January 16th, 1879. 
James Tanner was in the Civil War, and died February 28th, 1900. 
[Warwick Town Record.] 


Betsey Elizabeth, Abel, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, 
William, William, dau. of Abel (180) and Betsey (Wilcox) 
Tanner, b. December l.lth, 1833, North Kingstown; m. Septem- 
ber 21st, 1851, Arthur Wescott, son of Arthur and Eunice Wes- 
cott, b. December 21st, 1828, Delphi, Onondaga county, N.Y.; 
res. McKownville, N. Y. 

Children — 

MURCENA ERMINA, b. September 21st, 1852; m. November 
12th, 1868, Thomas Bennett; no cli. 

HESTER ANN, b. July 25th, 1854, d. May 18th, 1856. 


HESTER ANN (2nd) b. March 24th, 1856, m. Elijah Phelps; ch. 

Emma, Mary, Lillian, Ethel. 
WILLIAM MORRIS, b. January 8th, 1858; m. August 27th, 1878, 

Mary D. McClary; ch. Alice, Bertha, Clara, Betsey. 
MINNIE, b. August 28th, 1861; m. Augu,st 10th, 1892, Charles 

Maltiske; no ch. 
MABEL, b. July 1st, 1869; m. August 18th, 1892, Frank Kimball; 



Ruth, Abel, Palmer. Benjamin, Palmer, William, 
William, dau. of Abel (180) and Betsey (Wilcox) Tanner, 
b. September 19th, 1834, Potowomut, North Kingstown; m. 
July nth, 1853, John Gideon Cady, b. May 9th, 1833, Centre- 
ville, R. I.; res. Providence. 

Children — 








All but Emma born in Providence. 


Abel, Abel, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Abel (180) and Lucy (Wilcox) Tanner, b. June 
26th, 1836, Warwick, R. I.; m. March 21st, 1859, EHzabeth 
Watson Brown, Apponang (Warwick), dau. of Robert and 
Susan A. Brown; res. Elm wood, Providence. 

Children — 








Edwin, Abel, Palaier, Benjamin, Palmer, William, 
William, son of Abel (180) and Betsey (Wilcox) Tanner, b. 
December 26th. 1840, Pontiac; m. March 28th, 1865 at Phenix, 
Augusta Sprague, b. April 2nd. 1843, in New Shoreham, Block 
Island. A soldier in the War of the Rebelhon. 
Children — 

EMILY ELIZABETH, h. July 22nd, 1866, Attleboro, Mass.; m. 
June 14th, 1885, David A. Pendleton, Warwick, R. I.; she 
d. June 16tii, 1896. Ch. Edwin A., b. March 11th, 1887, d. 
same day; Edna F.. b. February 23rd, 1889; Alfred S., b. 
June nth, 1896. 
714 EDWIN, b. January ISth, 1869, Attleboro. 

EUDORA, b. August 22nd, 1871, d. July 1st 1873, Providence. 


HARRY EUGENE, b. October 11th, 1876; m. June 19th, 1901, 
Lillian F. Briggs; res. Natick, R. I. 

Lucy, Akel, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, William, 
William, dau. of Abel (180) and Lucy (Wilcox) Tanner, b. 
March 21st, 1842, Compton in Warwick: m. October 4th, 
1857, Centreville, Alfred W. Sherman, b. September 10th, 
1839; res. Natick; she d. April 21st, 1900; no ch. 


Amanda Malvina, Abel, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, 
William, William, dau. of Abel (180) and Lucy (Wilcox) 
Tanner, b. February 23rd, 1844, Pontiac in Warwick; m. 1st, 
1857, John B. Knowdes. 


MARTHA MELISSA, m. Jame.s Paine; 1 ch. Rhodes I. 

M. 2nd, 1866. Rhodes I. Colvin. 

Children — 

GEORGE E., m. Eva Budlong. 

HANNA S., m. Charles E. Haynes; 2 ch. Charles A., Laura May. 

ELLERY E., m. Ellis Smith. 


Alma, of Abel (ISO) and Lucy Wilcox, m. a Mr. Brooks; 
one ch. 

Matthew W., John Fones, Benjamin, Benjamin, Pal- 
mer. William, William, son of John Fones (183) and Maria 
(Wickham) Tanner, b. March 20th. 1831. Canaan Four Cor- 
ners, N. Y.; m. September 28th, 1862. Cordelia A. Wood; he 
d. October 31st, 1894; res. Liverpool, N. Y. 
Children — 

J. H. CLAYTON, b. November 24th, 1863; .single (1900). 
FLORENCE ADELLE, b. January 13th, 1S66; single (1900); 

res. Liverpool. 
Eleazer Root, of John Fones (183) in. December 30th, 
1857, Emma Hudson Parke, in Lyons, N. Y. ; no ch. 


Harriet Maria, dau. of John Fones Tanner (183), m. 
September, 30th, 1869, at Oswego, N.Y., Francis N. Marvin, 
who d. November 21st, 1891; m. 2nd, Henry Smith, October 
20th, 1897, at Lake Ridge, N. Y. ; no ch. 


Cjmis Hudson, John Fones, Benjamin, Benjamin, Pal- 
mer, William. William, son of John Fones (183) and Maria 
(Wickham) Tanner, b. February 11th, 1841, in Columbia 
county, N.Y. ; m.Julv 11th, 1866, Rosamond Ames, in Oswego, 
N. Y.- res. Washington, D. C, Cor. F and 9th street (1902). 


Children — 

PRUSSIA, b. June 22nd, 1867. 

GEORGE H., b. August 11th, 1870. 

MARY R., b. November 10th, 1876. 

ANNA M., b. July 11th, 1879. 

George H. m. October 17th, 1901, Bessie Fairchild Holmes of 
Brooklyn, N. Y.; res. Brooklyn, N. Y., 147 Montaigne street; 
office, 18 Wall street. 


Henrietta Clarissa, John Fones, Benjamin, Benjamin, 
Palmer, William, William, dau. of John Fones (183) and 
Maria (Wickham) Tanner, b. November 30th, 1842, in Colum- 
bia county, N. Y.; m. December 28th, 1864, John W. Sterner. 

Children — 

FRANCIS M., b. July 24th, 1865. 

WILLIAM, b. April 18th, 1868. 

FRED, b. Mav 22nd, 1872. 

CHARLES, b. June 11th, 1880. 


Eudora C, dau. of Nelson (184) and Prudence (Lovejoy) 
Tanner, m. Mav 7th, 1862, Charles H. Bull; she d. January 
22nd, 1878. 

Elam Tilden, Nelson, Benjamin, Benjamin, Palmer, 
William, William, son of Nelson (184) and Prudence (Love- 
joy) Tanner, b. November 28th, 1839, in Columbia county, 
N. Y.; m. 1st, January 1st, 1862, Maria L. Nichols; she d. 
September 1st, 1879; Elam d. August 15th, 1887, res. Lebanon 
Springs, N. Y. M. 2nd, Mrs. Marv A. Hand, November 3rd, 
1886; she d. October 11th, 1901."^ 

Children of Maria — ' 

BENJAMIN N., b. October 3rd, 1862; d. November 21st, 1868. 
HERBERT NICHOLS, b. December 11th, 1869; m. October 
23rd, 1885, Alma E. Barrett; res. East Aurora, Erie county, 
N. Y.; physician; no ch. (1904). 
HARRIET ELDREDGE, b. July 9th, 1875, d. September 29th, 


Henry Dwight, son of Nelson (184) and Prudence (Love- 
joy) Tanner, m. 1st, November 16th, 1870, Mary E. Hatch, 
who d. February 9th, 1878; m. 2nd, August 6th, 1879, Ade- 
laide Cranston; res. Berlin. Rensselaer countv, N. Y. 


CRANSTON, b. November 4th, 1887. 

Egbert S., Nelson, Benjamin, Benjamin, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, William, son of Nelson (184) and Prudence (Lovejoy) 
Tanner, b. November 23rd, 1848. in Columbia county, N. Y. ; 


m. 1st, Mary Hardy, who d. June 30th, 1882; m. 2nd, March 

11th, 1885, Mrs. Helen Palmer; res. East Aurora, Erie county, 

N. Y. 

Children — 

MAYXARD X.. b. May Stli, 1892. 

DWIGHT, b. 1884, d. 1891. 

HELEX MARIE, b. Januarv 30tli, 1890. 

PAUL, b. June, 1892. 


Isaac T., Maria, Benjamin, Benjamin, Palmer, Wil- 
LiA.M, Willia:\i, son of Amos and Maria Tanner Haight (186), 
b. October 23rd, 1832, New Lebanon, N. Y.; m. October 1st, 
1862, Cynthia A. Mooney. A well-to-do farmer in New Leb- 
anon; member of the M. E. Church, teacher; has held offices 
in the town and county. 
Children — 
HENRY, b. August 14th, 1864; single; res. Lebanon Springs, 

N. Y. 
LULU D., b. September 11th, 1866, m. March Lst, 1898, .John S. 

Nugent; res. Brooklyn, N. Y'., 97 Hancock street. 
GRACE B., b. July 12th, 1869; m. Dr. Wilbur F. Martin, Septem- 
ber 25th, 1894.; res Colorado Springs. 
CI.AY'TOX I., b. July 29th, 1874; res. Lebanon Springs, X. Y. 


Charles H., Maria, Benjamin, Benjamin, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, WiLLiA.M, son of Amos and Maria (Tanner) Haight (186), 
b. August 13th, 1834, in New Lebanon, N. Y.;m. November 
20th, 1857, Jane Mattoon. 

Joseph F., Maria, Benjamin, Benjamin, Palmer, Wil- 
Li.\M, William, son of Amos and Maria Tanner (186) Haight, 
b. April 18th, 1842, New Lebanon, N. Y.; m. November 13th, 
1872, Mary Hicks; res. New Lebanon, N. Y. 
MILLIXGTOX HICKS, 1). April 28th, 1886. 


George D., Maria, Benjamin, Benjamin, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, WiLLL\M, son of Amos and Maria (Tanner) Haight (186), 
b. September 24th, 1844, in New Lebanon, N. Y.; m. July 3rd, 
1868, Nettie Parkhurst. 

Ciiildren — 

OMER A., b. December 2.')th, 1872. 

EDWARD, b. June 21st, 1876. 


William E., Maria, Benjamin, Benjamin, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, William, son of Amos and Maria (Tanner) Haight (186) 


b. July 21st, 1847, m. Hannah Shillinger; no ch. 


Amos, Maria, Benjamin, Benjamin, Palmer, William, 
William, son of Amos and Maria (Tanner) Haight (186), b. 
March 14th, 1857, m. Sophia Peck; no ch. 


Henry Tanner, Lucy Hall, Benjamin, Benjamin, Pal- 
mer, William, William, son of Raymond and Lucy Tanner 

Hopkins (187), b. September 17th, 1843; m. September , 

1874, Kate Ostrander of Canaan Four Corners, N. Y. ; he d. 
May 29th. 1886. 


JOHX S., b. — , m. March 13th, 1897,Effie Magner; res. Pitts- 
field, Mass.; ch. Henry. 


Noel Sisson, Lucy Hall, Benjamin, Benjamin, Palmer, 
William, William, son of Raymond Hopkins and wife Lucy 
Hall Tanner (187), b. September 14th, 1849, in Canaan Four 
Corners, N. Y. ; m. September 29th, 1875, Adaline Beebe of 
New Concord ; res. Canaan Four Corners. 

Children — 

FLORA RANDEL, b. September 14th, 1876. 

CLARA ALICE, b. September 6th, 1880. 

SARAH ETHEL, b. February 12t.h, 1888. 

Clara Alice m. March 14th, 1900, Henry C. Whitney, Canaan 
Four Corners. 


Albert Francis, Albert Spencer, Gardner, Samuel 
Henry, William, William, son of Albert Spencer (189) and 
Sarah (Allen) Tanner, b. April 4th, 1834, in Milbury, Mass.; 
m. February 21st, 1859, Melissa Ann Mann; he d. December 
nth, 1871;\vife d. October 17th, 1892; res. Norwich, N. Y. 
Children — 

BENJAMIN W., b. February 11th, 1861; m. December 19th, 1883, 
Marion Augusta Lemert; res. Napoleon, Ohio. Ch. Albertie 
Frances, b. November 17th, 1884; Blanche L., b. May 27th, 
1887; Horace Albert, b. October 27th, 1895; Lemert Augus- 
tus, b. June 9th, 1897. 

Sarah Georgiana, Albert Spencer, Gardner, Samuel, 
Henry, William, William, dau. of Albert Spencer (189) and 
Sarah (Allen) Tanner, m. December 18th, 1856, Hiland W. 
Hall ; no ch. 

Helen Louise, Albert Spencer, Gardner, Samuel, 
Henry, William, William, dau. of Albert Spencer (189) and 


Sarah (Allen) Tanner; m. July 15th, 1866, Edward H. Spencer, 
b. February 7th, 1822; res. Providence, R. L; no ch. 

Adelaide Luthera, Albert Spencer, Gardner, Samuel, 
Henry, William, William, dau. of Albert Spencer (189) and 
Sarah (Allen) Tanner, m. January 10th, 1884, Frank T. Bots- 
ford, the Rev. Dr. Deems officiating; no ch. (1899). 


Horace Gardner, Albert Spencer, Gardner, Samuel, 
Henry, William, William, son of Albert Spencer (189) and 
Sarah (Allen) Tanner, m. February r2th, 1866, Zimine R. 
Tyler; she d. February 22nd, 1895, leaving no ch. 


Emmer Josephine, Albert Spencer, Gardner, Samuel, 

Henry, William, William, dau. of Albert Spencer (189) and 

Sarah (Allen) Tanner, m. October 16th, 1872, Cyrus B. Swift, 

Providence, R. I. 
Children — 
ETHEL LOUISE, b. September 2iid, 1874, m. Walter H. Mowry; 

ch. Vernette Reed and Churchill Herbert. 
SARAH TANNER, b. September ISth, 1876. 
ADDIE PAULINE BURROWS, b. September 17th, 1878; m. 

May 12tli, 1898, Frederick A. Terrill of San Diego, Calif.; dau. 

Josephine Adelaide, b. September 6th, 1899. 
CYRUS BRIGGS, b. October 26th, 1880. 
CASSIE BAINBRIDGE, b. October 18th, -. 


Samuel Augustus, Albert Spencer, Gardner, Samuel, 
Henry, William, William, son of Albert Spencer (189) and 
Sarah (Allen) Tanner, m. December 11th, 1888, Louise M. 
Gaboon; res. Hamilton, N. Y. 


ALBERT GARDNER, b. March 8th, 1892, d. August 21st, 1892. 

VERNETTE LOUISE, b. May 2.5th, 1894. 


Bradford B., Theodore G., Gardner, Samuel, Henry, 
William, William, son of Theodore G.(190) and Susan (Snow) 
Tanner, m. January 1st, 1867, Ellen Augustus Wilcox; res. 

Norwich, N. Y. 

Children — 
715 WILLIAM T., b. December 19th, 1868. 

JESSIE M., b. November 26th, 1872; m. February 7th, 1804, 
George Crane. 

MARY A., b. April 8th, 1878; m. June 7th, 1899, Charles Sands. 

GEORGE W., b. November 28th, 1880. 

SUSIE E., b. June 28th, 1884. 

HENRY S., b. May 21st, 1888. 



Amy M., George, Gardner, Samuel, Henry, William, 
William, dau. of George (192) and Eliza (Smith) Tanner, b. 
October 23rd, 1840, Norwich, N. Y.; m. April 20th, 1850, Jo- 
seph Somers; res. Staunton, Clay county, Ind. 

Children — 

716 CHARLES FRANKLIN, b. February 21st, 1859, Staunton, Ind. 

717 EDGAR, b. October 12th, 1860. 

WILLIAM FRANCIS, b. July 18th, 1865; res. (1901) Los Angeles, 

Calif.; single. 
ROY ANDRON, b. October 12th, 1875; single (1901). 


William, George, Gardner, Samuel, Henry, William, 
William, son of George (192) and Martha (Hunt) Tanner, b. 
February 23rd, 1853; m. January 27th, 1877, Amanda Seneker; 
res. Mt. Vernon, Mo. 

Children — 

LILLY MAY, b. November 25th, 1877; m. December 22nd, 1897, 

George Heiser; ch. Mary Santy, b. November 5th, 1898. 
MILLA JANE, b. January 7th, 1881. 
HATTIE PEARL, b. December 21st, 1883. 
WILLIE MIRTLE, b. December 12th, 1886. 


Gardner, George, Gardner, Samuel, Henry, William, 
William, son of George (192) and Martha (Hunt) Tanner, 
b. February 3rd, 1857, m. Lillie Ayres; res. Lamar, Mo. 

Children — 

HARRY, b. May 25th, 1886. 

DAISY, b. September 18th, 1888. 

ANNA MAY, b. June 11th, 1891. 

ELMER, b. August 7th, 1893. 

RALPH, b. June 1st, 1897. 

RUTH, b. April 23rd, 1899. 

Martha (570) of George (192) m. George Tugg; res. Clin- 
ton, 111. 
OLIVE, b. . 


Hemry Williams, Sarah, Christopher, Samuel, Henry, 
William, William, son of William H. Parkhurst and wife 
Sarah Tanner (197), b. June 25th, 1847; m. September 28th, 
1871, Leah Crandall, b. October 10th, 1847; she d. August 
17th, 1881, no ch.; m. 2nd, March 5th, 1889, Annie Horine. 

Children — 

ROGER WILLIAMS, b. August 26th, 1890. 

ANITA HELEN, b. November 12th, 1892. 

HENRY WILLIAMS, b. April 28th, 1896. 



Charles Dyer, Sarah, Christopher, Samuel, Henry, 
William, William, son of William H. Parkhurst and wife 
Sarah Tanner, (197), b. June 29th, 1849; m. 1st, June 20th, 
1874, Lillie Thompson; m. 2nd,^larch 15th, 1885, Carrie Starr. 
Major U. S. Army (Fort Preble, Portland, Me., 1905). 

Children — 

Son, b. December 16th, 1888, d. December 16th, 1888. 

D;iu., b. and d. October 27tli, 1891. 

DONALD STARR, b. April 30th, 1892, d. May 17th, 1899. 

GEORGE COMFORT, b. January .31st, 1896. 


Christopher Francis, Sarah, Christopher, Samuel, 
Henry, William, William, son of William H. Parkhurst 
and wife Sarah Tanner (197), b. September 17th, 1854; m. 
June 6th, 1882, Louise Elliott, Providence, R. I. ; res. Provi- 
dence; lawyer. 

Children — 

ELLIOTT, b. July 18th, 1883. 

LEAH, b. March 6th, 188.5. 

Edward Leonard, Elizabeth Law, Benjamin, Samuel, 
Henry, William, William, son of Nelson E. Williams and wife 
Elizabeth Law Tanner (200), m. February 3rd, 1886, Rosalie 
F. Adams, Danielson, Conn. 
Children — 

ROSALIE ELIZABETH, b. May 6th, 1890, at Stafford Springs, 
Conn.; res. Caryville, Mass. 


Frank Howard Wilcox, son of Dr. George D. Wilcox (210), 
b. September 17th, 1857, in Dighton, Mass.; m. August 9th, 
1893, Annabel Sampson. 

Children — 

One d. in infancy. 

GEORGE I). WILCOX (2nd), b. December 29th, 1896; res. Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

[The above information of the family of Dr. Wilcox was communi- 
cated to the writer by his daughter. Miss Mary L. Wilcox of Providence, 
Rhode Island.] 


Roselle A. Jackson, Thirza Ann (Tanner) Jackson, 
Alvah, Smith, Thomas, William, William, William, son 
of Morgan Payne and Thirza Ann (Tanner) Jackson (234), b. 


June 18th, 1841, inBoonville; m. October 4th, 1865, Hcllen E. 
Merrills, dau. of Madison Merrills of Boonville; no ch. 


Orlin E. Jackson, Thirza Ann, Alvah, Smith, Thomas, 
William, William, William, son of Morgan Payne and Thirza 
Ann (Tanner) Jackson (234), b. October 29th, 1843, in Boon- 
ville; m. December 6th, 1864, Margarett M. Manning, dau. of 
Smith Manning. 




Romeyn G. Jackson, Thirza Ann, Alvah, Smith, Thomas, 

William, William, William, son of Morgan Payne and 

Thirza Ann (Tanner) Jackson (234), b. Januarv 11th, 1847, in 

Boonville, N. Y. ; m. 1st, August 23rd, 1870, Emma J. Stark; 

she d. September , 18 — ; m. 2nd, Jennie Van Buren. 


MORGAN PAUL, b. November 7th, 1877; res. Buffalo, N. Y., 
192 Franklin street (1900). 


Aldo W. Jackson, Thirza Ann (Tanner) Jackson, 
Alvah, Smith, Thomas, William, William, William, son 
of Morgan Payne and Thirza Ann (Tanner) Jackson (234), 
b. July 6th, 1855, in Boonville, N. Y.; m. March 16th, 1886, 
Ella A. Freeman, dau. of Marcus K. Freeman of Boonville. 

Children — 

LELA THIRZA, b. December 14th, 1888, at Marcy, N. Y. 

ALVA FREEMAN, b. September 25th, 1891, at Lairdsville. 

STANLEY ROSELLE, b. March 1st, 1893, Lairdsville, N. Y. 


Agnes Gertrude, Rensselaer Smith, Alvah, Smith, 

Thomas,William, William, William, dau. of Rensselaer Smith 

(238) and Ehzabeth (Hilts) Tanner, b. November 4th, 1868, in 

Herkimer, N. Y. ; m. December 18th, 1889, Charles Edward 


Children — 

VERA ELIZABETH, b. September 20tli, 1891. 
ELBERT RAY, b. August 4th, 1895. 
WILBUR HOWARD, b. June 10th, 1898. 
HOMER HAILE, b. October 5tl), 1900. 


Herbert Rensselaer, Rensselaer Smith, Alvah, Smith, 
Thomas, William, William, William, son of Rensselaer 
Smith (238), and Elizabeth (Hilts) Tanner, b. June 5th. 1S74, 
in Herkimer; m. April 5th, 1894, Margaret Sitts; res. Herkimer, 
N. Y. 



Children — 

RETA MAY, b. July 5th, 1895. 
ELBERT RAY, b. January 23rd, 1897. 
HERBERT ROY, b. February 6th, 1899. 


Albert DeWolf, Mary Elizabeth (Tanner) DeWolf, 
(211), Calvin, Thomas, Thomas, William, William, Wil- 
liam, son of Hiram J. and Mary Elizabeth (Tanner) DeWolf 
(241), b. January 2nd, 1869; m. 'December 17th, 1896, Frances 

Children — 

HARRY, b. September 27th, 1897. 

MARION, b. October 22nd, 1898. 


Children of George H. of Mary Elizabeth (Tanner) De 
Wolf (241), and Mary J. (CoUins) DeWolf, m. June 29th, 

Children — 

HARVEY, b. July 28th, 1893. 

LUCILE, b. October 19th, 1898. 


Children of Grant T. Reeder and Lulu E. DeWolf (599) 
of Mary EHzabeth (Tanner) DeWolf (241), m. February 9th, 

Children — ■ 

BERNARD, b. June 11th, 1891. 

STANLEY DeWOLF, b. May 2nd, 1895. 


Charles Fremont, Hannah M. (Tanner) Smith, Lorenzo 
Dow, Thomas, Thomas, William, William, William, son of 
John L. and Hannah Maria (Tanner) Smith (243), b. July 
29th, 1862, Pitcher, N. Y. ; m. August 10th, 1900, Annie 
Borngesser of Chicago, 111.; profession, dentist; diploma 
Columbia college, N.Y.; res. New York, N. Y. (1904). 


Lawson John, Hannah Maria, Lorenzo Dow, Thomas, 
Thomas, William, William, William, son of John L. and 
Hannah Maria (Tanner) Smith (243), b. December 23rd, 1865, 
Pitcher, N. Y.; m. July 1st, 1899, Carrie Christensen of Man- 
kato, Minn.; res. (1904) Minneapolis, Minn.; printer. 

Children — 

ROBERT CHARLES, b. June 10th, 1900. 

RALPH MANSON, b. November 7th, 1901. 

Mortimer Charles, Charles Romaine, Harvey Morti- 


MER, Able, Benjamin, William, William, William, son 
of Charles Romaine (304) and Sophia Josephine (Bennion) 
Tanner, b. April 23rd, 1875, Buffalo, m. Margaret Kerner; 
he d. February 25th, 1895. 

Children — 

LEWIS MORTIMER, b. April 3rd, 1894. 

CHARLES ROMAINE, b. July 3rd, 1895. 


Cora Eliza, William Tompkins, Horace, Rowland, 
Benjamin, William, William, William, dau. of William 
Tompkins (313) and Melissa (Smith) Tanner, b. January 28th, 
1863, in Webberville, Mich. ; m. December 24th, 1879, Jona- 
than L. Price, b. October 7th, 1856. 

Children — 

EARNEST, b. August 16th, 1881; m. December 20th, 1899, Dora 
West; ch. Grace Irene, b. December 4th, 1902. 

LORENCE E., b. June 19th, 1889. 


Florence Adel, William Tompkins, Horace, Rowland, 
Benjamin, William, William, William, dau. of William 
Tompkins (313) and Melissa (Smith) Tanner, b. May 13th, 
1865, Webberville, Mich.; m. November 12th, 1881, Lewis 
A. Liverence, b. May 23rd, 1869. 

Children — 

EDNA B., b. October 11th, 1882; m. November 12th, 1902, Henry 
C. Hammond; ch. Mark, b. January 10th, 1903. 

LLOYD, b. February 20th, 1884. 

FLOSSIE, b. October 20th, 1888. 

LULU, b. September 15th, 1893. 


Mary Barrett, William Tompkins, Horace, Rowland, 
Benjamin, William, William, William, dau. of William 
Tompkins (313) and Melissa (Smith) Tanner, b. July 25th, 
1867; m. Francis J. Barrett, b. August 15th, 1864. 

Children — 

BLANCH E., b. April 6th, 1885. 

HAZEL M., b. November 11th, 1886. 

MABEL, b. August 21st, 1888. 

FRANK C, b. October 6th, 1894. 

CORA v., b. September 17th, 1898. 


Minnie F., William Tompkins, Horace, Rowland, 
Benjamin, William, William, William, dau. of William 
Tompkins (313) and Melissa (Smith) Tanner, b. October 12th, 
1869, Webberville, Mich.; m. December 25th, 1885, Wilham 
West, b. July 21st, 1865. 

Children — 

OLA, b. November 25th, 1878. 


LEE, b. October 3rd. 1S80. 
EARL, b. December 18th, 1883. 
FLORENCE, b. January 5th, 1886. 
BERNICE, b. August 5th, 1888. 
MERRILL, b. November 19th, 1900. 
REUBEN, b. November 29th, 1902, 
SIMEON, b. September 19th, 1904. 


Nellie D., Lucy J. Darius, John, Nathan, William, 
William, William, dau. of Frank and Lucy J. (Tanner) 
West (394), b. July 26th, 1861, in Sullivan. Ashland county, 
Ohio.; m. September 22nd, ISSO, Frank E. Rugg; res. Hunt- 
ington, Ohio. 


IRENA LILLL\N. b. November 13th, 1882. 

EARL E. TANNER, b. February 6th, 1886. 

LAVERDO HULBERT, b. February 12th, 1890. 

GRACE ELVA, b. August 29th, 1892. 

HOWARD ALLEN, b. October Uth, 1895. 

ROBERT, b. June 29th, 1902. 


William Henry, Henry, Benjamin, Palmer, Benjamin, 
Palmer, William, William, son of Henry (511) and Mary 
(Bennett) Tanner, b. June 26th, 1836, Providence; m. June 
13th, 1855, Mary Jane Russell, b. September, 1835, Providence; 
he d. October 16th, 1882, Providence; buried, Locust Grove 
cemetery; wife d. July 11th, 1889. 

Children — 

MABEL, b. May 13th, 1856, d. May 15th, 1856. 

OWEN, b. December 2nd, 1857, d. May 13th, 1860. 

725 HARRIET WARE, b. March 17th, 1860. 

726 WILLIAM ABBOTT, b. November 4th, 1865; res. Providence, 

170 Laurel Hill avenue. 

Mary Ann, Henrys Benjamin, Palmer, Benjamin, Pal- 
mer, William, William, dau. of Henry (511) and Mary (Ben- 
nett) Tanner, b. December 6th, 1837, Warwick; m. January, 
1857, Asa Dow Kason Anderson, Providence; d. September 
23rd, 1857. 

"A lovely Christian woman, beloved and esteemed by all who 
knew her. She fell a victim to consumption early in her youth, and 
two years later her husband followed her. 

"It was al)out the time of their marriage, or before, that the 
'Rochester Knockings' were prevailing in ttie neighborhood, and 
Mary Ann proved to be a powerful 'medium,' insomuch that before 
she left school, unless she had her Bible with her, the 'spirits' would 
cause the .seats to be torn up by main force without any one touching 
them. Indeed, the 'spirits' haunted her day and night, wherever she 
was; but she rejected them as evil spirits, and when she had her Bible 


with her she ceased to be troubled by them. At length disease accom- 
plished its fell work. Just before her spirit took its departure from her 
body, she pointed upward and said, 'Listen! Don't you hear the 
angels sing? Oh, hear the angels sing!' She had a glimpse of the 
heavenly city just before entering in. So young, so beautiful, so good — 
she lived only to love and to be loved, leaving behind a large circle of 
friends, yet not sorrowing as without hope." [George Thomas Tanner.] 


Lucy Hunt, Henry, Benjamin, Palmer, Benjamin, Pal- 
mer, William, William, dau. of Henry (511) and Mary (Ben- 
nett) Tanner, b. April 30th, 1841, Providence; m. December 
22nd, 1859, James Francis Eddy, b. February 2nd, 1837; res. 
492 Prairie avenue, Providence; d. August 28tli, 1893. 

Children — 

727 ARTHUR EDWIN, b. October 31st, 1860. 

728 HERBERT FRANCIS, b. December 25th, 1863. 

729 CLIFFORD MARTIN, b. July 13th, 1873. 
HOWARD MOODY, b. November 29th, 1877. 
MARY BENNETT, b. April 19th, 1822; single. 

Hannah Sophia, Henry, Benjamin, Palmer, Benjamin, 
Palmer, William, William, dau. of Henry (511) and Mary 
(Bennett) Tanner, b. December 6th, 1843, Providence; m. 
September 21st, 1862, Providence, James Buchanan, b. in 
Glasgow, Scotland, February 20th, 1840. son of John and 
Margaret Buchanan; res. Providence; she d. November 17th, 
1902. Private in Company C, Eleventh Regiment Rhode 
Island Volunteer Infantry, in the Civil War; res. 33 Marl- 
borough avenue. 
Children — 

FLORENCE MARGARET, b. September 9th, 1868. 
EVELYN TANNER, b. November 11th, 1870; m. December, 
1889, John Henry Bongartz; 1 ch. Royal Buchanan, b. May 
25th, 1902, Providence. 
JOHN BROWNLIE, b. October 30th, 1874; m. April 27th, 1898, 
Julia Agnes Carrol, Providence; ch. John Carrol. 


Andrew James, Henry, Benjamin, Palmer, Benjamin, 
Palmer, William, William, son of Henry (511) and Mary 
(Bennett) Tanner, b. November 29th, 1849, Providence; m. 
1st, Orra L. Culverson, dau. of John and Harriet Culverson; 
she d. March 16th, 1880, Providence. M. 2nd, July 28th, 
1880, Susan L. Place, b. March 10th, 1857; res. 929 N. Main 
street. Providence. M. 3rd, July 22nd, 1901, Isabel Curliss, 
b. in Providence, January 20th, 1857; no ch. 

Charles Edwin, Henry, Benjamin, Palmer, Benjamin, 


Palmer, William, William, son of Henry (511) and Mary 
(Bennett) Tanner, b. April 25th, 1852, Providence; m. 1st, 
April 12th, 1873, Mary McAlpine, b. 1849, Glasgow, Scotland; 
she d. September 22nd, 1875; no eh. M. 2nd, November 
25th, 1877, Mrs. Laurena B. Ballou, nee Sparks, b. January 
12th, 1850, East KiUingly, Conn.; she d. August 30th, 1889; 
res. Providence. 

Children — 

HENRY SPARKS, b. August 27th, 1878, d. May 9th, 1879. 
727 CLAUDE EDWIN, b. September 26th, 1880. 

ALBERT EUGENE b. June 26th, 1885. 

WILLIAM FREDERIC, b. August 15th, 1887. 

CHARLES ARCHIE, b. July 16th, 1889, d. March 20th, 1890. 


George Thomas, William Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, 
Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, son of WilUam Pal- 
mer (512) and Lucy (Hunt) Tanner, b. May 9th, 1844, Provi- 
dence; m. May 8th, 1870, Hannah Maria Miller, b. May 19th, 
1847, dau. of Gilbert Mason and Rebecca Bliss Miller of Reho- 
both, Mass.; he d. January 24th, 1888; res. of widow, Quincy, 
Mass., 44 Spear street. 
Children — - 
SARAH AGNES, b. May 7th, 1871; m. June 30th, 1892, Reuben 

Simmons Elliott. 
RUTH, b. December 14th, 1895; res. Auburndale, Mass.; printer. 
WILLIAM PALMER, b. August 22nd, 1872; res. Los Angeles, 

CHARLES ALLEN, b. June 6th, 1874; m. September 1st, 1896, 
Estelle Maud Haynes; ch. Charles Allen, b. April 8th, 1900, 
Quincy, Mass. 
MABEL REBECCA, b. December 24th, 1879; single. 
JEANETTE MILLER, b. April 15th, 1882; single; Quincy. 

George Thomas Tanner, b. in Providence; lived in North Kings- 
town; educated at East Greenwich Seminary; resided later at Hebron- 
ville, Mass. Enlisted 1863 at Providence in Troop B, Third Regiment 
Rhode Island Volunteer Cavalry as private; appointed corporal; was at 
New Orleans; promoted sergeant; in Department of the Gulf and 
Nineteenth Army Corps, Maj. Gen. N. P. Banks commanding; in the 
Red River campaign was under Gen. Cameron, stationed at points in 
Louisana; miistered out 1865; resided in Rehoboth, Mass., and Kent's 
Mills. A man of deeply religious character and of sterling integrity. 

[The writer is greatly indebted to his widow for permission to use 
a manuscript genealogy of his immediate line of the North Kingstown 

William Franklin, Benjamin, Benjamin, Palmer, Ben- 
jamin, Palmer, William, William, son of Benjamin (513) 
and Lydia Glazier (Dawley) Tanner, b. June 25th, 1847, Provi- 
dence; m. August 3rd, 1869, Edna Belvidere Tanner, dau. of 



George Austin (522) and Alice Aldrich (Eddy) Tanner, Provi- 

Children — 

FREDERICK IRVING, b. September 21st, 1872, Cranston; d. 

September 27th, 1875. 
MARK TRAFTON, b. April 17th, 1876, Cranston; d. November 

10th, 1879. 
LOUIS EARLE, b. November 14th, 1878; m. June 20th, 1901, 
Mabel Tinkham Swarts; res. Howard, R. I.; ch. Lester Frank- 
lin, b. September 30th, 1902, d. August 23rd, 1903. 


Emma Louisa, Benjamin, Benjamin, Palmer, Ben- 
jamin, Palmer, William, William, dau. of Benjamin (513) 
and Lydia Glazier (Dawley) Tanner, b. February 14th, 1849, 
Providence; m. March 25th, 1867, Providence, Theodore Edwin 
Smith; she d. February 8th, 1871, in Providence. 

Children — 



Both d. under 3 years. 


George Hemry, Benjamin, Benjamin, Palmer, Benja- 
min, Palmer, William, William, son of Benjamin (513) and 
Lydia Glazier (Dawley) Tanner, b. January 10th, 1863, Provi- 
dence; m. January 4th, 1888, Elizabeth Virginia Esbeck; res. 
135 Pearl street. Providence; no ch. 


Francis Elmer, James Wood, Benjamin, Palmer, Ben- 
jamin, Palmer, William, William, son of James Wood (514) 
and Mercy Ann (Richardson) Tanner, b. February 27th, 1863, 
in North Kingstown; m .June 30th, 1884, Lillian Marion Lang- 
worthy, b. November 5th, 1866; res. Hope Valley, R. I. 


MAUDE E., b. July 20th, 1889. 


Charles Eldredge, Charles Eldredge, Benjamin, Pal- 
mer, Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, son of Charles 
Eldredge (515) and Caroline Frances (Nason) Tanner, b. 
March 4th, 1859, in North Kingstown; m. June 1st, 1885, Caro- 
Hne Babcock Oatly, b. December 24th, 1857; res. Providence, 
631 Patten avenue. 

Children — 

EVERETT FRANKLIN, 1). June 29th, 1887. 

RUTH DIANA, b. September 25th, 1890. 

Lincoln Bumside, Charles Eldredge, Benjamin, Pal- 
mer, Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, son of Charles 


Eldredge (515) and Caroline Francis (Nason) Tanner, b. Feb- 
ruary 18th, 1868, in North Kingstown, R. I.; m. February 
25th, 1892, Lizzie A.Ross; res. Providence, 42 Redwing street. 

Children — 

CHRISTExXA MAY, b. December 18th, 1892. 

MILDRED FRANCES, b. October 4th, 1897. 

FLORENCE LINCOLN, b. .January 24th, 1901. 

William Henry, Catherine, James Austin, Palmer, 
Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, son of William Vick- 
ery and wife Catherine Tanner (517), dau. of James Austin 
(149), m. 1st, 1856, Susan Knowles; m. 2nd, April 17th, 1861 
Emeline Frances Spencer. 

Children — 


George Washington, son of Catherine (517) of James 
Austin (149), m. November 27th, 1866, Hattie Maria Wilcox, 
b. September 29th, 1844, dau. of Willet Clark and Elizabeth 
Wilcox; res. Coventry Center. 

Children — 








Charles Henry, Palmer, James Austin, Palmer, Ben- 
jamin, Palmer, William, William, son of Palmer (518), en- 
listed in the Civil War and d. in the hospital at Portsmouth 
Grove, R. I., June, 1862; single. 


Albert Franklin, son, as above, of Palmer (518) and Mary 
(Williams) Tanner, b. December 22nd, 1850, Providence, R. I.; 
m. May 1st, 1873, Susie B.Reid of Cranston; he d. November, 
1902, in Fall River; no ch. 

Edwin Forest, Palmer, James Austin, Palmer, Ben- 
jamin, Palmer, William, William, son of Palmer (518) and 
Mary (WilHams) Tanner, b. April 17th, 1853, Providence; m. 


October 13th, 1875, Louisa H. Bates, b. October 13th, 1857, 
dan. of James L. and Juha A. Bates. 

Children — 

JULIA FRANCES, b. January 1st, 1877, Johnston. 

HATTIE LOUISA, b. October 3rd, 1879, Providence. 

EDWIN FORREST, b. October 31st, 1880, Providence. 

OSCAR W., b. September 21st, 1882. 

DERRELL LEACHE, b. November 16th, 1885, d. — . 

WALTER WHIPPLE, b. February 14th, 1890. 

Hattie Louisa m. July 14th, 1900, Albert Erastus Mowry. 


Euegne, Palmer, James Austin, Palmer, Benjamin, 
Palmer, William, William, son of Pahner (518) and Mary 
(Wilhams) Tanner, b. August 3rd, 1855, Providence; m. May 
13th, 1873, Elizabeth Ann Scott, Providence; d. October 5th, 
1900, N. Bedford, Mass. 

Children — 

WILLIAM PALMER, b. February 27th, 1874. 

GEORGE ALEXANDER SCOTT, b. January 31st, 1877. 

CLARENCE EUGENE, b. May 12th, 1880; single. 

FRANK SIMON, b. October 10th, 1887; single. 

WilHam Palmer of Eugene (678) m. June 22nd, 1897, 
Ehzabeth Jennet English; res. Trenton, Picton county. Nova 


Children — 

GEORGIANA PEARL, b. January 19th, 1898. 
CLARA ELIZABETH, b. December 1st, 1900. 
George Alexander Scott, of Eugene (678) m. 1st, Novem- 
ber 2nd, 1897, Ada Morris; she d. April 28th, 1902. M. 2nd, 
September 30th, 1903, Irene Maud Keith. 

Mary Eva, Palmer, James Austin, Palmer, Benjamin, 
Palmer, William, William, dau. of Palmer (518) and Mary 
(Wilhams) Tanner, b. June 15th, 1862, Providence; m. April 
8th, 1878, Walter Wilson Whipple, Providence. 
Children — 
MAYBELLE BERTHA, b. July 24th, 1879; m. August 31st, 1899, 

Herbert Blanchard Farnum. 
GERTRUDE LAURETTA, b. June 17th, 1881; m. December 

19th, 1903, Harry Francis Kellogg. 
FLORENCE PAULINE, b. February 8th, 1884. 

Richard Dexter, Nicholas Dawley, James Austin, Pal- 
mer, Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, son of Nicholas 
Dawley (519) and Catherine Amelia Eddy, b. January 25th, 
1841, in Providence; m. September 20th, 1862, Lucy Maria 
Lamb. b. August 19th, 1843 dau. of Joel Riley and Sarah 
Josephine Lamb, Lonsdale, R. I. 


Children — 

Richard D. Tanner enlisted in the War of the Rebellion, and be- 
longed to the North Atlantic Squadron; was in the engagement with 
the Merrimac, and in the Seventh and Eleventh Regiments Rhode 
Island Volunteers. 


Marion Melissa, Nicholas Dawley, James Austin, Pal- 
mer, Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, dau. of Nicho- 
las Dawley (519) and Catherine Ameha (Eddy) Tanner, b. 
December 1st, 1844, Providence; m. September 6th, 1862, 1st, 
Wyatt W. Grant, Providence; 2nd, November 27th, 1864, John 
Brown Francis King. 

Children — 




Nicholas Dawley, Nicholas Dawley, James Austin, 
Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer. William William, son of Nic- 
holas Dawley (519) and Catherine Amelia (Eddy) Tanner, b. 
May 17th, 1846, Providence, m. December 11th. 1868, Mrs. 
Adeline King. 

Children — 



He enlisted in the Eleventh Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry, 
Company C, Captain Parkhurst ; also in Company C, Third Rhode 
Island Volunteer Cavalry; was drowned in Providence harbor, July 7th, 

Walter Washington, Nicholas Dawley, James Austin, 
Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, son of Nich- 
olas Dawley (519) and Catherine Ameha (Eddv) Tanner, b. 
January 10th, 1849, Providence; m. October 8th, 1871, Lilla 
Sweat; res. Worcester, Mass.; an adopted dau. 


Eliza Auburn, Nicholas Dawley. James Austin, Pal- 
mer, Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, dau. of Nicho- 
las Dawley (519) and Catherine Amelia (Eddy) Tanner, b. 
November 30th, 1850, Providence; m. July 26th, 1869, Crans- 
ton, William Chapin Dore, son of Daniel and Olive Dore. 




Emeline Alice, Nicholas Daw'ley, James Austin, Pal- 
mer, Benjamin, Palmer, William, Willia.m, dau. of Nicho- 


las Dawley (519) and Catherine Amelia (Eddy) Tanner, b. 
January 1st, 1855, Providence; m. March 20th, 1876, Provi- 
dence, George B. Thurber; d. August 8th, 1877, Cranston, 
leaving an infant which soon followed. 


Jessie Freemont, Nicholas Dawley, James Austin, Pal- 
mer, Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, dau. of Nicho- 
las Dawley (519) and Catherine Amelia (Eddy) Tanner, b. 
August 24th, 1856, Providence; m. April 19th, 1880, Edwin 
Lorenzo Parsons, son of George and Margaret Parsons, b. 
Julv nth, 1858, Providence. 


Ellen Williams, Nicholas Dawley, James Austin, Pal- 
mer, Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, dau. of Nicho- 
las Dawlev (519) and Catherine Amelia (Eddy) Tanner, b. 
October 26th, 1860, Providence; m. December 25th, 1879, 
Herbert L. Brown; res. Providence. 




Susan Pratt, Elizabeth, James Austin, Palmer, Ben- 
jamin, Palmer, William, William, dau. of Nehemiah and 
EHzabeth (Tanner) Stone (520), b. November 13th, 1840, War- 
wick; m. December 31st, 1857, Providence, George Pitts, b. 
December 10th, 1839, son of John F. and Rebecca Pitts. 

Children — 






George Pitts was a member of Company C, Fourth Regiment 
Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War. 


Harriet Newell, Elizabeth, James Austin, Palmer, 
Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, dau. of Nehemiah 
and Elizabeth (Tanner) Stone (520), b. April 4th, 1842, War- 
wick ; m. 1858 Frederick Phillips, son of the Rev. James PhilHps 
missionary in India; she d. in Providence, July 7th, 1873, 
leaving a son, Lyman Manchester Phillips, who was supposed 
to be lost at sea. 


Ann Maria, dau. of Nehemiah and Elizabeth (Tanner) 
Stone (520), m. 1st, about 1864, William Spink, Pontiac, War- 
wick; 2nd, about 1872, James R. Kinney; she d. December 
7th, 1875, Providence; no ch. 



George Albert, Elizabeth, James Austin, Palmer, Ben- 
jamin, Talmek, William, William, son of Nehemiah and 
Elizabeth (Tanner) Stone (520), b. July 19th, 1847, Warwick; 
m. 1st, June 19th, 1872, Ella B. Ames, ahas Sabin. 


MABEL BURTHUR, who d. December, 1877. 

M. 2nd, February 22nd, 1881, Clara Rebecca Pitts, dau. 
of William and Eliza Maria Pitts, b. October, 1861; d. July 
10th, 1904, Providence. 




Eliza Tanner, dau. of Nehemiah and Elizabeth (Tanner) 
Stone (520), m. 1st, Jesse Webster, who was drowned in the 
winter of 1862-3; m. 2nd, in 1864 or 1865, Rowland F. 
Dodge, Providence; 2 sons, both d. January, 1878. 


Juliana Jencks, dau. of Nehemiah and Elizabeth (Tanner) 
Stone (520), m. Albert Manchester Hussey, Providence. 


Ida May, dau. of Nehemiah and Elizabeth (Tanner) 
Stone (520), m. January 1st, 1877, Providence, Eugene Augus- 
tus Hall of Moosup, Conn.; she d. December 12th, 1877; ch. 
Clarence Eugene, who soon d. 


Clara Rebecca, dau. of James and Elizabeth (Tanner) 
Fisher (520) by her 2nd m., m. July 4th, 1878, W^illard Erwin 
Andrews, son of George W. and Mary (Stone) Andrews, Provi- 
dence. (Roger Wilhams avenue, near Park.) 


Frank Herbert, son of James and EHzabeth (Tanner) 
Fisher (520) 2nd m., m. August 17th, 1884, Mary Watson of 
Great Falls, N. H. 


Ella Rogena, George Austin, James Austin, Palmer, 
Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, dau. of George Austin 
(522) and Alice Aldrich (Eddy) Tanner, b. May 17th, 1849, 
Cranston; m. November 23rd, 1865, at Pettaconsett, Cranston, 
William Leonard Brown, b. February 25th, 1840; res. Magill, 
street, Pawtucket. 


GEORGE THOMAS, b. September 12th, 1866; m. 1890, Mary 

Bovvder; cli. Mollie, b. 1902. 
LEONARD SHELDON, b. December 26th, 1869. 
CHARLES H., b. May 17th, 1872, d. January 2nd, 1898. 


ELLA EUDORA, b. November 30th, 1873; m. 1891, Walter Mun- 

roe; ch. Ella H., Alice, Willis, Walter. 
MARION ALICE, b. January 9th, 1876; m. June 1893, George W. 

Stellz; ch. Iva May, Reginald, Orlo, Edna. 
EVA R., b. March 5th, 1887. 


Edna Belvidere, George Austin, James Austin, Pal- 
mer, Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, dau. of George 
Austin (522) and Alice Aldrich (Eddy) Tanner, b. December 
21st, 1851, Providence, R. I.; m. August 3rd, 1869, William 
Franklin Tanner (667), son of Benjamin Tanner (513), Prov- 


George Byron, George Austin, James Austin, Palmer, 
Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, son of George Austin 
(522) and Alice Aldrich (Eddy) Tanner, b. August 24th, 1855, 

Providence, R. I., m. . 


Alice May, George Austin, James Austin, Palmer, 
Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, dau. of George Austin 
(522) and Ahce Aldrich (Eddy) Tanner, b. May 6th, 1861, 
Cranston; m. September 16th, 1884, Frederick Pearce Johnson, 

42 Somerset street. Providence. 
Children — 

Annie Bell, dau. of George Austin (522) and Alice Aldrich 
(B]ddy) Tanner, b. August 21st, 1864; m. 1st, November 28th, 
1883, Clifford John Dean. 


M. 2nd, Hubert Reigner; no ch.; res. 42 Somerset street, 

Emma Louise, John Henry, James Austin, Palmer, 
Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, dau. of John Henry 
(525) and Lydia Jane (Belding) Tanner, b. April 15th, 1859, in 
Providence; m. August 10th, 1874, John WilHam Culverwell; 
res. Westerly, R. I. 
Children — 

MINNIE, b. February 24th, 1876; m. June 2nd, 1891, Luther C. 
Arnold. Ch. William S., b. December 14th, 1892; Gladys, 
b. November 12tii, 1894. 
ARTHUR, b. September 27th, 1879, d. January 22nd, 1901. 
MARJORIE, b. April 16th, 1890. 
CHARLES R., b. August 14th, 1892. 


John Henry, John Henry. James Austin, Palmer, Ben- 
jamin, Palmer, William, William, son of John Henry (525) 
and Lydia Jane (Belding) Tanner, b. July 17th, 1861, in Crans- 
ton, R. I.; m. December 25th, 1882, Minnie W. Berry, Noank, 
Conn.; res. Westerly; no ch. 


Fannie Wood, Thomas Dorr, James Austin, Palmer, 
Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, dau. of Thomas Dorr 
(528) and Mary R. (Daily) Tanner, b. February 18th, 1874, 
Easton, Pa.; m. February 11th, 1895, Arthur F. Everett of 
Easton, Pa. 

Children — 

GRACE PEARL, b. September 16th, 1895. 

ARTHUR FLOYD, b. February 14th, 1897. 

JOHN POORE ALLISON, b. October 11th, 1899. 

HANNAH ELIZABETH, b. February 26th, 1902. 


William, Job, Abel, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, William, son of Job (529) and Lydia Wilcox (Hunt) 
Tanner, b. December 18th, 1848, Pontiac; m. November 5th, 
1866, at Centerville, Ella L. Bates; res. Salisbury, Mass; 
address, Amesbury. 

Children — 

CHARLES H., b. October 5th, 1868, Providence. 

LUCY I., b. July, 1871. 

JOB A., b. July 4th, 1874. 

Charles H. m. September 20th, 1887, Carrie M. Crombe, Ames- 
bury, Mass.; ch. Mary Idella, b. June 12th, 1888. 
Job A. m. January 15th, 1898, Ella B. Shaw, Amesbury, Mass. 
Ch. William Bent, b. June 26th, 1900, Salisbury, Mass.; 
Albert Arthur, b. December 27th, 1901, Amesbury, Mass.; 
Clifton Wilbur, b. May 28th, 1903, Maiden, Mass.; 
Charles Herbert, b. 

Herbert Moses, Job, Abel, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, 
William, William, son of Job (529) and Lydia Wilcox (Hunt) 
Tanner, b. May 21st, 1851, Pontiac; m. January 15th, 1872, 
Anna M. Nash; no ch.; adopted son, Charles P. Tanner, b. 
March 30th, 1883; res. 335 Harris avenue, Providence. 


Katie, Jon, Abel, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, William, dau. of Job (529) and Lydia Wilcox (Hunt) 
Tanner, b. November 14th, 1854, m. 1st, April 19th, 1871, 
John Todd. 

Children — 

LAURA ISABEL, b. December 12th, 1872; m. November 15th, 


1894, Thomas Nevins Smith. Ch. Lydia Barbara, b. July 12th, 
1899, d. August 10th, 1900; Clinton Thomas, b. November 
25th, 1902. 

HERBERT ULYSSES, b. May 3rd, 1875; m. May 23rd, 1893, 
Margaret McSherry. Ch. Herbert Ulysses, b. November 25th, 
1894; Edwin Albert, b. February 23rd, 1896; Francis Henry, 
b. July 4th, 1900; Milton Irving and Mildred Isabel, twins, 
b. January 1st, 1903. 

EDWIN FOREST JONES, b. December r2th, 1880; m. August 
19th, 1903, Mabel Josephine Beck. 


Joseph, James, Abel, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, William, son of James (532) and Esther (Haddock) 
Tanner, b. December 4th, 1871, m. Marion Redding. 

Children — 

CLARENCE A., b. May 2nd, 1898. 

BERTHA, b. November 17th, 1899. 


Edwin, Edwin, Abel, Palmer, Benjamin, Palmer, Wil- 
liam, William, son of Edwin (536) and Augusta (Sprague) 
Tanner, b. January 18th. 1869, Attleboro, Mass.; m. August 
14th, 1892, Minnie F. Peck; res. (1903) New Bedford, Mass. 


HARRY, b. February 17th, 1896. 


William T., Bradford B., Theodore G., Gardner, Sam- 
uel, Henry, William, William, son of Bradford B. (566) 
and Ellen Augusta (Wilcox) Tanner, m. March 27th, 1894, 
Minnie Squires; res. Norwich, N. Y. 


HOWARD WILLIAM, b. October 8th, 1899. 


Charles Franklin, Amy M., George, Gardner, Samuel, 
Henry, William, William, son of Amy M. (567), b. February 
21st, 1859, at Staunton, Ind.; m. November 26th, 1885, 
Martha Banner of Terra Haute, Ind., b. April 8th, 1859, 
North Hampton, Ohio; res. Terra Haute (1902). 

Children — 

EVA PERNINA, b. January 16th, 1888, Terra Haute. 

AMY CATHERINE, b. August 6th, 1890. 

ESTHER CECIL, b. April 17th, 1892, at Staunton, Ind.; d. 
January 24th, 1897, at Smithboro, 111. 

Edgar, Amy M., George, Gardner, Samuel, Henry, 
William, William, son of Joseph Somers and wife Amy M. 
Tanner (567), b. October 12th, 1860, Staunton, Ind.; m. 
May 4th, 1890, at Staunton, Cora Katherine Lehner, b. Febru- 
ary 26th, 1870. 


Children — 

ALBERT LEHXER, b. May 11th, 1891. 

ANNA MAY, b. January 3rd, 1893, d. October 3rd, 1898. 

Charles S., George Whitefield, Abel, Palmer, Nathan 
Palmer, William, William, son of George Whitefield (486) 
and Tamsin C. (Hutchins) Tanner, b. January 9th, 1852; m. 
October 11th, 1875, Amy Wilhams Phillips; res. Providence, 
R. I. 

Children — 

MABEL H., b. November 15th, 1876, d. December 27th, 1878. 

BERTHA P., b. March 16th, 1880. 

CHARLES MILTON, b. July 23rd, 1883. 


George Beecher, George Whitefield, Abel, Palmer, 
Nathan, Palmer, William. William, son of George White- 
field (486) and Tamsin C. (Hutchins) Tanner, b. June 17th, 
1854, East Greenwich, R. I.; m. December 25th, 1881, Agnes 
Ceciha Glispin, b. 1854, Milford, Mass; res. Providence. 

Children — 

GEORGE WHITEFIELD, b. September 23rd, 1883. 

MABEL TAMSIN, b. August 8th, 1886. 


Fletcher Stone, Sarah Ann, Jeremiah, Palmer, Nathan, 
Palmer, William, William, son of William Henry Mason 
and Sarah Ann Tanner (461) dau. of Jeremiah (134). b. March 
20th, 1855; m. October 10th, 1877, Ella Louisa Knapp; res. 
Providence, R. I. 

Children — 

HOPE WALDRON, b. August 25th, 1882, in Providence, R. I.; 
m. October 8th, 1902, Charles W. Barbier. 

STANLEY HOPKINS, b. February 27th, 1898. 


Herbert Sanford, Hiram A.. Silas, Abel, Palmer, Pal- 
mer, William, William, son of Hiram A. (501) and Maria 
(Steere) Tanner, b. June 22nd, 1858; m. February 19th, 1878, 
Mary Jane Ryan; res. Providence, R. I. 

M. 2nd, February 24th, 1891, Emma E. Sayles; no cli. of 

2nd m. 

Children — 

SILAS IIOWAHD, b. January 2.5th, 1880. 

HERBERT FRANK, b. Julv 21st, 1881. 

WALDO EVERETT, b. April 28th, 1885. 

" Maj. Herbert S. Tanner is a native of Rhode Island and has been 
identified with the State Militia for nearly a score of years. He was 
born in Woonsocket in 1858, but is now a resident of Edgewood. He 
enlisted in the Maciiine Gun Platoon December 7th, 1885, and in Com- 
pany B, First Regiment, July 25th, 1887. He served as private and Ser- 


geant of Infantry until October 17th, 1889, when he was elected Second 
Lieutenant. November 20th, 1890, he was elected Captain of Company 
A of the First Regiment, and January 31st, 1894, he was elected Major 
of the First Battalion. He is a good soldier, enthusiastic and capable 
of inspiring his men to do their best, and his election will be in the 
interests of continuing the present conditions of the Brigade. 

"Major Tanner's business is that of a jeweler and his store is on 
Westminster street near Turk's Head and is well known. He is a mem- 
ber of Doric Lodge, A. F. and A. M.; Mount Pleasant Lodge, L O. O. F.; 
Sterling Lodge, K. of P.; Sons of the American Revolution and several 
other fraternal and patriotic organizations. " [Local Paper.] 


Hiram Eugene, Hiram A., Silas, Abel, Palmer, Palmer, 
William, William, son of Hiram A. (501) and Maria (Steere) 
Tanner, b. June 14th, 1866; m. March 5th, 1889, Maria Edith 
Smith Pearson; res. Providence; jeweler. 


NORMAN EUGENE, b. August 21st, 1892. 

Charles, Emerence E., Polly, William, Palmer, Pal- 
mer, William, William, son of Amasa Houghton and Emer- 
ence E. (Arnold) Houghton of Polly (Tanner) Arnold (173), 
b. December 3rd, 1851, in Webster, Mass.; m. 1st, August 24th, 
1871, Annie Kinney; m. 2nd, September 30th, 1888, Edith C. 


CHARLES A., b. March 28th, 1872; m. November 7th, 1892. Han- 
nah F. Hyland, Webster, Mass. 
EMMA B., b. August 30th, 1875; m. October 7th, 1901, Clarence 
Young; res. Danielson, Conn. 

Ella J., Emerence E., Polly, William, Palmer, Palmer, 
William, William, dau. of Amasa Houghton and wife Emer- 
ence E. (506) of Daniel and Polly (Tanner) Arnold (173), b. 
May 19th, 1853; m. August 28th, 1877, George S. Pike; res. 
Putman, Conn. 
Children — 

BERTHA C, b. September 24th, 1877; m. June 17th, 1897. David 
Shirley; ch. Hazel E., b. November 29th, 1899; res. Putnam, 



Harriet Ware, dau. of William Henry (660) and Mary 
Jane (Russell) Tanner of Providence, m. September 23rd, 1901, 
in Attleboro, Mass., Owen James McLaughlin; res. Pawtucket, 
R. 1. 



William Abbott, son of William Henry and Mary Jane 
(Russell) Tanner, b. November 4th, 1865; m. January 11th, 
1888, in Johnston, R. I., Mary Almy Adams, dau. of John 
Quincy Adams and Mary Gaskell Freeman, b. July 17th, 1868^ 
in Providence, R. I. 

Children — 

HENRY BENNETT, b. October 5th, 1888, in Johnston. 

WILLIAM ARTHUR FRANK, b. May 24th, 1892. 


Arthur Edwin, Lucy Hunt, Henry, Benjamin, Palmer, 
Benjamin, Palmer, William, William, son of James Francis 
Eddy and wife Lucy Hunt Tanner (662), b. October 31st, 1860 
in Providence, R. L; m. January 21st, 1886, Lillian Richards 
Bruce of Providence; res. 100 Gallup street. 


HAROLD BRUCE, b. February 8th, 1890. 


Herbert Francis, son as above, b. December 25th, 1863, 
in Providence, R. I.; m. March 24th, 1891, Gertrude Lillian 
Tavlor of Providence; res. 492 Prairie avenue. 
' Child— 
MILTON BRADFORD, b. November 7th, 1892. 


Clifford Martin, son as above, b. July 13th, 1873 ; m. Novem- 
ber 7th, 1894, at Bristol, R. I., Grace Tomlinson; res. 165 Mont- 
gomery avenue. Providence, R. I. 

Children — 

CLIFFORD MARTIN, b. January 18th, 1896. 

ROLAND TOMLINSON, b. October 13th, 1898, d. February 8th, 

ELIZABETH LUCY, b. April 11th, 1904. 


Howard Moody, son as above, b. November 29th, 1877, in 
Providence; m. January 27th, 1902, Annie Josephine Kirwan 
of Taunton, Mass.; res. 9 Sheldon street, Providence, R. I. 

Claude Edwin, Charles Edwin, Henry, Benjamin. Pal- 
mer, Bkxjamix, Palmer, William. William, son of Charles 
Edwin (665) and Laurena (Sparks) Tanner; m. October 9th, 
1900, Mary CorneUa Parker, b. December 19th, 1882, Clinton, 

Children — 

MARION GERTRUDE, b. October 25th, 1901. 

DOROTHY ESTELLE, b. March 20th, 1903. 




Abbie Frances Dawley 153 

Abby Amanda 101, 156 

Abby Ann 98 

Abby Howard 44, 75 

Abby June 99 

Abel. .13, 16, 18, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 
32, 35, 42, 43, 44, 47, 60, 51. 52, 66, 67, 
96, 98, 101, 102, 148, 157, 158, 159, 160 

Abel Palmer 96, 148 

Abi E 83, 137 

Abigail 11,20,22,32,44,81,82 

Abraham 5 

Abram Franklin 86, 140 

Abram Malcolm 46, 93 

Ada Pearl 141 

Adah 26 

Adaline F 57,67 

Addie Maria 108 

Adelaide 68, 142 

Adelaide Luthera 104, 164 

Adelbert 69 

Adelia Rushbrook 57 

Adolphus H., Col 6 

Agnes 149 

Agnes Gertrude 116, 167 

Agnes Kempton 94, 146 

Albert 101,159 

Albert Arthur 180 

Albert E 85 

Albert Eugene 172 

Albert Francis 104, 154, 163 

Albert Franklin 154, 174 

Albert Gardner 164 

Albert S 105, 163, 164 

Albert Spencer 54, 104 

Albert Wallace 43, 73 

Albertie Frances 163 

Alfred Spencer 41 

Alice L 139 

Alice May 155, 179 

Alice R 66.127 

Alma 41,59, 102, 112, 160 

Alma Jane 59 , 112 

Almira 38, 41 

Alonzo 44, 74, 78, 133 

Alpheus Hiram 92 , 143 

Alta 128 

Althea 91 

Alvah 40, 61, 115, 171 

Alvin B 140 

Amanda 42 

Amanda M 108 

Amanda Malvina 58 , 102 , 160 

Amelia 105 , 146 

Amelia F 67, 129 

Amelia J 78, 134 

Amos Boughton 44 

Amos Sweet. . .26, 44, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 
81, 133 


Amy. . 16, 17, 19, 24. 25, 30, 31, 64, 121 

Amy M 105, 165, 181 

Andrew Jackson 154 

Andrew James 152 , 171 

Angeline, Lucinda 23 

Ann 16, 17 

Anna 11. 34, 35, 36, 37, 56 

Anna Elizabeth 144 

Anna Julia 67 

Anna Louise 60, 114, 115 

Anna M 160 

Anna Makepeace 120 

Anna May 165 

Anna A 49 

Anna Sterling 69 

Anne Frances 160 

Annie Belle 155, 179 

Annie M 95 , 96 

Annie Maria 100, 148, 151 

Annis 51 

Aramintha 38 

ArbaB 85 

Arbey C 118 

Arnold 51 

Arteniisia 89 

Arthur 168 , 169 

Arthur E 139 

Arthur Eugene 139 

Arthur G 140 

Arthur M 118 

Artimas Winfred 165 

Ashable A.'. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. .67,' 127 

Augusta Cornelia 103 

Avis... 11, 12, 13, 16. 19. 23, 34.35,36 

Barton B 51 , 98 

Belle 68, 131 

BeUeM 129 

Benjamin. .5, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 
19, 20, 21, 22. 26, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 40, 
42, 45, 51, 52, 53, 65, 56, 69, 67, 100, 102, 
103, 107, 112, 113. 152. 153. 172, 173,179 

Benjamin Bosworth 93 

Benjamin Bradfield Adelbert 163 

Benjamin C 42 

Benjamin E 67 , 127 

Benjamin L 128 

Benjamin M •. 86. 140 

Benjamin N 161 

Benjamin S 32 

Benjamin Sterling 59 

Behjamin W 163 

Bennett Cornelius 145 

Bennett Munroe . . .47,93,94,95,144,145 

Bertha .181 

Bertha Gertrude 129 

Bertha P 182 

Bertheno 31 




Bessie Frances 109 

Betsey 34, 36, 37, 68 

Belsey Elizabeth 102 , 158 

Blanche 88, 146 

Blanche L 132 , 163 

Bradford B 105 , 164 , 181 

Bridget 17 

Burtis 91 

Calvin 41, 62, 117 

Carl A 118 

Carlton N 49 

Caroline 41 , 63 

Caroline Sisson 147 

Carrie E 117 

Carrie Grace 134 

Carrie May 68 , 131 

Catherine 52, 101, 154, 174 

Catherine Vickery 155 

Celia 38 

Celia M 137 

Charles 94, 99, 127, 140 

Charles Abner 92 

Charles Allen 172 

Charles Archie 172 

Charles B 6 , 141 

Charles G 78 

Charles Corey 132 , 134 

Charles E 108 

Charles Edwin 152, 171, 184 

Charles Eldredge 100, 153, 173 

Charles Emerson 58 , 109 

Charles Finney Mansfield 96 

Charles Floyd 116 

Charles Francis 60 , 113 

Charles Frederick 147 

Charles Gilbert 58 

Charles N 180 

Charles Hamilton 61 , 116 

Charles Henry. . .93, 96, 133, 154, 174 

Charles Herbert 180 

Charles J 84, 137 

Charles Mihon 182 

Charles P 180 

Charles Romaine 67, 128, 168, 169 

Charles S 148 , 182 

Charles Sponenburgh 116 

Charles W 149 

Charles Watson 92 

Charles William 41 , 63 

Charlotte. .25. 30, 41, 43, 98, 61, 62, 99 

Charlotte Samantha 55 

Christ ena May 174 

Christopher 37, 54, 55, 106, 107 

Christopher Palmer 47, 98, 148 

Clair D 134 

Clara 122, 128 

Clara I^lizabeth 175 

Clarence 122 

Clarence A 181 

Clarence I^ugene 175 

Clarence Glenn 120 

Clarence Hugh 116 Elizabeth 139 

Claude Edwin 172 , 184 

Clifford E 48 

Clifford Gilbert 132 

Clifton Wilbur 180 

Collins Bushnell 91 

Cora 147 

Cora Eliza 130 , 169 

Cornelius Bowers 93 , 145 


Cranston 161 

Cuyler 26„ 43, 73, 74, 75 

Cyrus Hudson 103, 160 

Daisy 165 

Daisy Grace 131 

Dana F 78, 134 

Daniel 5, 31, 28, 49, 50 

Daniel Addison 155 

Darius 45, 83, 136, 137 

David Bowen 101 , 156 

Deborah 12, 13, 27, 37 

Deliverance 14, 16, 17, 18, 19 

Delma 67 

Dennis 62 

Derrell Leache 175 

Diana Ingraham 94 

Donna Ann 92, 143 

Dora 106 

Dorcas 21, 22, 37, 39, 56, 58, 110 

Dorman Orville 45, 84, 138, 139 

Dorothy 45, 86 

Dorothy Estelle 184 

Drew E 85, 139 

Dwight 162 

Earle E 137 

Eddie C 134 

Edgar 88 

Edgar Roy 139 

Edmund A 58 

Edna Belvidere 155, 172, 179 

Edna Blanche 130 

Edna E 139 

Edward 98 

Edward A 149 

Edward Allen, Rev 7 

Edward Bosworth 95 

Edward Everett 78, 133, 134 

Edward Payson 93 

Edwin 63, 102, 127, 159, 181 

Edwin Forest 154, 174, 175 

Edwin Gardner 108 

Edwin H 98 

Edwin Lewis 95 

Edwin Marble 58, 108 

Egbert S 103, 161 

Elam Tilden 103 , 161 

Elbert Ray 116, 168 

Eleanor 55 , 67 

Eleazur 53 

Eleazur Root 103 , 160 

Electa 45 

Eli 30 , 45 , 85 , 140 

Elias F., Rev 7, 11 

Eliza A 67, 129 

Eliza Ann 43, 69 

Eliza Auburn 154, 176 

Eliza M 99 

Eliza S 54 

Elizabeth. .5, 11, 12, 13,21,22, 23, 26, 34, 
35. 36. 41. 59, 65, 155, 177, 178 

Elizabeth C 60, 101 

Elizabeth Catherine 114 

Elizabeth H 98 , 150 

Elizabeth Law 55, 56, 107, 166 

IClizabeth Williams 55 

Ella A 68, 131 

Ella Lvdia 132 

Ella Portia 78, 133 

Ella Rogena 155, 178 

VAlen 57, 59, 100 

Ellen M 67 




Elien Williams 154, 177 

Elma 85 

Elma June 103 

Elmer 165 

Elmer B 140 

Elvie 128 

Emeline Alice 154, 176 

Emeline Frances 101 , 156 

Emily... 44, 52, 64, 70, 102, 119, 120 

Emily Alice 98 , 142 

Emilv Amanda 47 

Emily Elizabeth 159 

Emilv M 40, 41, 43, 44, 60, 114 

Emily R 66, 75 

Emily Shaw 97 

Emma A 68 

Emma Amanda 46 

Emma Clarke 154 

Emma Frances 63 , 119, 157 

Emma L 63 

Emma Louisa 153, 173 

Emma Louise 156 , 173 , 179 

Emma Powel 59 

Emma Viola 85, 139 

Emmer Josephine 104, 164 

Emorv Stanton 159 

Ernest M 84, 137 

Ervine Huntley 132 

EsteUaLee 112 

Esther 32 

Esther Ann 59 

Esther Williams 134 

Ethel 127 

Ethel Leona 133 

Eudora 103 , 159 

Eudora C 161 

Eugene 154, 175 

Euphemia A 58 

Eva Leona 176 

Eva Ruth 130 

Evelj-n D 140 

Everett Franklin 173 

Ezra Perry 48 

F. Edna 113 

Fannie Wood 157 , 180 

Fanny FlaviUa 43 , 70 

Flora 43 

Flora Lydia 112 

Flora Wilhemena 142 

Florence 92 

Florence Adel 130, 169 

Florence Adelle 160 

Florence Edna 120 

Florence Hope 131 

Florence Imogene 145 

Florence Lydia 130 

Florence Lincoln 172 

Florence Maria 120 

Florence Mariah 64 

Florence May 122 , 136 

FredC 88 

Fred Marshall 93 

Fred P. 40 

Fred W 80 

Frederick 94 

Frederick G 108 

Frederick Irving 173 

Frederick M 49, 58, lOS 

Frederick Terry 60, 115 

Freelove Helen 96 , 148 

Ford 44, 74, 132, 133 


Frances Ailene 142 

Frances Bennett 145 

Frances Caroline 103 

Francis 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,22,23, 159 

Francis A 60 

Francis Brown 78 

Francis Elmer 153, 173 

Francis W 49 

Frank 88 

Frank A 95 

Frank Corning 58 

Frank Garland 94 , 147 

Frank L 116 

Frank Simon 175 

Frank Sumner 130 

Franklin 114, 148 

Franklin Wheeler 95, 147, 148 

Gates 42 

Gardner ? 37 33 54 1Q4 ^qs, 106, 108, 
Gardmer ) 

Gardiner Champlin 100 

Gardiner Weaver 58 , 109 

Gelana BeU 130 

Gena 139 

George. .46, 54, 57, 63, 89, 105, 117, 165 

George A 98, 99, 149 

George Alexander Scott 175 

George Austin. .101, 155, 173, 178, 179 

George Beecher 148, 182 

George Byron 155 , 179 

George Case 60. 113 

George Earl 118 

George Ford 74 , 132 

George H 160 

George Henry. .9-1, 146, 147, 153, 173 

George Herbert 154 

George Leroy 92 

George Lorenzo 59 

George Thomas . .14, 31, 35, 36, 152, 172 

George Thompson 97 

George W 64, 85, 122, 164 

George W^hitefield.. 44, 47, 96, 148, 182 

Georgia Ann 69 

Georgiana Pearl 175 

Georgiana R 49 

Gertie 147 

Gertrude 68 

Gertrude Irene 141 

Gertrude Theodora 108 

Gilbert Henrv 39, 58, 109 

Grace 128, 147 

Grace A 137 

Grace Adell 130 

Grace G 49, 149 

Gracie Florence 154 

Grant 128 

Hannah. .12. 14, 16, 19, 20, 21, 23, 32, 33, 
34, 36, 37, 53, 98 

Hannah Dorr 157 

Hannah M 41 

Hannah Mariah 63, 118, 168 

Hannah Rolina 43, 73 

Hannah Sophia 152, 171 

Harlow Milford 84, 138 

Harold Ford 132 

Harriet 44, 45. 68. 147, 187 

Harriet Amanda 96, 149 

Harriet Bristed 145 

Harriet Cornelia 117 




Harriet Eldredge ' 161 

Harriet Elizabeth 58 

Harriet Ford 73 

Harriet Isabella 94, 147 

Harriet L 59 

Harriet Main 131 

Harriet Maranda 100 

Harriet Maria 103, 160 

Harriet Newell 48 

Harriets 94, 98, 150 

Harriet Ware 170, 183 

Harry 53, 165, 181 

Harry Cuyler 75 , 133 

Harry Eugene 159 

Harry Higgins 52 

Harry Hiram 93 

Harry R 137 

Harry W 122 

Harvey Clinton 68, 131 

Harvey Mortimer 42, 67, 128 

HattieC 150 

Hattie Josephine 128 

Hattie L 107 

Hattie Louise 175 

Hattie May 68 , 132 , 153 

Hattie Pearl « 165 

Helen 139 

Helen Annabel 108 

Helen Louisa 59, 112, 163 

Helen Louise 56 , 104 

Helen Maria 44, 78, 79 

Helen Marie 136, 162 

Henry. .12, 13. 21, 22, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 

38, 47, 52, 95, 96, 100, 147, 152, 170, 171 

Henry A 98, 149 

Henry Bennett 184 

Henry Clinton 51, 99, 151 

Henry Dwight 103, 161 

Henry G 54, 106 

Henry H 164 

Henry Ingraham 147 

Henry Norton 95 

Henry Randolph 64 

Henry Schenck 6 

Henry Sparks 172 

Henry Warren 176 

Henrietta Clari.isa 103, 161 

Henrietta Elizabeth 59, 113 

Tlcrbcrt 49 

Herbert Battles. . '.'.'.'. .3, 6, 18, 75^ 132 

Herbert Frank 182 

Herbert Johnson 132 

Herbert Moses 157 , 180 

Herbert Nichols 161 

Herbert Rensselaer 116, 167 

Herbert Roy 168 

Herbert Sanford 150, 182 

Herman 106 

Hilus 105 

Hiram 30. 46, 92, 93, 99 

Hiram A 182 

Hiram Alpheus 46, 92, 99, 150, 182, 


Hiram Cranston 44, 80 

Hiram lOugene 150, 183 

Hiram Hubert 93 

Hiram Melvin 83, 136 

Hiram 84 

Horace 42, .'S4, 67, 130 

Horace Albert 163 

Horace Gardner 104 , 164 

Howard Williams 181 


Hulda 26, 27, 28 

Huldah May 92 

Ida Bell 75 

Ida E 85, 140 

Ida 1 84, 138 

Imogene 44 , 64 , 73 

Imogene Orelle 78, 133 

Ira N 42, 66, 127, 128 

Ira Ralph 122 

Irving Allen 73 

Isaac 9, 52, 102 

Isaac Sanford 99, 150 

Isabel Josie 132 

James. .6, 9, 13, 31, 35, 45, 87, 101, 102, 

155, 158, 181 
James Austin. .51, 52, 101, 154, 155, 156, 


James Burgess 55 

James Calkins 74 , 132 

James F 139 

James H 108 

James Harvey. .42, 67, 68, 128, 131, 132 

James Henry 58 

J. H. Clayton 160 

James 1 128 

James K 106 

James R 47, 98 

James Rudolph 132 

James Sherman 109 

James Wood 100, 153, 173 

Jane 42, 52, 69, 87 

Jane Ann 41, 65, 123, 124, 125 

Jane E 46, 92, 143 

Jane Exall 63, 118 

Jane L 85 

Jeanette 128 

Jeanette Miller 172 

Jennie A 140 

Jennie Maria 176 

Jeremiah 31, 35, 47, 96, 97, 149 

Jerry 69 

Jessie 92, 116 

Jessie Belle 130 

Jessie Fremont 154, 177 

Jessie M 164 

Job 9, 100, 101, 157, 180 

Job A 180 

Joel Nathaniel 85, 139 

John. .5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 30. 35. 42. 44, 45, 

57, 78, 82, 83, 84, 87, 88, 89, 131 

.John A 134 

John B 6 

John Bristed 93, 94, 145 

John Fones 52, 102. 103, 160, 161 

John Henry 101, 156, 179, 180, 156 

John J 6, 113 

John R 6, 47 

John Read 98 

John Wesley 130 

John Whitford... .40, 45, 59, 84. 113, 138 

John Whitney 84, 138 

Joseph 99, 158, 181 

Joseph G 48 

Josephine J 95 

Joshua 22 

Josias 5 

Julia 45, 52, 88 

Julia Ann 44 . 74 

.lulia Bryant 157 

Julia Catherine 144 




Julia Estelle 63, 119 

Julia Frances 175 

Julia Vernette 105 

Julia Wheeler 96 

Junia S 118 

Katie 157. 180 

Kenneth Boyd 132 

Kirk White 44 , 75 

L. D 118 

Lavenda 57 

Lavinia 40, 59, 111 

Laura 25 , 44 

Laura Jane 40 , 115 

Laura Maria 43 , 72 

Laura V 77 

Lauren Gardner 61, 116 

Lee, S 86 

Leila 131 

Lemert Augustus 163 

Leonard Adams 55, 56, 107 

Leonard W 93 

Leora 136 

Leroy 103 

Lester Franklin 173 

Lewis B 105 

Lewis H 113 

Lewis Mortimer 169 

Lila 139 

Lilly May 165 

Lincoln Burnside 153, 173 

Lodisca 105 

Lodore 85 

Lois 67 

Lola Maud 140 

Lorana Jeanette 153 

Lorenzo 44 , 81 

Lorenzo Dow. .41, 62, 63, 117, 118, 119 

Lorenzo Edward 62 

Lorilla 127 

Louis Earl 173 

Louisa 44 , 76 

Louisa J 103 

Louise 176 

Louise Maria 140 

Lucy. . 15, 30, 34, 35, 36, 44, 45, 48, 53, 81, 

87, 100, 102, 127, 135, 142, 160 

Lucy Ann 64, 100, 153 

Lucy Ellen 103 

Lucy Hunt 152 , 171 , 184 

Lucy 1 180 

Lucy J 83 , 136 , 170 

Lucy Lovina 44 , 75 

Lucetta 46, 90 

Lucina 23 

Lucinda A 63 , 118 

Lydia..l6, 19, 26, 27, 34, 35, 36, 53 


Lydia Reed 44 , 75 

Lyman 45, 86 

Lynn DeLancey 148 

Lulu A 118 

Mabel 128 , 170 

Mabel H 182 

Mabel Rebecca 172 

Mabel Tamsin 182 

Maggie 147 

Mahala 38 

Malinda ,39 

Mamie 114 


Manerva 83 

Maranda 83 i 136 

Marbrey 25 

Marcy 21 , 33 , S4, 39 

Margaret 46, 92, 94, 147 

Margarette Adelaide 58 

Margaret Amanda 97 

Margaret Caroline 101 , 157 

Margarette 1 47 , 94 , 146 

Margaret V 95 

Maria 47, 53, 103, 162 

Maria Elizabeth 95 

Maria Henrietta gg 

Marietta 40, 42, 66, 103 

Marion 64, 85, 121 

Marion F 121 

Marion Fisher 134 

Marion Gertrude 184 

Marion Melissa 154, 176 

Marjorie Aileen 133 

Martha. .16, 17, 19, 31, 35, 48, 64, 
106, 121 

Martha A 86 

Martha E 86 i 141 

Martha Ellen 46 , 91 

Martha Jane 97 , ' 149 

Martha Sheldon 96 

Martin 42, 68, 130 

Martin Darius 46 , 91 , 142 

Martin Wilbur 68, 131 

Mark Trafton 173 

Mary 5,8,9,11,12,16.19,20,21,22, 25, 
33, 37, 39, 41, 42, 52, 58, 61, 64, 65, 86, 
87, 100, 121, 129 

Mary A 54, 80, 164 

Mary Abby 49 

Mary Ann. .35, 47, 48, 55, 62, 93, 94^ 102, 
105, 106, 144, 152, 170 

Mary B 130 , 169 

Mary Catherine 59, 113 

Mary Dawley ioi , 158 

Mary E 49, 51 

Mary Elizabeth. .62, 63, 117, 119. 158, 

Mary Ella 59 

Marv Eva 154 , 175 

Mary Fisher 78 

Mary Gorton 37, 55, 56, 106 

Mary Hannah 157 

Mary Idella 180 

Mary Jane 44, 45, 74^ 89 

Mary M 98 

Mary R leo 

Mattie Louisa 49 

Matthew W . ioS | 160 

Maude 147 

Maude E [ , 173 

May 34 

Maynard N 162 

Melinda 53, 109 

Melissa 86 

Mercy Ann .58 ! 109 

Mercy Eliza 97, 144 

Merle Alonzo 73 

Mildred Frances 174 

Milla Jane 165 

Millard F '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 85 

Milton 87 

Minerva Ellen 45 

Minnie 88 , 176 

Mmnie F 130, 169 

Moir Burton 115 




Morris Fisher 78 

Mortimer Charles 128 , 168 

Mortimer D 58 

Moses Edwin 152 

Murray Sill 115 

Murtie 128 

Nancy 34 , 36 

Nancy J 84, 137 

Nancy L 106 

Nathan. .11, 16, 18, 21, 30, 31, 35, 36, 44, 
45, 46, 47, 48 

Nathan A 140 

Nathan Henry 83, 136 

Nathan Lyman 85 

Nathan Sylvester 45, 83, 136 

Nathaniel 55 

Nellie H 148 

Nellie June 138 

Nelson 52, 103, 134, 161 

Nelson Briggs. 48 , 49 

Nettie 128 

Nettie Gertrude 130 

Nicholas 6 

Nicholas Dawley. .101, 154, 175, 176, 177 

Nora Belle 

Norman Eugene 183 

Olive 42, 89, 90 

Olive Rosetta 87 

Olney 38 

Onna Olive 140 

Orange Scott 96 

Orcelia Victoria 103 

Oren Eli 85, 140 

Orilla 45, 46, 57, 88 

Orville Perry 139 

Oscar Fitzallyn 57, 107 

Oscar M 25, 42, 46, 126, 127 

Oscar Olney 108 

Oscar Roland 66, 127 

Oscar W 175 

Ossian 103 

Owen 170 

Palmer. .12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 21, 24, 25, 26. 

31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 41, 47. 48, 50, 51. 

52, 96, 97, 98, 100, 101, 153, 174, 175 

Palmer G 39 

Palmer 12, 25 

Palmyra 41 

Pan.'T-y Mary 140 

Patience 31 

Paul 162 

Perry 24, 40, 59. 60. 85. 114 

PerryG 40, 60, lU, li.:, 

Phebe 22, 31. 32, 51, 99, l.-i 

Phebe Ann 154 

Pillips 51, 99 

Polly... 34, 36, 51, 99, 150, 151, 183 

Prudence Ann 103 

Prussia 160 

Pudinda 51 

Purletta 128 

Rachel Lucinda 43 

Ralph 165 

Rebecca 11 . 30 , 45 

]{elepha 45 

Rens.selaer Smith 61, 116, 167 

Reta May 168 

RhodaE 06. 127 


Richard 158 

Richard Dexter 154, 175 

RiUaB 66, 127 

Robert 159 

Robert Sherman 116 

Rosanna 22 

Rosella J 66 

RosellaM 46, 89 

Roselle E 60 

Rose Wyatt 45, 85, 139. 140 

Rowland.. 25, 26, 42, 67, 68, 69, 131 

Royal Anson 23 

Ruby 139 

Rufus 131 

Rufus A 68, 130 

Russell 25 

Russell Vaughn 131 

Ruth .21, 31, 33, 34, 35, 36, 39, 102, 159, 

165, 172 
Ruth Diana 173 

Sabrina 51 

Sadie 128 

Sadie R 117 

Sallv 30, 34, 36, 45, 53, 54 

Sally B 106 

Samantha Elinda 84, 138 

Samuel 12, 13, 20, 21, 22, 37, 38, .54, 55, 

56, 105 

Samuel Augustus 105, 164 

Samuel Wilkinson 95, 147 

Sarah. .22. 23, 31, 32, 35, 36, 42, 46, 53, 

55, 66, 89, 103, 107, 125, 126, 165, 166 

Sarah Agnes 172 

Sarah Ann... 44, 52, 80, 96, 149, 182 

Sarah Bosworth 144 

Sarah C 113 

Sarah Cvrene 59 

Sarah Elizabeth 55. 61 . 117 

Sarah G 108 

Sarah Georgiana 104 , 163 

Sarah Ingraham 47 , 49 

Sarah Jane 88 

Sarah M 105 

Sarah Maria 94, 145 

Sheridan C 91 , 142 

Sibel 22 

Silas 51, 98, 150 

Silas Arnold 101 

Silas Howard 182 

Smith 24, 40, 41, 61 

Sophia 47 

Sophronia 43, 70 

Stella Fillmore 133 

Stella Ford 75 

Stephen 30, 46, 54. 90, 91, 92 

Stephen A 105 

Sumner Warren 68 , 130 

Susan 34 , 36 

Sus-an B 48 

Susan Jane 44, 80, 134 

Susannah... 8, 13, 16. 17. 19. 33. 34 
Susie E 164 

Thaddeus 46, 89 

Thankful 16, 19, 25 

Thankful I.oretta 43, 72 

Theodore G 54, 105, 164 

Thirza Ann 61, 115, 166, 167 

Thomas. . 10, 11, 16, 18. 21. 22. 24. 25. .38, 

41, 42, 45, 57, 58, 62, 63, 67, 87, 88, 100 

128, 129 




Thomas Alonzo 133 

Thomas Bishop 5 , 7 

Thomas Dorr 101, 157. 180 

Thomas Eugene 64 , 120 

Thomas Ray 109 

Timothy 35, 94 

Timothy Ingraham... . 47, 93, 144, 145 

Tirzah 45 

TirzahS .'..' 85 

TroyT 140 

Truman Quinby 46 

Vaughn 128 

Velonia Elizabeth 44, 81 

Vernette Louise 104 

Virginia H I37 

Virginia S 95 

Volney 45, 85 

Waldo Everett 182 

Walter Anderson 152 

Walter Scott 75/ 133 

Walter Thomas I57 

Walter Washington i54, 176 

Warren 38 , 42 , 69 

Warren W 57 , 107 

Wellington 41 

Wellman Boughton SO 

Wells B ::;;;; 78 

Wendall Phillips 96 

Westel Ray !6li 117 

Wheeler 148 

Wilbour Ames .55 

Wizard 55', '56, 107 

William. .3,5,7,8,9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 
16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 30 
31, 32, 35, 36, 38, 39, 11, 43, 45, 46 47' 
51, 58, 64, 65. 66. 69, 70, 72. 73, 86, 87, 
88, 89. 93, 94, 95, 96. 99. 100. 106, 110, 
140, 141, 145, 146, 157, 105, 180 

William A 58, 98,^1o9 

William Abbott 170, 184 

William Albert 39, 101,' 102 

William Anson 40, 59, llli 112 

William Arthur Frank 184 

William Augu.stus. .41, 94, 120, 121. 146" 


William B 14^ 

William Bent 180 

William Burtis 140 

William D .'.'!;.';.■.;;." 85 

William Duane _\ 44 

William Edwin 95"^ ' 147 

William Franklin 152, i72| 179 

William Frederic ' 172 

William H ' 149 

William Harry 108 

William Henry. .51, 93, 94, 98, 144, 149 

150, 152. 170, 183, 184 

William Howell 157 

William Ingraham '. . . . . 95 

William Jerome oi 116 

William L 57 ' 128 

William Myron 59 ] 1 1 1 

William 34' 149 

William Palmer. . .43, 100, 152, 172, 175 
William Raymond 133 

S^"^!?!- ■;: ■;'.i64,181 

Sr! };'^"^ Tompkins 68, 130, 169 

W illiam Wallace 108 

William Walter \K,q 

Willie c .";.';.';.;:;i34 

V/ilJie Myrtle ' ' 105 

Willis Harmon 45 91 

M^illis Oscar !85, 139 

Wort hingt on Angel ' 108 

Wyatt Rose 30, 45, 85^ 86 

Zenas 45^ §7 





Almira 89 


Theron 126 


Ethel L 29 

Mary Almy 184 

Rosalie F 166 

Sally 55, 107 


Adelbert Delos 70 

Albert 70 

Blanche W 70 

Carrie 76 

Charles A 112 

Charles Alfred 112 

Cora Alice 112 

Dorothy Charlotte 141 

George E 153 

Grace Maria 141 

Harriet Alma 112 

Herbert Seward * . . 141 

Irving W 70 

James L 67 

John 14 

Lucy Greene 153 

Marion Estelle 112 

Robert M 141 

Ruth Ethelyn 153 

Sallie S 77 

Samuel B 31 

Sarah 104 , 163 , 164 

Wallace W 70 

William Clark 141 


Ella B 178 

Rosamond 160 


Angelina 136 

Asa Dow Kason 170 

Helen Eveline 131 


lone 119 

John 119 


Anna. 62 

George W 178 

Mary 178 

Willard Erwin 178 


Gov 7 


Arthur Scott 141 

Scott 141 


Frank 154 

Frank, Jr 154 


William 86 



Albert 88 


Josephine Marie Antoinette 133 


Wilbur 63 

William 63 


Caleb 16 

Clark 15 

Daniel 99, 150, 151, 183 

Emerence E 99, 183 

Gladys 179 

Harriet Eleanor 99, 151 

Luther C 179 

Mary Ann 98 

Maryetta 99 

Robert 15 

Sabrina 99, 150 

William S 179 

Arrison 27 


Freelove 98 

Lydia B 98 

Samuel 98 


f]dgar Foot 143 

Emma E 143 

Franklin Sanborn 143 

Walter Sanborn 143 


Lucinda P 63 


Henry 34, 36 

James 51 

John Osborne 3 , 14 

. Margaret 34, 51, 100, 101 

Patience 31 

Susannah 34 


Anthony 22 

Arthur 13, 18, 22, 33 

John 22 

Phebe A 105 

Phillip 17 

Russell 25 

Sarah 33, 35, 30. 51, 52, 53 

William 22, 23 


Lillie 165 


Margaret EsteJle 151 


David J 109 

lOmma E 109 

Job 8, 11 

Mary 11 


George H 128 




Phebe 128 

Samuel Edwin 151 


Duwayne 87 

Frank Frederick 87 

Marion 87 

Bag LEY 

Aseneth D 45, 85 


John 42 


Abigail 81 

AdaH 81, 135 

Calvin F 81, 135 

Corry Stanley 135 

Corydon 81 

Darius.. . 81, 135 

Emma Abi 81 

Geneva 135 

Jean A 136 

John Tanner 81 

Lora 136 

Louisa 81 

Nora 135 

Sarah 81 , 135 

William 136 


Anna 140 

Duty 51 

Elbert 77 

Mary 108 


Laurence B., Mrs 172 


Charles H 117 

Clayton Tanner 117 

Elizabeth 117 

Gertrude M 117 

Harvey M 117 

Mary E 117 


Gardner 16 

Nancy 39 

Thomas 11 


Charles W 182 


William C 130 


Julia 62, 117 


Ervine C .- 136 


Mary 140 


Alma E 161 

Blanch E 169 

Cora V 169 

Francis J 169 

Frank C 169 

Hazel M 169 

Mabel 169 


Sally 99 


Asa 54 

EllaL 180 

Mary 54, 105. 106 

Mary Jane 156 


Mary E 82 


Mary Ann 74, 133 



James D 173 


Clara C 135 


I'^dward 70 

Edward Riley 70 

Frank 70 

Lois 70 

Marian 70 


Adaline 163 


Antha Sola 84 

Celestia Editha 84 

Daniel 84 

Ella 84 


Lydia Jane 156, 179, 180 


Clarence 75 

Crayton 75 



Avis 19 

G 122 

Mary! '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. i52', '170^' 171 ', ' 172 


Sophia Josephine 67, 128, 169 


William 27 


Minnie W 180 


Charles W 150 


Diana Nichols 100 , 153 

Lydia 75 


George Che.ster 109 

George Sherman , 109 

Laurence Chester 109 

Madeline Frances 109 


Catherine 102 


Enos 61 


John Henry 171 

Royal Buchanan 171 


F'rank E 130 

Fred L 129 

Harry L 129 

Henry A 129 

MjTtie 129 

Vernie G 129 


Matilda 108 


Annie 168 


Frank F 164 


Abel 26 

Cuyler T 26 

Harvey 26 

Sally .47, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81 


Mary 178 


Celia Ann 97 

Jabez 32 




Lora 145 

Sabrina Nancy 123 


Lucy A 106 

Mary A 93, 144 



George fCol.) 6 

'-. Mary G 132 


Thomas Lindsay Ward 72 


Benjamin 11 

Grace 11 


Hannah 19 


Edward 125 

Frankie Adelia 125 

Hiram W 124 

Theudas 125 

Wallace 125 


Charles 142 

Charles D 142 

Fred 142 

Forrest 142 

Walter T 142 


Benjamin 18 

Bertheno 31 , 47 , 48 — 

Colonel 33 

Daniel 18 

Deliverance 16 , 17 , 18 

Hannah 18 

John 13, 17, 18, 21, 33 

Lilliap F 160 - 

Lydia 18 - 

Mary 33 

Mercy 18 — 

Nannah 33 

Parliament 33 

Reynolds 33 

William 33 


Bertha 28 


Richard 16 


Abel E 57 

Mary 91 



Clyde Nicholas 138 

Estin Monroe 138 

Frank Wesley 138 

Nicholas 138 

Olena May 138 

Walter Grant 138 

William Orthello 138 


Abbie Levernis 158 

Alonzo 29 

Amelia 27 

Amy 19 

Arlo E 29 

Anna Adalaid 158 

Augustus C 27 

Byron Theodore 158 

Charles H 178 

Charlotte 28 

Charlotte V 27,28 

Clifford Oscar 83 


Corydon C 27 , 29 

Daniel 27, 28, 29 

Daniel A 27 

Daniel T 27, 28 

Edmond Arnold 157 

Edna 29 

Edwin A 27, 29 

Ella Eudora 179 

Ellen 27 

Elizabeth C 27, 29 

Elizabeth Watson 159 

Ethel L 29 

Eva R 179 

George Willis 83 

George Thomas 178 

Gilbert S 75 

Goldie Minogene 83 

Harold Salisbury 75 

Henrietta Mabel 82 

Henry Reynolds 158 

Herbert L 177 

Howard Earle 177 

Huldah 28 

Huldah T 27, 28, 29 

Ida Grace 158 

Jennie 28 

Jeremiah 16 

Jessie May 82 

John N 29 

Josephine 27 

Josephine B 27 

Kate 28 

Leonard Sheldon 178 

LjTnan Logan 82 

Marillus 28 

Marion Alice 179 

Martha 16, 29 

Martha E 29 

Martha R 27, 28 

Mary 29 

Mary Emma 158 

Maud Frances 82 

Mollie 378 

Nellie 29 

Nicholas Dawley 158 

Ora James 82 

Orelle Ann 78 , 133 

Pearl Lillias 83 

Pulaski 82 

Raymond Hiram 75 

Ruth 155 

Samuel H 27 

Sarah 27, 28 

Stephen 28 

Vernon A 29 

Walter Arnold 158 

William 83 

William Leonard 178 

William 78 

Zelma 28 


Lillian Richards 184 


Evelj-n Tanner 171 

Florence Margaret 171 

James 171 

John Brownlie 171 

John Carrol 171 


Eva 160 


Cynthia Maria 




Helene 146 


Charles H 161 


Martha 71 


Frederic Tanner 109 

Thomas F 109 


Frank H 122 

Harold 123 

Inez 123 

Iva 123 

Leila 123 

Leroy 123 

Ruth H 123 

Winford 123 


Mary Emily 135 


Asa 19 

Carlis 19 

Lucy 19 

Ophelia 19 

Sabrina 19 

William T 19 


Benjamin 11 

Caroline 75 

Lewis S 72 


Ann 53 

Prudence 103 


Alma 58 


Clyde L 124 

Eldra Leroy 124 

Hazel Adell 124 


Olive 87 


Huldah 46, 89, 90, 91, 92 



Florence Jessie 34 

Herbert P 34 

Lawrence P. . . 34 


Henriette L 69 


Alfred Grant 159 

Edwin Oscar 159 

Emma Frances 159 

Ida Augusta 159 

John Casey 159 

John Gideon 169 

Lester 90 

Maud Estelle 169 

William Bentley 159 


Louise M 164 


May 126 


Amelia V 113 


Alcy 48 

Deborah 48, 49 

Peleg 48 


Kate J 78 

Caroline page 

Thomas 144 


Brainard 52 

Catherine 36, 48 

Christopher 36 , 48 

Daniel E 36, 48 

Eliza Ann 36, 48 

Harriet W 36, 48 

John 36, 48 

JohnR 62 

Martha 31 

Nathan Tanner 36, 48 

Nathaniel 31, 35, 48 

Samuel 36 , 48 

Carpp 29 


Norman 157 


Dimmes 117 

EzraC 119 


Philip , 121 


Anstis 31 

Harriet 113 

MaryUnis 47, 96, 97, 98 

Unis 31 


LeeR 122 

Robert 122 

RoUin..... 122 


Mary 77 


Hannah 12 , 23 


Mariam 78 , 134 


Agnes L 80 

Alonzo T 80 

Bessie 135 

Carrie 80 

Charles 135 

Clara M 80 

Helen 135 

James 80, 134 

James W 135 

Millard F 135 

Orelle T 80 

William H 80, 134 


Clarence A., Dr 26 

Mary A 26 

Reginald Gardner 26 


Laura 128 


Elizabeth Florence 119 

Luana 84, 138 

Samuel 67 


Eliza B 156 


George 156 


Mittie 135 


Irene Belle 131 

John J 131 


Elsie, Mrs 89 


Carrie 168 




Annie Isabel 115 

Caroline Elizabeth 116 

Florence Louise 115 

Frederick Harold 115 

Lucy Harris 115 

William J 115 

William Perry 115 


Nettie 116 


Albert 68 

Daniel 5 

Emma F 69 

Marjorie 1 14 

Willard Fox 114 


Thankful 11 


Emily 140 


Huldah E 29 

Julius 29 


Alice 29 

Arethusa 29 

Belle 29 

Blanche 29 

Chancellor C 28 

Charlotte 29 

Charlotte L 28 

Clifton C 29 

Cromwell 28 

Daniel B 28 

Edna 29 

Edwin 29 

Elbridge 28, 29 

Guilford 28 

Huldah E 29 

Lottie 29 

Max 29 

Myra 29 

Oneida 29 

Perry C 29 

Waty E 29 


George 99 

Harriet Eleanor 99 

John 45 

Jonathan 99 

Mary Elizabeth 99 

Olive 45, 86, 87, 88, 89 

Phebe Ann 99 


Anda 83 

Archey 83 

Charles 83 

Cora 83 

Estella 83 

Iva 83 

Roy 83 

Winnie 83 


Frank 80 



Charles E 50 

Edith G 50 

Elizabeth J 110 

Erven W ; 50 

Herbert Nicholas 157 


IdaL. A 71 



Isaac 23 

Stephen 23 


Ellen Francis 56 

Mary J 168 


Phineas N 146 


Elizabeth L Ill 

Ellery E 160 

Eugene 151 

George E 160 

Hannah S 160 

Howard Morton 57 

Rhodes 1 160 

Thomas W 57 


Russell 62 

Seymour 62 

Viola 62 

William 62 


Bertha A 92 , 143 

Frank A 92 

Fred A 92 

Maggie M 92 , 142 

Watson C 92, 142 


Almira 65 

Charles 65 

D. C 65 

Frank 65 

George 65 

Irene 65 

Lewis 65 

Mary 65 

William 65 


Dorsey 125 


Este 71 


Louisa 139 


Bertha J 134 

Jennie S 134 

Leona 88 


E. J 135 

Frances R 135 


Clara 129 


AlmaC 125 

Curtis 125 

George 125 

Lester 125 

Nora E 132 


Hannah 58 , 109 


Thomas 57 


Elizabeth 11 

Ormanzo 75 


Leah 165 


George 164 


Adelaide 161 

Amanda 26 




Arthur 28 

Edwin 26 

Edwin A 28 

Grace 28 

Grace E 28 

Henry 26, 28 

Hiram 26 

John 26 

Julius 28 

Lydia 26 

Maria 26 

Rose 28 

Sophronia ■ ■ 26 

Simon 2, 26 

William 26 


Carrie M 180 


Harvey H 89 


OrraL 171 


Arthur 179 

Charles R 179 

John Williams 179 

Marjorie 179 

Minnie. , 179 


Isabel 171 


Clarissa 84, 138, 139 


Douglas 102 

Loren 129 


William H 49 


Esther 28 

Dai LEY 

Love S 136 

Mary R 157, 180 


Lydia E 49 


, Floyd La Motte 74 

Hiram 74 

Loomis LeGrande 74 

Lucy Amelia 74 


Marther 181 


Annie E 140 


Albert 106 

Alice 77 

Benjamin 22 

Emma 74 


L. A 150 

Permelia 30 

Phebe A 105 

Sadie 106 

William 22 

Zelma 28 



Daniel 100 

Elizabeth 100 

Hannah l^lizabeth 156 

Howard Henry 157 

James Henry 156 

John 35, 100 

Lillian Frances 157 


Louisa Emeline 157 

Lydia Glazier 152, 172, 173 

Nicholas Spencer 100 

Preston James 157 

Sarah Potter 152 


Alice Edith 179 

CliSord John 179 

James A 131 


G. B 127 


Adalaide 87 

Elizabeth 87 

Emma 87 

Lucy 87, 142 

Thomas 87, 142 


Norbert 144 


Bennett Bristed 145 

Edwin Herbert 145 

Grace Aurelia 145 

Harriet Frances 145 

Herbert Emerson 145 

Lawrence Hastings 145 

Richard 145 

Saidee Margaret 145 


Albert 117, 168 

Carrie Louise 117 

Charles W 117 

Frank H 117 

George H 117, 168 

Harry 168 

Harvey 168 

Hiram J 117 

James Arthur 117 

Lucile 168 

LuluE 117, 168 

Marion 168 

Murray 117 


Charles E 129 

Earl Nelson 129 


Albert 141 

Albert, Jr 141 

Charlse H 105 


Charles E 137 


Clement Leroy 124 

WilberC 124 


Olive Louise 176 

William Chapin 176 


Nellie 79 


Nettie H 137 


Alice 29 

Edward 29 

Elbridge 29 

Temple 29 


Esther Amanda 46 , 92 , 93 


Job 38 


Emma M 140 



Dte paob 

Charles Henry 119 

Eldon 119 


Abbie 106 

Daniel P 106 

Daniel Pierce 106 

Edward Tanner 106 

Maria Elizabeth 106 

Mary Gorton 55 

Walter 106 

William H 106 

William Smith 106 


Hannah F 156 


Albert R 127 

John H 127 


Carrie 91 


Anne 74 

Emery W 74 

Frank 118 

Fred C 74 

Harry Richardson 118 

James 74 

James Emer 72 

Josephine Orinda 74 


John 84 


Abner K 90 

Alice Aldrich 155, 173, 178, 179 

Alice Huldah 90 

Arthur Edwin 171 

Catherine Amelia. .154, 175, 176, 177 

Clifford Martin 171 , 184 

Elizabeth Lucy 184 

Ella 90 

Harold Bruce 184 

Herbert Francis 171 , 184 

Howard Moody 171 , 184 

Ida E 90 

James Francis 171 , 184 

Mary Bennett 171 

Milton Bradford 184 

Rowland Tomlinson 184 


Samuel 62 


Jennie 106 


Adelaide Gridley 60, 114 

Adrian 60 

Adrian M 114 

Adrian V 60 

Edward 60 

Elizabeth Southwell 60 

Emily J 60, 114 

Hannah Duffield 60 

Ida 60 


Emma 142 

Frank 142 


David 42 


Richard P 146 


John 16 

William 10 


Charles Freeman 119 


Chloe 119 

Clayton Wesley 119 

Frederick 119 

Mary Grace 119 


David 91 

Josephine 91 

Pearl 91 


James L 149 


Reuben Simmons 172 


Ethel 128 

Homer 128 

Roy 128 


Silvester Green 103 


Emily J 133 


Marie 80 


Elizabeth Jennet 175 


Daniel 61 

Jerusha M 61 , 62 

Mary F 61, 62 


Lydia Virginia 173 


Edna 91 

James 90 

Lettie. . , 91 

Olive 91 

Rexford 91 


Arthur E 180 

Arthur Floyd 180 

Grace Pearl 180 

Hannah Elizabeth 180 

John Poore Allison 180 


Mary Caroline 140 


Catherine 56 


Herbert Blanchard 175 


Emma L 49 


Artemas Clinton 151 

Bertrand Lincoln 151 

Clinton Augustus 151 

Cora Georgia Belle 151 

Eleanor 151 

Minnie Capatola 151 

Paul 151 

Vernon Clinton 151 

William Elton 151 


Clara Maria 133 


Helen Augusta 152 


Clara Rebecca 155 , 1 78 

Frank Herbert 1.55, 178 

James 155, 178 

Sarah Desire 78 , 133 


Albert Willis 73 

George H 73 

L. A 43 




Lyman 73 


Eva E 123 


Clifford Oscar 67 


Jacob 87 


CraS 147 


John 9, 18 


John 52 

Rebecca 52, 53, 102, 103, 104 

Ruth 52 


Alys Medora 92 

Belle 77 

Clayton Hunter 92, 143 

Forence Medora, 143 

John 85 

Lillian 92, 143 

Mabel Went worth 143 

Marjorie Grace 143 

Mary E 92, 143 

Walter Blair 92 , 143 


Vina 43, 73, 74, 75 


Deborah 12, 13 

George 23 


Charles 141 

Charles B 141 

Emma Florine 141 

Ida May 141 

Margaret K 141 

Mary Charline 141 


Howard 84 


Effie B 124 


Ella A 167 


Ella 130 

Harriet 139 


Mary 38, 58, 110 

Mercy 38, 58, 110 


A 31 

Almon 119, 120 

Edwin 1 119 

George W 120 

Gurtie 120 

Harriet Cordelia 108 

Henriette 120 

Leon 120 

Sarah A 108 

William R 119 

Willio 120 


Mary 80 


David 81 

Lucy 81 


Abigail 40, .59, 60 

Annie 150 

Benjamin 40 

Frederic 150 

John, Capt 40 



Caleb 26 

Caroline 26 

Carrie Lydia 26 

Dorcas 21, 36 

Eliza 26 

Elizabeth 61, 115, 116, 117 

Emily 65, 122 

Emma 05 , 122 

Eugene R 26 

Eulis M 26 

Eunice 26 

Eva M 65, 122 

Ezekiel M 35, 36 

Fred lOlwood 26 

Fred G 26 

Gould 34, 36 

Helen A 65, 122 

Helen M 26 

Henry H 65 

Hiram S 65 

Jessie M 26 

John 61 

John C 26 

Joshua 21, 33 

Julia 26, 65 

Lydia 26 

Marcy 33 

Mary 21 

Nettie 102 

Nicholas 18, 21 

Randolph W 65 

Rosette E 65, 122 

Ruth 35 , 36 

S. Jefferson 65 

Sarah 34 


T. B 91 


Minnie Aureilla 


Nancy Catherine 108 


Minnie 146 


Ida 137 

Joseph 45 


Anna Bell 119 

Edgar W 119 

Howard Brown 119 

Mary Edna 119 


Adelaide D 68 , 131 

Laura 69 


Elizabeth 125 

Harold Eugene 125 

Maud 125 

Merle Olive 125 


Susan D 50 

William R 50 


Agnes Cecilia 182 


Abel R 87 

Amanda 87 

Charles Naman 87 

Chloe 87 

lOva Lovina 87 

Rosellia 87 





Benjamin 37 

Charlotte 26 

Deborah Weaver 37 

Mary 37, 38, 54, 55, 56 


James E 124 

Wyatt W 176 


Edith May 76 


Emma 150 


Annie I'^thelyn 153 

Benjamin B 51 

Byron N 51 

Charles H 10 

Ella A 51 

Elsie Janette 50 

Giles 51 

Grace Allen 50 

Haines E 51 

Hellen Elizabeth 50 

Henry N 50 

Joseph W 50 

Lucy N 50 

Martha Whipple 50 

Mary Josephine 50 

Nettie Diana 153 

Phebe 51 

Susan D 50 

Susan Williams 50 

Thomas Henry 153 

William H 50 


Mary E 145 


Emma 76 


Frank 106 

Squire 106 


Esther 158 , 181 


Charles Pratt 147 

Dorothy 147 

Helen 147 

Isabel 147 

John R 147 

William Wilberforce 147 


Abram Mosher 102 

Amos 103, 104, 162 

Benjamin Tanner 102 

Charles H 104, 162 

Clayton 1 162 

Edward 162 

Emily Jane 102 

Esther 102 

George D 104, 162 

George E 104 

Grace B 162 

Henry 162 

Isaac T 104, 162 

Joseph F 104, 162 

Lulu D 162 

Minnie 162 

Millington Hicks 162 

Omer A 162 

William 102 

William E 104, 162 


Albert T 76 

Arthur 29 


Clarence Eugene 178 

Eugene Augustus 178 

Glenn L 77 

Henry 8 

Hiland W 163 

Laura M 177 

Oneida 29 

Orra Tiffany 77 

Virgil 29 

William 13 




Betsey 45, 85, 86 

Job 45 

Ursula 68 



Anna H 102 

Carrie 102 

Charles A 102 

Emma H 102 

Grace B 102 

Harold H 102 

Hattie B 102 

Kenneth 102 

Silas B 102 

William J 102 


Emma H 74 


Henry C 169 

Joanna 40 , 61 


George. 112 


Ira 20 

Mary A 161 


Jennie 128 


Nettie Emma 158 


Clara 113 


Anna Louise 114 

P>ederick C 114 

Manly F. Tooker 114 

Maschisi Tanner 114 

Mary 162 

Orlando Perry 114 


Adelberth DeLancey 72 

Carrie Cornelia 72 

Cynthia Erminie 92 

Emily 67, 129 

Evelyn Rosette 72 

George Norton 72 

Hannah Amanda 72 

Helen Aliza 72 

Hyrum Francis 72 

Isabel Augusta 72 

Israel Heber 72 

Joseph Franklin 72 

Norton 72 

Wister B 72 


John, Col 25 


Henry 72 


Clinton 113 

Daniel D 113 




I'rederic 113 

Roscoe Cunkliiig 113 


Arethusa 29 


Francis '"His Spinner 112 


Ida May 133 


Abi 44, 81, 8.3, 84 

Mary K 101 


Aimis 51 

Charles l^dwin 09 

Coral Ruth 09 

I'.dna 09 

1 Odwin Ruthven 09 

Lida A 09 

Lucia Celestine.. , 09 

Maribel 09 

Roscoe 09 

Russell 09 


Charles A 160 

Charles E 100 

Estelle Maud 172 

Laura May 160 


Daniel 27 

Josephine 27 

Lucy 27 

Marv Ann 27 

Randall 9 

Victoria 27 


George 105 

Mary Santy 165 


Darwin 73 

Floyd H 73 

Fremont D 73 

Julia V 73 

RollaS 73 


Maggie 118 


Eliza 74 


Eliza Niles 152 

Mary 162 


Marcy 17 

Martha 16 

Mary 21, 33 

Thomas 20 


Elizabeth 110, 167 


Phillip 89 


Alfred Leavitt Ill 

Amelia 76 

(Charles H 133 

Charles Henry 1 33 

I'lleanor Camille Eudosia 133 

Frances Ella Ill 

Imogene 1 33 

Joseph Armand 133 

Juanita Imogene Orelle 133 

Theodore Roosevelt. 133 

Thomas Alonzo 133 

Thomas J 133 

Hitchcock page 

Henry Ill 

Rosa Ill 


Mary 41 


Annie Louise 78 

Fred 02 

Lerov 62 

Linn 62 


Carroll J 129 

Cecil E 129 

Hcman 129 

Luther T 129 


Helen Maria 90, 148 

Phebe Nichols 96 

Randall 96 

William 90 


Maria 62 

Mary 02, 117, 118, 119 

William 02 


Belle 29 

Charles 29 

Leonard 29 


Annie 73 

Antoinette 135 

Bessie Fairchild 161 

Burton W 28 

Nora 75 


Clara Alice 103 

Clark 121 

Daniel 32 

Flora Randel 103 

Fred H 74 

Grace M 121 

Henrv Tanner 104, 163 

John's 163 

Matteson 51 

Noel Sisson 104 , 103 

Raymond 53 , 104 , 163 

Sarah A 

Sarah Ethel 163 

Silas Owen 104 

Theodore 121 


Eugene 62 

Gertrude 62 

Uriah 62 


Annie 165 


Frank W 82 


Adelbert 135 

Brice Beck 135 

Carrie Louise 135 

Charles Asa 135 

lOdna lOdith 135 

I'xlward Eugene 135 

George L 135 

Harry Cliffe 135 

Helen C 135 

Kiniieth D 135 

Marv i:Uen 135 

Sarah IClizabeth 135 

Walter L 135 


Daniel 149 




Florence Amanda 149 

Isabel I'^mma 149 

Moses W 149 

Penelope 99 


Lillias A 82 


Floyd 142 

Samuel 142 


Amasa 151 , 183 

Charles 151 

Ella J 151, 183 


Frances 7 


Leota 78 

Martha 123 

Mary 45 

May F 75 

Norman 78 


Dora L 139 


Alta 79 

Amos 97 

Clara Josephine 112 

Edward Gurney 112 

George 81 

George Earl 118 

Grace 79, 81 

Helen 79 

Horace Sterling 112 

Hugh T., Dr 81 

Mable 79 

Mary ]:ilen 112 

Mary Pearne 118 

Maud 79 

Oscar 79 

Ray 79 

Seth J 112 

Wells B 81 

William Sylvester 118 


Charles 137 

Clarence 137 

Ernest 137 

Fred Niles 137 

Mary Ethel 137 

Melvin 137 


Rutherford 79 


Jessie 26 

Nina M 151 

Norton S 105 


Harvey Cornelius 146 


Charles 23 

EttieB 138 

Lucy 100, 152, 153 

Lydia Wilcox 157 , 180 

Maria L 49 

Martha 105, 165 

Mary 13 

Prudence 100 

Rosanna 22 

William 100 


Lydia A 74 


Albert Manchester 178 


Mariette 130 


Tamsin C 148 , 182 


A. Emery 28 


Carl Stanley 76 

Grace Leona 76 

James Douglass 76 




Joshua 47 

Margarette 47 , 93 , 94 

Sarah 47 

Timothy 47 


Charles M 136 



Jeanette J 70 


Daryl 128 

J. L 128 

Vesyl 128 


Aldo W 115, 167 

Alva Freeman 167 

Clara A 115 

Edward 167 

EllaM 115 

Lela Thirza 167 

Morgan Paul 167 

Morgan Pajme 115, 166, 167 

Olin E 115, 167 

Romeyn G 115, 167 

Roselle A II5, 166 

Sally 115 

Stanley Roselle 167 

William Jackson 115 


Edwin, Dr 


Almira 57, 107 

Joseph 57 

Samuel 57 


Christopher 33 

Mary E 95 


Carrie 129 


Bela Colgrove 112 

Francis Elizabeth 112 

Mary Rosamond Spinner 112 


Abigail 56 

Adaline 54 

Andra Spencer 54 

Anna Lavinia Ill 

Avis 56 

Benedict (Elder) 39 

Benjamin 53, 54, 56 

Charles Jerome 121 

Clarence Lancelot Ill 

Cora Belle 138 

Edsell Floyd 138 

I'ldward Johnson, Capt 59 

i:ii.sha 56 

lOlizabeth 57 

lOlla Harriet 11 

Elton Forest 138 




Fanny Matilda Ill 

Frank James 138 

Frank Paddock 121 

Fred Arthur Ill 

Fred Karl 138 

Frederick Leon 179 

Frederick 179 

George Lorenzo 59 , 111 

Gideon Lyman 54 

Harriet L 59. Ill 

Henry Tanner 54 

Herbert Buel Ill 

Hiram 59, 111 

Horace 56 

Horace S 54 

Howard Maddock Ill 

James 57 

John 121 

Levi 34, 36, 53, 54 

Lydia 34, 36 

Mary 53, 56, 121 

Mary Ella 59 

Merand 56 

Milton Richardson Ill 

Nichols 53 

Obadiah 56 

Olo Verne 138 

Pardon Bowen 54 

Robert Arthur Ill 

Ruth 39 

Violet 179 

Waterman 56 

Willard 56 

Willard Edward Ill 

William Augustus Ill 

William Greene 39 

William Whitney 138 

Winnifred 179 




Clayton Ernest 143 

Edmund Howard 143 

Paul Vincent 143 

Phebe 66, 127, 128 


Lois 42, 66, 67 


KateL 120 


Irene Maud 195 

John G 89 


Frances Knight 150 

Herbert P 150 

Madeline Paine 150 


Harry Francis 175 

Sadie 126 


Martha 57 


Margaret 169 


John Chace 156 


Edwin S 67 

Horace 58 

Josephine, Mrs 27 , 30 


Adeline, Mrs 176 

Annie Marion 176 

Emma Alice 176 


John Brown Francis 176 

Rebecca 158 


Nellie 122 


James R 177 


Annie Josephine 184 


Emma 125 


Frances E 138 

Mary J 150 


Annie M 95 

Frank A 95 

John B 160 

Jonathan (Col) 95 

Josephine J 95 

Margaret V 95 

Martha Melissa 160 

Susan 174 

Virginia S 95 


Joseph R 45 


George Francis 50 

Horace Francis 50 


Lucy Maria 175 


Lucy 30, 44, 45, 46 


George Edward 148 


Mary Elizabeth 86 


Lillian Marion 173 




Annie 95 


Deborah Williams 55, 56. 107 

Sarepta 99, 151 


Alexander 61 

Benjamin F 61 

Hamilton 61 

Hiram 61 

Ira 61 

Oliver 61 

Washington 61 


Aurelia Frances. , 145 

Emma Jane Ill 


Cora B 136 

Lillian Gertrude 136 

Robert 136 

Rosa M 136 

Sarah J 136 


Cora Catherine 181 


Marion Augusta 163 


Mary B 68. 130 


Hiram 50 

James (Capt.) 24 

John 37 

Susan 54, 104 





Helon S 90 

Huldah Jane 90 

Relda Marie 90 


Benjamin 88 

Franklin 88 

Fred 88 

Harry 88 

Mary 28 

William 88 


Josephine Ella 71 


Christopher (Col.) 24 


Jeanette 128 


EdnaB 169 

Flossy 169 

Lewis A 169 

Lloyd 169 

Lulu 169 


Alfred 06 

Jennie 66 


Allen 130 

DeForest 130 

Dorothy 130 


Ezra Osborne 83 


Alice 56 

Edith E 56 

Frank H 56 

Raymond S 56 


Prudence 103 , 161 


Will 137 


Alice Mary 92 

Mary 139 


Frances 168 


Charles Henry 144 

Edward Payson 144 

Elizabeth Church 144 

Frank Revere 144 

John 144 

Marie Tanner 144 

Nettie 144 


Ann E 104 


Abigail 50 


Harriet 68. 131, 132 


Anna Plum 64, 120, 121, 122 


Benjamin 31 

Mary 31 


Charles 159 


C. A 120 

Melissa Ann 163 


Margaret M 167 

Marble page 

Betsey Elizabeth 58. 108, 109 

Louisa 108 


EjizabethC 60, 114, 115 

John B., Dr 60 


Lewis 74 



Eliza J 93 


Sarah 68 

Wilbur F., Dr 162 


Albert 69 

Anna 69 

Archie 69 

Benna 69 

Charles 69 

Flora L 69 

Francis N 160 

Frank 69 

Helen M 69 

Henry, Dr 69 

James 69 


Charles Irving 149 

Fletcher Stone 149 , 182 

Hope Waldron 182 

Stanley Hopkins 182 

William Henry 149. 182 


Pauline 121 


Charles l51 

Cora 151 

Emma M 151 

Frank l50 

Irene E 151 

Nelson 151 

Nelson A 150 

Orion l50 


Martha 97. 149 


Samuel l30 


Elizabeth 22 


Briton 26 

Louis B 26 

Olive 26 

Sally 64 

Walter 26 


Jane l62 


Helen 29 

James E 29 

Myra 29 

Samuel 29 


Abigail 98 


Cora 81 




Mary 172 


Sarah A 140 

McCarty... . 

Hannah, Mrs 62 





M. B., Dr 123 


Charles D 124 

Mary F 122 




Jane 83, 136, 137 


Charles Hughes 89 

Thomas 89 


i;rnst Pilger 124 

John William 124 

Maurice Milton 124 

Minnie May 124 

Nellie Kate 124 

William Jasper 124 


Ella 44 


Mary G 91 


Sarah J 48 


Owen James 183 


Warren W 137 


Margaret 181 


James, Rev., D. D 23 


Rose Ann 135 


Emma Viola 139 

Hannah 43, 69, 70, 72, 73 

Lucius W 139 


Margaret 80 


Etta 93 


Helen E 167 


Albert! 138 

Archie T 69 

Charles Gilbert 69 

Charles Truman 69 

Vera May 138 


Allie 117 


Elizabeth C 29 

John 29 


Anna Elizabeth 143 

Anna Wilkinson 94 

Frank luigene 51 

Frank F 149 

Stephen C 94 


Adaline 144 

E<igar Phillips 144 

Edward Payson 144 

May 144 


George J 


Susan 108 


Henry Ernest 96 


Nelson Tanner 96 


Cynthia A 162 

Julia 126 


Mary Jane, Mrs HI 


Herbert E VI 


J. F 144 

James 144 


Ada 175 

Charles Alden 114 

Clifford Richard 115 

Emily Duffield 114 

Florena 114 

Harvey H 114 

Henrv Villiars 114 

Nellie Maria 114 


Charles W 122 

Clarence 122 

Edna 122 

Elsie 122 

Ethel 122 

Lee 122 

Ray 122 


Charles Edward 

Elbert Ray 167 

Homer Haile 167 

Vera Elizabeth 167 

Wilbur Howard 167 


Albert Erastus 175 

Churchill Herbert 164 

Vernette Reed 164 

Walter H 164 


Fannie Alice 71 


Alice 179 

EllaH 179 

Walter 179 

Willis 179 


Anna 114 


Aseneth 89 

Pearl 144 


Ovid 78 


Foral Bell 142 

Joseph W 90 


AnnaM 180 


Abbv 101 

Caroline Frances 153, 173, 174 

David 101 

Eliza 101, 154, 155, 156, 157 


D. A 99 


George 122 


William 122 


Florence 121 

Genevieve 121 

George Eddy 121 




Virginia 121 


Lulu Hazel 68 

William Wallace 68 


Marial L 161 

Phebe 96 


Came 74 


Albert 113 

Benjamin 113 

Charles... ." 113 

Ellen 113 

Frederick 113 


Elizabeth Clark 95, 147 


John S 162 


Caroline Babcock 173 


Edward 88 


Emma Melvina 80 


Arthur E 123 

Fores^t W 123 

Fred W 123 

Opal May 123 

Willard R 123 


Sarah 28 


Benjamin Tanner 43 

Byron 43 

Cyrus 43 

Ella 92 

John 43 

Nathan 43 

Orville 43 

William 43 


Patrick 149 


Alpheus Sherman 82 

Edwin Pinneo 82 

Harriet Elizabeth 82 

Myron Alpheus 82 

Walter Elgin 82 


Adiian Benjamin 114 

Ellen Eggert 114 

Hiland Higgins 114 

Joseph Creighton 114 

Wesley Heber 114 


Cary P 87 

Clarence L 87 

Jefferson 87 

Jessie 134 

Leon 134 

Lillian 134 

Lyman W 87 

Marion 134 

Marv A 80 

Volney 134 


Benjamin F 89 

Ernest B 89 

Harry S 89 

Nellie Maud 89 



l-.lizabeth 73 


Kale 163 


Silas 53 


Betsey 41, 64, 65, 66 


James 160 

Jennie M 106 

Rhodes 1 160 



George 14 , 18 

Helen, Mrs 162 


Emma Hudson 160 


Mary Cornelia 162 


Anita Helen 165 

CD 3, 5£ 

Charles Dyer 107 , 166 

Christopher P"raneis 107, 166 

Donald Starr 166 

Elliott 166 

George Comfort 166 

Henry Williams 107 , 165 

Leah 166 

Nettie 162 

Roger Williams 165 

William H 107, 165 

William Tanner 107 


Elizabeth C 155 


Madison James 90 


Edwin Lorenzo 177 

Elnora 127 


Albert R 124 

Arthur Ray 124 

Herold Clifford 124 


Blanche Makepeace 120 , 121 

Florence Helen 120 

James L 120 

William Lawrence 120 


Jessie 135 

Mary Jane 135 


Harriet 82 


Irene 131 

Minnie F 181 


Maremus Ill 



Petsey 34 


John 120 

Maria Edith Smith 183 

Willie 120 


Irene 68, 131 

John 52 

Sophia 163 


Dora 94 





Alfred S 159 

David A 159 

Edna F 159 

Edwin A 159 


Caroline M., Mrs 150 


Amy Laura 121 

Clara Lucile 124 

Franklin 72 

Fred P 124 

Verna Annetta 124 




Arthur D 137 

Daisy L 137 

Joseph 137 

Litta Velma 137 


Elijah 159 

Emma 159 

Ethel 159 

Lillian 159 

Mary 159 


InaC 135 


Alma 112 

Anna 1 12.., 

Benjamin F 112 

Christopher 23 

Frederick 177 

Helen Louise 112 

Henry 57 

Leander 112 

Lyman Manchester 177 

Sabrina 51 , 99 


Anna F 98, 150 

Isaac 99 

Penelope 99 


Bertha C 183 

Georges 183 


Abi 82 

Alameda 82 

Austin Webster 82 

Austin Whitford 82 

Cyrus 82 

Cyrus Clark 82 

Elgin Clare 82 

Helen Claris 82 

Mary Ellen 82 

Oscar E 82 

Oscar EUwood 82 


Belie J 113 


Ada Maria 177 

Arthur Simmons 177 

Byron Dyer 177 

Eben Franklin 177 

George 177 

George Thomas 177 



Susan L 171 


Franklin B 72 

Plum page 

Anna 64 

Thomas 64 


Abby 48 


Anna 36 

Elizabeth 150 

E. M 150 

E. R. (Judge) 8 

Harriet 122 

Nancy 34 

Ruth 150 

William 150 

William C 34 

William H 150 


Ahnon 31 

Emily 31 

Ephraim 30 

Jacob 31 

Josiah Belknap 146 

Martha 31 

Mary Agnes 146 

Nellie Eliza 146 

Phrydelia 31 

Rebecca 30 

Washington 31 


Carrie 102 

Charles 68 

Elmer D 140 

Frank 68 

Herbert D 140 

Kate 68 

Stella 68 

Thomas 140 


Earnest 169 

Grace Irene 169 

Jonathan L 169 

Lorence 169 


Joseph 72 


Edith J 92 

Quint ard 

Charles Rensselaer 112 


Julia Elizabeth 144 

Philip Smith 144 

Ralph Wheeler 144 

Sarah Darling 144 

William Edward 144 

William Henry 144 


Cliarles Amsden 151 


Job 24 

Joseph 16 

Sarah 56 


Robert I., Rev 88 


Charlotte Aurelia 145 

William Spencer 145 


Marion 181 


Dillie 127 

Lydia 118 


Bernard 168 

Grant F 168 




Stanley DeWolf 168 


Lottie 137 

Susie B 174 


Hubert 179 


Garry 102 


Benjamin 24 

Elizabeth 12 , 21 , 22 

Maria 83 , 136 

Mary 12 


Mary Elizabeth 105 

Sarah 21, 22 

Willis 77 


Betsey M 88 

Clara Elvira Ill 

Ella Edith 118 

Eva 118 

John B 118 

John Wendall 118 

Mercy Ann 153 , 173 

Robert Brown 118 


H. T 82 


Clara Theresa 91 

George 91 

Harmon Willis 91 

Stella May 91 


Helena Buchanan 115 

Laura Lovina 91 , 142 


Lydia 79 


Abi 30 

Alpheus 30 

Amy 30 

Charles 30 

Charlotte 30 

Darius 30 

Hiram 30 

John 30 

Laura 30 

Nehemiah 30 

Permelia 30 


Ella 127 

Harriet 127 

Herman 127 

Luella 127 

Robert 127 

Walton 127 


Dwight Harold 109 

Harvey Dwight 109 

Harvey Miner 109 

Helen Louise 109 

Jabez Washington 109 

Norman Tanner 109 


Claude 122 

Clyde 122 

Doris 122 

EUaM 122 

Frank 122 

Fred H 122 

Gihnan W 122 

Henry 122 


Lynn 122 

May R 122 

Walter 122 


Abigail 19 

Amanda M 28 

Arthur H 28 

Augusta 28 

Bertha 28 

Charles H 20 

Corydon 28 

Daniel 20 

Deidama 20 

E. D 20 

Erasmus Darwin 20 

Esther 28 

Frances 28 

Grace ' 28 

Grace E 28 

Henry 28 

John 19, 20 

Julius T 28 

Lansing 28 

Loren 20 

Louisa 20 

Lucv 20 

Lydia 20 

Marshall C... 28 

Martha 19, 20 

Martha E 28 

Martha M 28 

M. Frances 28 

Mary 19, 28 

Maud 28 

Nathaniel 16 

Ralph 28 

Roy 28 

Sheldon 28 

Thankful 19 

Thomas 28 

Viola 28 

Wyatt 16, 19, 20 


Lizzie A 174 


Albert 49 

Frederick T 49 


Ella 106 


Dora 137 


Earl E. Tanner 170 

Frank E 136, 170 

Fred H 136 

Grace Elva 170 

Grace H 136 

Howard Allen 170 

Irena Lillian 170 

Laverdo Hulbert 170 

Robert 170 


John D 83 


Sally 30 


Alice 131 

Armidia 87 

Mary Jane 170, 183, 184 

Walter S 130 


Mary J 182 



Sabin page 
ilia B 178 


Emma A 116 

Sarah 127 

Sarah i-'. 102 


iMary M 84, 137 


Ixlward Phillip 75 

Florence Alida 75 

Hiram 75 

Howard 75 

Joseph Reed 75 

Stanton 75 

W infield 75 


Ralph 28 


Annabel 1S6 


Ellen Myrtle 81 

Joseph 81 

Laura Velonia 81 

Velouia E., Mrs 81 


Charles 164 


William H 95 


Emma E 182 


Henry R 6 


Byron M 45 

Michael 45 


P21izabeth Ann 175 


Lucy A 85 

Olive M 85, 139, 140 


Elizabeth C 155 


Mary 24 


Clara M 129 

Flora A 129 

Francis L 129 

James E 129 

Maurice E 129 


Edwin 88 

George 88 

Milton 88 


Amanda 165 


Charles 86 

lulgar 141 

Ivy 141 


Rose 74 


Clarence I'Mward 95 

Ethel May 95 

Frank Henry 95 

(5eorge 122 

Harry 122 

Henry 122 

Joseph A 95 

Joseph Lindsley 95 

Lowella 122 

Margaret Josephine 95 

Sarah Frances 95 


Ella B 180 


Abi Leontiiim 82, 83 

Abigail Almeda 82, 83 

Almeda 83 

Artliur Elgin 82, 83 

1 Jizabeth Catherine 82 

Frederick 83 

John 83 

Huldah 82 

Lucy Uelepha 82 , 83 

Marcus 83 

Mary Jane 82, 83 

Samuel 82 

Theon Marcus 82 , 83 


Amanda M 28 

Burton Wallace 76 

Howard Martin 76 

John 8 

Mark Reubin 76 

Martha Medora 76 

Martin Van Buren 76 


Benjamin 19 

John 18 


Daniel, Rev 26 


Donna 143 

Frank 143 

George 143 

Howard 143 


Adelaide 62 

Bartholomew 61 

Evelina A 62 

Fred 62 

Johanna H 62 

John 62 

Julia 62 

Louise M 62 

Mabel 62 

Wallace 62 

William LaFayette 62 


Abram 122 

Arthur 122 


Alfred W 160 

Esther J 119 

Leander G 95 


Edith Fannie 71 


Hannah 163 


John Casey 158 

Martha Melissa 158 

Mary IClizabeth 158 


David 183 

Hazel E 183 


Albert G 50 

Daniel W 50 

George W 50 

John 50 

Mary E 50 


Clarinda 83 




William Otto 83 

William R 83 


Earl W 121 

F. M 121 

Fannie 1 121 

George A 121 

Jessie M 121 

Marion F 121 


Lydia 94, 145, 14G, 147 


Margaret 167 


Anna 62 


Nancy R 48, 49 


Arthur Robert 151 

Ethel Field 151 

Forrest Arthur 151 

Marjorie Faith 151 


Charles H 126 

Cyrus T 126 

Frank C 126 

Hannah 98, 150 

Ida V 126 

Sarah R 126 


Edith May 76 


Abbie Louisa 173 

Allen George 143 


Benjamin Franklin 173 

Charles Fremont 118, 168 

Clinton Thomas 181 

Eliza 105, 165 

Ellis 160 

Esther Maize 144 


Guy Warral 143 

Hattie L 107 

Henry 160 

Jennie 89, 118 

Jessie 118 

John L 118, 168 

Lawson John 118, 168 

Lydia Barbara 181 

James M 144 

Manson Lincoln 118 

Melissa 130 , 169 

Narcissa C 107 

Ralph Lorenzo 118 

Ralph Manson 168 


Robert Charles 168 

Theodore Edwin 173 

Thomas Nevins 181 

Thomas Tanner 118 


Bessie Maud 116 

Louis James 116 

Nathan A 116 


Abigail Irene 72 

Bertha Agnes 72 

Carl Hubert 71 

Claude Franklin 71 

Crystal lOthel 72 

Earle Hubert 71 

Edgar Montraville 71 


Ellen FlaviUa 71 

Ernest Edgar 71 

Ethel Gertrude 71 

Fannie Alice 71 

Fannie M 71 

Floy Gertrude 71 

Frank Clinton 71 

Franklin Clark 71 

Fred C 71 

P'red Clarence 71 

Freida 71 

Harry Montraville 71 

Herbert Eugene 71 

James Edward 71 

Lenore Irene 71 

Lona Verne 71 

Mary Muriel 71 

Montraville 70 

Ralph Earl 71 

Ruth Eleanor 71 

Susan 105, 164 

William Decatur 71 

William Lindsley 71 

William Mead 71 

William Mortimer 70 


Albert Lehner 182 

Amy Catherine 181 

Anna May 182 

Cliarles Franklin 165, 181 

Edgar 165 

Esther Cecil 181 

Eva Pernina 181 

Joseph 165 

Roy Anderson 165 

William Francis 165 


Lauiena B 172 , 184 


Sarah J 66, 126, 127 


Floyd D 131 

Hart T 131 

Thomas J 131 


Annie Isadore 56 

Charles Morton 57 

Cordelia Glines 57 

Cornelius 75 

Edward H 164 

Edward Horace 56, 57 

Emeline Frances 174 

Hannah 41 , 62 , 63 

John Henry 56 

Mabel Frances 57 

Martha D 57 

Samuel 56 

Samuel Lyon 57 


ElwinG 79 

I'Yancis Jj 80 

Frank 79 

Helen E 80 

Laura E 80 

Lula 1 80 

Winifred A 80 


William 177 


Sophia 116 


Augusta 159 , 181 





Harvey 91 


Henry E 136 


Minnie ISl 


Thankful 25 . 42 , 43 


Cynthia 73 


Avis 9, 13 

Charles H 73 

Florence 1 73 

Henrj- 73 

Lucia Vina 73 

Lucy 73 

John C 153 

Julia Imogene 73 

Robert 9, 13 

Sarah 9 

Thomas 9 

Vina 73 

Viola 73 


Edward G 73 

Emma J 167 

Julia May 73 

Theodore F 73 

Theodore Fern 73 


Maria 150 , 182 , 183 


Edna 179 

George W 179 

Iva May 179 

Orlo 179 

Reginald 179 


Martha A 49 


Mary 59 

Mary Catherine 59, 112, 113 


Charles 161 

Francis M 161 

Fred 161 

John W 161 

William 161 


Bessie 77 

Ci.-nthia A 71 

Frank A 77 

Fred A 77 

George 79 

George R 77 

Harrison B 77 

Julia A 79 

Mary Georgia 79 

Orcelia F 77 

Orelle E 79 

Orissa 77 


Aurie Olive 91 

Charles 90 

Clara 90 

Earnest 90 

Emma 90 

John 91 

Michael S 90 

Olive 91 

Sej-mour 90 , 91 

Sheldon 90, 91 


Wilbur Leroy 91 

Willard 90 91 

William M 91 


Archibald 69 

Belle 69 

Charlens 69 

Charles Henry 69 

Edward Zowaster 69 

Eliza Ann 69 

Ella M 90 

Emma L 90 

Franklin A. M 69 

George Franklin 69 

Grace 69 

Hel«n Maria 69 

Huldah Mina 90 

John 90 

Lucia Desdemona 69 

Marvin 69 

Marv Bell 90 

Nellie 69 

Rita E 29 

Roland 69 

Sherman 90 

Stella 69 

Washington D 90 

William Edward 69, 90 


Hanna Elizabeth 120 


Ann Maria 155, 177 

Eliza Tanner , 155, 178 

George Albert 155 

Harriet Newell 155, 177 

Ida May 155 , 178 

James 178 

Jesse Edgar 155 

Juliana Jencks 155, 178 

Louisa Whipple 155 

Mabel Burthur 178 

Nehemiah 155, 177, 178 

Susaii Pratt 155, 177 


Ida May 128 


Margaret 86, 140, 141 


Gieorge M 27 


Almira 81 


Clara E 124 


Maud 28 


John S 114 

Marjorie 114 


Adelaide Margaret 129 


Clifton Volney 123 

Jane Adelaide 123 

Jessie 135 

Lenora Irene 123 

Volney F 123 


Grace 76 


Aaron 136 

Mabel Tinkham 172 


LiUa 176 





Amos 26 

Ann 16, 17 

Arnold W 51 

Augustus 51 

Benjamin 53 

Betsey 26, 53 


Hannah 34 

Harry 53 

Henry 17 

Luther 53 

Lydia 26, 43, 53 

Mary 51 

Phebe 53 

Polly 53 

Sally 53 


Sylvester 34, 36, 53 

Tabitha 53 

Wanton 53 

William Wanton 53 


August J 117 

Ray Tanner 117 


Addie Pauline Burrows 164 

Cassie Bainbridge 164 

Cyrus B 164 

Cyrus Briggs 164 

Ethel Louise 164 

Sarah Tanner 164 


Betsey 158 

Deidama 19 


Marj' A 78 


Elizabeth 120 


Addie E 124 

Adelaide Adell 65, 124 

Alfred Lee 124 

Alfred Mills 65, 123 

Anna Ella 123 

Aurie Naomi 142 

Beaulah M 124 

Bemice A 124 

Blanche Alice 142 

Clifford E 124 

Clyde Howard 123 

Cora 125 

Elliott Paddock 65. 124 

EthalB 123 

Florence M 124 

Francis Abiah 65 , 123 

FredL 124 

Gertrude Lillian 184 

Harry F 124 

Hattie Maud 124 

Henry Harrison 123 

Herold McKinley 123 

Jennie Viola 124 

Jessie M 124 

Julia G 124 

Lora Ethel 142 

Mary 114 

Mary Frances 123 

Mary Gertrude 142 

Minnie 125 

Nettie Adelle 124 

Samuel W., Dr 65, 123, 124, 125 

Sarah Sturtevant 65, 124 


Sylvia Edith 142 

William 125 

William Everett 142 

William K 65, 125 

William Scott 142 


Frederick A 164 

Josephine Adelaide 164 


i;mily Phillips 23 

Thomas 23 


Adela 118 

Amy 25, 41 

Henry HiU 130 

Irene Lavina 139 

J. W 139 

Peleg 25 

Russell 25 


Blanche 29 

Jennie E 104 

Samuel K 97 


Charles W 121 

Imogens 121 

Vera 121 


George B 177 


Abbie Ann 57 


George 13, 20, 21 

Hannah 14 

Henry... 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 18, 100 

Sarah 9, 13 


Adeline 76 

Alice L 76 

Charles J 76 , 77 

Clark Eugene 76 

Dorothy Marie 77 

James 79 

James H 76 

Jared L 76 

Leon H 77 

Lona A 76 , 77 

Lottie A 77 

Mary L 76 

OrraM 76, 77 

Sallies 76 

Wallace R 77 


Amasa E 19 

George 19 

John 19 

Lucy 19 

Wyatt R 19 

Tilling HAST 

Eliza Shaw 97 

Job 97 

Sally Davis 97 


Mabel 135 


Edwin Albert 181 

lOdwin Forest Jones 181 

Francis Henry 181 

Herbert Ulysses 181 

John 180 

Laura Isabel 180 

Mildred Isabel 181 




Milton Irving 181 


Grace 1S4 


Ahisail 20 

Job 24 


Bertlia 131 

Henry 131 


Henrietta 73 


George 165 


Zimine R 164 


Catherine IClizabeth 132 

Francis W 132 

Grace Wellington 132 

Harriet Lucretta 132 

Wellington Tanner 132 

Van Bdren 

Jennie 167 

Van Dixon 

Gerald. 134 

Josephine 134 

Merle 134 

Mildred 134 

Philip 134 

Volney 134 

Van Kirke 

Clara 74 


Dora 174 

Eliza Catherine 174 

Estella Van Wart 174 

Frank Herbert 174 

George Washington 154, 174 

Grace May 174 

Hattie Estelle 174 

James Spencer 174 

Mary Elizabeth 174 

Richard Tracy 174 

Ruth Emeline 174 

Thomas Francis 174 

William 154, 174 

William Atwood 174 

William Henry 154 , 174 

Vilate ) 

Vilet [ 11 

Violett ) 

Cornelius 88 


Burdette Lynn 72 

Charles Henry 72 

George 72 

George Mead 72 

William Edward 72 


Herbert L 77 


Lizzie 114 


Henry N 58 


Lydia 98, 149, 150 

Mary Stoddard, Mrs 101 


Harold 127 

Will F 127 


F. D 150 



Edward 94 

Florence 151 

James Henry 94 

John 23 

Margaret 94 

Nathaniel 83 


Lucinda H 149 

William R 145 


Amos 148 

Arthur Herman 148 

Arthur L 148 

Clara 96 , 148 

Clara Helen 148 

Clarence Fletcher 148 

Cordelia Heath, Mrs ; 96 

Fletcher i ndden 148 

Fletcher Hoiden, Jr 148 

George Herbert 148 

Herbert 148 


Mary 178 

Richard 16 

Susannah 19 

William 16 


Deborah 37, 38, 57, 58 

Edith 125 

Frederick 125 

Georgia 126 

Mabel M 125 

Polly 38 

W'illiam 126 


Sylvester 52 


Agnes L 79 

Amos W 79 

Bertha 1 79 

Charles G 79 

Christian 79 

Edward K 79 

Harry 79 

Wallace W 79 

Willis F .9 


Charles 126 

Jesse 178 

Jessie . . 126 

Leon 126 


Bernard F 77 

Darralle 77 

Edson G 77 

Edson J 77 

Elva 77 

Eugene F 77 

Flovd F 78 

George R 78 

Grace M 78 

Howard E 78 

James H 77 

Laura J 77 

Robert A 78 

Rov W 77 


Peter 7 

Rufus 54 


Lulu Mae 115 

Merril Archie 115 




Milton Arthur Ha 

Perry H'^ 


Maud 1-^3 


Dorothy G 130 

Helen M 130 

Henry E 130 


Alice 159 

Arthur 158 

Bertha 159 

Betsey 159 

Clara 159 

Hester Ann 158 , 159 

Mabel 159 

Minnie 159 

Murcena Krmina 158 

William Morris 159 


Bernice 1(>9 

Dora lt;9 

Earl Iti9 

Florence lt'9 

Frank 136, 170 

Lee 1*>9 

Merrill 109 

Ola 109 

Reuben 109 

Simeon 109 

William 109 


Anna 09 

Frank W 69 

George 09 

Samuel 09 

William H 09 


Emma A., Mrs 82 

Julia Ann 1 -14 

Martha Sheldon 95, 147 


Chester 113 

Florence Pauline 175 

Gertrude Lauretta 175 

Maybelle Bertha 175 

Walter Wilson 175 


A.Gould 79, 80 

Agnes J 80 

Agnes L 79 

Alonzo Tanner 79 

AmosG 79 

Daniel C 79, 80 

Edna 80 

EmmaKene 76 

Florence 80 

Ford F 80 

George 80 

H. Ford 79, 80 

Helen V 79 

Henry Kirke 79 

Imojjene 79 

.Jeanette 80 

.John 87 

Katherine 80 

Marrian 80 

Mary S 79 

Maurice 87 

Norman 79 , 80 

liobert 98 

Sarah .1 79 

Walter 80 


William L 66 

Willis V 79 


Charles Sumner 89 

Emma Bertha 148 

Henrietta 89 

John 24 

Mary 24, 40, 41 

Nicholas 24 

O'Dillon Barrett, Dr 89 

Pasco 24 

Rosamond Estella 89 


Sarah E 49 


Dorcas 41 

Earl B 128 

George H 128 

Henry C 163 


Maria 102, 100, 161 


May 34 

Rhodes 34 


A. Miranda 100 

Betsey 42, 67, 08, 69 


Alice P 110 

Betsey 101, 157, 158, 159 

Charlotte Maria 110 

Darius 56 

Edith Hall 110 

Ellen Augusta 164, 181 

Frank Howard 110 , 100 

George 50 

George D 39, 110, 106 

George Dawley 58 

Hattie Maria 174 

James 101, 160 

John 58, 110 

Lucy 101. 100 

Mary Lawton HO 


Helen Ingraham 94 

Samuel 94 




Lawrence 1 1 

Willi: Y 

Emily 66, 126 

Estelle 66, 12.5 

Florence 126 

George 66 , 126 

Hazel May 126 

Henrv Warren 66, 125, 126 

Irene 60, 126 

Jay 66, 125 

Louis 66, 126 

Mabel 126 

Mary I'^lla 66, 125 

Nora 66, 126 

Ross 126 

Roy 126 

Warren 66 , 126 


Cinderilla 54 

Clarence Leroy 112 

lOdward Leonard 107, 166 

I'^nuiia Marion 112 

Florence A 87 

John R 107 




June 71 

Mary 154, 174, 175 

Mary T 107 

Mary W 133 

Nathaniel 54 

Nelson K 107, 166 

Robert Loney 72 

Roger 54 

Rosalie Elizabeth 166 

Sarah 54, 55, 106, 107 



Robert Rathbun 



Chester Hervey 151 

Clarissa M 92 

Edna 29 

Edwin : 29 

Frank Clinton 151 

George Hervey 151 

Gertrude Maude 151 

Harriet Blanche 120 

Lena May 151 

Rita E 29 

Thomas K 29 

Wilts E 

Jackson C 45 


Sophia G 98 


Alma Abigail 61 

Cordelia A 160 

Emma A 93 

Fanny Sophia 61 

Herbert 118 

Howard Kenaston 93 

James 61 

James Filo 60, 115 

Joshua Gibson 93 

Mabel G 93 

Marietta J 61 

Merril Edwin 61 

Phebe 31, 50, 51 


Thomas Carlyle 93 

William 31 


F. C 64 

Harry L 64 

May J 64 


Newton R 70 


Alice E 123 

May 123 

Thomas Harrison 123 


Harry L 114 


Carrie 125 

Dorothy Tanner 107 

Wa 125 

Matthew Locke 107 

Narcissa C 107 


Mary Ann 109 


Vergil Homer 140 


Nathaniel 26 


Chester B 74 

Cyrus 74 

DeWitt Ford 74 

Forrest 74 

Howard 74 

Irene 74 

Ray 74 

Reuben Clarkson 74 

Robert D 74 

Ruth M 74 


Laura 27 


George Wells 117 

Julia Irene 117 

Ross Tanner II7 

A ^" 


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r-^ :^ "'' '■-^•^' r^'"' ' ^ '^•^ :•■■ ' '■ t 

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,G^ o *' .\ s^ ^'\ 


~*2ii!^ INDIANA